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Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 19.01.2006 15:36

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 18 Jan 2006, 2mins, english


Por Néstor Núñez, 19.01.2006 12:30

Más de una vez los estudiosos de los asuntos latinoamericanos han apuntado que la zona
vive un instante de grandes transformaciones, logradas luego de decenios de represión,
violencia y dominio absoluto de Washington.

Urgent appeal from Homeless activists in Osaka, Japan

Unemployment and Homelessness Action Committee, 19.01.2006 12:09

Immediate email / fax / letter protest required to prevent violent eviction and detention of homeless people in Osaka, Japan! The average age of those affected is 55! Please take time to address your concerns to the Japanese authorities! It could make a lot of difference to some of the most dispossessed people!

I Apologize

I Apologize, 19.01.2006 08:34

I apologize.

Interview with Peter Ryan of Cosmetic Vacations

small WORLD Podcast, 19.01.2006 07:38

Cosmetic Vacations small WORLD interview with Peter Ryan of Cosmetic Vacations.


Combate News, 19.01.2006 07:13

El cartel se mantiene encendido "entre las 18.00 horas y las 12 de la noche". La representación del Gobierno de George W. Bush en Cuba eligió el día 16 porque se conmemora el día de Martin Luther King, una de las figuras más destacadas en Estados Unidos en la lucha de los derechos humanos y la discriminación racial.


FX, 19.01.2006 01:54

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

A Soldier For Truth Has Fallen: In Memory of Specialist Doug Barber

Jay Shaft, 19.01.2006 00:09

Today I come to you with a heavy and troubled heart. I have the unfortunate task of giving you some very tragic news. Yesterday afternoon Specialist Douglas Barber, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, took his own life after struggling with the demons and nightmares of PTSD for over two years.

small WORLD interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist

small WORLD Podcast, 18.01.2006 23:37

Jenny Marketou Interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist


MediaOne, 18.01.2006 22:02

We need to rally millions of Canadians to stop this abuse of power and to hold these corrupt politicians and the police to account.


greenpeace, 18.01.2006 21:25


Países europeus tinham conhecimento de prisões secretas

Francisco Trindade, 18.01.2006 19:52

Países europeus tinham conhecimento de prisões secretas

Brits give their damning evidence in Genoa trial

UK imcer, 18.01.2006 19:35


About the FSA-Caracas 2006 and the venezuelan situation

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 18.01.2006 19:14

º In this interview with the mexican alternative news group La Rosa Negra (LRN-ci), the CRA from Venezuela explains the importance of the Alternative Social Forum, which will take place in a few days, and comments about their activity as an anarchist group.

Panamá : Martín Torrijos y el PRD : &quot;A sus órdenes, mi capital&quot;

Juan Rivas - FRENADESO-Panamá, 18.01.2006 19:14

Panamá : Martín Torrijos y el PRD: “A sus órdenes, mi capital”

Panamá : Réquiem por la Patria Boba - Las clases sociales existen...¡ Uy,...qué horror !

Juan Rivas - FRENADESO-Panamá, 18.01.2006 19:10

Réquiem por la Patria Boba
“Las clases sociales existen...¡uy, qué horror !”

Panamá : FRENADESO : ¿ Frente Social o Partido Político ?. Un debate necesario

Juan Rivas - FRENADESO-Panamá, 18.01.2006 19:03

PANAMÁ : FRENADESO : ¿ Frente Social o Partido Político ?. UN DEBATE NECESARIO.

Panamá : INFORME CONFIDENCIAL - Así roba el PRD en la Caja de Seguro Social

Juan Rivas - FRENADESO - Panamá, 18.01.2006 18:55

PANAMÁ : INFORME CONFIDENCIAL : Así roba el Partido PRD, de Martíon Torrijos, en la Caja de Seguro Social.

