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PKK murdered Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori!

WELAT, 14.02.2006 17:58

Faysal Dunlayıcı ( Kani Yilmaz ) PKK murdered Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori!

New for Valentines: Love and Peace E-Greeting Cards

John Leonard, 14.02.2006 17:46

Greetings "give peace a chance" to be remembered at major holidays. PeaceWish.Com now soliciting artwork for Spring Holiday greetings.

New for Valentines: Love and Peace E-Greeting Cards

John Leonard, 14.02.2006 17:35

Greetings "give peace a chance" to be remembered at major holidays. PeaceWish.Com now soliciting artwork for Spring Holiday greetings.

The Mohammed Cartoons: Recruiting Europe for Bush’s Attack on Iran

Webster Tarpley, 14.02.2006 17:31

The scurrilous Mohammed cartoons printed in Denmark were a carefully staged provocation involving neo-con disciple of Daniel Pipes from the US, Bilderberger and monarchist elements in Europe, and hired mobs in the Middle East. The aim: to create a war mood in Europe and pre-empt a Eurasian coalition against the Anglo-American world order.


Islamic Community Net, 14.02.2006 17:22

It is now evident from the outcome of the Pakistan protests that Musharraf believes that McDonald's, KFC and Citibank count for a lot more than the lives of Muslims.

The Line Has Crossed Us All: “Aiding and Abetting” Conviction Brings Six-Month Prison Sentence in SOA Trials

by Clare Hanrahan, 14.02.2006 17:01

arrests on the Fort Benning military base in Georgia Thirty four peaceful protesters arrested during the November 20, 2005, vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia, faced trial before Federal Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth on January 30 and 31st. All defendants were found guilty and sentenced to prison or probation. This year, prosecutors charged one activist with “Aiding and Abetting.” According to the U.S. Criminal Code, “Whoever aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures the commission of an offense, is punishable as a principal.”

U.S.-based Solidarity Groups Organize Conference in Support of Venezuela

National Venezuela Solidarity Conference, 14.02.2006 16:53

National Venezuela Solidarity Conference In the wake of increasingly hostile rhetoric from the Bush administration against the democratically-elected government of Venezuela and in response to an ongoing pattern of interventionist actions by the U.S. government, U.S.-based solidarity groups and community-based organizations from all regions of the United States and Canada will come together to learn, share experiences and develop strategies for strengthening solidarity with the Venezuelan people.


Errico Malatesta, 14.02.2006 16:36

The poorest nation in our hemisphere is suffering the most blatant violent rape. But most of the population has not even a vague clue as to what is going on. This is just as evil as what is going on in Iraq.

Finnish Security Police: Mohammed Cartoons Not a Threat

Ana Nasa, 14.02.2006 15:27

“Security Police: (Mohammed) Cartoons are not a threat to Finnish Security”

Iceland demands four fighter jets to stay

Mist Eik Guðvarðsdóttir, 14.02.2006 14:58

Four U.S. fighter jets will protect Iceland The Icelandic government is closer to reaching a conclusion with the U.S. over the defense agreement between the two nations. The agreement witch has involved an U.S. NATO army base in Keflavík Iceland, including fighter jet unit and a helicopter rescue team is now being revisited.

United Zionist States of AmeriKKKa

Biploby, 14.02.2006 10:38

"Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God; the whole fortune of nations will pass into the hands of the Jewish people, they will march behind the Jewish people, in chains as captives, and will prostrate before it." - Isador Loeb, Le Probleme Juif.

La “prensa seria” y la seriedad de una Revolución

Por Erasmo Magoulas*, 14.02.2006 10:24

A mediados del mes de enero, el presidente Cubano Fidel Castro dio un discurso, sobre la política energética que comienza a impulsar Cuba, para contrarrestar las interrupciones de fluido eléctrico que aquejan a la Isla.
A escasas horas de ese discurso, se produjo un corte de suministro en varios sectores de la capital.
El corresponsal de la BBC no tardó en reportar el hecho.

