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Defend the freedom of speech - Defienda la libertad del discurso

Michael, 02.01.2006 09:29

The Danish police have banned this appeal from "Rebellion" and tries to remove it from Danish web servers. The newspaper dagbladet Arbejderen (The daily worker) has placed the document on its server and is now being targeted by the police, who demand its removal.

significados de la gira Zapatista

mofles, 02.01.2006 09:08

breve esbozo de intepretación sobre el nuevo paso del Zapatismo

Sathya Sai Baba Faces Increasing Exposure by Foreign Media

Barry Pittard, 02.01.2006 07:12

Will India expose its tragically flawed Mega Guru, Sathya Sai Baba? Or the Foreign media? Aggressive investigative media, able to repel interference by Sai Baba's wealthy and powerful protectors, is needed to expose the many and truthfully-made, worldwide allegations against him, including large-scale, serial sexual abuse of boys and young men, implication in police killings in his bedroom on June 6, 1993, and the local, state and central government machinations that cover up for him.

SF Village Voice - Dec 31, 2005 (the World needs to Focus on San Francisco and abuse of blacks

La Mesha, 02.01.2006 02:08

la Mesha & Maurice Campbell interview Ace Washington, who was arrested in an apparent mistaken identity in front of Jazz Club Rassala's, Fillmore near O'Farrell, Friday Dec 30 and beaten by the police.

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 02.01.2006 00:59

Overview of an international, intercultural group based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, publications, weekly television program & dance theatre.

Blueprint for Global Domination

Robert Dawn, 01.01.2006 20:20

It gives the entire outline and agenda for the globalist movement to enslave and debase the planet, explaining not only very clearly current events, but those of decades past. The book is stunning in its clarity, revealing the stark brutality of the centuries-old plot.


SOLIDAIRES, 01.01.2006 19:16



La privatisation condamne 42 familles à la misère

Le chèque payant : Une étape supplémentaire dans l’escalade des frais bancaires

Antoine Vermeersch, 01.01.2006 18:20

Selon une information parue dans 60 millions de consommateurs :
Les clients du CIC devront payer 50 centimes d'euros par chèque dès le 1er janvier 2006, s'il dépasse le quota de 15 opérations par trimestre.
Sont concernés : l'émission de chèques, la remise de chèques, mais aussi les retraits et les versements d'espèces aux guichets d'agences.

Happy 2006 As I did previously, many will leave the left .

Donald Iarussi, 01.01.2006 17:16

I was on the front lines as a teen in the battle against the vietnam war, i proudly supported caesar chavez and a grape boycott. I offered my time and money to NOW and planned parenthood to name a few

what i saw was a hidden agenda of angry people who claimed to stand for peace while peaching hate.

I found peace and open arms and acceptance on the right
Unconditional love given by many in the name of God.

As I ahve left the angry, misinformed left behind, so will many others leave this toxic group .

When the Mentally Insane have Internet Access

Kevin, 01.01.2006 11:44

2005 in Review3

FX, 01.01.2006 11:17

How do you plead? Australian Fascism

Political Prisoner - Veronza Bowers

Kate Gibbons, 01.01.2006 03:19

How is it possible for a citizen of the USA to:

1. Serve his complete sentence under law;
2. Go thorough the entire parole process having his release recommended at every stage and at each hearing;
3. Have his release date rescinded four times at, literally, the very last minute;
4. Have the highest administrative parole body in the nation vote on and fail to overturn his petition for parole

. . . and still be held in prison for 16 moths after this sentence expired?

NSA spied on its own employees, other U.S. intelligence personnel, journalists, and members of Congress

raven, 01.01.2006 03:15

WMR has learned that the National Security Agency (NSA), on the orders of the Bush
administration, eavesdropped on the private conversations and e-mail of
its own employees, employees of other U.S. intelligence agencies --
including the CIA and DIA -- and their contacts in the media, Congress,
and oversight agencies and offices.

Japanese Warship Enroute to Defend Whalers?

JB, 31.12.2005 23:46

The Farley Mowat and the Esperanza are chasing the Nisshin Maru in Heavy weather Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has received a tip from a reliable source in Japan, that Japan has dispatched a warship to the Southern Ocean for the purpose of protecting their whaling fleet from interference by whale conservation activists.

