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Invasor mountain climbers catched by Yanomami trying to reach Pico da Neblina

Natalie Unterstell/Gustavo Tosello, 01.03.2006 20:41

Group of brazilian mountain climbers, taking part in a project of reaching brazilians 10 top peaks, are captured by Yanomami indians in northwest amazonian. Yanomani indigenous leaders requires that IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for environment) apologise for authorizing invasion without consulting the Tuxauas (indigenous leaders).

Corporate Bullying with Biometrics

Christopher Thornton, 01.03.2006 20:02

This is how my employer is trying to bully me into giving away my biometric codes.

AHSES- Thier is An Extreme Evil In humaness in the US And Most Westerners

the end nears Banners Will fly, 01.03.2006 19:39

Ash Wednesaday is Such Obvious Hypocicy - Catholis Abuse Themselves So many in the West do not grasp even the most basic concepts of how to understand truth or the world – or their evil ways… Most of Islam sympathizes with the militants and fundamentalists because there is no alternative. You educated Westerners imagine that freedom of expression, of religion and civil rights are natural rights – and yet your freedoms were bought with the prosperity of Imperialism, Colonialism, war and the destruction of the environment. Those are the freedoms of Mass Murders – ashes to ashes duct to dust…

Como a Internet favorece a desobediência global

Francisco Trindade, 01.03.2006 18:55

Como a Internet favorece a desobediência global

Bulletin nº23 of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

The Basque Obsevatory of Human Rights, 01.03.2006 18:19

The latest Behatokia Bulletin, Nº 23, is available on our web page,, where, as well as downloading it in pdf format:, you can download each article in word format, if you find these easier to work with.

Los Secretos de Greenpeace: Cobertura del MI6, para el Imperio Britanico

Torbe, 01.03.2006 16:13

A eso es lo que se ha dedicado una de las empresas británicas de acción psicológica, cuya acción se ha servido de la ecología y la defensa de los espacios verdes para la adquisición de mercados y recursos estratégicos en pro de la Gran Bretaña a la vez que se ocupa también de destruir todo desarrollo tecnológico autóctono por parte de cualquier país que afecte sus propios intereses.

Mondiali di calcio 2006 - FIFA - Villaggi dei Bambini: scandalo!

Domenico Schietti, 01.03.2006 15:07

Si avvicinano i campionati del mondo di calcio 2006 La FIFA promuove un'iniziativa discutibile per costruire 6 villaggi per bambini orfani. Ma sono ancora in tempo a cambiare rotta e costruirne 500 ed in più 50 ospedali per dare la salute gratuita a tutta l'Africa.

Request from a Refugee

Giri Bahadur Sunar, 01.03.2006 13:41

Legal help , I have no idea where to contact.I am from Germany.

Interdiction de ressemer, 1 loi en préparation

arvien Faidit, 01.03.2006 10:56

Le 7 mars risque d'être adoptée un loi votée au Sénat le 2 février et
> qui modifie le code de la propriété intellectuelle et le code rural
> relatif aux obtentions végétales (loi 145) et adoptant le régime UPOV
> 1991 (loi 144).

European companies urge Vietnamese government to step up against legal strikes (via IHT)

NoLogo, 01.03.2006 10:36

First page of the letter The IHT reports in it's online editoin on March 1st, 2006: "Workers in southern Vietnam have staged a series of strikes at foreign-owned factories over the past three months"
Foreign companies however didn't like that, as the IHT continues to report: "Alain Cany, chairman of the European CoC in Vietnam, wrote a letter to the country's prime minister, saying he was worried ... asked the government to exert more control over the strikers...

Make Piracy History

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 01.03.2006 05:29

After spending 73 days at sea defending the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza is preparing to set sail again, this time to turn world attention on the plague of pirate fishing (1). Every day, in every ocean, pirate fishing boats are stealing fish and leaving a trail of environmental destruction in their wake.

Protecting Paradise

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 01.03.2006 05:10

Ancient forests are in crisis. Many of the plants and animals that live in these forests face extinction. And many of the people and cultures who depend on these forests for their way of life are also under threat. But the news is not all bad. There is a last chance to protect these forests and the life they support.