Speculation Surrounds Soros Transparency

Alex S. Gabor, 14.02.2006 09:06

A Smiling Soros Speculating on Some Savvy Saying How transparent is the man who promotes "Open Societies"? What is the connection between Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations? These and other questions are posed and some answered as Gabor cracks open some of the legendary myths surrounding the 55th richest man in the world.

9/11 Truth movement devises new strategy

TruthOutNow, 14.02.2006 05:38

You (the mainstream U.S. media) have failed in your obligation to the American people because you have failed to cover the following:

There has been a coup in this country beginning with the stolen elections of 2000.
There is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving that the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by a criminal element within our own government and military.

Treason and crimes against humanity have been committed by this same criminal element for 9/11 as well as the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Call for Application for the Gwangju International Internship Programme on Human Rights 2006

Pete Rahon, 14.02.2006 04:52

We are pleased to announce a call for application for the Gwangju International Internship Programme on Human Rights 2006. This programme is conducted by The May 18 Memorial Foundation based in Gwangju City, Republic of Korea. Closing date for application is February 28, 2006.


Agnes, 14.02.2006 04:37

If you have been involved in the field of human rights, peace and democracy, you are welcome to apply for the program.

A World Dis-Armed, Science In Harmony With Nature ...

Millennium Twain, 14.02.2006 04:34

now being released to anyone anywhere, worldwide on the internet, the publication of the structure of the atomic nucleus -- demonstrating that not only can science and physics be honest and understandable, but that nature is not about fear-mongering or the divide-and-conquer (and disinfo) tactics of the global banking corporate state. nature teaches us harmony and understanding ... collectivity.


Agnes, 14.02.2006 04:23

If you acknowlegde a person or organisation for his or her or its dedication in the field of human rights, peace and democracy and you think that the person or the organisation deserves a reward, you can nominate her or him or the organisation to receive the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2006.


Agnes, 14.02.2006 04:06

If you have been involved in the field of human rights, peace and democracy in your country, and wish to experience the situation of those fields in South Korea, you are welcome to apply for the program.

Los Angeles Unified School District, District 2 Candidates’ Forum

David Cid, 14.02.2006 04:04

The Chicano Student Heritage Club de El Sereno Middle School and Mi Casita Parent and Community Center is sponsoring an LAUSD District 2 candidates forum for Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. The purpose of this forum is for students, parents, teachers, and other community members from the El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, and City Terrace area to meet and learn more about the candidates who are running for the LAUSD Board of Education District 2 seat. 

Autonomy Declared in Daechuri, South Korea URGENT ACTION

jefe, 14.02.2006 01:18

Faced with Repression and Displacement, A South Korean Farming Community Declares Autonomy and Demands U.S. Military Withdrawal

Cheney Violates Cardinal Rule of Hunting

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer, 13.02.2006 23:34

Dick Cheney apparently broke the No. 1 rule of hunting: be sure of what you're shooting at. Cheney wounded fellow hunter Harry Whittington in the face, neck and chest Saturday, apparently because he didn't see Whittington approaching as he fired on a covey of quail in Texas.

Since when was Eugenics an acceptable governemnt policy in Oz.

davey via jj, 13.02.2006 23:19

The villification of Muslims in this country is out of control A Liberal MP Donna Vale has made the outrageous suggestion that non-Muslim women in Oz should be effectively forced to breed to stop Australia becoming a Muslim country. as part of the RU486 debate. Lets see if Howard condemns this Nazi nonsense.

Independent Podcasting goes 'Interactive'

J. Marcus Xavier, 13.02.2006 22:36

On February 15th, the Silent Universe--an edgy independent SciFi drama with a "choose your own adventure" interactive twist--will premiere on iTunes and

Aliens sue Bush for slander

Friðgeir Eyjólfur Juan Frotte, 13.02.2006 22:30

Aliens have filed a lawsuit against president Bush for alleged slander towards the alien race. Bush said in a recent speech that alien abductee stories were "absurd" and had no " serious ground".


