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Euskadi Ta Askatasuna has decided to declare a permanent cease-fire from the 24 of March of 2006

indy, 22.03.2006 15:28

ETA has decided to declare a stop the fire that will take effect this next Friday and that will have permanent character. Thus it has let it know in a sent message to this digital edition. ETA explains that the objective of this decision is "to impel the democratic process in Euskal Herria to construct a new frame in which the rights are recognized that as town" corresponds to Euskal Herria and "to assure facing the future the possibility development all the political options".

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna has decided to declare a permanent cease-fire from the 24 of March of 2006

indy, 22.03.2006 15:27

ETA has decided to declare a stop the fire that will take effect this next Friday and that will have permanent character. Thus it has let it know in a sent message to this digital edition. ETA explains that the objective of this decision is "to impel the democratic process in Euskal Herria to construct a new frame in which the rights are recognized that as town" corresponds to Euskal Herria and "to assure facing the future the possibility development all the political options".

ETA declara un alto el fuego permanente

desde el estado español, 22.03.2006 15:24

ETA ha decidido declarar un alto el fuego que entrará en vigor este próximo viernes y que tendrá carácter permanente. Así lo ha hecho saber en un mensaje remitido a esta edición digital. ETA explica que el objetivo de esta decisión es "impulsar el proceso democrático en Euskal Herria para construir un nuevo marco en el que sean reconocidos los derechos que como pueblo" corresponden a Euskal Herria y "asegurar de cara al futuro la posibilidad de desarrollo de todas las opciones políticas"

What is the U.S. really up to in Samarra?

From Fred, 22.03.2006 13:48

BAGHDAD, 22 March (IRIN) - Aid agencies say thay have been prevented from entering
the city of Samarra, in central Iraq, where a major US and Iraqi military operation is underway. "Residents spoke of dead bodies in streets and injured people without assistance."

Darwin imc Hells Angel feature - creates 'fear and loathing'

mick lambe, 22.03.2006 13:00

Feature that caused 'fear and loathing' "Hells Angels - Soft target or organised crime king pins?" - apparently this feature on the persecution of biker groups by police (the Avatar campaign) is causing some 'fear and loathing' in Darwin.


Brandon A. Blosser, 22.03.2006 09:54

Blatant ignorance, fear, and politics are helping to establish a zenophobic view of Arabs which is hurting the free flow of commerce.

In the Crosshairs of Preventive War

Sara Wood, 22.03.2006 09:01

PWIran March 2006 Update of Bush Pre-emptive War National Security Strategy Targets Iran:
An Interview with Preventive Warriors director Michael Burns

Jim White, corporate bloopers

small WORLD Podcast, 22.03.2006 07:59

Jim White Interview with Jim White about corporate bloopers.

Fin del megajuicio a presos tupacamaristas

Dante Castro, 22.03.2006 07:33

El martes 21 de marzo los principales dirigentes del Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru (MRTA) fueron condenados a penas que oscilan entre 20 y 32 años, exigiéndoles a cada uno de ellos un millón de soles por concepto de reparación civil.

Roadmap to Paradise Forests recovery: Greenpeace maps show forests critical at Earth Summit

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 22.03.2006 07:06

Intact forest landscapes What we've lost, what we have left and what we will loose if we don't act now. That is the message that the latest global maps of the planet's last intact forests areas tells us.

A Message to the Citizens of the World, from Dr. Doug Rokke

Dr. Doug Rokke, 22.03.2006 06:51

Depleted Uranium assessment A message to the citizens of the world and especially the politicians, scientists and physicians involved in the debates about uranium weapons from Dr. Doug Rokke, former Director, United States Army Depleted Uranium project, former United States Army Gulf War 1 Depleted Uranium assessment and recovery team health physicist, and confirmed DU casualty.


Daniel Alley, 22.03.2006 03:48

Yahoo! allows racial slurs and threats of violents in Yahoo! ID's

Pederastas y poder

Dematrios, 22.03.2006 01:12

¿Quién gobierna en México?

June 3rd Saturday - Art Protest - Washington DC

rickvoid, 21.03.2006 23:07

/ le fly /bring everything, and everyone.


FX, 21.03.2006 21:47

A review of news &amp; opinion A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

19 Oregonians Arrested Delivering Anti-War Petitions to Senator Wyden's Office, Media Refused Entry

Joy Ellison, 21.03.2006 21:39

On March 20th, 19 Oregonians arrested delivering 1,800 petitions to Senator Ron Wyden to urge to Senator to introduce legislation ending the occupation of Iraq. Delegates were arrested and charged with failure to comply with a federal office

Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) Public Library soon to go wireless -- Unless...

Rebekah Azen, MLIS, 21.03.2006 21:14

Not everyone is happy with the "Wireless Revolution".


DVia, 21.03.2006 19:53

en relation avec la lutte anti-CPE menée en France par une jeunesse qui semble avoir du mal à se faire entendre


KATJUSCIA, 21.03.2006 18:56


2006 Midwest Hip-Hop Covergence

Yes, 21.03.2006 18:51

Saturday April 1st at Antioch College
2006 Midwest Hip Hop Covergence
sponsored by the coretta scotta king center

Biggest Case of Plagiarism since the Invention of the Internet

Stewart Allen, 21.03.2006 18:50

An author publishes a book by stealing content from hundreds of pages of websites.

