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Artículo de opinión: Mujeres siglo XXI

MarianoCabrero Bárcena, 18.03.2006 11:26

Mi fotografía actual Comentario:
(...).En las empresas, públicas y privadas, se hallan ya muchas mujeres desempeñando labores propias de hombres, pero sin perder para nada su identidad femenina. Debo reconocer que en las últimas no son(...)


Stephen Lendman, 18.03.2006 09:37

An expose of the US gulag prison system at home.

Current TV Supernews Brokeback White House

Current TV, 18.03.2006 05:55

Cheney and Bush Crash the Oscars Bush and Cheney protest Hollywood's gay friendly Academy Awards...

Oregon Biodiesel Workshop

billy, 18.03.2006 04:03


Ecuador en pie de lucha

agencia de los pueblos En Pie - CMI ecuador, 18.03.2006 03:41

Diversas jornadas de lucha, y levantamiento se dieron inicio este lunes trece de marzo contra la firma del tratado de libre comercio TLC, la expulsión de la OXY y contra el Plan Colombia. Se han manifestado a lo largo y ancho del territorio ecuatoriano.

Die Nostradamus - Propaganda der Nazis, 1939 - 1942

Ulrich Maichle, 18.03.2006 03:02

Die sehr aufwendige Archivrecherche beantwortet die überaus interessante Frage, weshalb sich einerder erfolgreichsten Nostradamus - Autoren der Nachkriegszeit hinter Pseudonymen versteckte.

basta de impunidad de los gomezjurado

cristina, 18.03.2006 01:33

el uniforme no es licencia para la impunidad


CESAR, 18.03.2006 01:26


The Dublin Port Debacle

Andrew McGrath, 18.03.2006 00:30

The junior partner in the Irish coalition government, the right-wing Progressive Democrats, a party with 3% electoral support, recently announced a plan to move Dublin port from its present location. A 1990 report by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) made an identical proposal, but this was ignored in favour of upgrades to the existing port and, above all, the construction of the multi-million Dublin Port Tunnel. This article asks why there has been no reference by the PDs, or anyone else, to this 1990 report, and why the plan is now being revived.

NGOs call for international peacekeeping force to deal with water disputes

Irish Examiner, 18.03.2006 00:06

A summit held in Mexico City on the world’s water crisis has opened with a proposal for an international peacekeeping force to deal with future conflicts over water and calls for massive donations to rebuild water systems in poor nations.

Connect from Oracle to SQL Server (Narender Pendyal)

Narender Pendyal, 17.03.2006 23:28

Connect from Oracle Database to SQL Server Database

Fountainhead: XXI Black International Cinema Berlin Germany, St. Louis Mo. 2006!

Fountainhead Tanz Theatre, Berlin Germany, 17.03.2006 23:24

Overview of an international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, publications, weekly television program, dance theatre.

Infoshop Update on Anti-War Protests

Infoshop News, 17.03.2006 23:16

Tens of thousands and hundreds of local groups to protest locally against the third anniversary of the current phase of the U.S.-Iraq war

Spies Use IMF Fraud Overseas

ShoreLines, 17.03.2006 22:59

Non-Official Cover (NOC) government intelligence agents are sinking independent foreign currency and investment houses using fraud to drive people back to domestic institutions. Offshore capital flight has reached epic proportions and is now considered a threat to national security. NOC agents, with hidden ties to government, operate with impunity committing frauds causing people to lose foreign investments. Where the lost monies end-up is a big secret because its funding NOC agent operations for the governments. Here's how:


navarro, 17.03.2006 20:54

I'm military man from Brasile and I am pride to is it. I don't have afraid to anybody: my e-mail is

Φεστιβάλ ενάντια στο Ρατσισμό 21-23 Μαρτίου στο ΑΣΥΝΑΡΤ

Ανδρέας Κατσικούδης, 17.03.2006 19:53

logo Η ομάδα ΡΗΓΜΑ, το Διεθνές Πανόραμα Ανεξάρτητων Δημιουργών Φιλμ και Βίντεο και ο ανεξάρτητος χώρος τέχνης Ash In Art

Σας προσκαλούν σε τριήμερο Αντιρατσιστικό Φεστιβάλ με αφορμή τη Διεθνή Ημέρα Ενάντια στο Ρατσισμό - 21 Μαρτίου.

