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Local Activists Confront Republicans with Economic Cost of War

Homefront, 10.04.2004 22:42

Anti-war demo by city groups

Japanese hostages will be released

Red neck, 10.04.2004 20:57

The kidnappers of three Japanese taken hostage in Iraq said they will release them within 24 hours, the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera reported on Saturday. The kidnappers, identifying themselves as the "Muhahedeen Squadron," said they made the decision after mediation by the Islamic Clerics Committee, an Iraqi Sunni Muslim organization, Al-Jazeera reported.

URGENT: Possible attack in Karbala. Divide et Impera?

iraq, 10.04.2004 19:49

BBC warns about possible attacks in Karbala during ceremony of Arbaeen.
But simple logic suggests, that neither Sunni insurgents, "Baath'ists" nor foreign fighters would gain any benefits from such attack.

Rice, Administration: Bin Laden Telephoned Us on 10 September, We Didn't Listen

Fake News Press, 10.04.2004 17:12

Phone Call from Terrorist Leader Warning of Next Day's Attacks "Just Seemed Like More Background Chatter," and "Not Actionable Information"

&quot;Support the Troops&quot; flyer

Kathy Manley, 10.04.2004 16:10

I handed out the attached flyer at a "Support the Troops" rally this morning - trying to get people to question the war, and look at some military families and veterans' anti-war websites. Everyone was very friendly and took the flyer, probably not realizing my intentions... I encourage other people to do things like this, using this flyer, or modifying it, or doing something completely different - but trying, somehow, to reach out to people who think differently than us. - Kathy

&quot;Support the Troops&quot; flyer

Kathy, 10.04.2004 16:03

I handed out the attached flyer at a "Support the Troops" rally this morning - trying to get people to question the war, and look at some military families and veterans' anti-war websites. Everyone was very friendly and took the flyer, probably not realizing my intentions... I encourage other people to do things like this, using this flyer, or modifying it, or doing something completely different - but trying, somehow, to reach out to people who think differently than us. - Kathy

Japanese hostages in Iraq are Humanitarians and have less than 2 days to live

Clarity Sanderson, 10.04.2004 05:20

The Japanese hostages in Iraq have less than 2 days to live. Who are they? Mr. Noriaki Imai has been working to stop the use ofDU (depleted uranium) and who is against war and occupation. Ms. Nahoko Takato has been helping streetchildren and children who lost parents in the war.Mr. Soichiro Koriyama is a freelance photographer who is working with Imai.

Shulamit Aloni : Do uproot that which is planted

Shulamit Aloni, 10.04.2004 03:17

“The whole project of settlement in the territories was born in sin and expanded in deceit, underhand planning and shady organising that by-passed the Knesset and Budget allocations.” Shulamit Aloni
Shulamit Aloni, the founding leader of Meretz [no, of Ratz, one of the 3 parties from which Meretz was formed. D] and an Education Minister in the government of Yitzhak Rabin is a fierce critic of the Occupation and a leading activist in the Israeli Peace Movement. Her views are always worth listening to:

无政府主义 Ba Jin's dedication to Emma Goldman (famous excerpt)

£, 10.04.2004 01:58

re1989 republished


Miss Ann Thrope, 10.04.2004 01:06

Yahoo story about '9/11 knowledge known beforehand' story disabled

Help Stop CAFTA!

Mike Renzulli, 10.04.2004 00:04

A call to action to help prevent passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (a.k.a. C.A.F.T.A).

&quot;This is genocide&quot;

Red neck, 09.04.2004 23:09

It’s getting pretty bad when your own hand-picked flunkies won’t stand by you.
All this, 450 dead and 1,000 injured Iraqis, dozens of US. troops, because of the death of four soldiers of fortune.
Bremmer, you are a fool.


CARLOS FRANCO PACHECO, 09.04.2004 23:06

Se ha reabierto ilegalmente el botadero "La Cucaracha". El autor es la Municipalidad Provincial del Callao.

Flying without ID after 9/11

nobody, 09.04.2004 22:44

You don't need ID to fly on airlines even after 9/11. Its a myth that you need a government issued photo ID to fly on planes.

Uncle Sam and his Enemy [Image]

akmaz, 09.04.2004 21:43

UncleSam Uncle Sam and his Enemy [Image]

Would You Like Some Freedom Fries With Those Mass Graves?

0bs1d1an, 09.04.2004 20:50

...Residents turned a soccer stadium into a makeshift burial ground for hundreds of Iraqi dead....

Reports from Iraq and our need to respond

jamie, 09.04.2004 19:58


Having no script from U.S. officials with which to “spin” the amazing events taking place in Iraq, mainstream news stories are unusually candid in conveying the ferocity with which the population of that nation is fighting to throw off the occupation of their land. After seeing nearly 2 million of they ‘re children killed by U.S./U.K. sanctions, the earth, air, and water, around them forever polluted by depleted uranium bombs and missiles unleashed on an almost defenseless nation in a clearly illegal, “preemptive” war of aggression, what human being should be surprised? And now we are attacking the cities and people this military adventure was supposedly meant to save?

