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Bush wants Nukes - Navajo Say NO WAY

World War three has started on the Mesa Come in Solidarity, 08.01.2006 23:28

RIGHT NOW there is an amendment on the congressional floor that sets a new timetable for the forced relocation of a number of Navajo families on Black Mesa and they need your support! Visit Big Mountain.

Remembering Ramona - Twelve Women in the Twelfth Year

ezln, 08.01.2006 21:17

. . . Ramona laughs when she does not know she is dying. And when she knows, she still laughs. Before she did not exist for anyone; now she exists, as a woman, as an indigenous woman, as a rebel woman. Now Ramona lives, a woman belonging to that race that must die in order to live ...

Job Description Reveals Babies Are Commodities for Sale

OriginsUSA, 08.01.2006 19:09

Infant adoption has long been imagined as a social service where children who need parents find loving homes. Why then does an adoption agency have a position to fill as an adoption recruiter in order to hunt down babies for adoption? They are actively looking for more babies to adopt out to increase agency revenue.

Cher Noël. Carta del comisario Maigret a su alcalde y diputado Noël Mamère

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 08.01.2006 19:02

El comisario Maigret envía una carta al alcalde de Bégles y diputado Verde Noël Mamère, para indicar al mismo que pese a no compartir la radicalidad de las acusaciones que la señora Maigret dirige a su candidato a alcalde y a diputado y a la supuesta conspiración de los medios de comunicación franceses, el discurso de poder que se impone en la actualidad francesa beneficia de los objetivos y planteamientos elitistas del partido Verde, por la desmovilización que practican los mismos en ciudadanos que, sin embargo, comparten la convicción de su partido de que otro mundo es posible.

Un avion qui décole sans carburant !

berard, 08.01.2006 18:45

Un avion a commencé sont décollage en ayant oublié de faire le plein.

Talleres Foro Social Alternativo, Caracas - 22 a 29/01/2006

Foro Social Alternativo, 08.01.2006 17:07

* Se presenta un primer listado descriptivo de Talleres previstos en el marco del FSA-Caracas/2006, evento paralelo al Foro Social Mundial que el gobierno venezolano apadrina para las mismas fechas.


biff777, 08.01.2006 16:35

Death, death, & more death. >

Interview mit Eduardo Galeano:Der Gesichtspunkt

Eduardo Galeano übersetzt von F.W.Siebert, 08.01.2006 16:14

Liebe FreundInnen,schon lange stellt für mich die lateinamerik.Internetzeitung eine wichtige Quelle für Nachrichten,politische Kommentare,Essays etc.aus Lateinamerika dar.Kürzlich fand ich darin ein Interview der italienischen Zeitschrift Una Citta mit Eduardo Galeano,einem der bekanntesten derzeitigen Schriftsteller Südamerikas.Was er zu dem Thema: der Gesichtspunkt - el punto de vista - an Überlegungen in dem Interview entwickelte, fand ich so eindrucksvoll, dass ich das Interview
ins Deutsche übertrug.Im Anhang könnt ihr es lesen.Den spanischen Text füge ich hinzu.
Ich bin sicher,dass die kulturkritischen Gedanken Galeanos über die Verarmung unserer Epoche durch die Globalisierung euer Interesse finden.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen und guten Wünschen zum eben begonnenen Jahr 2006
Euer F.W.Siebert

NYC Demonstration to Free Jailed Iranian Union Leader

Billy, 08.01.2006 15:35

On Monday January 5th at 11:00 am there will be a demonstration in front of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations (622 Third Ave) to demand the immediate release of Mansour Osanlou, the leader of Tehran Transit Workers Union.
Mansour Osanlou was arrested by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for leading a transit worker protest demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Monday’s demonstration is part of an international effort by supporters of organized labor to secure Osanlou’s immediate and unconditional release.


JUGVIR INDER SINGH, 08.01.2006 07:54



Silvia Weistein, 08.01.2006 05:08

Algunos funcionarios del actual gobierno del ciudad de Buenos Aires en decadencia no solo por su responsbilidad en la masacre de Cromagnon cuanto por la generalizada corrupcion que alberga en sus filas, manotean alguna tabla de salvacion para seguir administrando impunidad y evadir asi su responsabilidad no solo por esta tragedia evitable, sino tambien para seguir gozando de sus privilegios. Estos trasnochados creen que todo opositor o critico a la gestion de este gobierno debe ser "neutralizado" y amenazan con toda la "ferocidad" que pueden aplicar desde sus redes de alcahuetes semianalfabetos que curiosamente se autodenominan "servicios de inteligencia", al servicio de estos mismos "funcionarios" y a su gobierno en definitiva.

