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Race to Build an Ecocity

Doctress Neutopia, 13.01.2006 18:42

Humanity is at a turning point. We must change the way cities are designed our perish from our own destructive way of life.

Persecution in Britain

[NicoNtumba_JusticeCampaign], 13.01.2006 16:07

Campaign for Protection of Civil Rights of an innocent man ; Nico Ntumba who is being persecuted in Britain for the last 18 Years

From Saudi Arabia to Georgetown University with love, or whatever

Charlie the Hammer, 13.01.2006 04:27

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal recently gave Georgetown University $20 million for an Islamic studies center, to "promote Muslim-Christian understanding." The tradition of giving a generous gift to get the enemy to open his gates goes back a long way and Georgetown should take a close look at what it may have allowed inside its walls:

Learn How To Teach Formal Consensus (community democracy in action)

Keith McHenry, 13.01.2006 03:49

Training Classes for Teachers of Formal Consensus
March 9 - 12, 2006
Prescott College - 2233 E. Speedway -Tucson, Arizona

When lying is outlawed only politicians will lie

Phoenix Insurgent, 13.01.2006 03:15

Just like with the rise of automation, electronics and early computers in the 40's and 50's, the new heavily-subsidized technologies find their primary application as an elite tool for their class war at home and imperialism abroad, to control, manage and disempower people for their own narrow benefit. However, whereas the previous era's "progress" aimed at the substitution of capital for labor in a drive towards what engineers called the "push button factory," in which workers were either replaced or deskilled to the point of powerlessness on the job, today's developments seem much more aimed directly at control, quantification, management, deterrence and punishment.

Former NSA Director gives podcast interview

George Kenney, 13.01.2006 01:23

Gen. William Odom (ret.), former Director of the NSA, talks on a podcast for about an hour and a quarter. He gives a devastating critique of the war in Iraq and calls for our immediate withdrawal.

I Apologize

I Apologize, 12.01.2006 23:54

I Apologize

Little Georgie Bush - Caught in a Hole in Nevada

Karen Fish, 12.01.2006 20:34

Imagine the President of the United States caught in a hole in the desert 2 miles from the Mirage Hotel.

‘Airline Workers United’ Forms to Fight Concessions Industry-Wide

Chris Kutalik, 12.01.2006 20:15

Airline workers form a grassroots cross-union group to help organize a fightback in the industry.

Viva Evo Morales: Bolivia to Seize Oil and Gas Reserves

tupac ya!, 12.01.2006 19:32

For now Lorales follows soft line - asset seizures possible: All reserves are now in the hands of foreign companies such as Spain's Repsol YPF SA, which owns 35 percent of the country's 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and Brazil's Petroleos Brasileiros SA (Petrobras), which holds 17.5 percent. Bolivia has Latin America's second-largest gas reserves.

The Arrests of 11 January 2006—A Preliminary Account

S. Eben Kirksey, 12.01.2006 19:23

Last night twelve Papuan suspects in a 2002 murder of Americans were arrested in West Papua--the Indonesian-occupied half of New Guinea. There is evidence of Indonesian military involvement in the 2002 killings, but the Bush administration and Indonesian authorities are attempting to pin the blame on Papuan “terrorists”.

El minero y el estadista

Erasmo Magoulas, 12.01.2006 18:34

Al borde de dejar atrás el 2005 se reunieron un minero y un estadista para hablar de cosas muy importantes. Quien más habló fue el minero mientras el estadista le cedía la palabra con admiración y respeto.


Stephen Lendman, 12.01.2006 18:08

A review of the Bolivarian Revolution achievements and the threat from the U.S. against Hugo Chavez


Islamic Community Net, 12.01.2006 16:22

"The Cleveland Public Library has a Quran that may have been bound in the skin of its previous owner, an Arab tribal leader. Pam Eyerdam, head of the library's fine arts and special collections department, said he may have wanted to immortalize himself. 'People kept their family histories written in Bibles, and what is a Quran?' she said."

A Time to Celebrate

Dwight Hines, 12.01.2006 14:03

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals this week decided that the Americans with Disability Act abrogates State Immunity from civil law suits. The Court, in this wonderful decision that has great relevance to torture and warrantless surveillance, saw the ADA as acting synergistically with the 8th Amendment and the 14th Amendment but did not limit the future to just those two amendments.


Secretaría de Derechos Humanos de la provincia de Buenos Aires, 12.01.2006 13:08

Se pondrá en marcha una campaña en la costa argentina con promotores y abogados de la Secretaría que distribuirán material informativo para que los habitantes de la provincia conozcan sus derechos.

