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Fernando's March for Peace

Pablo Paredes, 16.02.2006 11:35

On March 12th (the 76th anniversary of Gandhi's Salt March) Fernando Suarez Del Solar will also take on the empire who stole his homeland and took the life of his son in the unjust bloodshed in Iraq. He will lead a true coalition of the willing, at age 50, for a 241 mile march to end the Bloodshed in Iraq. From Tijuana, Mexico to San Francisco the March will tear down racist borders with it's message of Peace.

If Americans Knew what a Bimbo She is

Garth Brock, 16.02.2006 11:17

Alison Weir - neo-nazi bimbo:

&quot;Take us instead!&quot; -- Grannies at the recruiting office

Daniel Borgström, 16.02.2006 10:08

Grandmothers at the Oakland recruiting office on Valentine's Day

President Chirac orders take back of toxic ship Clemenceau

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 16.02.2006 07:50

French President Chirac has announced a dramatic recall of the asbestos-laden warship Clemenceau -- it will be turning around and going back to France. Our actions, emails to Chirac and an embarrassing international scandal left France with little choice but to abandon the misguided attempt to dump its own toxic mess on India.

Popular Uprising in Oromia Reaches a Critical Stage

Odaa Xasee, 16.02.2006 06:41

The popular uprising that has been raging throughout Oromia since Nov. 9, 2005 is unprecedented in the history of the Oromo people and is marking a new chapter in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Why hasn't the UN scrutinized and chastised Israel's nuclear weapon stockpile?

k.hawley, 16.02.2006 04:07

The UN certainly isn't warning,let alone threatening the US about its use of "depleted uranium" bombs it showered on Iraq and Iran,or its general recklessness regarding nuclear weapons stockpiles and hazardous nuclear waste storage etc..

2nd Renaissance -7

Lothar, 16.02.2006 03:33

Concepts of property ownership When coupled with the introduction of artificial scarcity and taker concepts of property ownership and legal tender, Western death-fearing religions played a significant role in subduing, otherwise independent, tribal peoples.

Swiss Police face jail after nearly killing two activists in Evian 2003

d.o. for martin, 16.02.2006 00:55

This court case is the result of three-years of public and legal pressure after the initial judge appointed to investigate the case showed clear bias in refusing to pursue the matter

Alert and Alarmed at Ruddock's new phone tap powers

brother_x via brother_why?, 15.02.2006 23:56

tap the phones of innocent Civil liberties groups have attacked plans to give intelligence agencies and police the power to tap the phones of innocent third parties during terrorist and major crime investigations...

Co-operation, Local, Global and as a Universal Concept

Barnaby Flynn, 15.02.2006 23:01

I aim to explain the origins of co-operation. The practical application of co-operation between individuals and nation states. That co-operation is an evolved conscious activity. The univerality of co-operative thought through spiritual allegorical religious interpretation.


Isabella, 15.02.2006 22:43

Just one of many species threatened by Karahnjukar dams - 3rd of the population Arms manufacturer and aluminium giant ALCOA have said they will announce on 1 March if they will press for yet another aluminium smelter in the north of Iceland, probably near the town of Husavik.


In Good Faith

Kingfishervia RX, 15.02.2006 21:48

HE IS NOT HERE TO HELP YOU John Howard's recent appearance on the Australian media was noted by his transparent attempt to portray grief and 'genuine' concern. The Australian Prime Minister feigned choking-back tears as he pleaded with Australian youth not to contemplate smuggling drugs. Howard’s insincere performance was in response to (anticipated) judgements handed down to members of the ‘Bali nine’ in an Indonesian court. The events that led to Australian youths being fed to the barbaric determinations of a thoroughly corrupt and primitive legal system should not pass without scrutiny. The actions of the Australian Federal Police require an independent and thorough investigation. The lives of Australian citizens should never be surrendered to foreign powers when discretionary prerogatives lie directly with Australian authorities.

España: Las últimas elecciones democráticas

Galileo, 15.02.2006 20:53

16 de Febrero de 1936, el Frente Popular gana unas elecciones democráticas bajo la constitución de la República Española. Por primera vez en la historia de España, un bloque de progreso obtiene la mayoría para gobernar el país.

Hard to believe...

Peter, 15.02.2006 20:40

Some thoughts...

