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Tree Protest gets evicted in France

kamaleon, 13.02.2004 15:53

Eviction of the tree camp in Grenoble

Sexuality Project (Lambda Project)

J.R. Teeter, 13.02.2004 15:47

The Lambda Project is an ongoing attempt to tell the stories of the Rainbow Pride Flag. Stories of sexuality (pink), life (red), healing (orange), sun (yellow), nature (green), art (turquoise), harmony (indigo), and spirit (violet). It is never too late to contribute your real-life experiences to this growing body of work and by telling your story you'll inspire other people and hopefully change the way we view the world and ourselves. Go to our website at to learn more about this and other Bread & Water Theatre projects.

Rueda de prensa en el Día Contra la Tortura

Torturaren Aurkako Taldea (Group Against Torture of Basque Country), 13.02.2004 15:13

El organismo TAT ha ofrecido una conferencia de prensa junto con Unai Romano y Susana Atxaerandio, ambos víctimas de torturas, para explicar la reunión mantenida con el director de Derechos Humanos del Gobierno de Gasteiz así como para mostrar el vídeo que solicitaron fuera emitido a modo de spot


Fernando BUen Abad Domínguez, 13.02.2004 14:52

Esta tarde sigue igual.

ATTN: Researchers, Wanna Take Bush Down?

Very Anon, 13.02.2004 11:17

Wanna take Bush down? Scratch deeper at the possibility
that Orlando Bosch and Neil Bush may have bazooka'd the
two WTC buildings.

They Hate US for our Freedom... to dominate them... or kill them trying

Christopher Loch, 13.02.2004 04:46

t-shirt design new anti-Bush, anti-imperialist, anti-war t-shirt

Would somebody please talk to Al Gore?

Harper Fan (from Canada), 12.02.2004 23:41

Only Al Gore can confirm whether or not President Bush has crushed freedom of speech in Canada.

why arent we being taught?

Deep Shadows, 12.02.2004 21:54

not being taught about todays war.

Why Copyright should be forbidden by law...

n.v.o., 12.02.2004 21:21

Lawrence Lessig * Professor of Law at Stanford Law School Founder of the Stanford
Center for Internet and Society..

Speech on copyright.. 24 july, 2002...

Bush's Immigration Trap

Andrei, 12.02.2004 20:59


Declaration of Struggle from Honduras

National Coordinator of Popular Resistence (forwarded by La Voz de los de Abajo), 12.02.2004 20:57

English translation of declaration of struggle from the Coordinadora Nacional de la Resistencia Popular in Honduras.

Help Haiti

istvan magyar, 12.02.2004 19:45

Help Haiti! Send them money! They need freedom

Solution To The Conflict Between Palestine and Israel

Patrick Johnston, 12.02.2004 19:04

The foundation and legal basis for peace in the M.E. exists and must be implemented, even against the will of both parties to the conflict and against the ill-defined/perceived interests of the United States ...

U.S. Readies Own Weapons of Mass Destruction: Energy and Transportation Bills

mtneuman, 12.02.2004 18:34

Steadily increasing combustion of fossil fuels in the U.S. for energy uses -- in product manufacturing and consumption, in increased highway driving, in jet flying and commercial trucking, in lighting, in agricultural production, in heating, road construction, lawn mowing, car racing, recreational flying, motor boating, water heating, pumping and distribution of bottled water, shipping goods to China, Australia and Japan, motorcycling, and other uses of energy derived by combustion of energy sources within the U.S. -- has pumped so many billions of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse "heat-capturing" gases into the finite atmosphere that the average temperature level of the entire planet is now increasing, noticeably.

Haitian Free Trade Zone Workers Unionize

julis bergmann, 12.02.2004 17:46

With the filing of official documents representatives of Workers at the Caribbeans newest Free Trade Zone hope to protect workers rights.

Why The IDF Kills Children

CygnusX1B3, 12.02.2004 15:12

hamas-mortar-youths.jpg There is a reason why children and innocents are killed by the Israeli Defense Forces.


Barbara Smith, 12.02.2004 14:50

England is under siege. Our country is being systematically destroyed to provide housing, roads, airport extentions, and other amenities, for a population deluge that is fuelled by out-of-control immigration. The South East of England will be worst effected...


G, 12.02.2004 14:43

State journalists in Italy threaten to resign because of censorship and disinformation

Safsaf Village \ mid Thirtiess \ north of Palestine \ born in Safsaf Village

Abu Majed, 12.02.2004 13:08

Safsaf is one of the villages of Safad, the village of Maroun is about two kilometers to the south also A'en Al Zaytoun, Qadia, Al Ra'as Al Ahmer, Al Jish and Sa'asa'a next to the Jourmuq Mountain.

