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Declaración Foro Social Mundial 2006 (Caracas)

UIT-CI (Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores - Cuarta Internacional), 25.01.2006 03:45

Foro Social Mundial 2006

Fuera yanquis de Irak y de América Latina
Luchemos por el Socialismo en el siglo XXI


news you can use, 25.01.2006 03:19

photos of Bush at K-State

UCLA Blacklisted Professors: Back to the Future?

Scott Boehm, 25.01.2006 01:05

In the name of "fair and balanced" education, McCarthyism is making a comeback across U.S. universities. Those behind the movement say they are watchdogs of academic freedom, yet they really desire to return higher education back to an age before the Civil Rights movement radically changed society and its educational institutions. censured images of Revolution

parisnet, 24.01.2006 21:20


Privatizing Peru

Justin Smith, 24.01.2006 20:33

1 Last week in Peru several groups in Arequipa Peru were protesting everything from high gas prices to deprivatizing water, to marches gathering support for socialist parties. In the center of the plaza there was a pile of burning paper, and several different issues of the socialist magazine Barricada were being sold on top of painted pictures of the US in the image of a shark eating Peru.

Workers condemn Ford job cuts

Ariel Perez, 24.01.2006 19:42

"The restructuring plan announced this morning by Ford is extremely disappointing and devastating news for the many thousands of hard-working men and women who have devoted their working lives to Ford," United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger said in a statement.


Otilia Alexandru and Olivia Popa, 24.01.2006 19:14

As citizens of Romania, a country that is about to adhere to the European Democratic Union, we wish to express our concern for the corruption that permeates the highest official authorities and the judicial system in our country.

Carpet weavers and poverty crisis

sadashivan, 24.01.2006 18:14

A village name “Sarei Misrani” in Gopalganj Bhadhoi, situated 60 kms from Varanasi. The main occupation of this village once was agriculture and carpet/ rug weaving. Agricultural income was almost insufficient due to small agricultural lands and concentrated on weaving carpets for better income. Has population around 2300 with only 15-20% educated went to schools of them 10% have completed 10-12 standard. However, children go to school for primary education. Their yearly income is Rs. 6000-8000 in US dollars (136-182) that means monthly income is (12-15 US dollars). Whereas wheat floor price per kg is Rs.10, Rice Rs.10-12 per kg, Sugar- Rs.22 per kg. The income they have is too less for necessary survival. The income is from cattle milk, agriculture, and weaving.

Protecting Freedom At All Costs…The USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001

Colby Parrish, 24.01.2006 16:53

Information regarding the USA PATRIOT ACT, explains various provisions of it as well as how having faith in it and the Bush regime will lead the country into a new age of government tyranny.

Bolivia: Entrevistas y Fotos de la asunción de Evo Morales

Prensa De Frente, 24.01.2006 16:23

Prensa De Frente. Noticias de los movimientos populares por el cambio social. Prensa De Frente. Sitio de noticias impulsado por varios movimientos sociales argentinos. La cobertura desde Bolivia incluye fotos, crónicas y entrevistas a la diputada oficialista Elizabeth Salguero (MAS), al líder aymará opositor Felipe Quispe y a Raúl Prada (investigador e intelectual boliviano).

EPA to Accept Pesticide Testing on Humans

Joshua Frank, 24.01.2006 15:44

Here's a look at one of the Senators that allowed the EPA to test deadly pesticides on humans.

January 24, 2006

Bush Braces For Impeachment Hearings, 24.01.2006 15:26

False Reports To Congress, Electronic Surveillance Without Warrant

Halifax's radical queers

Caitlin Beaulieu, 24.01.2006 15:05

Same sex, same rights. The radical queers of halifax dropped a banner from a parkade that faces a high traffic street.

Dayton visits soldiers preparing for largest single deployment since WWII

Repost by jamie, 24.01.2006 14:57

"Don’t let them go! Please launch a campaign that asks all affected to see the obvious that the “cause” is lost and their sacrifices will be in vain. This war was always about control of the middle east for the benefit of the “oil class.” Make this clear to all of Minnesota."

Time to take stock

Richard, 24.01.2006 14:19

This is a call to action, truly endeavor to exist communally and share commonly.

Feliz final de la primera jornada del Foro Social Alternativo en Venezuela

fsa media, 24.01.2006 14:12

lunes 23 El Foro Social Alternativo, el espacio crítico y paralelo del VI FSM, empezó sus actividades este lunes 23 de enero en la ciudad de Caracas. La actividad inicial fue la primera parte del taller básico de video dirigido a activistas de movimientos sociales. El taller es realizado por Sonya Angelica Diehn, co-fundadora de Indymedia Arizona y productora de Pan Left Productions. La actividad contó con la asistencia de una veintena de personas de Italia, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Colombia, Argentina y Venezuela, quienes en la sesión inicial compartieron elementos básicos sobre la realización de un documental en su fase de pre-producción y producción.