Zapatista Solidarity Meeting in Freiburg, Germany from Jan 20-22, 2006

zapata, 18.01.2006 18:46

WHAT: Zapatista Solidarity Meeting
WHEN: 20-22 January!!
WHERE: KTS Freiburg (Baslerstr.103, Freiburg, Germany)

Panamá : Martín Torrijos, el PRD y el TLC con los yanquis : de rodillas y con los bolsillos llenos.

Juan Rivas - FRENADESO - Panamá, 18.01.2006 18:36

Panamá : Martín Torrijos, el PRD y el TLC con los yanquis :
De rodillas, con los ojos en blanco...y los bolsillos llenos.

MUSHROOMS NOT MISSILES: A joint PLO-Hezbollah project to grow oyster mushrooms in the Palestinian camps of Lebanon brings hope to a poor community.

Marwan Kanafani, 18.01.2006 17:57

When you think of the PLO and Hezbollah, many images come to mind. A group of people growing oyster mushrooms, however, is not one of them. As of January 2006, that is precicely what is taking place in Ain el-Helweh, Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp.


Islamic Community Net, 18.01.2006 17:26

This is a signal historical event for it clarifies that Dajjal Bush CAN indeed be held to civilized standards by the judicious application of armed force. The official policy of "non-negotiation with terrorists" has fallen flat on its face and now enters the dustbin of history. It is now time for the mice to demand more cookies to end the torture camps for good.


Islamic Community Net, 18.01.2006 16:46

U.S. forces in Iraq said on Wednesday they were holding eight women prisoners. "We have eight females" said Lieutenant Aaron Henninger, a spokesman for the U.S. military detentions operation.

Welcome to the Jungle

DonQuixote, 18.01.2006 16:30

Hey, it's a jungle out there, and we mean to tame the lions...


Islamic Community Net, 18.01.2006 15:57

It began at half past midnight on Saturday when explosives blew apart the three entrances to my house. We thought we had been caught in a bombing, but then a rifle sneaked round our bedroom door and shot a couple of bullets blindly; suddenly our room was filled with the wild sounds of US soldiers.

Una democracia -si es verdadera- siempre es ofensiva

Erasmo Magoulas, 18.01.2006 15:45

No será mediante los permisos y disculpas o a través de los llamados a la reflexión que Morales aplaque a las fieras del imperialismo y la oligarquía cipaya, ni mediante la promoción y venta de una imagen de “buen salvaje” que se salvará de los ataques y los intentos de la reacción (confabulando con y desde la Embajada de los EEUU) de descuartizar la naciente esperanza.

One More After Alito Will Be Six

Concerned Liberal Democrat Protestant, 18.01.2006 15:25

Just one year after George Washington welcomed a Catholic bishop to the new world, the United States Constitution went into effect. Since that time of freedoms, while individuals were subjected to restricted speech and the Roman Church enjoyed free SPEECH and clarifying Her own FREEDOM, She appears about ready to reach a climax by conquering the Supreme Court of the United States.


Por Bárbara Vasallo Vasallo, 18.01.2006 14:13

Gilberto Mendoza es un hombre común, jubilado, impedido físico que reside en un
barrio de la ciudad de Matanzas, a unos 100 kilómetros al este de La Habana.
Por estos días anda ebrio de emoción, satisfecho, orgulloso, pues a su humilde hogar, que comparte con una hija y par de nietos pequeños, llegaron trabajadores sociales, estudiantes universitarios y miembros del Comité de Defensa de la Revolución para entregarle la olla de presión y la hornilla eléctrica.

U.S. faces trial for teason in Ethiopia

Tom Bekerly, 18.01.2006 13:06

The Ethiopian government has filed charges of treason and genocide against 129 people including leaders of the Coalition of Democracy and Unity,journalists, VOA broadcasters,human rights activists and anti-poverty campaigners. Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw highlights, in a well-articulated feature, the legal and political implications of charges filed against Washington-based VOA broadcasters.