Down with Imperialism and Zionism

zorro, 12.02.2004 09:14

Today, February 11, 2004 was the 25th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, whence a dictatorial puppet regime instituted in Iran by Anglo-American-British empire was brought down.

It is important to remember that Imperialism is still trying to recover from its shattered image by starting the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, countries which incidentally, even though neighboring Iran, were backed by impeirialism and in animosity with the Iranian revolution. Thus, this means, Imperialism acts tough and looks mean but all it could muster was to wrestle (like the fake wrestling shows in U.S.) its own lackeys down and call them enemies, after they (the imperialist-zionists) orchestrated 911 as their public relations event for war.

(Bio) Diversity vs. (Bio) Technology!

Biotech IMC, 12.02.2004 08:59

Biodiversity Audio Visual Reporting from the Convention on Biological
Diversity and the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety.

Song: A New Masters Of War

marco, 12.02.2004 01:51

Here's the medium-low fi mp3 of this song.
Higher fidelity and oggs can be got at

they block accesses in mosconi Argentina

mauricio, 12.02.2004 01:49

they cut the accesses to a company of Repsol in the Argentinean


afe, 11.02.2004 23:19

Volvio la transmision por internet de Radio Libre Antagonista

Bush and I were lieutenants

COL. WILLIAM CAMPENNI (retired), 11.02.2004 21:39

George Bush and I were lieutenants and pilots in the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS), Texas Air National Guard (ANG) from 1970 to 1971. We had the same flight and squadron commanders (Maj. William Harris and Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, both now deceased). While we were not part of the same social circle outside the base, we were in the same fraternity of fighter pilots, and proudly wore the same squadron patch.

Globe&amp;Mail: Did Canadian Prime Minister crush free speech for G.W. Bush?

The Harper fan (from Canada), 11.02.2004 19:10

You Read it here first on Vancouver IndyMedia on February 6th.

Some of you thought it was a non-story, but Michael Posner of the Globe and Mail didn't, and wrote about it on Feb. 7th.

Life 101

Richard Nattress, 11.02.2004 19:07

An overview

The Forbidden Truths of the Human War Ritual

The Seer of Forbidden Truth, 11.02.2004 16:36

War is the cathartic reflection of the homicidal rage that is created within the True Realities of you citizen-slaves by the lifetime of abuse, trauma, and victimization that your evil, diseased, and deranged societies inflict upon you.

J.David Galland's....It's So Overwhelmingly Male Here!

Mr. J. David Galland, 11.02.2004 16:34

J. David Galland exposes the institutional bias directed against male soldiers by their uniformed female contemporaries. He further describes the obtuse and infantile policy by the U.S. Army to treat our fighting force as though they were mentally deficient toddlers.

the boy with the bullet in his brain

Felicity Arbuthnot, 11.02.2004 15:37

Felicity examins the reality of iraq with the many child victims of the war who are either forgotten or unable to recieve care for their injuries

We badly need your help

helping, 11.02.2004 14:38

Greg Palast We badly need your help and we're throwing a party to get it. Friday, February 27, 8:30 pm, CBGB's Gallery, 313 Bowery @ Bleecker, NYC, $20 cover (advance purchases).

SOAW Response To Army Request For Meeting

marco, 11.02.2004 14:03

In the name of transparency, SOA Watch broadcast this response to the
US Military's meeting request - so anyone else who'd like to know
about it, can.

IMCs down?

huffer, 11.02.2004 13:39

Boston and Atlanta have been down for more than a day now.

UN Resolution on Queer Rights as Human Rights

Paul McAndrew, 11.02.2004 13:30

In March 2004, 53 nations will sit at the United Nations in Geneva to
discuss, argue, vote and then publicly declare if they believe sexual
orientation and gender identity are human rights or not.

In other words, they will say whether being Lesbian, Gay, Transgender or
Bisexual (or heterosexual for that matter) is a basic right of human beings.
What can you do about it?

Please sign!

Refugees feature: A dream of protection turned into nightmare

news.amnesty, 11.02.2004 13:04

As long as people's human rights are being violated, the world will have a "refugee problem". And whenever there is a refugee problem, the people who will suffer the most are the refugees themselves.

Poética del Hospital

Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez, 11.02.2004 10:54

Los Hospitales no son como los pintan.