Health Care in the US

Chris Wisehart, 08.01.2006 00:01

Plan to reform health care in the US

PeaceNepal website hacked

PeaceNepal, 07.01.2006 22:10

During the first week of January 2006, the PeaceNepal website has been hacked. PeaceNepal is a 100% independent and neutral site promoting peace and democracy in Nepal featuring news, a discussion forum and the online "PeaceNepal Reconciliation petition", where people can express their concerns about the situation in Nepal and demand change and peaceful actions from the countries leaders.

PeaceNepal first couldn't believe it's site was hacked, so it looked for other possible reasons for the missing images and error messages that suddenly appeared on it's website. Only after we heard the news that reported that their site was been hacked earlier this week, it became clear that this was no normal incident.

L'Autre Campagne est lancée !

Emilia, 07.01.2006 21:04

Au Mexique, la Otra campaña est lancée!

Le convoi qui accompagne le Subcomandante Marcos a quitté le Caracol de La Garrucha en direction de San Cristobal de las Casas au matin du 1er janvier 2006.

New Justin Raimondo Website

Craven Buttholz, 07.01.2006 16:33

Midnight Raimondo There's a new website parsing the life and work of neo-fascist commentator Justin Raimondo


FX, 07.01.2006 14:05

A weekly segment and review of news and opinion A weekly segment and review of news and opinion review of news and opinion, recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for seeing and listening at home.2 files-broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. The world.


FX, 07.01.2006 14:03

A weekly segment and review of news and opinion A weekly segment and review of news and opinion review of news and opinion, recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for seeing and listening at home.2 files-broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. The world.

Demolition of old Swiss houses by foreign investors

Pandora, 07.01.2006 09:41

Haus Heudorf in the 50s A small community's attempt to save a beloved old house in the alpine village of Silvaplana (Switzerland) from destruction at the hand of property sharks is stirring up the region.

class structure

yann therene, 07.01.2006 08:18

hella cool


Combate News, 07.01.2006 08:13

Es Nacionalista y Martiano. Defensor de la Soberanía Nacional de Cuba. Combate el Bloqueo impuesto a Cuba por las distintas administraciones de Estados Unidos de America.
No acepta bajo ningún concepto que en un futuro pueda existir la posibilidad de la doble ciudadanía.

New Challenges for the Antiwar Movement: How Some Arguments Against the War Might be Twisted to Prolong It

Zoltan Grossman, Geographer at The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA, USA, 07.01.2006 07:52

The arguments that U.S. troops should be redeployed to neighboring countries, and that the chaos in Iraq could lead to a civil war or Shi'ite theocratic rule, are now being reinterpreted to justify rather than end the war. In this shifting political environment, the peace movement should be extremely cautious that its original arguments against the war do not become a justification of a new phase of the war, or even fodder for a new war.

Haiti: $100,000 NED Grant to Batay Ouvriye- Anti-Aristide &quot;leftists&quot;

Haiti Action, 07.01.2006 07:13

Recently declassified National Endowment for Democracy (NED) documents reveal that a "leftist" workers' organization, Batay Ouvriye (BO), which promoted and called for the overthrow of the constitutionally elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was the targeted beneficiary of a US $99,965 NED grant routed through the AFL-CIO's American Center for International Solidarity (ACILS). Listed in NED's "Summary of Projects Approved in FY 2005" for Haiti, the grant states, "ACILS will work with the May 1st Union Federation- Batay Ouvriye [ESPM-BO] to train workers to organize and educate fellow workers."

Grass Roots US Resistance to Bribed and Corrupt Judges - JAIL for Judges Ballot Initiative Gains Momentum: An Important Populist Effort to Save US Democracy

Dr Les Sachs, 07.01.2006 06:46

Something very powerful is rumbling into view as a grass-roots movement in the United States of America, a true people's campaign which has the potential to revolutionize life in that troubled country. It is the wonderfully-named "JAIL for Judges" national movement, now taking concrete form and poised for success as a referendum in South Dakota in 2006.

Chile: una democracia muy bien vigilada

Erasmo Magoulas, 07.01.2006 06:42

Después de una década y media de “democracia con permiso” la ciudadanía chilena vuelva a las urnas para definir una segunda vuelta entre dos propuestas neo-liberales.


