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Background of US Duplicity in Haiti

DOGSPOT, 07.04.2004 23:03

...there are two governments: the official government and the invisible one (the Pentagon and CIA), which is often referred to in Haiti as the "Laboratory."...


La oposición venezolana: terroristas al servicio del imperialismo

José Del Grosso, 07.04.2004 21:28

Se trata esencialmente de un análisis psicológico, político y militar sobre cómo las elites venezolanas han estado conspirando contra el país con ayuda del Gobierno de USA, utilizando estrategias de las guerras de 3 y 4 generación. Se evidencia también el por qué ante la impaciencia de USA por hacerse con el petróleo venezolano, es muy probable que esté planificando una invasión a Venezuela

International Community ICT Network Conference Scholarships

CTCNet, 07.04.2004 21:13

CTCNet ( seeks regional networks outside the United States to take advantage of international scholarships covering the costs of attendance to our 13th Annual Conference, "Building Connected Communities: The Power of People & Technology."

April 14 Demonstration Against European Software Patents

Association of Electronique Libre, 07.04.2004 20:39

Prensa Latina's English-Language WEBSITE

Luis Enrique Gonzalez, 07.04.2004 20:08

Prensa Latina news agency inaugurated its new English-language web site (, designed to make available up-to-the-minute news to English-speaking Internet readers.

No, Ted, Iraq's NOT bush's Vietnam, but neo-cons' Stalingrad!

DLi, 07.04.2004 19:51

The critics--without any real sense of history like Ted Kennedy--insist that Iraq's becoming bush's Vietnam. But the real metaphor may actually be the chickenhawk Cabal's Stalingrad.

American Children fight in Iraq! This picture says it all!

On the brink of world war., 07.04.2004 19:48

This picture says a million words. They're kids!

&quot;Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia&quot;

.., 07.04.2004 18:16

"Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia" by V.N Lopatin and V.D. Tsygankov, Moscow, 1999 now available in different downloadable formats

Children among the Dead in Fallujah &quot;Pacification&quot;

submitted by Mark Eades, 07.04.2004 16:55

Photo 1 See al-Jazeera, 4/7/04:

When this war ends, George Bush will have caused the poisoning of hundreds of thousands more humans than he said Saddam Hussein poisoned

alguém preocupado, 07.04.2004 16:31

When this war ends, George Bush will have caused the poisoning of hundreds of thousands more humans than he said Saddam Hussein poisoned

Wall Street Forcing Costco To Join Greed Club

Dolores M. Bernal, 07.04.2004 15:36

Costco Under Wall Street Attack If you thought that corporate greed couldn’t get worse, think again. We are now witnessing the third phase of corporate greed. Whereas the first phase was American workers losing their jobs to sweat shop labor overseas, and the second one was of companies outsourcing technical jobs, the third, is even scarier. Now, “good” companies are under the scrutiny of investors and investing firms for providing employees with health benefits and a living wage.

Protest escalation of Iraq War, Wednesday, April 7, 6 PM Lafayette Park, Washington, DC

Jim Macdonald, 07.04.2004 15:30

Arrest Bush for War Crimes WHAT: Protest the U.S.'s occupation and war in Iraq, specifically its
escalation in recent days in Fallujah and in Shiite parts of the country,
which has so far left more than 100 Iraqis and approximately 2 dozen
Coalition soldiers dead.

WHEN: 6 PM, Wednesday, April 7

WHERE: H and 16th Streets NW (at Lafayette Park) Washington, DC

The 9/11 Commission Avoids the Hard Questions

Mark A. Dunlea, 07.04.2004 14:59

The 9/11 Commission, reluctantly agreed to by President Bush, is a bipartisan committee designed to protect the Republican and Democrats, not find the truth. Many key questions about 9/11 are not being asked as National Security Advisor Rice is finally about to answer questions under oath.