anwering my critics

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc), 24.01.2006 08:28

Prove me wrong

The Literature Project

DEXXX, 24.01.2006 06:30

We are sending this email to ask for your support and well wishes concerning the artist DEXXX and the album "Literature" that is slated for a mid-February release. This is not the same misogynistic, barbaric laced din that has inundated our air waves.
All we are asking is for you to remember us and to take heed when the time arrives by supporting us through press mediums,word of mouth, purchase etc.
Thank You for your time.
The artist DEXXX
RockStarMessiah Productions

You Say This is Your Country

Monica Benderman, 24.01.2006 03:22

To those who speak behind the veil of aliases from computers in coffee shops so their addresses cannot be traced

Abortion: New Book Offers Fresh Approach to A Globalizing Debate

Mary Krane Derr, 24.01.2006 02:34

Pitting women to the death against their own unborn children, pitting the unborn against the already born does not do justice or mercy for the human beings & human societies affected by abortion. That's why the Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Association has brought together diverse voices that have something different to say.

Samir Mekkaoui and Virgina Woolf

Samir Mekkaoui, 24.01.2006 02:04

article here coming is about the meeting of some activists in Beirut Lebanon on the love and respect to virginia woolf, samir myself a Lebanese Human Rights activist and a lover of that great female writer, was lucky to find an English lady with her boyfriend serving in Beirut as two NGO's delegates, the three lovers then decided to carry on a theater play as a ssalute to virginia woolf.


Christine Lamont, 24.01.2006 00:58

House Rental for media professionals travelling to Detroit to cover Super Bowl XL

BOLIVIA Wire Jan 22

editor, 24.01.2006 00:34

Chavez, Morales y Humalla Articles and Research on Boliva and the Andes: An Appeal: The Andes Research Team and Revolutionary Green: We are unaware of other groups producing aids for revolutionary transitions, but we hope to find them. We ask for input, for collaboration (translations) and a website where these issues can be addressed, debated and made available to people in several languages. Time is slipping away and the capitalists, imperialists and elite are always far ahead of the people and the poor. Please consider the importance of the events unfolding in Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela (not to mention the cruel disasters of Colombia and the inevitably of Peru.)
Criteria for Anti-Imperialist Governments:A Minimum Framework for Revolucionarias Verdes: The Only Non-Fascist Response to Capitalism and Climate Catastrophe

Ted Turner Investigator Derails Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Movie

From Gary Revel Website/Press, 23.01.2006 23:56

Ted Turner's company TBS hired an investigator to find whether or not Gary Revel was a special investigator who worked on the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. The results were that the investigator failed to do a simple thing like go to a library and read a book published by the US Government printing office. Development of the movie halted because of this.

Wise Up People

John Kerry, 23.01.2006 22:51

You may hate us, but you can't do without us....


FX, 23.01.2006 22:00 A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

Sri Lanka Slides Towards Civil War

Vimukthi Jayadeva, 23.01.2006 21:57

Caught between a neo-colonial state and a narrow communalist rebel group the people of Sri Lanka desperately need a third force to fight against neo-liberalism and ethnic chaunvanism.

[Global Appeal] Save Iraq's Academics Now

Dr Ian Douglas, 23.01.2006 21:55

Global petition We invite you to read and sign this petition and ask for your help in forwarding this appeal to friends and colleagues. Your signature counts.

Russian General: International Terrorism Does Not Exist!

Ethanl Black, 23.01.2006 21:00

"if we analyze what happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States, we can arrive at the following conclusions: 1. The organizers of those attacks were the political and business circles interested in destabilizing the world order and who had the means necessary to finance the operation."

Broken Borders, International Smuggling

--(A)--, 23.01.2006 20:44

The disintegration of "global order" depicted here puts a smile on my face. As with any Newsweek article, of course it has the Establishment spin on it, so please take with a grain of salt...

Emphasis “on most of us.”

Ariel Perez, 23.01.2006 19:41

Seems like one of the key things in modern American society is to appeal to the masses of so-called “professionals” who don’t see themselves as “labor,” and don’t realize it’s not a level playing field.

Agrupación Comunista (Nueva cyber-comunidad)

Agrupación Comunista, 23.01.2006 18:54

Invitación para participar en Agrupación Comunista.

Taser’s don’t kill, Excited Delirium does!

TASER IMHO, 23.01.2006 17:47

Dr. Charles Wetli Taser International, the Scottsdale Arizona manufacturer of the extremely controversial “X26 Advanced Taser” electro-muscular-disruption “stun” gun was thrown a bone last week; abet one they may still choke on.

German-Dutch-Russian depleted uranium run 25 January

Translated by Diet Simon, 23.01.2006 16:32

German and Dutch nuclear opponents plan to disrupt a consignment of depleted uranium hexafluoride they say is due to run Wednesday, 25 February, from Germany through The Netherlands to Russia.

