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Citizens for Global Solutions Cash for Flash Contest

Citizens for Global Solutions, 07.02.2006 15:43

Citizens for Global Solutions has launched its second annual flash contest, Cash for Flash, encouraging youth to exercise their technological expertise to create an educational and entertaining flash movie. Entrants are asked to use Flash and Macromedia Shockwave technology to create a short animated movie addressing America’s role in the world. The contest obliges participants to discuss why global problems matter to Americans and what America can do about them.

Taser Distributors are jumping ship

TASER IMHO, 07.02.2006 15:13

ALD Advertisment More and more of Taser's distributors are dropping the controversial stun gun from their product line, in an effort to distance themselves from inclusion.

Beware the Ides of March

Mathew Maavak, 07.02.2006 14:19

There is a clear and present danger of a unilateral US strike against Iran. It will however be grossly counterproductive. The Iranians need only retaliate against two or three major oil installations, besides sinking enough tonnage to make the Straits of Hormuz perilous to navigation. Letting loose a tiny armada of floating mines and employing a dirty nuke will precipitate global economic pandemonium.

Medical Killers needs new Sick

Platone74, 07.02.2006 11:15

Medical Companies needs new Sick to test theire new and poisoning medicines and they adopt every way to get them.

El transporte ante el fin de la era del petróleo


izqda, Reyes González, portavoz Plataforma refinería no, drcha Roberto Bermejo El Plan Estratégico de Infraestructuras y Transporte (PEIT) 2005-2020 pretende, en lo fundamental, construir 6.000 kilómetros de autovías y autopistas y 9.000 kilómetros de líneas férreas de alta velocidad (más de 250 km/h), de los cuales unos 1.000 serían exclusivamente para viajeros y el resto líneas mixtas. Estos objetivos implican que España se convierta en 2020 en el primer Estado de la Unión Europea-15 (UE-15) en kilómetros de autopistas/autovías, año en el que contaría con el 50% de toda la red de alta velocidad ferroviaria de la UE. El PEIT está presupuestado en 250.000 millones de euros, pero el Estado tendrá que invertir mucho más para llevarlo a cabo (los constructores ya se lo han dicho al Gobierno), y no sólo por el desfase habitual del 20% entre lo presupuestado y lo gastado, sino, sobre todo, por la escalada imparable de los precios de las materias primas. En este artículo voy a analizar el PEIT de acuerdo con dos escenarios: el convencional y el del techo del petróleo. El primero es lineal: la dinámica socioeconómica de las últimas décadas continuará en el futuro. El segundo tiene en cuenta el colapso socioeconómico provocado por el techo del petróleo. En el primer escenario confronto los objetivos proclamados con citas del propio PEIT, con la opinión de los economistas del transporte y con la política de la UE.

Chosen peoples' Chosen words

Biploby, 07.02.2006 10:03

They are the same lot who support Sedation law, anti-terrorism acts, anti-freedom of press and publication laws and other draconian laws. Because they will affect Muslims only! Yet, in he name of free speech they kiss and promote Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses like the holy torah while murder David Irvin’s free speech.

MC-Opfer Slideshow

Neuron, 07.02.2006 08:11

Durch von mir seit einigen Jahren aufgebauten Kontakten zu Mindcontrol Opfern,
kann ich den Inhalt dieser Slide Show auf Richtigkeit bestätígen. Auf jeden Fall was die Symptome betrifft. Die SlideShow wurde vor einigen Jahren vom Web genommen, hat aber derzeit noch hochaktuelle Bedeutung. Die Slideshow befindet sich als .zip File im Anhang.

Human Rights Protestors Create World's First Velvet Muhammad; Velvet Prophet Paintings Given to Radical Islamic Groups

Velvet Prophet, 07.02.2006 06:01

Activists are standing up for western values against brazen attempts at intimidation coming from huge numbers of Islamic radicals. The Velvet Muhammad proves that free speech is never in poor taste.


ICOPA XI, 07.02.2006 05:34

ICOPA X1 Tasmanian Officials have blocked access to Tasmanian prisons for the International Conference On Penal Abolition XI delegates. There has been a history of access to prisons at previous ICOPA's putting focus on human rights in prisons in the local country and ensuring accountability.

Interviw with Kenneth Harris of The Greensboro Seven

Ben Burch, 07.02.2006 05:33

The Greensboro Seven are seven peaceful activists abused and arrested by police after questioning a man who was lurking around cars belonging to other members of their group after the "World Can't Wait" SOTU protest in Greensboro, NC. The man refused to identify himself, but it turns out he was an undercover police spy. This interview was conducted by Bob Kincaid on his "Head On with Bob Kincaid" show on 2/6/2006, and is presented here by permission.

