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Seven Oaks publishes 8th issue, 13.04.2004 06:36

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Seven Oaks, a new political and cultural magazine, published its eighth issue today. The weekly magazine is available for free online at

The new issue features articles on the privacy risks of Google GMail, anti-Semitism and Adbusters, the politics of blogs, Fallujah and the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and the first of a three-part series on May Day.

WHO IS GEN. MARK KIMMITT: PR Man for Iraq War; Dad Is DC Lobbyist for Defense Industry

Al Swalley, 13.04.2004 05:44

Brigadier General Mark T. Kimmitt, US Army 13 Apr 2004 -- Gen. Kimmitt is the PR man for the Iraq massacre and the deputy commander of it. His father is a double-dipping ex-Army man making his money off of the war his son is promoting on active duty. Brig. Gen. Mark T. Kimmitt, US Army, is the spokesman for the US military in Iraq. He is also the deputy operations commander. He currently is the main apologist for US atrocities in Falluja and southern Iraq.

Exxon/Mobil, the RNC &amp; Widespread Nonviolent Militancy

Gandhi's Ashes, 13.04.2004 05:44

Exxon/Mobil, the RNC & Widespread Nonviolent Militancy

“Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” -- Benito Mussolini

“If elected, I will run the government like a business” -- George W. Bush

Forget for a moment that Exxon/Mobil (XMO) is the main proponent of greenhouse gas emissions…

Toronto Answers 'EMERGENCY CALL FOR SOLIDARITY WITH THE IRAQI PEOPLE' with Easter Sunday Candle Light Vigil

HiMY, 13.04.2004 05:11


TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Shortly after Sunset on Easter Sunday 2004, the people of Toronto Canada answered an Emergency Call To Action from the International Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad with a Candle Light Vigil held in front of the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue.

Hostages in Iraq Still Threatened with Execution

Lisa Ashkenaz Croke, 13.04.2004 03:09

The weekend found more foreign hostages seized and conflicting accounts of those known captured


Mobtown ARA, 13.04.2004 01:58

Anti-Racist Action is calling for a visible antifascist bloc on April 25th in Washington DC as part of the March For Women's Lives.

Promoting Incompetence

Malcolm Everett, 13.04.2004 00:00

Incompetence Promoted to Deputy Chief The coroner’s office works under a “cloak of secrecy”. They tell the police, the press, and the public only what they want them to know. Downplaying by omission is common since the basic selection/omission process necessarily omits what they don’t want the public to know, with coverups and criticisms suppressed. Although a coroner's responsibility is to the public, his allegiance is first to the government and medical profession, CORRUPTION notwithstanding. ... That the purpose of a coroners investigation is to determine cause of death, or that the prime function of the coroners' office is to prevent deaths is "grossly misrepresented". Alarmingly, the Coroners' Act precludes coroners from finding fault or assigning blame, a perversion incorporated into the Act to shield bad doctors from medical wrongdoing. It has been said that physician's do not separate who they are from what they do and the Coroner is no exception to the rule. Consider then that the vast majority of bad medical care in Ontario goes unnoticed because of criminal coverup and criminal conspiracy under guise of "medical secrecy". The bald truth is that the coroners' office is used as a "dumping ground for cases embarrassing either to the government or the medical profession", as in the case of Arlene H. Berry, who died suddenly, and unexpectedly at the age of 41. She was the victim of a horrific chain of medical negligence, including criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and "criminal negligence causing death" that is nothing short of a national scandal. No autopsy was performed. A family request to hold a formal inquest was flately turned down by the Regional Coroner, Dr. Barry McLellan, who has since been implicated in the Arlene Berry death coverup.

Nike Bombay and children pictures

Giandecaro, 12.04.2004 23:14

Nike - Bombay Bombay: Nike and children pictures

US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation - Public Hearings/Written Comments

A War Hater, 12.04.2004 23:11

...Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab... The Department of Energy In February 2004, released a draft "Site Wide Environmental Impact Statement" on Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab's planned operations for the coming ten years. The law requires DOE to seek public input before moving forward. Let's bring our friends and neighbors, write letters and pack the public hearings. This is a once in a decade chance to make our voices heard!

Michael &amp; Janet Jackson versus Corporate News exploitation

Mako Selvin, 12.04.2004 22:24

Why does corporate news get stupid over Janet Jackson breasts when their are serious issues it ought be addressing like its own voyeurist and money grubbing tendencies?

Mao on Arab Palestine and Black Africans!

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 12.04.2004 22:15

Mao on Arab Palestine and Black Africa! .


., 12.04.2004 22:05

Posted by the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network

PEARLCOPPER is at work on new Rock album &quot;Anarchist or Satan; Producing a Witness&quot;

PEARLCOPPER, 12.04.2004 21:54

review of new Rock album PEARLCOPPER is at work on. Spring 2004.