3. The Plight of Sudanese asylum seekers in Egypt: Why is the Washington Post not telling the facts?

Nabil El-Khodari, 31.12.2005 20:48

Photo by Ben Curtis -- AP: Sudanese migrants stand defiantly The Wahington Post Writer Daniel Williams is also suppressing the facts. I hope he is not getting his 'facts' from the Egyptian media.

2. The Plight of Sudanese asylum seekers in Egypt: Egyptian NGOs call for action

Translated by Nabil El-Khodari from Arabic, 31.12.2005 20:24

The reaction of Egyptian Human Rights organizations and call for both national and international fact-finding missions.

1. The plight of Sudanese Asylum seekers in Egypt

IRIN, 31.12.2005 19:59

Photo By: Serene Assir/IRIN: Some 3,000 Sudanese have staged a sit-in The plight of Sudanese Asylum seeker who had to go to Cairo to apply to the United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) in Cairo, Egypt.

No Fim de mais um Glorioso Ano - momentos de dentro

Francisco Trindade, 31.12.2005 15:39

No Fim de mais um Glorioso Ano - momentos de dentro

necesito ayuda

ANGEL SANCHEZ, 31.12.2005 14:28


January 2006 U.S. Immigrant News Alert!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 31.12.2005 12:57

No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

Dubai Film Festival Ups The Ante with Human Rights Focus

Hazim Bitar, 31.12.2005 12:22

The wealthy emirate of Dubai goes international with a film festival that is oriented towards human rights, issue-oriented documentaries and feature films, as well as pure entertainment. The DIFF '05 reflects a desire by the small emirate to balance its corporate/commercial image with a more intellectual and globally-oriented one. With the no-holds-barred Dubai International Film Festival, the emirate of Dubai could be heading down a road of no return in as far as expanding the space of intellectual and political expression.

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in Abud and Bil'in is intensified - 30-12-05

Ilan S., 31.12.2005 10:41

In the last Friday too the activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and the people who join us split forces. The main locations were as usual the last Fridays, Abud (near the village Rantis) and Bil'in (near Modi'in Elit settlers town. The activity in Bil'in was centered - like the last 10 days, around the new structure of the Bil'in center for joint struggle for peace, located few hundreds meter on the west side of the fence which separate the Bil'in village (on the East side of the fence from most of its olive orchards - gradually uprooted to make place for the Israeli orthodox settlement town. The struggle took a strange and unexpected turn when at Sunday night of the second coming of the center, while it was raining and the Israeli state forces were not wise to it, the activists there built a 3X5 meter structure.


Islamic Community Net, 31.12.2005 06:52

Ft. Hood hate killer Carpio's claim that he "accidentally" shot Muslimah Selina Akther while he deliberately opened fire as Sr. Selina stood at the window in her 5th floor apartment is unworthy of belief. He has spent the last six months training and practicing to murder Muslims at Ft. Hood. Ft. Hood's "1st Cavalry Division" (i.e., tanks) helped perpetrate last year's Fallujah genocide.

citizens initiative to combat terrorism

benjamin pritchard, 31.12.2005 05:09 is news portal covering 9/11 2.0 & related stories, serving specifically as a platform to derail false-flag operations. The site utilizes a non-hierarchical editorial process, meaning that users can submit articles, and through a peer-based voting process, determine which stories are promoted to the front page.

Rage against the NATO war conference – they make war, we make trouble (munich)

no-nato, 31.12.2005 03:19

The days of war-planners meeting in Munich, going largely unnoticed by the general public, are a thing of the past. Meanwhile they have to barricade themselves behind a mass of police units because in the last few years thousands of people have confronted the military's generals, the war ministers and the arms lobbyists/dealers with their resistance.
There are reasons enough for this. The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) celebrate in their 50th year of existence as a globally active "peace-keeping" force and increase their participation in the "war on terrorism" not only in Afghanistan. The USA and Great Britain and their occupying regime in Iraq have created a system that in reality offers the Iraqi people only terror and a fight for survival.

The rulers in the EU continue to aspire to the formation of a European military force despite the failure to implement a Europe-wide constitution: The supposed protection from terrorist attacks serves as a convenient springboard for racist exclusion tactics, repression and deprivation of human, civil and international rights.