A Special Valentine's Day Message Competition, 07.02.2006 05:20

A Silicon Valley start up is hosting a special Valentine's Day message competition where not only the writer of the best message but also one person who votes for the winning message will get a prize. The innovative interface, elegant nest of cells arranged in a giant cell, and interactive message display is providing a real fun experience. Checkout the website

Pardi Gras Goes On in New Orleans

Ride Hamilton, 07.02.2006 04:19

Pardi Gras with Jerry Diaz on Bourbon Street Pardi Gras does not skip New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. This charity-driven Bourbon Street concert and related events continues as a New Orleans tradition. This article covers Pardi Gras, its founder Jerry Diaz, and the charitable events involved to help New Orleans.

Retired Police Officer, a Veteran Peace Activist, Arrested in Sen. Hilary Clinton's Office

Doris S. Wilk, 07.02.2006 03:28

John Phillips and Supporters On October 26, 2005, the day the 2,000th American military person died in Iraq, John Phillips a retired NYC Police Officer and veteran Peace Activist, decided to sit in Sen. Hilary Clinton's office until she explained her support for the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. Police were called and John was arrested for disorderly conduct. He appeared in the First District Court in Central Islip, Long Island for the second time this past Friday, February 3. Before his case was postponed, John had the chance to have his statement entered into the record.

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Gwladys Fouche, 07.02.2006 01:22

By Gwladys Fouché

The Guardian
Monday February 6, 2006

Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused a storm of protest throughout the Islamic world, refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ, it has emerged today.

The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.
Click here to read the rest

The Left Gatekeepers Have Slammed The Door On Our Fingers

Pissed Off Cabbie, 07.02.2006 01:08

Rather than squawk about how inept and spineless the left has become, which is a pastime for way too many bloggers, I want to pull up the carpets, and see what's crawling around under there.

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Auburn Arrestee

anon, 06.02.2006 22:59

Fundraising appeal for Zachary Jenson

Stephen Summers, anti-NATO Demo, 3.Feb.2006,

Jeffrey Schevitz, Munich-American Peace Committee, 06.02.2006 22:00

Gründungsmitglied des STOP THE WAR BRIGADE und Vietnam Kriegsveteran, der U.S. Amerikaner Stephen Summers sprach auf einer Münchener Kundgebung gegen die sog. NATO "Sicherheits"konferenz.

Fascist rocker loses her job!

Marco Castelli, 06.02.2006 21:47

January 2006 - Italy is living the bitter climate of political campaign.
Left and right don't waste blows and all the occasions are good to weaken the enemy. An Italian (maybe) left-wing activist writes an article about a British documentary on TV about right-wing hate rock and one of its protagonists, Viking, loses her job.


JBERGMANC, 06.02.2006 20:45


2nd Renaissance -3

Lothar, 06.02.2006 20:00

Today I am filled with deep humility Plichta writes of this model as follows. "There was a time I used to make fun of the Apocalypse of St John and believed it to be a totally unreliable historical source. Today I am filled with deep humility, perhaps because I am now able to give a concrete description of the foundation of the world as seen by St John with my mathematical discoveries, and thus possibly open a new way to all of humanity which has now reached a dead end."

Stop the Ban on Czech Communist Youth!

Young Communist League Canada, 06.02.2006 19:21

Stop the Ban on Czech Communist Youth!
Join the Canada-wide Day of Protest, Feb. 14th!

Solidarity Economics Begins without private cars

jasse, 06.02.2006 18:51

Design, Walk, then Bike! Are there any new ideas out there Bolivia has about 25 cars per 1000 people. Many of them are older models and they are owned almost exclusively by the 10 percent of the population that is wealthy. The USA has 900 cars per 1000 – and that is not counting all of the trucks and government vehicles. If China were to reach half the level of car ownership in the USA, China would need to build or buy more than 600 million cars – more than twice the number in the USA today! But, before the Chinese or the Indians could enjoy driving them very far, the world’s climate would change terribly… and irreversibly!

THE IVL0G SHOW Episode0, ibanner

£, 06.02.2006 17:16

xvid, sized for handsets

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? The Bush-Cole Bombing Connection

Cheryl Seal, 06.02.2006 17:13

If you read a description of the escape of the Al Qaeda crew that bombed the USS Cole back in 2000, it is hard not to conclude that the "escape" was an inside job. These guys, held in a top security prison, had help, for sure, both in the prison and outside. But who? Who had the motive and the means? Who actually NEEDS a terrorist threat right now more than anyone else?

