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Wire Taps and the Writs of Assistance

Matt Wilding, 02.02.2006 00:58

An argument against wire taps with historical ideological evidence.


feu- uis, 01.02.2006 23:37

comunicado a la opinion publica nacional e internacional para denunciar la forma indiscriminada en la cual actual gobierno narcoparamilitar de AUV, actua contra todos los defensores de los D.D.H.H,

O Livro Digital

Francisco Trindade, 01.02.2006 23:09

O Livro Digital



Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Lantos have sponsored a resolution
calling for devastating and extreme measures against the Palestinians
to punish them for electing a Hamas led Palestinian Authority. This
resolution calls for a ban to all financial aid to the PA; a travel
ban on all representatives of the PA; ending all financial support for
UN programs linked to the PA (including food and education programs);
closing PLO offices in Washington; and restricting the movements of
the Palestinian representative to the UN.

fotos de piedra kanaima

interfaz amazonico, 01.02.2006 22:03

1 fotos de un parque municipal en Venezuela

“The Warrior Wind” Newsletter: First Issue Available Now!

TWW, 01.02.2006 21:38

The first issue of “The Warrior Wind,” a newsletter against our society of confinement, is out now. It is available as a .pdf file, to print out and distribute locally, from either of the following two locations:

Zinn - A People's History Of America.pdf

£, 01.02.2006 21:21

Ebook version of the book by Howard Zinn.

Karl Schroeder, scifi/fantasy writer

small WORLD Podcast, 01.02.2006 20:07

Karl Schroeder Interview with Karl Schroeder about scifi/fantasy, the end of the Modern/Postmodern age, Foresight Studies, the world is getting better.

cnn's &amp; msnbc have become another karl rove propaganda outlet

W.J.Moore, 01.02.2006 20:02

how the skewing of the media, the takover by only 5 corporations[big ones] has stolen our democracy

coca-colaindia ferme son site

anonymous, 01.02.2006 18:42

coca-colaindia c est fais hacker

Please Post Everywhere!

Fred, 01.02.2006 17:53

Cheney's dream...
by WarehouseEyes on 01.02.2006 [13:31 ]

A Thirty-Second Aside for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

Carson W. Maxwell, 01.02.2006 17:44

The State of the Union Address included little on the uncertain state of certain parts.

Addressing Activists

namo, 01.02.2006 16:46

Apparently the World is Going to Have to Wait

Last night we attended the “Bush Step Down” demonstration in Seattle. We woke this morning anxiously anticipating the dawning of a new era. Imagine our disappointment as we opened the morning paper. Isn’t it time we started addressing these “actions” with some critical thought?

Test Post

NU Debate, 01.02.2006 10:54

Indymedia Test

February 2006 U.S. Immigrant News Alert!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 01.02.2006 09:56

No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!


Islamic Community Net, 01.02.2006 08:59

ead below to see how swiftly European media responds within days to even an unintentional "slight" resulting from the accidental placement of a utility company ad with an article.

But then somebody OTHER than Muslims were the targets.

Top Journalists Speak Out: Internet and media Censorship after 9/11

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars, 01.02.2006 08:48

In this case Google and Yahoo 'info' sites - Web, News and 'Groups' - were checked, and the devastating results, the censorship of the 'Might makes Right' group is evident, and can be seen with the 'links' below.

So whats with Ayman al-Zawahiri? Is he alive or dead?

Tracy Ferguson, 01.02.2006 03:45

Mystery: Bush,Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri?

Google Me This Click Man

Google Me This Click Man, 01.02.2006 02:43

$16 billion in stock market fluff snuffed out in a few hours. Bush bellowing bland blues about bloody future of oil markets is universal double rhetorical speak. Mass Graves in Iraq. Billionaires bet on falling dollar, Google stockholders mad rush to the exit doors.

Civil Rights Advocate Coretta Scott King: A Woman of Grace and Substance

Delores Williams, 01.02.2006 00:48

When the world lost Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, blacks wondered if there would be anyone to take up their plight. That person was Coretta Scott King.

An Exact Map to My G Spot

Karen Fish, 31.01.2006 23:29

Whether you are a terrorist or a hero depends upon which side you are on.

An Exact Map to My G Spot

Karen Fish, 31.01.2006 23:22

Whether you are a terrorist or a hero depends upon which side you are on.