Se recibirán denuncias y se brindará asistencia legal a las víctimas de actos de discriminación y a quienes consideren que sus derechos fueron vulnerados por algún organismo del Estado.

“The White Man’s Burden”: The Familiar Psychology of Iraq War Proponents

The Wiseman, 12.01.2006 04:42

From the beginning of the war to the current state, the pro-arguments for US occupation of Iraq have slowly shifted from “weapons of mass destruction” and “fighting terrorism” to “overthrowing a brutal dictator for freedom and democracy”.


Johann, 12.01.2006 03:39

Read it and slit your wrists

Moviment for Brazilian Nacionalist Party - Manifest to People and Citizen (in portuguese)

Movimento Pró Partido Nacionalista Brasileiro - MovPNB, 12.01.2006 03:21

This is the intend of Brazilian Nacionalist Party to Brazil, to try change the influence by international capital inside in Brazil and life of brazilians.

Stop The Endless Summer

GetUp!, 12.01.2006 01:25

Help expose this week's talks We cannot let the Australian and U.S. Governments shirk their responsibility for tackling climate change. Click here to write to your newspaper, help expose this week's talks for what they are, and urge the Government to take real action:

Women Launch Campaign to End Iraq War

Andrea Buffa, 11.01.2006 23:43

On Thursday, January 5, women from around the world—from the US to Iraq to Britain to Japan—launched a campaign aimed at ending the Iraq war and all attacks on Iraqi civilians in 2006. The new campaign, Women Say No to War, plans to gather some 100,000 signatures by March 8, International Women’s Day, when US and Iraqi women will deliver the signatures to leaders in Washington, DC and women around the world will deliver them to US embassies. To read the full text of the call and view a list of the initial signatories, see


Ing Jose Olalde, 11.01.2006 23:31

Que hay detras del negocio de lucrar con las vidas de nuestros hijos? La verdad acerca de las drogas psiquiatricas.
Parte VI de este documental.

Al habla sobre el FSA-Caracas/2006 y la situación venezolana

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 11.01.2006 23:28

º En entrevista con La Rosa Negra - contrainformación de México, la CRA de Venezuela expone la importancia del Foro Social Alternativo a realizarse dentro de poco y comenta aspectos significativos de su actividad como grupo libertario.

Black Media and Members refused Press Passes in San Francisco

Da Media, 11.01.2006 21:26



Troy Gravitt, 11.01.2006 17:55

HERNDON, Virginia – January 11, 2006 – Connect Public Relations, a leading high-tech PR firm, announced today that it has promoted David Forstrom from account supervisor to account director.

Stop the Injection of Hindutva Ideology into California History Text books

Friends of South Asia - Coalition against Communalism, 11.01.2006 06:33

As you may be aware, a major effort is underway in California, in the guise of multiculturalism and minority rights, to inject narrow sectarian versions of Hinduism and Ancient India into Grade 6 History-Social Science text books. (For background information and talking points, see We need your urgent help to turn back the Hindutva assault on our text books, before they are adopted by the California State Board of Education (SBE).

Resumen Biográfico de Nahuel Moreno (trotskysta latinoamericano)

WEB Nahuel Moreno, 11.01.2006 05:02

Biblioteca Digital Nahuel

<h1 class="articletitle">Death Don't Worry About it!</h1>

Donald Forsyth, 11.01.2006 00:57

proces 12 janv a rouen SAGEM/MONRIBOT (bermuda)

cedric monribot, 10.01.2006 23:49

les dessous du bermuda
sagem et ses affaires,dossier occulte tps


FX, 10.01.2006 22:58

Independent Media Transcript A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

Sledding Map in NYC

paige s, 10.01.2006 21:10

A map someone made of places to go sledding in NYC.
Its free to go sledding and the map is free for people to print out and use and re-distribute as well. Just something fun to do in the winter-time. An outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy.


Dubai, 10.01.2006 20:00

About Dubai City

small WORLD interview with Albino

small WORLD Podcast, 10.01.2006 18:30

Albino Interview with Nathan Endsley of Albino.

Turismo Universitario Latinoamericano Mejor Hostel Chileno

Marcela Cifuentes, 10.01.2006 18:04

El Turismo Univerisitario Latinoamericano es hoy por hoy un nueva forma de hacer Turismo y Vivir en Comunidad es esto lo que nos ofrece el mejor Hostel Universitario Comunitario de Chile Ubicado en Valparaiso Hostel Los Gaviotines Avalado por Viajeros y Rutaturismo por su calidad Humana...