CESAR A CASTAÑO, 13.02.2006 21:40

NIÑO VÍCTIMA ANTIPERSONA Una mirada a la crueldad de los métodos cruentos utilizados por los grupos insurgentes en Colombia

Is there any way to &quot;Pre-Empt&quot; Bush's new Iran nuclear war?

k.hawley, 13.02.2006 21:28

any way to "Pre-Empt" Bush's new Iran nuclear attack-war?

Freeper calls into Howard Stern (audio) mind numbing stupidity

who, 13.02.2006 20:20

Intellectual honesty is rapidly becoming a taboo. Classic Red socks v.s. Yankee's mentality. The ruling oligarchy have successfully conditioned a large segment of the population to value gang/team jingoism over critical thinking. :grr:

What do these men have to do?

Twitch, 13.02.2006 19:45

Bill CLinton gets impeached over a blow job, yet Vice president cheny SHOOTS A MAN and nothing happens.

Vidas en la basura

Revista interviu. España., 13.02.2006 18:20

Vidas en la basura
• Partes, fichas personales, permisos y hasta las cuentas de las internas del Centro Penitenciario de Mujeres de Barcelona van a la basura sin destruir. Son datos –incluso confidenciales– que cualquiera ha podido recoger en la calle. Esta revista recuperó algunos. Y casi explican la historia de sus protagonistas.


Peter Buknatski, 13.02.2006 17:28

Poem for real 'radicals'

International GM Opposition Day, 8 April 2006

JIGMOD, 13.02.2006 15:59

In response to the WTO's outrageous decision challenging European limits on GMOs, people and groups from across the world will be celebrating a Joint International GM Opposition Day on the 8th of April. There will be an international video conference and other events, linking activists in the US, Europe and worldwide

Swiss Police face jail Nearly Killing Two Activists in Evian 2003

Aubonne Campaign, 13.02.2006 15:53

From the 13-15 of February, two Swiss police officers will be on trial for an incident in 2003 in which two activists were seriously injured. The police cut a rope placed across a bridge approaching the site of the Evian G8 meeting, sending the 2 activists plummeting to the ground below.

Support the International Day of Trade Union Action on Iran,15 February 2006

International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, 13.02.2006 15:43

Support the International Day of Trade Union Action on Iran
15 February 2006 , 11:00,In front of the Iranian embassy at
16 Prince's Gate, London SW7
Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge,Buses: 10, 9, 52
For more information call: 07950924434

FBI commits domestic terrorism on Independence Movement in Puerto Rico

Jan Susler, 13.02.2006 13:47

February 10, in a militaristic invasion of Puerto Rico, the FBI assaulted the homes of independence activists and in the process attacked the press as well, while the government of Puerto Rico remained silent and defenseless.


Political Prisoner Vedran Skocen aka Captain Monkey, 13.02.2006 12:49

political_prisoner! 6 YEARS of BRUTAL TORTURE!!! this is about the current political atmosphere in croatia with a pinchpoint regarding croatian political prisoner vedran_skocen

Zionised Crimes All Over The World

Faruque Ahmed, 13.02.2006 11:19

Penultimately, what is the solution? Remove those illegal settlers and hand over the tiny 22% land to the Palestinian or collect them all, transport them to Auschwitchz and restart Hitler's Gas chambers to finish them all instead of murdering them every day. Remember -Yaser Arafat, Marwan Bargouti, Hannan Ashrawi or any other Palestinians are not the enemy of peace but successive Israeli governments are!
Because, peace is not good for them!!

Bay County, Florida Sheriff Department Boot Camp Staff Beats Kid to Death

Concerned Citizen, 13.02.2006 04:47

When fourteen-year-old Martin Anderson was processed into the Bay County Sheriff's Department youth boot camp facility, officers subjected the boy to beatings when he was unable or unwilling to perform excercises. This brutality was caught on video tape.