Rikollisuus parantunut muiden Pohjoismaiden tasolle

Freestyler, 15.02.2006 20:11

Suomalainen rikollisuus on parantunut huomattavasti ja se on saavuttanut Pohjoismaisen tason

British soldiers beat up iraqi teenagers

Loba, 15.02.2006 19:00

This shows a link to a film of VERY brutal actions done to Iraqi teenagers. It is a shamefull and scary truth which shows what the british also are doing in Iraq. Beware, it is very violent. ,But this truth should not be hidden away.

PKK killed Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori

pwd europe office, 15.02.2006 18:56

PKK murdered Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori!

Patriotic Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PWD) Coordination member and assistant coordinator Kani Yilmaz was slain on February 11, 2006 at approximately 10:00 am as a result of a car bomb in the city of Suleymaniye in South-kurdistan (North Iraq). PWD Member Sabri (Serdar Kaya) was also murdered with him in his car.

&quot;La ciencia, la tecnología y el pensamiento&quot;

Javier Monte, 15.02.2006 18:06

El artículo pretende develar o revelar que los avances tecnológicos, científicos y de pensamiento han sufrido un desarrallo tan amplio, que la humanidad estaría en condiciones de solucionar todos sus conflictos.

Cognitive Dissonance &amp; the New Amerikan Reich

KosmikK, 15.02.2006 18:00

Is much of the world, certainly the occident, suffering from a serious form of cognitive dissonance?


Rossana, 15.02.2006 17:59

Este articulo muestra claramente quien ha estado detras de las depresiones, la inesguridad, la falta de valores y en general del declive de toda nuestra sociedad.

Freestyler tuomitsee Suomen Sisun pilakuvien julkaisu rasistisena kiihotuksena

Freestyler, 15.02.2006 17:30

Freestyler tuomitsee Suomen Sisun pilakuvien julkaisun

a lack of history

robert t. starks, 15.02.2006 16:30

historian bob starks takes a hard look at the redefining and retrofitting african americans.


D. MICHAEL VAN DE VEER, 15.02.2006 14:18

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now joins D.Michael Van De Veer-Host OUT OF THE BOX KKCR-FM Thursday, Feb.16, 2006


Stephen Lendman, 15.02.2006 14:04

An account of Israeli oppression against the Palestinian people


STEPhen Lendman, 15.02.2006 13:36

An account of Israeli oppression against the Palestinian people

Las últimas elecciones democráticas

Galileo, 15.02.2006 12:46

16 de Febrero de 1936, el Frente Popular gana unas elecciones democráticas bajo la constitución de la República Española. Por primera vez en la historia de España, un bloque de progreso obtiene la mayoría para gobernar el país.

Against attacks on Incapacity Benefit

Class War, 15.02.2006 11:20

Network and act against the attack on Incapacity benefit

Jim Berenholtz, renaissance man

small WORLD Podcast, 15.02.2006 09:35

Jim Berenholtz, renaissance man Interview with Jim Berenholtz, peformance artist, composer, writer, ethnomusicologist, ceremonial artist, photographer, and world traveler.

Milwaukee IMC Needs Your Help!

Creamy, 15.02.2006 06:21

The Cream City Collective for the People! Please help the newly-reformed Milwaukee Cream City Collective for the People (Milwaukee CCCP) select from among the finalists in our promotional flyer creation call-out.

More Proof of Prewar Intelligence Manipulation by the Bush Administration

Walter C. Uhler, 15.02.2006 05:13

Writing in the March/April 2006 issue of Foreign Affairs, Paul R. Pillar has launched a furious assault on the Bush administration for its manipulation of prewar intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and links to al Qaeda. Mr. Pillar should know, because he was the CIA's National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia (NESA) from 2000 to 2005.

UK Trade Delegation Urged Not to Promote Waste Incineration

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 15.02.2006 05:03

A trade delegation from the United Kingdom is visiting Southeast Asia this week to market waste management capabilities which includes unsustainable and harmful waste management practices such as incineration which poses serious threats to the environment and community health.


Alex S. Gabor, 15.02.2006 04:28


Palestina: ¡Basta de chantaje imperialista y sionista!

Unidad Internacional de Trabajadores (UIT-CI), 15.02.2006 04:13

¡Gran triunfo electoral del Pueblo Palestino! ¡Basta de chantaje imperialista y sionista!

The Information Operations Roadmap

Mike Whitney, 15.02.2006 03:53

"The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, "The Information Operations Roadmap", which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC."