Iraqi Womens Rights Activist Facing Death Threats - urgent help needed

Ewa, 10.02.2004 00:13

Yanar Mohammad is a strident vital voice in Iraq society and had long been living under ther barrel of a gun and at threat of being issued a Fatwah. Her work is vital please support her. (also featured, explaination of Law 137)

Impeachment Not Censure, You Morons!

Lloyd Hart, 09.02.2004 22:29

Once again Liberals are showing their total lack of spine and total lack of ability to strike the iron while the iron is white hot. This is what happened when they declared their control over the peace movement that rose up against the war in Iraq by stating they were "backing away from more confrontational forms of protest like non-violent civil disobedience like blocking traffic in the streets of major cities" in the U.S. in March and April of last year.

Sign Petition to Censure President Bush

Sumajun Kie, 09.02.2004 22:03

Tomorrow, will be presenting a petition to Congress demanding that President Bush be censured for his reckless misleading of the American public. Please add your name!!

Where is the mass media coverage for the Drake University Four?

Legume Sam, 09.02.2004 20:25

A call for media coverage of the persecution of peace activists at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.


Barbara Peck, 09.02.2004 18:52

I am part of the National Musicians for Kucinich group. I'm based out of the UK. I have uploaded my 'Real American for Kucinich' promo song (comprised of my song 'Real American' - male vocal country/rock ballad in the style of Bruce Springsteen with part of one of Dennis' speeches edited in. It packs a powerful punch. Kucinich supporters across the country are downloading and burning copies to handout at Kucinich gatherings or use for fundraisers. The song is being used in the soundtrack of an amazing Kucinich documentary video called 'THE ONE' due for release this week. I will be posting information about it just as soon as it happens. I would like to hear feedback so email me if you want!

First Vilnius Independent Video &amp; Short Film Festival !

paul paper, 09.02.2004 18:45

Poster Call for Entries to Vilnius Video & Short Film Festival started !

Two more GI's die in Iraq

joe, 09.02.2004 17:16

News of more GI's killed and wounded in Iraq. From yahoo:

Update this number and post it everywhere!

jamie, 09.02.2004 16:58

Below find the sign the nation needs to see everywhere it's citizens turn! Post it on the front of your home, on the back window of your car, on bathroom stalls, etc., you name it. Don't let Bush and the corporate pigs hide the truth. You may also want to indicate that over 10,000 Iraqi civilians have also been killed in this senseless, heartless war. Peace, jamie.


George Kennings, 09.02.2004 16:17


unity and truth

roderick, 09.02.2004 15:40

we can make it through.

well i think so anyway

President Kirchner: a 'good partner' for the US

PTS - ARGENTINA, 09.02.2004 15:08

Extract from " La Verdad Obrera"
Author: Hugo Echevere
Date: 26/1/04

VOTE FRAUD? Kerry Beat Dean in New Hampshire by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren't Doing the Counting

portland, 09.02.2004 14:42

Clearer to See: Potential Diebold and ES&amp;S vote fraud in USA, pro-Kerry Welcome to the land of Skull & Bones, with the help of Diebold are
Republic is now gone. The New World Order is here, what do you wanna do
about it ?. In the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, exit polls, which are seldom far wrong, indicated a very close race. The final vote was not close. A close race would have constituted a win for Dean, given expectations. There is serious reason to be dubious of computerized vote counting systems (see Verified Voting or Black Box Voting for details). Such
systems were used in New Hampshire, especially those of Diebold, the
company that has attracted the most controversy, so I decided to analyze
the New Hampshire Democratic primary vote in terms of which computerized voting corporation (or hand count) was doing the tabulation.

Trial continues today for the Crawford 5

Russell Frizzell, 09.02.2004 12:36

The trial started Saturday for 5 activists arrested in Crawford Texas on May 3rd, 2003. A caravan of activists were attempting to procede to the residence of President Bush when a police blockade stopped them inside the city of Crawford. The police chief gave the caravan three minutes to dispurse then promptly began arresting people on the charge of demonstraiting without a permit. The jury was selected from local citizens of Crawford who are suspected of holding strong contempt for the peace and justice movement.


DESIREE YAGAN, 09.02.2004 12:34

THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, All Citizens Must Refuse to Submit, Allow Ourselves To Be Decieved or Coerced Into BECOMING A MONOLITHIC, OBEDIENT POPULATION. TO BLINDLY FOLLOW A PRESIDENT {Who Many Profess Is APPOINTED BY GOD} TO LEAD A MISSION. That of a Christian Crusade into the Middle East.

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