Islamic Community Net, 10.01.2006 15:48

The antichrist of our age, Dajjal Bush, strikes again - strikes out, that is.

10,000 protest US-Thai FTA talks

rsk, 10.01.2006 14:54

Chiang Mai As the sixth round of free-trade talks between Thailand and the US began yesterday, thousands of Thais representing a diverse swath of society ranging from garlic growers to HIV/AIDS activists gathered outside a hotel in Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai Monday to protest closed-door talks on a Thai-U.S. free trade agreement (FTA).

Leaked Memo: Corrupt DEA Agents in Colombia Help Narcos and Paramilitaries

Repost from jamie, 10.01.2006 14:12

"Kent’s memorandum contains some of the most serious allegations ever raised against U.S. antinarcotics officers: that DEA agents on the front lines of the drug war in Colombia are on drug traffickers’ payrolls, complicit in the murders of informants who knew too much, and, most startlingly, directly involved in helping Colombia’s infamous rightwing paramilitary death squads to launder drug money."

Icelandic 'skyr' activists sentenced

Maldoror, 10.01.2006 12:17

Two of the activists who took part in the June 2005 Hotel Nordica 'skyr' action at the International Aluminium Conference have recently been sentenced in Reykjavik municipal court to two months in prison suspended and a £6000 "cleaning up bill", fines and expences.

Plantada la semilla de Jóvenes Verdes

dani, 10.01.2006 11:29

Nace la primera organización juvenil estatal que tiene como objetivo la difusión cívico-política del ecologismo

U.S. Government Judge wants Transgender rock star Bralalalala's freedom of speech restrained

Jenny, 09.01.2006 22:17

U.S. Government Judge wants Transgender rock star Bralalalala's freedom of speech restrained

support this political awakening

ryan day, 09.01.2006 19:00

create a people's branch of government as an initiative based network of proud, honest, particapals.

Dois carismáticos textos

Francisco Trindade, 09.01.2006 18:52

Dois carismáticos textos

Public Forum on the War in Iraq:West Lafayette,IN

Sheila Rosenthal, 09.01.2006 11:52

The cause, consequences and potentialoutcomes of the war in Iraq will be discussed from a variety of points of view by four Purdue University professor. After brief presentation by the speakers, the audience will be invited to ask questions or make comments. Free and open to the public. A reception will follow immediately afterwards.

In New Orleans water, food &amp; personel were forced out by Federal Officials

Better Late than never, 09.01.2006 08:01

Apparently just days after hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans members of "the farm" made famous in "Spiritual Midwifery". Sent a very large caravan consisting of several medical tents and highly qualified personal, water, food and housing supplies were forced by federal FEMA government officials and National gaurd to leave.

Brutalization of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals by the Palestinian Authority

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, 09.01.2006 06:54

Although the Palestine Solidarity Movement's position statement opposes homophobia, racism, and sexism, the treatment of gay people in areas under Palestinian Authority control paints a very different picture. Matters have gotten so bad that gay people find life under "Zionist occupation" preferable to existence in "liberated Palestine."

Women bear the worst effects of climate change

kimk, 09.01.2006 05:48

In preparation for May's UN meetings on sustainable development in New York(CSD14) a new report has been released by the Women's Environmental and Development Organisation which shows that women will be affected more adversely by climate change.


Islamic Community Net, 09.01.2006 05:21

Fresh medical atrocities have been perpetrated by hospital commandant John Edmondson against POWs tortured in the US concentration camp at Guantanamo. The criminal assaults mentioned in the article are only those known to have been publicly admitted by commandant Edmonson himself. What other horrors remain to be revealed will only be learned in the course of time, if ever.

Human rights abuses in militant &quot;Islamic&quot; nations: Iran sentences rape VICTIM to be hanged

WingedHussar1683, 09.01.2006 05:18

An Iranian court sentenced a teenaged woman to be hanged for accidentally killing a man who was trying to rape her. (We assume that, had she not killed him, the court would have ordered her hanged for losing her virginity.)

‘STOP THE DAMS!’ international benefit gig in Iceland.

Maldoror, 09.01.2006 01:07

An awesome mega-benefit gig for the fight against the Kárahnjúkar dams and the aluminium corporate invasion into Iceland was played to a bursting stadium in Reykjavik last night (7 January.) Björk, Zeena Parkins, Sigur Ros, Ghostigital, Damon Albarn, Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, Mugison and Mum were amongst the artists that performed.

Please help Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Kate Gibbons, 09.01.2006 00:49

Illegally detained Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Without further tests and treatment which is not available in Haiti, he won't have a future. For ways to help Father Gerry please go to

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