Resist Now!

jamie, 07.04.2004 13:55

Reports coming out of Iraq show that US forces are conducting an indiscriminate attack on civilians in several cities. In Fallujah, US troops have surrounded the city and there are reports of bodies in the streets. No journalists are being allowed into the city.

through terrorist eyes (w$)

£, 07.04.2004 13:08

differing views aid or death


Leigh Thomson, 07.04.2004 12:04

Toronto Coalition to Stop the War has received urgent news that the US is attacking cities across Iraq.
Demo today at the US Consulate in Toronto 5 p.m.



LOVING INTOLERANCE The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) states in a letter to the Attorney General of Israel: ''The investigation against Indymedia Israel has turned into intimidation, harming Freedom of Speech on the Internet.''

U.S. Plans for Martial Law, TeleGovernance, and the Suspension of Elections

John Stanton and Wayne Madsen, 07.04.2004 07:23

The U.S. government and its military and corporate officials are fond of making the pitch to the American public that the U.S. Constitution mandates that their survival, above all others, is absolutely necessary to ensure that the government that emanates from that document survives a debilitating attack.

Fedayeen as Vietcong: Iraqi Resistance is Rocking the Occupiers!!!

John Paul Cupp, Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network Co-ordinator, 07.04.2004 02:58

General Giap with Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh, a symbol for anti-US resistance!!! The Glorious Viet Cong of Our Era: Iraqi Armed Resistance Sending Occupiers Home in Coffins or Carrying One!!!

Graphic Promoting the Informed Citizen

anonymous, 07.04.2004 01:18

Graphic Promoting the Informed Citizen

An Analysis of the AFL-CIO

X, 07.04.2004 01:05

Imperialists, bureaucrat-capitalists, racists, and reactionaries have infected the leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Haiti: it has ever been thus

David Roknich, 06.04.2004 22:47

Without subscribing to the idea of history repeating itself, a look at the history of Haitian politics might be instructive regarding US intervention. Haiti is a child of revolution, and the history of US intervention extends back to 1800.

Questioning Globalization

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 06.04.2004 22:45

From Eyes of the Heart by Jean-Bertrand Aristide:

"Your market, your way of life in not efficient," (the economists) say, But we ask "What is left when you reduce trade to numbers, when you erase all that is human?"

Saddam Bushein

Obs1d1an, 06.04.2004 22:23

If you were an Iraqi, could you tell the difference?

Iraq Update

Helen, 06.04.2004 22:10

A Welsh angle on recent events.

Iraqis would welcome as liberators the United States

0bs1d1an, 06.04.2004 21:45

Apparentely those silly Iraqis are unable to tell the diference between life under Saddam Hussein and life under the "Coalition of the Willing". Since the occupation began, hundreds of protesters attempting to exercise their freedom of speech have been gunned down, people have been taken from their homes in the middle of the night, any and all media criticism of the Coaliation is suppressed and journalists threatened, Shia religious leaders are targeted, and last but not least Iraqis are told what kind of government they are allowed to have (Ultra-Capitialist Governement) and also what kind of government they are not allowed to have (Islamic Governement). Sounds like freedom to me! What in the world could they be complaining about?

SET THE CAPTIVES FREE Conference on Political Prisoners, POWS, Racially Profiled Detainees in the U.S.

drav_idian, 06.04.2004 21:23

Press Release announcing details for Set The Captives Free Conference, two-day event at Lipke Auditorium, UMASS Boston, April 16 & 17, 2004.


mari, 06.04.2004 21:22

Camilo Viveiros was arrested in summer of 2000 at the Republican National Convention, and has been facing serious felony charges since, for allegedly attacking former police cheif commissioner Timoney. He, and two others were found INNOCENT an hour ago!