Rebel Youth News, 13.02.2006 01:22

Flashy Dose magazine, with it’s fluff news seems to have a hate-on … for Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. They call him “potentially most dangerous leader of a Latin American country,” and have made a special web page to sling poo at him

“Bigger Is Better!”: New Stock Car Theme Pixel Ad Site Revs Up The Field

kevin gomez, 13.02.2006 01:01

Get A Ride™ Online unveils a new and nontraditional website utilizing the sport of stock car racing as a theme.

Most Censored Article of Decade - Evil Cars Kill Everyuthing and No One Cares

the last thinker, 13.02.2006 00:58

How Can Any Country Develop if Cars are allwoed as Private Vehicles
The car is by no means the only problem that we face. Apathy, selfish materialism, and hopelessness are serious issues. But if we could just slow things down a bit then reason might catch its breath and catch up to the showdown with our rush to oblivion...

2nd Renaissance -6

Lothar, 13.02.2006 00:12

Living spaces on tribal lands The second route involves the setting up of entirely new living spaces on tribal lands that were previously seized by colonising governments that espoused and followed Taker philosophies. This route has greater credibility, in the sense of secession rights, where clear historical ownership of the land can be shown.

Opinion: When the ACLU Gets Done

Carrie Hutchens, 13.02.2006 00:12

When the ACLU gets done toying with our brains, lives, constitution and liberties -- what type of world will we find ourselves in? Will it resemble a padded cell, where we have been stripped down and living in total restriction for our supposed "own protection"?

An urgent appeal to people everywhere!

Colin Buchanan, 12.02.2006 21:23

For some time, now, the US/UK leadership has had plans to attack Iran as part of their overall strategy of extending their control over the Middle East and, ultimately, the world. It looks like this attack may now be about to happen. The launching of the Iranian Euro spot-market in oil on the 20th March may well be a factor in precipitating this aggression. The consequences of such an attack are incalculable but it could certainly bring about a wider, even global war. There are also strong indications that the US/UK plan to use nuclear weapons.

Video Shows British Troops Beating Civilians in Basra

Mike C, 12.02.2006 21:20

A video that recently surfaced shows British soldiers beating Iraqi civilians. The video was allegedly filmed by a corporal, who narrates it and clearly gets off on the violence.

Kani Yilmaz und Sabri Tori in Kurdistan von PKK ermordet

Welat, 12.02.2006 21:17

Faysal Dunlayici (Kani Yilmaz ) In Süleymanije im Nordirak ist Kani Yilmaz und Sabri Tori ermordet worden...

Not my brother's keeper

Wes Wagner, 12.02.2006 18:40

Richard Thomas reuinted with his family for the first time since June 2004 The details of this tragedy of civil liberties are fairly complex, however I sincerely request that you review the article our publication has prepared. Richard Thomas was kidnapped by the US government without proper cause or due process in order to facilitate the theft of a sawmill in Honduras - of which Bill Saxon, prominent in the oil business in Texas and good friends George Bush and former Sec. Donald Evans, was the economic beneficiary. We have documentation and plenty of evidence to back up our case, and the other party has been reluctant to respond to our numerous requests for comment. We need your help to make sure that this tragedy sees a public light.

British soldiers beat defenceless Iraqi teenagers w/ video

CCNWON, 12.02.2006 18:33

Details emerged last night of a shocking video which shows a group of British soldiers brutally beating and kicking defenceless Iraqi teenagers in an army compound.


In May 2003, an affinity group blockaded the Aubonne Bridge in order to stop a G8 delegation from reaching the summit in Evian. The police cut the climbing rope and nearly killed two activists. Now the policeman who cut the rope and his senior officer are in court. From the 13th to the 15th of February three judges will preside over the trial.

Iceland admits knowledge of CIA’s prison flights.

Þvengur Blær, 12.02.2006 15:01

The prime minister of Iceland, Halldór Ásgrímsson, admitted only minutes ago that Icelandic authorities had full knowledge of the before alleged CIA’s secret prison flights in Iceland.

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