Essay: Sleepwalking to Fallujah

Joe Bageant, 12.04.2004 20:31

Essay on how television shapes our willingness to make war

Hostages in Iraq Still Threatened with Execution

Lisa Ashkenaz Croke, 12.04.2004 20:04

The weekend found more foreign hostages seized and conflicting accounts of those known captured

The Media it going overboard?

anonymous, 12.04.2004 19:42

These days are getting very visual...and unimportant information is being shown on the television and internet all day. "FIND OUT HOW YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO DIE NEXT AT 5" this is what you hear when watching television and now you are definitaly going to watch it to make sure your child is this a way of producing money?

Great Leader KIM IL SUNG Red Suns Day Study and Tribute Forum!!!

Songun Politics Study Group (USA), 12.04.2004 18:07


A Plea for the Release of the Japanese Hostages

Gary Sudborough, 12.04.2004 17:19

These Japanese hostages are doing beneficial work in exposing the effects of depleted uranium. They are aiding in the ending of the Iraq war. To harm them would be completely counterproductive.

Time is money - stop the corporate onslaught

European Financial Initiative 2004, 12.04.2004 16:56

Time is money - stop the corporate onslaught Five important dates not to be forgotten. Time is money - stop the corporate
onslaught. Electronic warfare against the criminal banking cartel - stop the
corporate onslaught. On Thursday 22nd of April, on Wednesday 28th of April, on Tuesday 4th of May, on Wednesday 12th of May and on Tuesday 18th of May.

Firas al-Atraqchi

Iraqi Reporters Teach U.S. Counterparts About Journalism, 12.04.2004 16:07

U.S. General Mark Kimmit and Coalition Spokesperson Dan Senor received a grilling from journalists at the daily briefing in Iraq today

archeology: the first news headline

£, 12.04.2004 15:57

GT gov suks

Iraqis refuse to fight in new army

Joe, 12.04.2004 15:45

A senior US military officer in Iraq has said that a battalion of the new Iraqi army refused to support US forces in the town of Falluja. Share this with America. Joe

Reflections about the present situation in Iraq

Astrid Essed, 12.04.2004 15:23

The American military reaction on the legitimated Iraqi resistance, which is charactericed by serious violations of human rights c.q. war-crimes not only is uniting the rivalling soennite and sjiite resistance, but is also creating a second Vietnam

Some SF War Anniversary Pictures

weekendwarrior, 12.04.2004 01:08

Looks like a good crowd showed up. I got this from a message board according to which "several thousand in SF on short notice"


SF War Anniversary Protest Pictures, 12.04.2004 01:06

Looks like a good crowd showed up. I got this from a message board according to which "several thousand in SF on short notice"

Clarke, Rice, The 9/11 Commission VS. Brisard, Dasquie' and the Facts.

Lloyd Hart, 12.04.2004 00:45

Now that I have had a little peace and quiet to go through Richard Clarke's well-dressed cover-up and revisionist historical account of the Americas faux war on terrorism, his book "Against All Enemies" I've had an opportunity to compare the Clarke and Rice dog and pony show to the Brisard and Dasquie' version of events before and after 9/11 as well as compare Clarke's assertions concerning the smoking gun that has been discovered by 911 researchers.

US Merceneries

Virato, Editor Asheville Magazine, 12.04.2004 00:21

It appears that the US Army, totally unprepared for a hand-to-hand war in Iraq, has acquired a professional team of non-US military "consultants" (remember Vietnam) to handle matters. These consultants are not bound by any war treaties or military law or custom. Once called "soldiers of fortune," you now pay for their work with your taxes. George W. Bush, and his Republican, super- capitalistic Congress are running the show their way...and controlling the entire thing and attempting to control your mind as well.

Hallelujah! In Fallujah

John Kaminski, 11.04.2004 23:20

Inexcusable American genocide
slaughters defenseless Iraqis

Tony the Great Progressive Leader seen looking to the future...

£, 11.04.2004 23:06

cuz future war

Congress Fuels Global Warming by Passing Transportation Budget

Michael Neuman, 11.04.2004 20:05

While looking the other way on the growing threat of global warming, the U.S. Congress quietly passed its massive pork-filled $275 transportation bill last Friday, virtually assuring global warming will accelerate in the coming years and decades, as Americans continue to drive more miles, burn more gasoline, and fly more often.

Looking very bad for the &quot;coalition&quot;

jamie, 11.04.2004 18:47

BAGHDAD, April 10 -- A battalion of the new Iraqi army refused to go to Fallujah earlier this week to support U.S. Marines battling for control of the city, senior U.S. Army officers here said, disclosing an incident that is casting new doubt on U.S. plans to transfer security matters to Iraqi forces.

“In Baghdad, Kufa, Najaf, Baquba and Falluja, interviews with Sunnis and Shiites alike show a new corps of men, and a few women, who have resolved to join the resistance.”

Protesters Greet Dick Cheney in Alaska

Ryan Olson, 11.04.2004 18:14

Over 100 people gather to protest V.P. Dick Cheney short visit to Alaska. Friday April 9, 2004 - Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Alaska on a fueling stop-over to Japan. Alaskan residents rallied together hoping to grant access to the Mr. Cheney, because the only chance would have been to buy a $1000.00-a-person ticket to a republican fund-raiser. The group, of over 100 people, said our public offical electees should be more accessible to average citizens.