Comfort for Families of Combat Dead

USAKIA, 15.02.2006 03:30

3' x 5' KIA Flag The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation, a nonprofit benefiting families of U.S. killed in action (KIA) and died of wounds (DOW), receives thanks from KIA Gold Star families for a successful program.

The West,by its very scientific evolution,has already illustrated,deciphered and dismissed the image of Mohammed!

Arthur Keefer, 15.02.2006 03:24

No organized religion in the world,be it catholic;jewish;isalm etc.,would have very many followers if the adults in those seperate religions didn't "brainwash" and force their children into becoming believers!

Comfort for Families of Combat Dead

USAKIA, 15.02.2006 03:16

USAKIA Logo The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation, a nonprofit benefiting families of U.S. killed in action (KIA) and died of wounds (DOW), receives thanks from KIA Gold Star families for a successful program.

Urgent call for volunteers to help defend the Last Wild Buffalo in The U.S.

Buffalo Field Campaign, 15.02.2006 02:55

Today, under assault again, they need help from people of conscience. In the park, they are beloved wildlife. But their migratory instinct leads them to lower elevation land in Montana to escape the park's harsh winter. Here they are greeted with capture, quarantine, experimentation, bullets, and slaughter. Family groups are torn apart. Mothers and babies are separated. They suffer terror and injury as they are hazed and harassed relentlessly with snowmobiles, ATVs, helicopters...

Six Newly Released Abu Ghraib Torture Photos Here

CCNWON, 15.02.2006 00:53

MORE photographs have been leaked of Iraqi citizens tortured by US soldiers


Grettir, 14.02.2006 23:57

To the scaffold Icelandic London Embassy is targeted by environmentalists protesting against the Karahnjukar dams and the multinational aluminium invasion of the last great pristine wilderness of Europe.


Zag, 14.02.2006 23:43

NOW CHOOSE TO DESERT Because of the continuing protests by Muslims over the insolent drawings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), 1/3 of the Danish Army scheduled for deployment in Iraq have just now fled their posts. The enlisted personnel who would serve as cannon fodder are especially involved.

Coffee still brewing for Tarmac?

Richard Henley, 14.02.2006 20:48

Thornborough Henges Five months ago I suggested that Tarmac might be “smelling the coffee” over the companies attempts to quarry the major Neolithic settlement on Ladybridge Farm close to the Thornborough Henges. It seems that suggestion was premature.

5 million acres saved!! in Great Bear Rainforest

kim marks, 14.02.2006 20:46

Thanks, to all of the thousand of activist who have over the years worked to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. Whether you stood outside a Home Depot, Lumbermens, Lowes, or one of the many timber targets of the Great Bear Campaign, with a sign, dropped a banner or raised a ruckus, thanks! You are a part of the team that just protected 5 million acres of rainforest from all logging, which is twice the size of Yellowstone National Park covering over 100 river valleys.


Don't Give Up, Don't Accept Anything Less, 14.02.2006 20:42

It's time to really make our presence felt, to seize the powers given by the Constitution, and to make history - to force to account those who have attempted to usurp the democracy and principles the American People truly hold dear, and brought us to the edge of Fascism - to bring an end to this Madness, before it brings about our own untimely end.

Nasname news. Kurdish web

Nasname edi.., 14.02.2006 20:34

Land Nasname würde von türkische faschisten (ge)hackt worden..


FX, 14.02.2006 20:21

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

Reformas de luxo

Francisco Trindade, 14.02.2006 19:49

Reformas de luxo

PKK murdered Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori!

Welat, 14.02.2006 18:45

Faysal Dunlayıcı ( Kani Yilmaz ) PKK murdered Kani Yilmaz and Sabri Tori!

National Venezuela Solidarity Conference

Gunnar Gundersen, 14.02.2006 18:32

Washington, DC will be the site for a National Solidarity Conference on Venezuela, March 4-6. Plenaries and workshops will highlight key issues and discuss the many ways we can build solidarity with the people of Venezuela as they develop a participatory democracy that is sovereign yet integrated with the rest of Latin America and the world. All are invited to participate and strengthen these efforts. Please join us in Washington, DC!


Por Néstor Núñez, 14.02.2006 18:02

El escándalo es supremo dentro y fuera de los salones del Congreso de los Estados Unidos.
Resulta que el presidente que promete a los cubanos un futuro "luminoso y próspero" bajo la égida de Washington, ha propuesto a sus
ciudadanos un próximo año fiscal donde la guerra deviene prioritaria y sepulta con sus estratosféricos gastos todo mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de la población.

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