Sentada Virtual contra la SGAE

Veron, 23.01.2006 16:10

Organizada una Sentada Virtual contra la página Web de la SGAE para protestar de forma pacífica y ordenada contra el canon impuesto en los cd´s virgenes


Jurm Ben ISman - Giovanni Ioannoni, 23.01.2006 15:43


Mediocres alumnos de Dan Mitrione por las calles de Iraq

Erasmo Magoulas, 23.01.2006 15:39

Es difícil imaginarse la escena. Una niña de 9 años espera a la salida de su escuela, que la vengan a buscar. El país es Iraq, la ciudad se llama al-Hillah, casi medio millón de habitantes.
Antes que su madre, pasa una patrulla motorizada de soldados yanquis.


Por Néstor Núñez, 23.01.2006 15:32

Contaba recientemente a la prensa habanera el guatemalteco Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy, el agente Fraile del Departamento cubano de Seguridad del Estado, que el 23 de noviembre de 1994, en el Hotel Camino Real, de ciudad de Guatemala, tuvo un encuentro tenebroso.


PluràliaTV, 23.01.2006 11:07

No vos perdeu la nova edició amb variats continguts socials, culturals, veïnals i musicals:

First Annual Air Potato Rodeo and Ocean Nosing

Dwight Hines, 23.01.2006 11:00

For me, the realities of economic justice must be directly addressed if true equality is going to be approached for all groups.  Many of the realities of economic injustice can not be seen simply, but must be examined in a context, a context that is often complex and that typically changes every year.  Large data samples, accurate data samples, are necessary to best reveal and interpret what has happened and is happening to people by applying our fundamental knowledge about Mother Nature to the fair and just resolutions of economic disparities.

Iran, March 20, 2006

Rudo de Ruijter, 23.01.2006 09:50

Hidden facts and backgrounds about Iran.
Effects of the oil bourse in Tehran starting on March 20th, 2006.
Oil trade in euros undermines US' hegemony.

The Bankers Own The Earth [Updated]

--(A)--, 23.01.2006 08:54

Capitalism is organized crime. It has nothing to do with "free markets" and everything to do with illegitimate debt-slavery and usury markets. It is by design that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not by accident. Capitalism is a fundamentally bankrupt and broken concept that must be replaced with an entirely new ethic based on the principles of fair trade and economic justice.

&quot;Dirty Money&quot; is the Foundation of U.S. Growth and Empire

Submitted by --(A)--, 23.01.2006 08:43

"Without the "dirty money" the U.S. economy external accounts would be totally unsustainable, living standards would plummet, the dollar would weaken, the available investment and loan capital would shrink and Washington would not be able to sustain its global empire."

Pressure Builds for President to Address Nation on Global Warming

Michael T. Neuman, 23.01.2006 04:39

"We are doing a terrible thing to this globe and a terrible thing to future generations of Americans", Senator John McCain said on CBS's "Face the Nation" last Sunday, in reply to host Bob Schiefer's request for his thoughts about global warming, returning from visiting Antarctica last month and the Arctic earlier in 2005.

"I'm confident, unfortunately, that climate change is real," added McCain. "It's taking place every day we don't do anything about it in implementing national policy to try to stop the emission of greenhouse gases, which are generated by human activity".

Meanwhile, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its annual report on the previous year's climate, finding that 2005 ranked as the hottest year under their newly adopted analytical method. While the record warmth in any one year is not in itself highly significant, 2005 continues a clear trend of abnormally warm years, which appears to be continuing.

&quot;Privatisierung&quot;: Erst das Trinkwasser, dann unsere Atemluft?

C.Kittsteiner, 23.01.2006 02:12

Weltweit findet eine beschleunigte Privatisierung, d.h. die Kommerzialisierung, der profitorientierte Ausverkauf von Gütern öffentlicher Daseinsfürsorge statt. Hintergründe und Folgen sowie Formen der globalen Gegenbewegung werden hier thematisiert.

Switzerland has new marijuana law Jan. 20, 2006; Political Asylum for Marc Emery?

Cris Ericson, 879 Church Street, Chester, Vermont 05143-9375 U.S.A. 802-875-4038, 22.01.2006 23:34

MARIJUANA PARTY Switzerland Jan. 20, 2006 new law to depenalize cannabis, marijuana. Will alleged criminal marijuana defendants from Canada, Marc Emery & Steve Kubby escape to Switzerland and be granted political asylum before Canadian Crown Courts extradite them to the U.S.A. to face marijuana charges?

An open letter to the Palestinian people

Lisa Nicholl, 22.01.2006 23:19

On the eve of parlimentary elections comes greetings from a world leader to the Palestinian people.

Possible Solution CMI Problem P vs NP

Andres E Dostal, 22.01.2006 21:58

The Problem as Stated deals with any String or S formed by 50 pairs or Combinations from a total of 100 Integers, taken at random from an universe of 400, which if called "incompatible" must be different to any String called "compatible" ( One Belongs to NP and the other to P Groups)

le pouvoir des innocents

el topo, 22.01.2006 18:38

sîte du collectif lpi ouvert à la visite

Good riddance to Nazi Nimmo!

Jameson, 22.01.2006 17:48

Nimmo's nazi web site has been shut down. Died of its own racism and stupidity.

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