Jury Nullification -- Our Right To Judge The Law

Pat Hartman, 21.03.2006 18:48

As a juror, you have the right to judge not only the facts but the law itself. If a juror thinks the law is unfair, even though the facts seem to lead to no other end than a conviction, the juror doesn’t vote to convict. Any member of any jury can negate or nullify any law and vote not guilty, even when the judge instructs them to follow only the written law. Jury members always have the power to vote according to conscience, fairness, and justice, regardless of the law and the facts of the case.


KATJUSCIA, 21.03.2006 18:43


Global Nonviolent Resistance Marks Third Anniversary

Danny Malec, 21.03.2006 17:34

Marking the third anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, thousands of activists from all parts of the globe engaged in nonviolent demonstrations and direct action focusing on disrupting business as usual at some of the symbolic “Pillars of the War in Iraq” – US government installations, military bases, congressional offices, recruitment centers and war profiteers. Actions took place in cities around the world, including Atlanta, Belfast, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Madrid, Managua, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rome, San Francisco, San Salvador and Washington, DC. These actions demonstrate increasing boldness to challenge the mechanisms of the war in Iraq through coordinated, global nonviolent resistance.

resistance antifa a milan (en italiano e français)

Cellules offensives de la Suisse francophone., 21.03.2006 17:16

soutien aux priosonniers de la resistance du mars 2006 a Milan...

1. Sane Society PREIS - Internationaler Internet-Tag

Sane Society, 21.03.2006 16:40

Wir möchten euch einladen zu einem Event, den Sane Society zum Internationalen Internet-Tag veranstalten wird. Gegenstand des Events ist ein Wettbewerb, mit dem die beste persönliche Webseite (Kunst,Musik, Literatur) im Portal prämiert werden soll.

I International Internet Day Sane Society Awards

Sane Society, 21.03.2006 16:34

Sane Society would like to invite you to participate in an event to celebrate International Internet Day. The event will consist of a contest to determine the best art / music / literature personal website on the Internet.

Belarus protesters turn to internet

By Sebastian Usher, BBC world media correspondent, 21.03.2006 16:31

In the wake of Belarus' presidential election, which the opposition says was rigged in favour of President Alexander Lukashenko, critics of the government are struggling to spread the word about their protests.

Sexe : après un enfant, c'est différent ?

Tess O'Conell, 21.03.2006 14:26

sexe-sociéte Il y a des femmes pour qui la maternité est source de joie, de bonheur, mais aussi de questionnements ou d'angoisse : si l'on devenait après moins désirable ? Et si, au contraire, cette nouvelle expérience nous libérait, offrant ainsi une vie sexuelle bien plus épanouie ? Article réalisé grâce aux discussions sur

Walkin/ to New Orleans for Peace and Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

Marg4peace Austin Texas, 21.03.2006 13:48

Over 200 vets, Hurricane survivors and peace activists marched 138 miles Mobile to New Orleans March 13-19, 2005. This article is about the first 2 days, to be continued. One chant: "Spend the money to rebuild, instead of sending it to kill."
Yes, friends, we want to study war no more.

democratie zéro

dagory, 21.03.2006 12:44

nécrologie démocratie


Danwalker, 21.03.2006 11:07

La vida de Danwalker

international action day about video surveillance -istanbul-

NOBESE, 21.03.2006 07:23

istanbul nobese NOBESE players had their performance at Istiklal Street in Istanbul.
But their non-violence action ended with civl polices' verbal violence and one player had been taken into custody...

Baseless accusation against the OLF can never buy time for the dying Wayane Regime

Odaa Xasee, 21.03.2006 06:45

Since its ascension to power the Wayane (TPLF/EPRDF) regime has been terrorizing the peoples under its brutal rule by murdering, torturing and imprisoning. The regime demonstrated, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it is willing and capable of committing heinous atrocities in order to fulfill its infamous ambitions. Its track record clearly shows that its atrocity never spares even the people it claims to represent. A vivid reminder of the latter is the regime's role in the brutal bombing of the Hawzen town in the heartland of its support base, the Tigray region. If they can commit a crime of such magnitude against their own people, no doubt, they can do worse to other peoples who are battling the regime for survival. Iraq Spelled Backwards - Three Years Later, 21.03.2006 06:08

One wonders as time and the years go on whether each year there will be a new reason articulated as to why the United States invaded Iraq. Jeopardy 2010:
“Alex I will take reasons for invading Iraq for $1000”
“Here is the answer, weapons of mass destruction”
“What is the first reason of invading Iraq?”
“That is correct!!!”

RINF - Genocide in Canada

Kevin Annett, 21.03.2006 04:33

Some Questions to the General Council of The United Church of Canada.