And Still I Rise

free prisoner, 31.01.2006 21:42

I dedicate this poem to my friend Dee Lecomte. Love and War, War and Love makes the revolution true.

Experts Call Official 9/11 Story &quot;Hoax&quot;

PRWEB, 31.01.2006 19:34

Distinguished scholars and experts say there are many holes in the Bush Administration's official story of what happened on 9/11...and the mainstream press is refusing to investigate.

Hispanic-Cuban investigator sends a new book on the Atlantis from a scientific optics. One is paleographical, philological and documentary study deeper and extensive made to date.

/, 31.01.2006 19:10

The Scientific Atlantis. The Atlantis of Plato from the controversy and the scientific rigor. // The investigator Georgeos Diaz-Montexano has recently published an extensive work that gathers the work of investigation more extensive than it exists on so looked for and to date not econtrada Atlantic civilization that Plato it exactly denominated with the name of Atlantis and that disappeared because of tsunami.

Caring about animals is not a crime

Leana Stormont, 31.01.2006 17:32

It was about this time last year when I learned that the FBI was stealing my garbage. It’s not every day you walk out your front door to find a man wearing a suit and sunglasses in an unmarked grey sedan offering your trash a private escort to an undisclosed location.

Social Policy magazine publishes Special Feature on Wal-Mart Organizing

Caitlin Corrigan, Business Manager, 31.01.2006 17:22

An indispensable new resource for Wal-Mart organizers and activists made available by Social Policy magazine. Covering topics from site fights to sourcing production, this collection of articles has pieces by all the key players in the fight against the superstore.

CPA group lauds CBCP for taking &quot;pro-people stand|&quot; vs. Philippine Mining Act of 1995

abigail taguba bengwayan, 31.01.2006 06:28

the article is on the reaction of the indigenous peoples groups Cordillera Peoples Alliance based in the Cordillera region, Philippines on the move of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines' demand calling for the scrap of the Mining Act of the Philippines.

Real REbels dOn't suPpoRt CenTraLized stAte AuthOrIty

Bureaucrash, 31.01.2006 06:06

Real REbels dOn't suPpoRt CenTraLized stAte AuthOrIty Real REbels dOn't suPpoRt CenTraLized stAte AuthOrIty


Islamic Community Net, 31.01.2006 05:59

Now comes the UN, asking to "help" world problems because "the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world".

Beware of the New World Order bearing gifts!


KosmikK, 31.01.2006 04:15

Any intelligent, informed person will have realized by now that the sabre-rattling warmongers in Washington DC and 10 Downing Street are planning a military attack against Iran in the near future.


Leon Batchelor, 31.01.2006 02:56

UnAustralian-It's at the top of the list of ambiguous yet devilishly effective terms in a politician's arsenal and the most spoken word on talkback.

Visitors to the Philadelphia area can maintain – and improve – their workout routines with one-on-one personal training from local fitness expert

Darcy Silvers, 31.01.2006 02:56

Visitors to the Philadelphia area can benefit from one-on-one personal training at Pondeli's Lift for Life, just off Interstate 95. Or, they can arrange for a private training session at their hotel or office gym.

Repression in Mexico Alert – Defender of indigenous workers’ rights fears for his safety (Radio program in English and Spanish)

DJ Tanya - Tashunka Witko Brigade, 31.01.2006 00:17

Martín Barrios Hernández, the president of the Human and Labor Rights Commission of Tehuacán Valley, talks about his case (and the similar case of journalist Lydia Cacho), working conditions of the maquila workers in Puebla, Martin’s and the Commission’s work on their behalf, and their wish for the US consumers to pressure the corporations to respect workers’ rights and the environment. Instructions for urgent appeal on behalf of Martin and members of the Commission. Text and audio in English and Spanish. Calling for an end to Prescription Drug Advertising

Marnie Glickman, 30.01.2006 22:34

Last week, Commercial Alert launched the website (, devoted to ending direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising in the United States. The purpose of the website is to educate the public about the dangers of prescription drug advertising, and to mobilize thousands of Americans to voice their opposition to the ads.

Gay Guise

Linnea Johnson, 30.01.2006 22:03

Honesty on film. It matters that Hollywood continues to cast straight actors to play gay characters.