Montana's Gov.Schweitzer on ABC's 20/20 calls Venezuela's Hugo Weasel/Chavez a Dictator but &quot;not&quot; President Bush!

k.hawley, 01.03.2006 03:13

Wether Gov.Schweitzer knows that diesel fuel use in is one of the major pollutants in America is probably unimportant to his right-wing agenda!

Canada ! Do you care about democracy?

David H Campbell, 01.03.2006 01:16

Canadian Democracy in headed for a crisis. How Can you elect One Candidate and party , but 10 days later get a diffrent party ?

Women in US Launch Sustained Protests Against De Facto Martial Law in the Philippines

Dorotea Mendoza, GABRIELA Network USA, 28.02.2006 22:24

GABRIELA Network rally against state of national emergency, 2/24/06 GABRIELA Network USA, a Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization, launches rolling national mobilization that will see daily protest actions in major cities in the US until the Philippine state of national emergency is lifted.

2nd Renaissance -11

Lothar, 28.02.2006 21:11

The future of our children and the planet Fortunately, the power and control of government and military elites is illusory in the 21st century. The world no longer works the way it did, and there is nothing to compel people to support failed, outdated systems any longer. This is an understanding that must be widely and quickly shared. The future of our children and the planet depends upon our changing our thinking about governments, and our support for them.

[Portugal] I FORUM IBÉRICO – GUARDA, 28.02.2006 19:22

cartaz Programa do Fórum “Sem Fronteiras Sem Bandeiras”,
decorrendo dias 3,4 e 5 de Março (Sexta, Sábado e

An open letter to the peace and antiwar movement

Malachy Kilbride, 28.02.2006 18:04

One activist urges others to come to shut The War Machine down on March 20, 2006

TheVillage - Tech and TraDe ALWAYS bAD

THE ANCIENT, 28.02.2006 17:36

wARRRIORS ARE tHE pRECONDITION FOR sURVIVAL - all else supports tyhem There once was a Village, located high in the Mountains. It was a beautiful Village and anyone who visited there could tell that the citizens cared, and took pride in their Mountain home. There were Farmers, Warriors, Craftsmen, Teachers, and everyone else it takes to make a Village or Tribe. Every year the residents of the Village would observe the various passings of the Seasons, with exceptional celebrations.


Jenny, 28.02.2006 17:20

STOP ALCOA! Tomorrow, 1 March, ALCOA will announce at their ALCOA Global Center in New York if they are going to build yet another aluminium smelter in pristine Iceland, against the will of the majority of Icelanders!

General Michel Aoun to ‘Monday Morning’: ‘No removal of President Lahoud, but circumstances may convince him to resign’

Mark dameli, 28.02.2006 17:18

He has the gift of facilitating matters. With him formalities and ceremonial go by the board. The conversation is quickly under way with the “General” at his residence in Rabiyé, which was thronged with young people and retired Army officers who remain devoted to him. There, one found those who had remained faithful to him, who had waited patiently for 15 years for his return from exile. I saw myself propelled back 16 years to Baabda Palace, with the same images and sensations. But that was another time and place. The general himself seemed unchanged: as feisty as ever, the eternal resistance fighter. He has changed in one way, as he himself said: he has learned to be patient, to move slowly, which for him, unfortunately, is a waste of time. He has great aspirations for Lebanon, which still has much to learn in terms of democracy, human rights and the building of nations.

Ra Ra Raja ?: The role of the Nepalese Monarch

Shannon Boyce, 28.02.2006 16:56

For one year King Gyanendra has autocratically governed the Kingdom of Nepal. During this time, death tolls have escalated, the Maoist insurgency has gained momentum, and Human rights violations have been rampant. In a country that is supposed to be functioning as a Multiparty Democracy, some questions need to be posed: What is the Monarch's role in a multiparty democracy ? Why has Gyanendra prolonged the autocratic takeover for an entire year and what repercussion has this decision had on the Kingdom of Nepal ?