Daniel Fernandez, 21.03.2006 03:24

Un poco la historia de mi vida

Wal-Mart protesters in Utah have widespread concerns

Joey Caputo and Chuck Tripp, 21.03.2006 01:30

Utahns protesting against Wal-Mart have gone far beyond the excuses offered by its CEO Lee Scott (editorial, "Washington Post ," Feb. 9, 2006, p. A23) concerning why its employees in Maryland lack decent health insurance coverage.

MayDay MayDay! May 1, 2006

Dagmars twin, 21.03.2006 00:16

MAYDAY!!… MAY DAY!! Houston, We Have A Problem!!

On May 1, 2006 there will be an International Day of Global CIVIL-ized Dis-obedience!

We are MAD as Hell, we’re not going to take it any more!!!

&quot;Escribiré paz en tus alas y volarás por toda la tierra&quot;

Camilo Raigozo, 20.03.2006 23:13

Tres crónicasmuy cortas de niñas víctimas del bombarde atómico de los Estados Unidos a Hiroshima y Nagasaki (Japón).

Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner, 20.03.2006 21:32

Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment The average radioactive dose, according to official government index based calculations, was about 23 million radioactive particles for the average adult male in Britain and Europe

Seal slaughter is stain on Canada

Paula Moore, 20.03.2006 20:28

Before the end of March, men armed with clubs, guns and knives will begin the annual slaughter of thousands of baby seals in Canada so they can harvest their fur coats. Seal pups can legally be killed as soon as they have molted their white natal fur, when they are about 12 days old. During last year’s hunt, almost all of the seals killed were just two months old or younger. Many had not yet learned how to swim or eaten their first solid meal. Hunters object to calling these seals “babies,” but that’s what they are. They are helpless and have no escape from the violence raining down on them. Americans should join Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney in protesting the killing. The McCartneys traveled to Canada and appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live in early March to appeal to the newly elected Canadian prime minister to stop the hunt. In a heated debate, one of the hunt’s biggest cheerleaders, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams, stated “for the record” that he does not condone “inhumane activity towards animals.”

john hoWARd come on down, 600 Million for War

Sam, 20.03.2006 20:20

Shame hoWARd shame on you! Defiance plans to spend at least $6 billion on new warships and $12 billion on up to 100 new joint strike fighter aircraft over the next decade over and above social services and welfare spending no doubt!

Solitary Opposition to Rape, War, Apathy, Maligning, Silencing.... A Call To Women

swaneagle harijan, 20.03.2006 18:38

The seriousness of destruction of the future by rape-war culture and greed begs for immediate action. But what? Women, warriors of true peace, continue to be silnced in the context of activism and daily life. Spring is here and where is solution? WE NEED TEN MILLION RACHEL CORRIES, JUDI BARIS AND PAULINE WHITESINGERS AND WE NEED US NOW!!!!!!

Barbara Lee Amendment on Permanent Bases

Repost from jamie, 20.03.2006 16:28

"Washington, DC - Today, during debate on the to an emergency spending bill for the War in Iraq, the House approved an amendment introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) that will prohibit the use of funds to enter in to basing agreements that would lead to a permanent military presence in Iraq"

No pre-emptive Chernobyl in Iran!!!

Stephen M. Osborn, 20.03.2006 15:45

The latest information I have had from the followers of Bush is that he has demanded and received permission to use nuclear “bunker busters” in Iran in a preemptive strike. As a nuclear veteran (Operation Redwing, Bikini, 1956) I can affirm that this is absolute madness. The “bunker buster” is a cute sounding name for a nuclear horror. Air bursts are horrible enough, doing incredible destruction through heat, shock and high initial radiation. The fallout from an air burst is registered around the world. A surface or subsurface burst is even deadlier and more long lasting.

Gun Safety in Arizona Graded &quot;D&quot;

Mari Bailey, 20.03.2006 14:54

Brady Campaign’s Annual State Report Cards Show
Arizona Isn’t Taking Right Steps to Keep Guns Away From Criminals.

11,000 Days

Delaney Bruce, 20.03.2006 14:07

Leonard Peltier Leonard Peltier was found guilty not because he was guilty, but because crucial aspects of his trial were manipulated to favor the prosecution and, consequently, cause a conviction. There is no question that had Leonard been tried with his co-defendants, he also would have been acquitted of the crimes he was alleged to have committed. A political prisoner, Leonard Peltier must be unconditionally released.

EVENT: 3rd anniversary of Iraq invasion to be held in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Anti-War Coalition, 20.03.2006 14:04

Anti-War Coalition, AWC, statement on the 21st March- Sharpville day and 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

This year the Anti-War Coalition links the international violence of the imperialist state with that of all capitalist states all over the world. Thus, more specifically, our holding of this year’s commemoration of the start of the Iraqi invasion, on Sharpeville day (the day in 1970 that the apartheid regime massacred 59 black children).

The commemoration takes the form of an Anti-War Festival with music, videos, poetry and speeches at Community House in Salt River on Tuesday 21st March 2006, from 10am to 16h00.


marque, 20.03.2006 13:23

Imminent invasion of Mohawk sovereign territory!

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