Notes from Iraq and a request

jamie, 11.04.2004 18:04

10,715 Iraqi civilians have died since this war began. Before the war started nearly 1.5 million Iraqis, mostly children under 5, died as a result of U.S./U.K. imposed sanctions which prevented vital supplies such as food and medicine and materials to rebuild water and sanitation systems destroyed by U.S./U.K. bombing in the first “gulf war,” from entering the country. And let’s not forget that 250,000 Iraqi soldiers who died in the first gulf “turkey shoot,” I mean war.

I can’t see why they must “hate freedom” to hate us. Can you? How long will we allow this to go on? Please share widely. jamie

USG False Fire Alarm

eileen c white, 11.04.2004 17:37

USG Whistleblower: On Friday, April 9, 2004, the US Dept. of State used State of Virginia personnel (Arlington Fire Dept.) to enter Cleveland House Condo under guise of a fire alarm. State then broke into my unit to 1) DESTROY criminal evidence, 2) PLANT fabricated material, 3) contaminate food

I met Sen. John Kerry today at church----gave him anti-war info

anti-war activist, 11.04.2004 16:57

I got a chance to meet presidential candidate John Kerry today--used the opportunity to give him some anti-war info.

Rush L. calls for cyber-war against OrganicValley

elipticorganic, 11.04.2004 16:16

Rush spews:
" Suggestions for Earth Dinner are at the official website and by the way it's, let's shut down their website shall we? Shut 'em down folks. We don't do this much but let's have some fun. Let's melt their servers"

Islamic leaders held secret summit to lay plans to resist allied occupation

David Pratt, 11.04.2004 14:49

A secret meeting of serior islamic activists held in London took the decision to "stir the Iraqi shiite resistance" against the US-British occupation of Iraq.

it starts today

madison, 11.04.2004 13:07

we're going bright tonight

New Liberal Radio Network &quot;Air America Radio&quot; Funny as Hell &amp; Informative

informed radical, 11.04.2004 11:50

Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher Photo I've been listening to the new "Air America Radio" since it started and I wanted to give my first impressions.

ATTANTION IRAQ! Falluja- People flee

Aljazeera + Agencies &amp; sended by Yusuf Küpeli, 11.04.2004 09:43

Falluja- People flee Friday 09 April 2004, 15:12 Makka Time, 12:12 GMT
US occupation forces have bombed the Iraqi town of Falluja.
Bodies were left to rot in the streets as people cowered indoors.

G8 Gov. Security Guidelines

tRidGe, 11.04.2004 05:01

SUMMARY: The Coast Guard proposes to establish temporary security zones
and a temporary regulated navigation area, from June 5, 2004, through
June 11, 2004, for the G-8 Summit to be held in Sea Island, Georgia.
These proposed rules are required to provide for the security of the
public, the G-8 Summit and its participants, and the safety of the
waterways due to the potential for hostile and violent acts from
demonstrators protesting the G-8.

U.S. Military Fails to Advance in Falluja, Reinforcements Called

Firas al-Atraqchi, 11.04.2004 04:34

As the people of Falluja continue to appeal to the international community to come to their aid, the U.S. Military announced it was reinforcing its troops surrounding the city.

Saturday Night Live and Al

£, 11.04.2004 03:42

SNL Ha ha, yawn.

ATTANTION IRAQ! Falluja- People flee, 11.04.2004 03:41

Iraqi cities are being sieged and bombed by missiles and tanks. Sadr, Adamiya, Kufa, Falloja, Shula and others. Civilians are being killed.

The Long Awaited &quot;Condi Rice&quot; Presidential Directive

Info Maniack, 11.04.2004 01:52

The following is the text of an Aug. 6, 2001, intelligence briefing for President Bush that outlined al Qaeda plans to strike within the United States. It was released Saturday by the White House.
Declassified and Approved for Release, 10 April 2004

IGC Begins to Question U.S. Military

Firas al-Atraqchi, 11.04.2004 01:22

As the seige enters its sixth day, Ghazi Al Yawer, member of the Iraqi Governing Council, today condemned the U.S. Military for provoking the Iraqi resistance in Fallujah within minutes of the resumption of the cease-fire on Saturday morning.

Grand Rapids Court Interpreter Targeted, Threatened By Police For Involvement In Anti-War Demonstrations.

Brian McAfee, 11.04.2004 00:58

Recent revelations show that Grand Rapids police had tried to interfere with last year's anti-war protests.

Existe un pacto secreto de Uribe Vélez con EE.UU?

Gustavo Alvarez Gardeazabal, 11.04.2004 00:43

conclusiónes de la actitud de uribe con los ee.uu

Ba'athist Pro-Resistance Committees Issue New Communique!!!

European Coordination to Support the Arab Nation, 10.04.2004 23:58

Ba'athist Resistance Committees in Europe Sent the Following Communique to the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network.

Catherine Austin Fitts Calls Condi Out

Catherine Austin Fitts, 10.04.2004 23:33

You knew. You kept silent. They died.

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