Wherever you are this weekend, please find a way to express your rejection of the brutal policies and plans of domination and theft of Bush/Blair and the “coalition of the willing.” The following article conveys, somewhat, the drama, of the disaster we can and must stop now. Please spread widely on your e-lists.

&quot;Everything You Know is Wrong&quot; @ CUNY

The Disinformation Company, 09.04.2004 19:44

Please join The Disinformation Company for a very special event at City University of New York?s Continuing Education & Public Programs at The Graduate Center on Friday, April 16 at 7pm. Hosted by Disinformation co-founder Richard Metzger, the evening will include a screening of rarely seen clips from the infamous "banned" Disinformation TV series?which The Los Angeles Times described as ?The punk rock 60 Minutes??and very special guests including Howard Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle, making a very rare public appearance (his first Manhattan lecture in almost 15 years!); Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus, Coercion and the upcoming Disinformation graphic novel Club Zero-G who will speak on the role of coercion in advertising and public relations; and painter Joe Coleman, subject of the biographical film R.I.P. Rest in Pieces (DVD available from Disinformation) and The Book of Joe (available from Last Gasp/La Luz de Jesus). Joe Coleman will show slides of his work and discuss his powerful artistic vision.

taboo pic: free loveware movement

£, 09.04.2004 19:12

&quot;palm&quot; There may be difficulties with mir handling very large size images.
I don't know.

Hatred Reigns in Iraqi Hearts, U.S. Erodes Good Will

Firas al-Atraqchi,, 09.04.2004 18:49

In what may be a repeat of last week's mutilations of four dead U.S. mercenaries, foreign media is reporting that some Iraqis have taken to beating the unidentified corpses of the nine dead men in today's resistance attack on a U.S. convoy.


Tombstone Tumbleweed, 09.04.2004 17:56

On January 3, 2004, two Bureau Of Land Management agents detained four adult residents of Whetstone and their three children for five hours for picking up rocks

Artificial rainfall eases drought

Xinhuanet, 09.04.2004 17:54

BEIJING, April 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Artificial rainfall since the end of last March in north China's Hebei Province has helped ease the local drought, according to sources with the air force.

CFR: Rethinking the Role of the U.S. Mexican Border in the Post-9/11 World

CFR Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D., 09.04.2004 17:53

Chairman Lugar, Senator Biden, and distinguished members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. I am the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations where I recently directed the Independent Task Force on Homeland Security, co-chaired by former Senators Warren Rudman and Gary Hart. In June 2002, I retired as a Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard after 20 years of active duty service. I am honored to be appearing before you this morning to discuss the issue of border control as an element of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Mexico.

&quot;We are reconquering Aztlan without firing a shot, house by house, block by block!&quot;

Hector Carreon, 09.04.2004 17:52

Is there a common destiny? Is there a common destiny for Aztlan and Mexico? Will Mexico recover its lost territories? There is a Mexican-American activist that use to be a radio talk host that would broadcast in English, "Wake up and smell the refried beans!" and "We are reconquering Aztlan without firing a shot, house by house, block by block!" Y que?

Puffed RICE blames Bush debacle on the Lusitania?

DLi, 08.04.2004 21:50

The White House LIE FACTORY continues to defraud the American public about its single-minded focus to rid Saddam at the expense of combating real terrorists, and this morning's prepared RICE pulp fiction even contained an alibi about the sinking of the Lusitania back in 1916(?)as a reason why the Chickenhawk Cabal could not "connect the dots!"

PROTEST - Tuesday, April 13th 8:00am-10:00am - Torrance Marriott Hotel

Suzanne Thompson, 08.04.2004 21:29




The Nature of the Threat

.., 08.04.2004 21:01

The Nature of the Threat

Claim vs Fact Sheet Reveals Weakness of Rice 911 Testimony

Rice Malfeasance, 08.04.2004 19:39

Rice filibustered in order to cover up her incompetence today.

Private Investment Protects Environment Where Government Fails

Radley Balko, 08.04.2004 19:15

A pragmatic and reasonable approach to environmentalism is to embrace the free market and property rights.

Great blue heron stages comeback in park

£, 08.04.2004 18:02

In recent years, one of the other threats to crane related species has come from over-populated bald eagles, which attack crane individual nests in groups.

Rosia Montana: the truth has been spelled out

RCW, 08.04.2004 17:09

A major daily newspaper has published an article summarizing the realities about a devastating cyanide-mining project: Rosia Montana, the biggest European gold mine. The poll shows massive rejection of the project.

Senior Health Care Insurance on the Web

William H. Pritchett Sr., 08.04.2004 16:54

The article is an overview of what to expect with regard to the information and resources available today on the internet with repect to senior health care.