Does the name G.W. Bush come to mind?

Bhutanese Demonstration in The Hague

Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri, 06.02.2006 16:07

Press Release. 6th Feb 2006.
The Hague, Netherlands

Coinciding with the visit of Bhutanese Foreign Minister Mr. Khandu Wangchuk in the Netherlands, Bhutanese Community in Netherlands organized a day long silent protest in front of the Dutch foreign ministry at the Hague on 6th February 2006. The protest which was participated by more then 50 Bhutanese living in Netherlands was organized to press Bhutan to take back its citizen living as refugee in several camps in eastern Nepal since 1991 and also to pressurise Bhutan's donors like that of Netherlands to put condition of refugee repatration before any future aid is commited for Bhutan.
Bhutanese children, women, students and human rights activists holding banners with " Resolve Bhutanese refugee crisis immediately", "We are Bhutanese and we want to go back to Bhutan" "Stop racial discrimination in Bhutan", playcards with " We are the victim of ethnic cleansing in Bhutan",. Photos of Bhutanese refugee children and elders were displayed during the program. A memorandum was submitted to the Head of South Asia at the Dutch Foreign Ministry Mrs Caro Krijger (see attachment) demanding their urgent attention to the Bhutanese refugee crisis and help resolve it immediately.
Bhutanese Foreign Minister is here to lobby for the Forth coming Round table Meeting of the Bhutan's development partners to be held at Geneva from 15-16 Feb 2006. He was holding meeting with the dutch foreign minister during our protest outside. He has been visiting Bhutan major donor countries Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Brussels and Netherlands since 15 Jan 2006. Before he visited these countries a five member delegates representing Bhutanese community in Europe hold meetings with the concerned officials from these countries and submitted memorandum.
Similar protest program has been planned for the Round Table Meeting of the Bhutan's donor to be held at Geneva from 15-16 Feb 2006.

Tra Craiova e Bologna

Lucia e Matteo, 06.02.2006 14:42

Pochi giorni fa il sindaco di Craiova, Solomon, si è incontrato a Bologna con il sindaco Cofferati. Alla fine si è dichiarato concorde con le autorità italiane sulla gestione dei problemi relativi agli immigrati della sua città, e ha dichiarato inoltre che il loro posto è in Romania, non in Italia. La storia di Andrei, raccontata da lui, mostra una realtà più complessa e difficile.

Selective Free Speech

Biploby, 06.02.2006 14:34

The cartoon regarding Prophet was published in September 2005 and since then the newspaper people apologised. We assumed everything is over. However, Sharons and Nathanyahoos of the world went on to republish the cartoon under the guise of FREE SPEECH at a very questionable time. I went on to test the free speech and published comments below by Jews about Jews. Guess what?! They were removed.

The Ultimate Insult – Development, the UN, Assorted Hangers-on and the Dilemma of Dominance

Leon Kukkuk, 06.02.2006 14:21

Cooments on the March 2005 report of “Our Common Interest” the report of the Commission for Africa from a perspective of increased accountability in the NGO sector and especially the United Nations

La balkanisation de l'Europe

Attila Jakab, 06.02.2006 11:46

La démocratie "originale" annoncé jadis par Ion Iliescu en Roumanie signifie en réalité la survivance d'un systeme féodalo-communiste. Mais pourquoi changer si l'UE se montre si complésante?! Est-ce cela l'Europe de demain?


Por Néstor Núñez, 06.02.2006 11:29

Para los próximos días está señalado el inicio de la vista oral del Tribunal de
Apelaciones de la Corte de Atlanta, cuyo pleno de jueces debe examinar el caso de los
Cinco patriotas cubanos que actuaban en Miami para contrarrestar las acciones de los
grupos terroristas que desde allí organizan sus crímenes contra el pueblo de la mayor
de las Antillas.

When does 10,000 trump 2 TRILLION?

DLi, 06.02.2006 10:19

Q-when does 10,000 top 2,000,000,000,000?
A-when Iraqi Resistance gave 'Shock-N-Awe' to a Bushed Empire that carried out an illegal and barbaric invasion...

Solidarity with Danes! Wear the Danish Flag!

Michael Petrelis, 06.02.2006 00:57

Show support for Denmark, the Danish people, freedom of the press and freedom from religion: Wear the Danish flag.