Stephen Lendman, 18.01.2006 12:57

The hidden threat to all planetary life from use of depleted uranium weapons in 4 wars

Appel à la création d’un village autogéré, anticapitaliste et anti-nucléaire

énérvés-ées et constructifs-ves, 18.01.2006 10:59

Nous vous proposons la construction d’un village autogéré anticapitaliste
et anti-nucléaire (dans la lignée des villages no border, VAAAG, place des
résistances,…) en parallèle du rassemblement international à
Cherbourg (les 15/16 avril) contre la construction de la nouvelle
centrale nucléaire EPR et la triste commémoration des 20 ans de la
catastrophe de Tchernobyl.

El Plan Colombia fracasó, según una publicación oficial francesa

AFP, 18.01.2006 09:25

El Plan Colombia, basado en el combate de los grupos armados ilegales y el tráfico de drogas con apoyo de Estados Unidos, "fracasó" porque no logró acabar con la guerrilla ni eliminar los cultivos, según el informe "Drogas y Anti-drogas en Colombia", publicado por Cuadernos de la Seguridad, revista editada trimestralmente por el Instituto de Altos Estudios de Seguridad del gobierno de Francia (INHES) y que fue coordinada por la socióloga colombiana Olga L. González y el investigador francés Laurent Laniel.

Toxic leakage should send warning signal to companies

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 18.01.2006 06:11

200 hospitalized workers with at least four of them in critical condition, brought about by last Tuesday's toxic leakage is a clear warning signal to electronics companies to stop using hazardous materials and chemicals in the manufacture and design of their product.

Bloqueio da Wikimedia pela China entra na décima primeira semana

Wikinews, Wikinotícias, a fonte de notícias livre. &lt; &gt;, 18.01.2006 04:59

O bloqueio da Wikimedia feito pelo governo da República Popular da China entra em sua décima primeira semana. O projecto Wikimedia inclui o Wikinews e outros websites populares como a Wikipédia.

Private Cars Are Only for Fascists: Mass Transit is for Fools!

m. Diselli, 18.01.2006 03:59

ecological disaster would be a stroke of luck for the RICH Dominators! You are not necessarily a fascist if you have a car - but if you believe in them - YES! Perhaps we should not ask: how does society tolerate the annual slaughter of 42,000 people a year in the US, 6000 people a year in Britain, or 1.2 million people globally (and 100's of millions seriously injured)? Perhaps we should ask: how would a society of motorists tolerate anything else? To us, this slaughter is one of the car's many drawbacks. To you, it is one of its many advantages. It is the risk of driving that makes it exciting for you. You consider your car a form of liberty because the only liberty you can imagine is the liberty to kill and maim others. Your life is planned and ritualized in its every detail. Your pension plan, mortgage and sex life are finalized decades in advance

Non à cette campagne de dénigrement contre Préval et Haïti!

LMT, 18.01.2006 00:09

Les différentes campagnes de dénigrement à l'encontre de René Garcia Préval, candidat à la présidence poussent un citoyen engagé à les dénoncer et à apporter un éclairecissement.

invitación a romería del maestro Juan Jose Carpio Mostajo

Jimmy Calla Colana, 17.01.2006 22:44

Que este sábado 28 de enero del 2006 se desarrollará una Romería conmemorando los setenta y uno años del nacimiento del Gran Amauta y Luchador Social Juan José Carpio Mostajo a las 11 de la mañana en Parque del Recuerdo Lurín, Panamericana Sur Km 26.5 (puente Conchán)

Schwarzenegger - Nueva ejecución

car, 17.01.2006 22:17

Arnold Schwarzenegger, negó el perdón a Stanley "Tookie" Williams, propuesto para el Nobel de la Paz en varias ocasiones y condenado por asesinar a cuatro personas. En 2003 el Jamie Foxx interpretó a Williams en la película Redemption. Ayer 13 de Diciembre fué ejecutado. Williams nunca se reconoció culpable de estos asesinatos y murió diciendo que era inocente Hoy dia 17 de Enero ha sido ejecutado esta mañana Clarence Ray Allen, un reo ciego , sordo y en silla de ruedas que el lunes cumplió 76 años. El preso fue sentenciado a la pena capital en 1982.


professeure, 17.01.2006 19:57



Les notables de l'Education Nationale sortent le grand jeu pour étouffer les effets de plus en plus visibles de la violence à l'école.
N'est-il pas temps que la colère monte et que la défense des services publics, de tous les services publics, s'organise ?