2004 Peace Proposal

Daisaku Ikeda, 08.04.2004 15:35

Inner Transformation: Creating a Global Groundswell for Peace

January 26, 2004
Daisaku Ikeda, President, Soka Gakkai International

In recent years, international society has been convulsed by new threats and divisive debate over how best to respond to them. We cannot turn a blind eye; at the same time, however, it is clear that an exclusive reliance on military force will not bring about a fundamental solution. There is also the impact on people’s hearts and minds: the failure of military action to produce a clear prospect for peace has left many with feelings of powerlessness and dread.

At best, attempts to break an impasse through military force or other forms of hard power respond to the symptoms of conflict; to the degree they plant further seeds of hatred they can in fact deepen and entrench antagonisms. I believe that no actions will gain the wholehearted support of people or bring about lasting stability and peace without an acute awareness of the humanity of others. What is needed is the spirit and practice of self-mastery—which I consider to be the very essence of civilization.

There appears to be a progressive erosion of people’s understanding of what it means to be human—how we define ourselves and how we relate to those different from us. Self requires the existence of other. It is by recognizing that which is different from and external to ourselves that we are inspired to exercise the self-mastery that brings our humanity to fruition. To lose sight of the other is thus to undermine our full experience of self.

Open-Source Government: A Democratic Ideal

The Dean of Cincinnati, 08.04.2004 15:29

The Dean of Cincinnati outlines his new philosophy: open-source government. This revolutionary idea outlines how, at least on the local level, we can apply open philosophies to politics.

Video Calls on Muslims to Kill Americans

Reuters, 08.04.2004 14:23

Video on the Dirasat website encourages Muslims to kill Americans everywhere.

These vehicles must be destroyed immediately

Board of Education, 08.04.2004 13:22

The purpose of this vehicle is very simple;
to promote the microchip and tag as many living
human beings as possilbe by installing a tiny
microchip under peoples skin.

Introducing The Incubator

timetogetvocal, 08.04.2004 13:03

small logo for linking to us Inspired by and The John Kerry Forums we have launched The Incubator, a virtual think tank. We need your help to submit news, letters to the editors, links to similar sites, media and we always need to peeople to write for the blog.

through terrorist eyes: 0'911

£, 08.04.2004 12:59

747 differing views

Arrest Warrant For Sadr 'Illegal': Iraqi Judges

FAHRENHEIT451, 08.04.2004 12:19

As the Iraqi Governing Council Wednesday, April 7, urged investigations into the American military use of "deliberate" force against civilians, the Iraqi Jurists Association said the arrest warrant against Shiite leader Muqtada Sadr is "illegal and based on a lie".

Guardian: Bush &amp; Blair Have Lit A Fire Which Could Consume Them

FAHRENHEIT451, 08.04.2004 09:51

The Iraqi Uprising Will Drive Home The Forgotten Lessons Of Empire

130 US Troops Dead In New Iraq Fighting - Pentagon Source

FH451, 08.04.2004 09:49

130 US Troops Dead In New Iraq Fighting - Pentagon Source


Angry Manc, 08.04.2004 09:36

Death to American - oil stealing zionist slave scum occupiers of Iraq.

Misinformation From the U.S. Military?

Firas al-Atraqchi, 08.04.2004 04:19

CAIRO ( -- As tensions mount in Iraq and some media outlets label events an Iraqi uprising, U.S. military sources may have commited a faux-pas in explaining Wednesday's rocket attack on a mosque in Fallujah, which left some 40 civilians dead.


NAOMI PIERCE, 08.04.2004 03:16


Infoshop/AMP releases new Copwatch 101 booklet, 08.04.2004 02:28 and the Alternative Media Project are pleased to announce the public release of our new Copwatch 101 booklet.

Bring the War Home

Chuck0, 08.04.2004 02:26

The latest escalation of the fighting in Iraq is a clear sign that the people of Iraq reject their “liberation.” The United States, led by the Bush regime, can’t decide why it invaded Iraq and refuses to pull out of Iraq. The Bush regime is dedicated to the continuation of the American program of empire building. A withdrawal from Iraq would be seen as a setback of this ongoing effort to build a Thousand Year Reich in which the world would be run by America. The quagmire in Iraq has not deterred the United States as it continues to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries (Haiti) and actively threatens other countries (Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and on and on). Even if the U.S. pulled out of Iraq completely tomorrow, this would not stop its empire-building and imperialist policies around the world. Any person can look at the 200+ year history of the United States to see that it only drives in one direction.

Top Ten Reasons: Why the Iraq War is NOT turning into another Vietnam War, 08.04.2004 01:38

Top Ten Reasons: Why the Iraq War is NOT turning into another Vietnam War

the muppet show: bush, bremer and kimmitt

raed jarrar, 08.04.2004 00:49

assader uprising: present and future

iraq, the uprising (two of two)

raed jarrar, 08.04.2004 00:41

the history of AsSadr, the roots of the uprising

Iraq, the uprising (one of two)

raed jarrar, 08.04.2004 00:35

about the uprising of iraqis, and some analysis of the demographic cultural iraqi status

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