Islamic Community Net, 28.02.2006 16:55

"URI [University of Rhode Island] Professor Haraldur Sigurdsson and colleagues from the University of North Carolina and the Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology excavated a Tamboran home where they found the remains of two adults ... 'There's potential that Tambora could be the Pompeii of the East, and it could be of great cultural interest,' said Sigurdsson"

Election Reform Illinois Conference

Progressive Democrats of Illinois, 28.02.2006 16:49

Participation by political and citizen's advocacy organizations wanted!! ERIC is intended to be the first in an ongiong series of events to bring consensus and concerted action on better elections in Illinois. We want your organization to have a voice and we want to find out what we all share in common with regard to concerns about the integrity and procedures of Illinois elections.


Uriel, 28.02.2006 15:10

Noticias en espanol

Miss Tammy Faye Starlite

small WORLD Podcast, 28.02.2006 08:50

Miss Tammy Faye Starlite Country singer Miss Tammy Faye Starlite talks about Southern Babtists, the Rapture, religious intolerance, the war in Iraq and much more.

Future Uncertain Kiss Now

Chairman of the Fukn Bored, 28.02.2006 08:41

You don't know how long you you better get all the kissing you can in while you can.


SÉRGIO VITORINO, 28.02.2006 08:34

GISBERTA The murder of a homeless, transexual, prostitute, imigrant, drug user, hiv+ in Porto by a group of 10-16 year old boys is being devalorized. It reveals extreme and complementary social exclusions and generalized transfobia in the country.

Understanding the Crisis in Nepal: The Maoists, The Monarch, and the Struggle for Democracy

spike, 28.02.2006 04:03

Film and Public Talk on the political crisis in Nepal. The Maoists have been waging a decade long war against the government forces to establish a People's Republic. The King has been ruling with an iron fist the last 2 years and the alliance of 7 parties have been conducting demonstrations. Where is Nepal headed? Is a peaceful solution possible?

The Paris Commune and the Struggle against Australia's Security INteliigence Organisation

1984, 28.02.2006 02:38

"Fuzzy Bunny and the anarchists of the paris commune where in violation of the secrecy act and in violation of UN chartered. We didn't kill them they killed themselves." ASIO operative.

Memory Against Forgetting– An Open Letter on the &quot;Green Scare&quot;

Al D., 28.02.2006 02:18

In the wake of the FBI "Operation Backfire" crackdown on Earth Liberation activists, how can the radical environmental movement resist infiltration and division and best defend to those already indicted, subpoenaed or harassed, as well as those indictments to come.

AKBAYAN: to bury the truth, GMA killed Philippine democracy

AKBAYAN Party, 28.02.2006 01:47

AKBAYAN Party today denounced anew GMA's declaration of a State of National Emergency, saying that the draconian measures that the government imposed yesterday completely exposed the despotic inclinations of the ruling regime. "Yesterday's events were the last of the jigsaw pieces that revealed in full GMA's intention to rule the country through a dictatorship. What she has done is an insult not only to the millions of Filipinos who risked their lives to peacefully dismantle the Marcos dictatorship, but also to a world that was moved and inspired by the strength of our love for democracy and freedom. The dark days of Martial Law have been resurrected and they will haunt us as long as President GMA is in power and as long as systemic changes and democratic reforms are not in place," AKBAYAN Rep. Mayong Aguja said. "Just so she could evade the truth behind the 'Hello Garci' controversy, the President is willing to destroy the already shaky democratic structures of the country."

Twenty years ago today: the assassination of Olof Palme

Social Democracy Now, 28.02.2006 01:35

Today, February 28, 2006, social democrats all over the world mourn the assassination of Olof Palme, the last of the great Swedish social democrats. This article discusses the murder.

Who Benefits?

Repost from jamie, 28.02.2006 01:29

"As quickly as these horrible events began, they were called to an end and replaced by acts of solidarity between Sunni and Shia across Iraq.

This, however, was not shown by western corporate media.

The Sunnis where the first to go to demonstrations of solidarity with Shia in Samarra, as well as to condemn the mosque bombings. Demonstrations of solidarity between Sunni and Shia went off over all of Iraq: in Basra, Diwaniyah, Nasiriyah, Kut, and Salah al-Din."