Canadian Election time again!

Ricardo Magon, 17.01.2006 18:25

We are a collective looking into dialoguing about election time strategies. Any actions or theatre being planned? Love to hear what others are doing!
Please write in to this thread.

US Journalist Murdered after Writing Article on US-Bush Supreme Court Nominee Judge Alito

Dr. Les Sachs, 17.01.2006 17:31

New York Times writer and journalist David E. Rosenbaum was just murdered, a mere matter of days after writing a critical article about US President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. The article by Rosenbaum helped expose how Alito was long ago an advocate of unrestrained government power.

Disaster? What Disaster?

Stefan Simanowitz, 17.01.2006 12:31

The conventional wisdom that the invasion of Iraq has been a disaster is not only wrong but has led to a dangerous complacency among those who would oppose further military action in the region

La Revolución Venezolana: La lucha por el Socialismo del Siglo XXI



El Socialista


La Revolución Venezolana
"La lucha por el Socialismo del Siglo XXI"

Taking Liberty and Risking Ostracisation

DAJ, 17.01.2006 03:47

gods poets gurus

Nigerian resistance kdinaps oil workers

kimk, 17.01.2006 03:35

This week four oil workers were kidnapped by nigeria resistance fighters in an effort to force justice for the Nigerian people. The group has vowed to stop all oil exports from Nigeria and advised oil workers to leave. A flow station in Bayelsa has also been occupied by disenchanted Nigerians

Warning to SE Asian countries about Iran war and monsoon rains depositing radiation in environment

Bob Nichols via Islamic Community Net, 17.01.2006 02:27

This is a deadly message to Southeastern Asian Countries about the upcoming IRAN War and the monsoon rains depositing deadly radiation in the environment. The message is from Leuren Moret, a world famous geoscientist and radiation expert and myself, Bob Nichols, newspaper correspondent and writer. I request that you send this to everyone in your address book and that you "Be the Media". Help us stop the Fifth US Nuclear War in 15 years from even starting.

Evo Morales: First Indigenous Leader becoming Head of State

Marcelo Saavedra, 17.01.2006 01:52

After forcefully winning elections, Bolivians will have a new Indigenous president. Is this a turning point? We have the right to dream... still.

Drohender Atomkrieg gegen den Iran

Michel Chossudovsky und FReE, 17.01.2006 01:39

Pax americana und die Atombombe im 21. Jahrhundert Die Lancierung eines uneingeschränkten Krieges gegen den Iran, bei dem nukleare Sprengköpfe eingesetzt werden, steht jetzt in der letzten Planungsphase. Die Koalitionspartner, einschliesslich der USA, Israel und der Türkei, befinden sich in «einem fortgeschrittenen Bereitschaftsstadium».


JA, 17.01.2006 01:38

SEE YOU IN VAN DIEMAN'S LAND 2006! The 11th International Conference on Penal Abolition Hobart Tasmania 7-11 February 2006. SEE YOU IN VAN DIEMAN'S LAND 2006!

The Declaration of the Free Acheh Democratic

Alexis Shalom, 16.01.2006 23:20

The Helsinki Agreement that was signed by the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) and the representative of Indonesian government a few months ago does not mean that the struggle of the Achenese for an independent nation state has ended. A new group called the Preparatory Committee of the Free Acheh Democratic that has its members in the tsunami devastated area, Acheh, and worldwide, released its declaration today (15/01/05) and said that it will continue the struggle for a sovereign Acheh nation within the corridors of democracy.

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