For these reasons the exponents of such policies are getting together in Munich’s Hotel Bayerischer Hof from 3rd to 5th February 2006.

Let’s prepare a suitable reception for them! (eng | 1.4mb) (italiano | 1.4mb)

University of Michigan Suspends Business with Coca-Cola

India Resource Center, 31.12.2005 03:10

San Francisco (December 30, 2005): The University of Michigan has suspended its business relationship with the Coca-Cola company because of the company's egregious human rights and environmental practices in India and Colombia.

In a letter dated December 29, the university noted that the Coca-Cola company had failed to agree to a protocol for an investigation into issues in India and Colombia, and that the University of Michigan "temporarily suspend(s) University purchasing of Coca-Cola products beginning January 1, 2006."

HCKRS apuesta por el Artivismo

soulman, 30.12.2005 22:23

HCKRS apoya cualquier forma de expresión del arte y denuncia la inclinación de la red a emular todas convenciones artísticas tradicionales: derechos de autor, objetualización y su consecuente comercialización.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 30.12.2005 20:26

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 30 Dec 2005. 4:30mins, english.

Iraq - War for Jesus - a Greek Myth Character!

Karen Fish, 30.12.2005 16:41

The Christian Crusade in Iraq, now escalating into the Apocalypse is a world war being fought in the name of a character from the Greek Myths, Jesus Christ, who 2 billion Christians and 1 billion Muslims believe is the Messiah coming back to save them.

Iraq war

Timothy Scott, 30.12.2005 15:59



Roman Shusterman, 30.12.2005 15:44

You may have noticed an email circulating around the 9/11 truth list about Geoffrey Blank the “leader” of NPSC speaking and making a presentation in the name of NPSC on Sunday December 4th at 7pm. A few of us (NPSC members) are taking exception to Geoffrey’s portrayal of himself as the leader of NPSC. In fact if I recall correctly there was a meeting of the NPSC in which the overwhelming majority of the membership decided that Geoffrey was no longer a member of the group mainly due to the fact that he started selling T-shirts and printing fliers asking for contributions all in the name of the NPSC while in reality he never consulted with anyone from the NPSC aside from his brother Jason Blank and Joel Myers. He has taken money from people in the name of a cause which he in fact no longer believes.

Technology and the destruction of capital

Technopolis, 30.12.2005 14:35

Like Marx predicted, the fall of capitalism may come from a gift of history itself. New medias and technology are now changing the world in such a way that capitalism may be rendered economically irrelevant.


Mathew Maavak, 30.12.2005 11:07

When a "Chinese national" was strip-searched here, few realized that it was the agitprop of the year, with immense geopolitical ramifications.

TPLF's madness knows no boundaries

Odaa A. Xasee, 30.12.2005 08:03

The TPLF regime is anathema of human rights and rule of law.

The Smoking Bums!

FX, 30.12.2005 07:07

It's wrong but I want it to be right! It's wrong but I want it to be right!

El Proyecto De la Transición De Bolivia

el centro para una nueva democracia socialista americana, 30.12.2005 07:03

Presedente la dirección democrático elegida de Bolivia

Southeast Louisiana Rebuilds

Carson W. Maxwell, 30.12.2005 06:29

A Hurricane Damaged Home In the Lakeview Section of New Orleans Some locales are recovering far faster than others. In slower areas, Louisiana politics and lackluster leadership reign supreme.

University of Michigan Suspends Coca-Cola Contract: Student Campaign Responds

Lindsey Rogers, 30.12.2005 04:49

After more than a year of student campaigning by the University of Michigan’s Coalition to Cut the Contract with Coca-Cola, the University of Michigan has temporarily suspended University purchasing of Coca-Cola products effective January 1, 2006. While the Coalition to Cut the Contract with Coca-Cola is elated that the university has finally taken this necessary step to enforce its Vendor Code of Conduct, the Coalition is concerned that the University still asserts that the Coca-Cola Company is acting in “good faith” concerning their environmental and human rights violations.