Liar Liar World on Fire - Shut Up Americans

Poison Truths for Lie Serum, 17.03.2006 17:37

What WIll The World Do With America and Its pitiful Lost Cattle Solid majorities in the Palestine, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco and Pakistan say they have confidence in Osama bin Laden to "do the right thing regarding world affairs." Fully 71% of Palestinians say they have confidence in bin Laden in this regard.

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition: Update on Anti-War Protests

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, 17.03.2006 17:07

Tens of thousands will protest in hundreds of local and regional actions on the third anniversary of the Iraq war

Bush Returns to the Mission Accomplished Ship on Acid

Karen Fish, 17.03.2006 16:10

No More Mr. Nice Guy Goerge Bush returns to the mission accomplished ship tripping on LSD.

Western en Irak : COUPEZ !

UPF, 17.03.2006 15:59

Depuis le 20 mars 2003, GW Bish occupe l'Irak avec ses troupes. Des terroristes s'y opposent à cooup d'attentats, prise d'otages et assassinats. Les habitants cherchent à e pas crever de violences, malnutritions ou maladies. Retour en arrière sur une guerre aux images largements préméditées, dans un pays en état de désolation avancées, où s'accumulent les cadavres.

Irish Queers protest right-wing, city-sponsored, anti-gay St. Patrick's parade

IQ, 17.03.2006 14:21

IQ is protesting today at 57th St and Fifth Ave. in NYC, at 10am

&quot;Escolas&quot; do Brasil - Açougues de futuros (Relato de dois momentos reais)

Joana Oliveira da Cunha, 17.03.2006 14:06

Menina nascida na zona rural de Lençóis (Bahia). Castigadíssima pelo destino. Será flagelada durante toda sua vida em virtude de nosso status quo sócio-cultural. Por ser pobre, por ser caipira, por ter pele escura e por ser mulher.
Tem de trabalhar duro desde cedo. É “tradição”! E dane-se a Constituição Federal, Artigo 227. Infância é um luxo não previsto para ela em nosso ambiente coronelista. A partir de 12 ou 13 anos já trabalha arrancada da família na cidade de Lençóis. Desamparada. Usufruída, aproveitada, abusada (em todos os sentidos), mal remunerada. Eta, escravidão contemporânea! Nossa Bahia real, século XXI.

1976: U.S. endorsed Iranian plans to build massive nuclear energy industry, 17.03.2006 13:27

In 1976, President Gerald R. Ford signed a directive that granted Iran the opportunity to purchase U.S. built reprocessing equipment and facilities designed to extract plutonium from nuclear reactor fuel.

Polish Ministry of Education says &quot;ecological and anti-war movements are dangerous and harmful for young people&quot;

Natalia, 17.03.2006 12:09

In a letter sent 9 March to the polish school supervisors, the Viceminister of Education, Jaroslaw Zielinski, suggested that activists from anti-war and ecological movements shouldn't be allowed any contact with students. According to Zielinski, the ideas spread by these movements only serve as a cover for "dangerous contents".

Bird flu and factory farming finally gets a media look see

brian, 17.03.2006 11:22

LA Times has a good article on this topic. The GRAIN article they refer to is here:

What a pity this news is not getting better press coverage. How else are the dumb people to be made aware of this farago!

Jonathan Smith, geodesic domes

small WORLD Podcast, 17.03.2006 10:57

geodesic domes Interview with Jonathan Smith about building disposable geodesic domes.


David Robert Lewis, 17.03.2006 10:28

How Independent News & Media compromised itself in the quest for profit.

Call for CIPO-RFM Tour - West Coast and South West

Joaquin Cienfuegos, 17.03.2006 09:22

Proposed tour for the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca – Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM)in the South West and West Coast (with proposed kick off event in Los Angeles). The CIPO-RFM is an autonomous organization of indigenous and non-indigenous people who ally themselves with the struggle for indigenous rights and social justice all over the world

US Government and the propaganda MACHINE

Mr.Donald P.Ray Jr., 17.03.2006 05:00

US Govt continued propaganda campaign used to mesmerize the masses into a paranoid frenzy

For a Worldwide Network against War

venceremos, 17.03.2006 02:23

The recent deluge of expressions of “concern” about Iran by Cheney, Bolton, Blair, Rumsfeld et al should be setting alarm bells ringing throughout the world.