What America &quot;Stands&quot; For!

k.hawley, 30.01.2006 21:49

Whats most important and glaring about this is that neither a majority of Americans,nor their elected politicians,are seriously challenging the increasingly hate filled and Nazi-like agenda of George W.Bush.

editoradigital, 30.01.2006 19:58

Ségrégation sur le t'chat de Wanadoo

Patrìci Colombo, 30.01.2006 19:36

Wanadoo pratique la ségrégation linguistique dans son salon de discussion de Toulouse et bannit systématiquement les occitans qui écrivent quelques mots dans leur langue qui se trouve être la langue historique du pays.


FX, 30.01.2006 19:33

A review of news &amp; opinion A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!


Peter Chabarek, 30.01.2006 18:41

OR—Grassroots activists presented a united, determined front against Hillary Clinton’s support for the Iraq War at a Democratic Party fundraiser for her 2006 Senate campaign. Code Pink chapters from Portland and Eugene teamed up with the Eugene Civil Resisters to upstage and disrupt her speech to the Party faithful in the ballroom of the Portland Hilton Executive Tower, and grabbed the headlines by putting her on the spot about her support for funding the war.

Video of Pentegon strike

annonymous, 30.01.2006 18:36

missile hits Pentegon not 757

In the name of &quot;ABB:&quot; Liberal left &quot;fights the right&quot; by chasing after it

Roy Rollin, 30.01.2006 18:13

No one, in his or her right mind, would assert that the main contradiction in American politics today is between Republicans and Democrats. Rather it is between the bi-partisan war party and a majority of Americans who oppose the war but lack a political outlet to express their opposition to it. The politics of "lesser evilism" pursued by the mainstream liberal left under the guise of "Anybody But Bush" (ABB) bears no small share of the responsibility for this for this sad state of affairs. Because the liberal left has helped co-opt any and every mass movement into the dead-end of Democratic Party politics, the antiwar movement, which put millions of people into the streets, doesn't have a single representative in any elected body in the U.S. and is dependent on the whims of pro-war politicians and the "swing state" voters that supposedly support them.

Spy files case suggests city officials were misled

Manny Gonzales, 30.01.2006 17:56

Documents obtained by the Denver Post show that police misled Denver city officials, including the mayor, as they spied on peaceful protesters. Lawsuits in New Mexico and elsewhere reveal that police can be sued for spying on protesters.

Western Shoshone urge probe of human rights violations

Brenda Norrell, 30.01.2006 17:45

Western Shoshone urge the United Nations to probe U.S. violations of indigenous human rights. Shoshone ancestral land is being seized by gold mine companies and the nuclear and biological weapons industries of the U.S. government.

Ominous silence

Joe, 30.01.2006 17:38

“There is, at present, an ominous silence from the Anti-War
Movement about the dangers of a Nuclear Attack on Iran by the USA and Israel.”

its about the spanisch unreal democratiy and there old nazi-army or franco-army ar still on power

no pasaran, 30.01.2006 16:58

they say if katalonia wants the independent of them ....staate ... they will put the tanks on the streets and will take it whit the force

die versteckte spanische dictatur der militäre

no pasaran, 30.01.2006 16:51

es geht darum das die pseudo democratie am krachen ist und die verlogenen verhandlungen über die unabhängigkeit der verschieden kultur erben ....und die erpresung des militärstaates

Police put out &quot;shoot to kill&quot; for no reason at all

Mike Schiller, 30.01.2006 15:42

I am posting this information so that there is a record of what has happened and still is happening to me. My life is in grave danger. When I describe this scenario, it may sound bizarre, even unthinkable in a democracy, but the legislation which made this possible really does exist. The bills aren’t available online but it can be found in law books and in the physical bills passed by congress and certain state legislatures including New York.

Gene &quot;credit cards and drugs, instead of frequency machines?

nooni, 30.01.2006 13:39

Wondrous medical benefits have been a casualty of the widespread failure to teach higher symmetry EM theory
In thousands of animal experiments in France in the 1960s and '70s, Antoine Priore used scalar electromagnetics to cure terminal cancers, infectious diseases, and restore suppressed immune systems. Government funding was cancelled in 1974, and the technology was suppressed.

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