JUAN JOSE AGUIRRE L., 07.01.2006 01:11



Billboards popping up in the U.S.! WASHINGTON (January 6, 2005) - The Humane Society of the United States and its international arm Humane Society International/Canada today congratulated the Greenland government for choosing to eliminate all purchases of Canadian sealskins through its sealskin trader and tannery, Great Greenland. The decision, announced today to the Greenland and Danish media, will be a significant move forward in the campaign to end Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt.

Support the Tehran Transport Workers - Free Mansour!

An Iranian Socialist, 06.01.2006 23:58

Striking Transport Workers in Iran This is an urgent call for international solidarity. On Thursday December 22, after staging a no-ticket action against Sherkate Vahed, a state owned bus company, to demand higher wages, 14 leaders of Tehran’s transport workers’ union were arrested.

Jack Ambramoff: Super Zionist

Various, 06.01.2006 23:22

The tightly-controlled media has been strangely silent on the ultimate destination of all of this money gained through criminal activity. The Zionists repeatedly claim - without evidence - that Arab charities fund "terrorism", in order to stop people from sending aid to the people they are oppressing, but right here, we have proof that criminal activity in the US funds illegal Zionist activity in Palestine.
Jack Ambramoff: Super Zionist

Podhoretz's Bad Faith Distorts Iraq's Prewar al Qaeda Links

Walter C. Uhler, 06.01.2006 23:00

For nearly two decades, from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, I purchased annual subscriptions to Commentary magazine, edited by Norman Podhoretz. Not that I fell for Podhoretz's neoconservative ideology, his inveterate anti-Sovietism, Israeli chauvinism or incessant rants about the "present danger." Indeed, five of my numerous scathing letters of dissent to the periodical were published (Feb. 1978, Dec. 1990, Dec.1993, Oct.1994 and Aug. 1996).

Liberen a los 5 cubanos presos en EE.UU !YA!

Edda Diz Garcés, 06.01.2006 21:24

Los cubanos exigimos al gobierno de W.Bush que libere a cinco jóvenes antiterroristas cubanos injustamente prisioneros en ese país

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 06.01.2006 20:44

Overview of an international, intercultural group based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, weekly television program, publications & dance theatre.

The Right not To Vote

Victoria Segura, 06.01.2006 20:43

Recent decision allows Mexicans living in the U.S. to vote in Mexican elections. But as the Januray 15th deadline to register to vote draws near, there are already signs that most Mexicans in the US are apathetic to the 2006 elections.

The Impacts of the Executive Branch on the Economy of Minnesota

Emiliano Zapata, 06.01.2006 20:23

Recently there has been a lot of talk about immigration in the state of MN. Most of the talk started after a biased and inaccurate study done about the impacts of undocumented workers on the MN economy.

The first article appeared in the Star Tribune on Dec. 8:

In response, this journalist took it upon himself to investigate the impacts of the executive branch on the MN economy:

German supreme court rules police action against anti-nuclear demonstrators illegal

Diet Simon, 06.01.2006 16:50

When more than four years ago police detained a woman protesting against transportation of nuclear waste for more than 22 hours, they were breaking the law, Germany’s supreme court has ruled. The Federal Constitutional Court was passing judgment on a complaint by Martina Lammers, chair of The Greens organisation in the north German county of Lüchow-Dannenberg where a nuclear waste storage hall is located at Gorleben.


Juan Manuel, Victor Ibáñez, Prensa OPAL. CHILE, 06.01.2006 15:45

Carlos Fariña Oyarce CHILE. SANTIAGO, 06 de enero.- Bajo el lema “para los torturadores, asesinos y sus cómplices. Ni perdón, ni olvido”, la comisión FUNA y más de cincuenta personas protagonizaron, el pasado 05 de Enero, una manifestación de denuncia, más conocida como “Funa”, en el exterior de la Municipalidad de Providencia. Esta “funa” estaba dirigida a Enrique Sandoval Arancibia, Mayor (R) del Ejercito de Chile, a quien se le acusa judicialmente de estar involucrado como autor del secuestro y homicidio de Carlos Fariña Oyarce, estudiante de 13 años de edad, detenido durante un allanamiento en la población La Pincoya comuna de Santiago de Chile, el día 13 de octubre de 1973

Pornographer supports our troops, gets more than he bargined for

gonz3000, 06.01.2006 15:20

A well camouflaged free-speech fight has been brewing in Polk County, FL, for the last few months. Like many an exercise in First Amendment rights, it involves a pornographer. But, this time around, righteous indignation at naked boobies is a means to an ends.