The real &quot;Area 51&quot;

Anonymous, 17.03.2006 02:21

The facility at Groom Lake (Nellis), commonly known as "Area 51" is just a test facility. The real "Area 51" is located on another portion of the Nellis Range/NTS. It is almost entirely undergound. It has a very short runway because the "aircraft" which take off from here are not "conventional".

STOP NOW the proposed partnership between the University of Toronto - Toronto's biotech hub &quot;MaRS&quot; - National Research Council - Battelle Institute - a top bio-chem-nuke-missile warfare Pentagon/CIA contractor

People Against Militarization of Life (Int'l ), 17.03.2006 01:41

Letter to all MPPs, MPs, politicians, biotech hubs, Unions, grassroots organizatins etc. regarding unaccountability of research funding agencies, public universities and research hospitals to public; draining public funds from people's essential social services such as housing, education and healthcare into propping biotech industry; militarization of our public research, higer education and healthcare as seen in announced partnership between University of Toronto, Toronto's biotech hub "MaRS," National Research Council and the top Pentagon and CIA contractor in advanced weapons of mass destruction and bio-chem-nuke-missile warfare research Battelle Memorial Institute.

Press Release

Sarah Lyons, 16.03.2006 21:52

A voting rights controversy which arose in New York has important implications nationally and has produced a critical test case scenario to measure how the government is going to respond when Black voters move independent.

On Friday, Dr. Lenora Fulani, the leading African American independent, will hold a press conference in Atlanta with local leaders who have joined her in filing a Voting Rights complaint with the U.S. Justice Department.

In a nutshell, the violations arose after 47% of African American voters in New York City voted for a non-Democratic Party candidate (Mike Bloomberg) for mayor. Subsequently, a political backlash occured whereby the local control of independent political organizations in New York City -- where there are high concentrations of minority voters -- has come under attack.

While in Atlanta, Dr. Fulani will be meeting with local leaders to develop strategies to win support for the complaint, hosting a "meet and greet" at the Mariott Friday evening, and delivering a keynote address Saturday to a Southern Regioinal Conference of Independents (sponsored locally by IMOVE and GIV - Georgia Independent Voters).

“No threat”—but massive security at Melbourne Games

Marco Rossi, 16.03.2006 21:18

To frighten the public The Howard and Bracks governments are in a quandary. They have sought to frighten the public into thinking a terrorist attack on the Games is possible, so as to accept the implementation of draconian measures as part of the “war on terror”. At the same time, however, they fear that this campaign may have driven people away, and, more broadly, tarnished Melbourne’s image overseas as a commercial and tourist attraction.

Venezuela: journalist Ibeyise Pacheco turns herself in, gets 2½ months house arrest

Aleksander Boyd, 16.03.2006 20:03

London 16.03.06 | Have readers noticed the silence of international media with respect to prosecution of Venezuelan journalists Ibeyise Pachecho, Mariannella Salazar and Gustavo Azocar? Apart fom few, and far in between exceptions, the world is yet to awake to the news that in Hugo Chavez's land freedom of expression is being systematically restricted. Yours truly was object of threats by close associates of the regime less than a week ago, and, most probably, had I been in Venezuela I would be either in jail or six feet under. >>


CONAIE, 16.03.2006 19:56

La CONAIE declara que las movilizaciones en diferentes regiones
del país continúan, que al momento no existe negociación de
ningún tipo con el gobierno transitorio de Alfredo Palacio, y que las
comunidades y organizaciones indígenas, campesinas y sociales
están preparando la Marcha hacia la capital de la república, por la
Vida, por la Paz y por la Soberanía.