'European media'

Dave Spart, 06.02.2006 00:51

Intended to insult and incite Muslim sensibilities European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation

Illegal NSA Surveillance: There's Much More To It Than The Media Is Reporting

Martin F. Abernathy, 06.02.2006 00:49

It's not just about tapping telephones and reading e-mails...

10 Reasons Why Leonard Peltier Should Be Released

Eto Akwahnv, 06.02.2006 00:12

Leonard Peltier An innocent man, Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted for the deaths on June 26, 1975, of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has served over 30 years in federal prison despite proof that he was convicted on the basis of fabricated and suppressed evidence, as well as coerced testimony. He also has been denied fair consideration for Executive Clemency and parole. The U.S. appellate courts, by their decisions, have recognized the undisputed misconduct in Peltier's case, yet have refused, by misapplying legal standards and claiming lack of authority, to take corrective action. This is clearly an abuse of the legal standards of American justice.

Peace Activist Website Calls to Bring United States before UN Security Council for Sanctions

Progressive Press, 05.02.2006 22:53

Anti-war activists accused the USA of planning first use of nuclear weapons against Iran, and of currently using uranium weapons in Iraq, and noted that the UN Security Council is responsible for dealing with such threats of war and acts of aggression.

2006 Starts with hack attack’s at Nepali websites Update

PeaceNepal, 05.02.2006 21:54

Hacked! In what seems to become some kind of serial hacker saga, now the website of United we Blog (UWB) has had the same kind of treatment to endure since last Saturday.

Solidarity Economics, Social Economy: Eco Solidarity Andes

Staff, 05.02.2006 21:01

Artists Needed and More translators Tambien - Yo - That's YOU! SOLIDARITY is Democracy is Lif: Sec. 3.10.a.) Do inventories of natural resources, public resources (lands and schools etc ); Collect data on trade, fair trade inputs, forest resources and problem areas (pollution, erosion, corruption); Hydro potentials with a priority to the cheapest, least disruptive and the development needs of a place (social harmony, or small scale economic development priorities.)

European media

Dave Spart, 05.02.2006 20:13

Intended to insult and incite Muslim sensibilities European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation

NSA Wiretapping: Will Bush Reverse Watergate Decision?

Peter Kapnist, 05.02.2006 15:29

"It was not disclosed if Senator Kennedy's name on NSA watch lists meant that he was also being wiretapped during a time when Democrats were planning for John Kerry's presidential election campaign."

Problems in Spain

RM, 05.02.2006 15:03

Some problems in Sapin against Anarchist groups

Ciencia, conciencia y solidaridad

Erasmo Magoulas, 05.02.2006 14:49

La ciencia cubana es una herramienta al servicio de establecer los más altos estándares de salud y por lo tanto de felicidad general.

Strausscon Business

Kurt Nimmo, Nazi Party of New Mexico, 05.02.2006 13:08

Darling Beloved Indymedia Reader

Peace Activist Website Calls to Report United States to UN Security Council for Sanctions.

UnitingforPeace, 05.02.2006 12:46

The anti-war website / accused the USA of planning first use of nuclear weapons against Iran, and of currently using uranium weapons in Iraq, and noted that the UN Security Council is responsible for dealing with such threats of war and acts of aggression.


Francisco Trindade, 05.02.2006 09:55


Pictures from Anti-WEF-Demo in Basel

Baselblog, 05.02.2006 09:43

just pictures

European media

Dave Spart, 05.02.2006 09:07

Intended to insult and incite Muslim sensibilities European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation

2nd Renaissance -2

Lothar, 05.02.2006 05:13

Infinity drove him mad. Georg Cantor (1845-1918), by his origination of modern set theory and his studies of the nature of infinity, left science a valuable legacy. Cantor was regularly admitted to a psychiatric clinic within the University of Halle, in Germany, where he lectured and worked as a Professor of Mathematics. On each occasion that he became ill he had been thinking about infinity and the continuum hypothesis. Such intense thought, at the boundaries of his comprehension, caused Cantor to suffer repeated mental breakdowns. Infinity drove him mad.

50,000 Rally to Demand Resignation of Scandal Plagued Thai Prime Minister

rez, 05.02.2006 04:29

Protesters gather peacably at Bangkok's Royal Plaza on Saturday 50,000 Rally to Demand Resignation of Scandal Plagued Thai Prime Minister

Petroleum: The Clean, Renewable Fuel for the Future

Mike Johnston, 05.02.2006 02:09

How Petroleum can be a clean renewable fuel

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