Por Néstor Núñez, 06.01.2006 14:34

Bien diferente aparece la situación regional con los primeros días del 2006.
América Latina apunta, con más aires definitivos que nunca antes, hacia transformaciones cruciales en su interior y en sus controvertidas relaciones con el Washington oficial, y eso no lo ignoran ni pasan por alto
los agresivos ocupantes de la Casa Blanca.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 06.01.2006 14:21

Con detalles que no dejan lugar a dudas, una reciente edición digital del The Miami Herald recoge declaraciones del abogado de Luis Posada Carriles, en las cuales anuncia la revisión el próximo 24 de enero del proceso iniciado ante un tribunal migratorio.

India's complaints againts missionary fanatics

Mark Weiz, 06.01.2006 11:33

The use of Christianity by western powers for their diplomatic games is well known all over the world. In the recent past, the association has been more covert.

Saudi Arabia's oppression of women and Christians

WingedHussar1683, 06.01.2006 06:22

A slave then and a Saudi woman today Saudi prince Al-waleed bin Talal recently gave Georgetown University, the tentative host of the Palestine Solidarity Movement's annual divestment conference, $20 million for a center to promote Christian-Muslim "understanding." A better way to promote such understanding might, however, be to cease persecuting Christians in his own country and also to treat women like human beings instead of chattels.

The International Solidarity Movement's responsibility for Rachel Corrie's death

Charlie the Hammer, 06.01.2006 05:08

Although the International Solidarity Movement has accused Israel of "murdering" peace activist Rachel Corrie, there is substantial evidence that the ISM was itself recklessly negligent-- or even worse-- in the chain of events that led to her death.

Please help Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Kate Gibbons, 06.01.2006 05:04

Father Gerry It is with great sadness that we inform you that Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste, the Haitian priest who has been imprisoned in Haiti since his illegal arrest on July 21 has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Dr. Paul Farmer of Harvard Medical School, who has run a clinic in Haiti for 20 years, examined him on Christmas Eve and ran some tests. Dr. Farmer could not say exactly how advanced Fr. Gerry’s leukemia is, those tests need to be done in the U.S.- but the symptoms are progressing rapidly, and could advance quickly into a fatal stage, or compromise Fr. Gerry’s immune system enough that the diseases of a Haitian prison would kill him.

Alton Maddox

Dennis Shipman, 06.01.2006 01:44

A piece championing Alton's right to his day in court.

XXI Seminario de Formación Teológica

Gerardo Duré (Prensa SFT), 06.01.2006 01:32

Apertura del 2005 El Seminario de Formación Teológica es un espacio donde nos encontramos miles de personas comprometidas en organizaciones populares, sociales, políticas, eclesiales, desde la Opción por los pobres. Allí discutimos nuestros problemas, compartimos experiencias y buscamos juntos nuevas herramientas de construcción y transformación. Intentamos unir fe y vida y así producir teología, hacer presente la experiencia de un pueblo que vive y celebra su fe. Desde hace ya 21 años, ininterrumpidamente, nos reunimos en algún lugar del país y entre el 5 y el 11 de febrero del 2006, con motivo de los 30 años del martirio de Angelelli, nos encontramos en La Rioja.

In the streets on Febuary 4th 2006 Washington DC

Persist or Resist, 05.01.2006 19:46

World Can't Wait is a wide spreading national movement to force George Bush from power. We are organizing now for Bush's state of the union. On the 4th of february there will be a massive protest across downtown Washington D.C. . We need to spread the word to all organization and organizers to unite now to change history as we act upon it.

Big Wolf Hunt: Minutemen Bring Rain and Protesters To Vermont

David Van Deusen, 05.01.2006 19:08

Minutemen try to organize in Vermont. Vermonters tell them to go home.

La otra campaña zapatista

Jesús Armando Haro, 05.01.2006 18:43

crónica del inicio de La Otra Campaña en San Cristobal las Casas


IMCista, 05.01.2006 18:34

At least twelve tribal people died after police opened fire on a
crowd at Kalinganaga in the Indian state of Orissa on Monday.

The people, mainly from the Ho tribe, were protesting against
controversial plans to build a steel plant on their land. The plant
is one of at least thirty big mining and metal factory projects being
forced through on tribal land by Orissa's state government.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 05.01.2006 18:00

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 4 Jan 2006. 4mins, english

Campamento Mundial de la Juventud Caracas-2006

Comisión Comunicación, 05.01.2006 16:50

El nuevo blog del Campamento

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