IRAQ - getting bombed NOW !

occupation watch, 06.04.2004 20:09

"Iraqi cities are being sieged and bombed by missiles and tanks. Sadr,
Adamiya, Kufa, Falloja, Shula and others. Civilians are being killed.
The high way to Falluja is closed. News from Falluja say that bodies
are lying in the streets, no ambullances, no water, no electricity.
Journalists are not allowed in, cameras are smashed. They say this
will go on for days. pls help.

Solidarity With Nepalese Armed Resistance Against US Troop Invaders!

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 06.04.2004 19:48



NATIONAL-BOLSHEVIK, 06.04.2004 18:52



NATIONAL-BOLSHEVIK, 06.04.2004 18:45


The April Offensive: Tet Becomes the Elections Offensive

Twin Towers, 06.04.2004 18:43

Bush's Tet Offensive Begins - This is Life and Resistance In 1968 the Vietnamese launched the Tet Offensive. 36 years later the Irqis launch their Tet and Bush soils his pants. The whole world seems to rotate around the US election cycle.We need a name to honor this great event - this turning point - this testament to resistance and noble sacrifice.

A Tangled Web of Lies about Iraq

Gary Sudborough, 06.04.2004 18:01

The continuous succession of lies and ever-changing rationalizations for the war in Iraq being propagated by the Bush administration.

mass action at the Halliburton shareholder's meeting in Houston;May 19

Houston Global Awareness, 06.04.2004 17:44

mass action

stop war profiteering

Issue of detainees in Syria 'a tragedy'

Mark dameli, 06.04.2004 16:43

A human rights activist said Monday that the issue of Lebanese who were victims of arbitrary abduction and detention by Syrian forces was a harsh humanitarian outcome of the civil war.


carl, 06.04.2004 15:34

An image to encourage informed citizenship.

Condoleeza Post Card! Before and After shots.

Truth, 06.04.2004 15:15

Pass it on

The Movement Is Great...

Bob Avakian (Posted by Joseph P. Diaferia), 06.04.2004 14:53

The Movement Is Great...
But The Movement Is Not "Everything"...
The People Need Revolution

technology for room 101

£, 06.04.2004 13:01

(it's a cam) imagine the wireless version!

IRAQ: Shia uprising...Let's get ready to rumble

FAHRENHEIT 451, 06.04.2004 12:00

Nine Coalition Troops Killed, Dozens wounded in Confronting Uprising

How to fight terror=

Jan Freedan, 06.04.2004 11:30

International and internal terror threats life

Wake Up and Smell the American Coffee! - Essay on Immigrant Rights

Ziad Shaker ElJishi, 06.04.2004 01:54

The author is a leader of the Socialist Arab Coalition of North America, Co-Founder of the North American Coalition Against Zionism and Racism (NACAZAR), and Co-editor of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network

Hostile Takeover: Race, Immigration and the Sierra Club

Center for Community, 06.04.2004 00:17

New report by the Center for New Community documents well-orchestrated takeover attempt of the Sierra Club by anti-immigration organizations.

Sustainable Harvest International

Florence Reed and Sarah Kennedy, 05.04.2004 23:31

David Goodman is a filmmaker with an Oscar under his belt (for a Documentary Short). He's trying a new method of raising money to produce his current film project. (Please see the info below)

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans Killed in Fallujah

Iraqi Mother, 05.04.2004 22:46

It aint going away and it ain't getting better. We need a vietnam style resistance in US

A letter from my brother

muslim prisoner, 05.04.2004 21:27

letter from prisoner jailed and tortured without charges for 2 years to his brother and parents.

props: microsoft

£, 05.04.2004 20:43

launched in central park i think 9 years ago gimping . . .

Why Muslims Hate America

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi, 05.04.2004 20:32

When crimes committed by one party is sanitized and justified by clichés and clever use of words, when thousands of innocent people are incinerated in their own homes, and children in their play grounds, and little children's body parts blown up and sticking to walls and ceilings

Free the Anti-Imperialist Camp and DHKC-P Pro-Iraqi Resistance Forces!!!

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 05.04.2004 19:57


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