Living in the Shadow:

emcee lynx, 30.12.2005 03:54

For fans of anarchist music and conscious hip hop, Emcee Lynx is pleased to announce the release of “Living in the Shadow”, his fifth independent release in five years featuring 16 tracks of all-original anarchist music. As always, the album is available for free download from his website,

&quot;The Bolivia Transition Project&quot;

Troy O'Dend'Hal,, 30.12.2005 03:02

President Elect Juan Evo Morales Aima Socialism: From Che's death, on October 9th , 1967 until the Victory of Evo on December 4th 2005, a forbidden word in Latin American Politics.

TPLF's madness knows no boundaries

Odaa A. Xasee, 30.12.2005 02:24

The TPLF regime is anathema of human rights and rule of law.

The End of Fascism Begins Here

DAJ, 29.12.2005 21:48

you did not choose to read this- you did not choose to not read this

Thank you for using Submit Express.

MediaOne, 29.12.2005 21:07

The "Arlene Berry Death Coverup" submission was successful: Google ... submission successful. Yahoo Web Pages ... submission successful. Listing will appear after Yahoo's Web Site category listings. AOL Search ... submission successful. ... submission successful. Exactseek ... submission successful. Jayde ... submission successful. scrubtheweb ... submission successful.

WSF Caracas: Shroud for Venezuela’s social movements

Rafael Uzcategui, 29.12.2005 20:52

* A member of the group promoting the Alternative Social Forum explains why the World Social Forum (WSF), taking place in Caracas during January 2006, is another attempt by the Chavez government to impede the autonomous development of social struggles in the country.

Venezuela: Un Cardenal sermonea sobre las Misiones

Sofía Comuniello, 29.12.2005 20:50

* Partiendo de lo descrito por un conocido defensor en el extranjero del actual gobierno venezolano, se examina lo que hay tras las promocionadas Misiones o programas de acción social del régimen chavista.

At Last, Mission Accomplished

M.A.Hussain, 29.12.2005 19:51

WASHINGTON - In a Christmas Eve message American President Bush said the holidays are a time to mourn U.S. troops who have died in overseas missions. Here is the transcript of his speech:

Acción 28-D

Pedalea, 29.12.2005 17:37

El puente de Piedra como ejemplo de zona de uso compartido El pasado día de los inocentes Pedalea organizó una acción en el puente de Piedra de Zaragoza (Spain) para reivindicar el uso de este como zona de uso compartido con los peatones y el transporte público.

Pakistan Massacres 200 Says Tribal Leader

Salman Aftab, 29.12.2005 17:06

Approximately 200 people have been killed in raids in recent days conducted by the Pakistani military, reports Nawab Akbar Bugti, the tribal leader of Baluchistan, a southwestern Pakistani province rich in natural gas.

Montréal reconnaît le droit d’accès à l’eau potable, Sherbrooke préfère s’abstenir

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés section Estrie, 29.12.2005 14:56

La Ligue des Droits et Libertés section Estrie, accueille favorablement la prise de position de la Ville de Montréal concernant le droit d'accès à l'eau potable. En effet, la Charte montréalaise des droits et libertés stipule que : " la Ville de Montréal s'engage à fournir aux citoyennes et citoyens de la ville l'accès à une eau potable de qualité et en quantité suffisante ". La ville s'engage aussi : " à s'assurer qu'aucune citoyenne et aucun citoyen ne seront privés d'accès à l'eau potable pour des motifs d'ordre économique ". Cette action contribue à faire reconnaître le droit d'accès à l'eau potable des citoyens de Montréal et laisse transparaître une ouverture de la Ville sur cette question.

MI6 agents acting with Greek secret service agaisnt Pakistani abductees in Athens July 2005

NECATI ZONTUL, 29.12.2005 14:34

Necati in Hania, 2001 torture is uncivilized, and I am a victim of torture in Greece- but there is no need to suggest the British were behind the torture of these people, though they may well have been aware of the torture and may have requested the interrogation of these men. The Greeks have a long history of torture, themselves, of denying torture and of shifting the blame and the details of this present atrocity suggest that if there was British involvement, it was to limit the extent of the torture. I hope the emphasis in Indymedia will be on the 15 named members of EYP, rather than on some anonymous black man who spoke fluent Greek and may or may not have been British- in my experience in Greece, few British agents could speak fluent Greek!

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