Bloco Passe Livre Carnaval Joinville

Christiani, 28.02.2006 01:16

Participação da MPL no carnaval de Joinville - SC

DU Contaminates Europe - Halliburton Hid Evidence

Leuren Moret/CCNWON, 27.02.2006 23:05

Death in the Air

Nobel Laureates and Religious Leaders Call on World to Resist Iraq Occupation

Danny Malec, 27.02.2006 21:16

As the third anniversary of the United States-led invasion of Iraq approaches, Nobel Peace and Literature Laureates are joined by religious leaders, writers, human rights activists, former government officials, peace activists and others in calling for ongoing campaigns of nonviolent civil resistance to end the U.S. led occupation of Iraq. On March 20, 2006, the first of five days of action throughout 2006, there will be nonviolent civil resistance actions at US and British diplomatic missions, military bases, recruitment offices and war profiteers in at least three continents.

Chavez Rocks Ted Nugent to Tears

Caleb-Dain Matton, 27.02.2006 21:09

Are Americans Really This Stupid??

The Biblical Signs of the Arrival of the Jewish Messiah Just Occurred

Karen Fish, 27.02.2006 21:02

The Ten Commandments The Biblical Signs of the Arrival of the Jewish Messiah Just Occurred. “Judaism Purified by the Messiah Will Bring World Peace and Save the World”, said Hashem.

The Biblical Signs of Jesus Arrival Just Occurred

Karen Fish, 27.02.2006 20:31

Jesus Return The Biblical Signs of Jesus Arrival Just Occurred. “Christianity Purified by the Messiah Will Bring World Peace and Save the World”, said Jesus.

Se o Capitalismo é igual a competição como é que podemos falar em cooperação?

Francisco Trindade, 27.02.2006 19:43

Se o Capitalismo é igual a competição como é que podemos falar em cooperação?

robert pinsky full flight

jeffery mcnary, 27.02.2006 19:07

legendary poet pinsky unveils new work


GERMAN VIVAS, 27.02.2006 15:58

“La violencia es el refugio de las mentes pequeñas” Las Farc con demostraciones aterradoras como este tipo de atentado, deja entrever su verdadera intención, dejándose llevar por el morbo atávico de la violencia, precipitándose por ella hasta llegar a los senderos de la delincuencia común para ya nunca volverse a alejar de ellos. Han llegado a realizar actos tan incalificables, tan innecesarios para la causa de una 'revolución', revestidos de una cobardía horripilante y por lo mismo inaceptable y rechazable, como este, con el cual estampan el sello de su violencia y de su irreflexión, más la confesión clara y nítida de su extremismo, en la bandera que alzaron para "proteger al pueblo colombiano"


DOLORES, 27.02.2006 11:59


Prévention - Sécurité

cgt securitas sud ouest, 27.02.2006 08:10

Actions prévues le 14 mars contre gel des salaires

perth big

greg hooeyy, 27.02.2006 06:00

election statewide

[Joinville][Fotos] Bloco do &quot;Unidos contra o aumento&quot; faz parte da festa do carnaval em Joinville.

Alf. pré-cmi-joinville, 27.02.2006 04:03

Unidos contra o aumento é o maior sucesso do carnaval de 2006 em Joinville.

[Joinville][Fotos] Manifestação do dia 24 contra o aumento da tarifa, terminal Central.

Alf. pré-cmi-joinville, 27.02.2006 03:55

Manifestação do dia 24 contra o aumento da tarifa, terminal Central.

[Joinville][Fotos] da manifestação do dia 23 contra o aumento da tarifa

Alf. pré-cmi-joinville, 27.02.2006 03:29

Manifestações no terminal central e no terminal da tupy.

Filipino Backpackers Suspected As NPA Guerrillas, Tortured by Police and Military

trickrust, 27.02.2006 03:29

All that Rundren Berloize Lao, 24, from Davao City
and his group were looking for was adventure. They
headed to the idyllic mountain resort town of
Sagada, in Mountain Province. But they barely
cheated death. Luckily one escaped and they all
live to tell their story of torture at the hands of
police officers.

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