Venezuela: journalist Ibeyise Pacheco turns herself in, gets 2½ months house arrest

Aleksander Boyd, 16.03.2006 19:53

London 16.03.06 | Have readers noticed the silence of international media with respect to prosecution of Venezuelan journalists Ibeyise Pachecho, Mariannella Salazar and Gustavo Azocar? Apart fom few, and far in between exceptions, the world is yet to awake to the news that in Hugo Chavez's land freedom of expression is being systematically restricted. Yours truly was object of threats by close associates of the regime less than a week ago, and, most probably, had I been in Venezuela I would be either in jail or six feet under. >>

What Do Veterans Think?

elle thomas, 16.03.2006 18:33

Regis Students are Camping Outside to Bring Attention to the Iraq War

Opération Tom &amp; Jerry

CarmelleMalpaso, 16.03.2006 18:17

Les jeunes sont plus intelligents que le ministre de l'intérieur !

Corrie v. Caterpillar: The Struggle for Justice Continues

Emily Schaeffer &amp; Garrett Wright, 16.03.2006 18:15

In March 2005, Rachel Corrie's parents and several Palestinian families filed a lawsuit in US federal court against Caterpillar, Inc. for its role in the killing of Rachel Corrie and Palestinian civilians by IDF-operated Caterpillar bulldozers in the Occupied Territories and for the widespread use of Caterpillar equipment in unlawful home demolitions.


Islamic Community Net, 16.03.2006 17:52

The hypocrisy of the West is exposed once again as the criminals who published libels against Rasulullah (S.A.W.) that incited violence worldwide are let off the hook while peaceful U.K. protestors are prosecuted for carrying signs with messages the Christian crusaders don't like.

Extermination Bombing Deja Vu

Historian, 16.03.2006 17:37

Extermination Bombing 2006 Return with us now to those fascist days of yesteryear...

Educacion en valores, la mejor opcion en la prevencion de las adicciones.

Maggie Ibañez, 16.03.2006 17:21

Desde hace varios años, los voluntarios de la Asociación Mexicana de Cienciología A.C. han llevado un mensaje de respeto y responsabilidad a miles de niños y jóvenes de las escuelas de la Ciudad de México. El mensaje está basado en las obras del educador Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

Join the call for the liberation of Ahmed Saadat!!!

L'altra Lombardia - SU LA TESTA - Milano - Italy, 16.03.2006 17:00

Who wants to join to this appeal address the following email:

Cuba Granted 20 Scholarships to Belizeans to Study Medicine.

Cuban Embassy in Belize, 16.03.2006 16:51

Cuba Granted 20 Scholarships to Belizeans to Study Medicine. There are currently 128 Belizeans studying in Cuba, 67 of them to become doctors.

Slobodan Milosevic

S O'Donnell, 16.03.2006 16:45

The West created its own Slobodan

to offer the industry cleaning their co2 emissions

andreas buechels, 16.03.2006 16:24

bioreactor sure, to use the energy directly from the sun with cigs solarcells, solar thermic installations and sunlight directed trough fiberglass cables indoors ... are best for all of us, humans, animals, plants.

but what to do with this tentousands of coal and petrol-oil using factories ... with owners not willing to invest in solar energy '

offer them to capture their co2 emissions with algae bioreactors and use the algae as animal food and or biofuel

and ... somebody hopfully will invent an ultracompact co2 catching filter / storage for installation in cars, aeroplanes...

UNTIL THEY LISTEN: On the Third Anniversary of the War on Iraq, youth say “three years too many!”

the young people, 16.03.2006 16:01

Nationally – Youth and Students all over the country step up their resistance against the unfounded war on Iraq—“this time we won’t stop until they listen!”

Beginning today as part of the United for Peace & Justice week of anti-war resistance, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) joins with their allies to amplify the youth and student-led cultural resistance against three years of needless war.

Activism Call: Why are people afraid of Rachel Corrie's words?

Ann Petter and Jen Marlowe, The Electronic Intifada c/o £, 16.03.2006 15:47

Actress Megan Dodds as Rachel in the Royal In the New York Times article on February 28, James C. Nicola, the artistic director of the New York Theatre Workshop (NYTW) which was hosting the play, said he decided to postpone the show after polling local Jewish religious and community leaders as to their feelings about the work.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 16.03.2006 15:28

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 15 March 2006, 2mins, englsih

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