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Nice entertainment....

Shocked citizen, 16.04.2004 06:09

Nice song, with even better video clip: Toby Keith - The Angry American

Defend Berkeley Professor Dr. Hatem Bazian &amp; free speech

john doe, 16.04.2004 05:43

Dr. Hatem Bazian is being attacked for supporting the rights of the Palestinian and Iraqi people to self determination. Please support academic freedom and free speech!

Assasination attempt on Professor Humayun Azad of Bangladesh

Raqta, 16.04.2004 05:01

Fundamentalist rightwing terrorists stabbed Dr. Azad with butcher knives in his head and face. Every day bloody murders of businessmen and free-thinkers is taking place in Bangladesh. Lawlessness has gripped the country since extreme rightwing fundamentalist war-criminals have become ministers in Bangladesh through a fraudulent elections that Carter labelled "free and fair"

Pictures from March 20th Protest

A protestor, 16.04.2004 04:58

1 These are pictures from the March 20th protest.

Returning Iraq Soldier Shoots up Bank in Iowa

elvisallah, 16.04.2004 04:55

"He also said the exact reason for robbing the bank was personal," Church added. "He said, 'The only thing I can live in is an 8-by-8 cell.' He realized he was going to jail and he's prepared to do so."

Court cases to be brought against US Ambassador to Venezuela

viva chavez, 16.04.2004 02:48

On April 11, in Caracas, the Venezuelan group ASOVIC (Association of Victims of the April 11, 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez) announced that they would file charges in US courts, and in the World Court in the Hague, against US Ambassador to Venezuela


Vicaria de Solidaridad, 16.04.2004 02:40

THOUSANDS OF AYMARAS ARE BLOCKING INTERNATIONAL ACCESS IN PERU + + + More than 40.000 people are protesting against the governmental corruption – The access from the south of Peru, from Bolivia, are blocked since 13 days ago – The local authorities are entrenched – The big protest is affecting all the turistic activities and agro-commercial activities. + + +

Working Group For a Federal Department of Peace

Sandra Douglas-Tubb, 16.04.2004 02:14

First Regional meeting at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC, Saturday April 17th at 1 pm. Highly successful Victoria meeting held in March.


Honey Millmann, 16.04.2004 00:38

Prsident Bush Pays His Taxes! Photos of Tax protests in NYC April 15, 2004

Accepting Submissions (Social Nerve)

SN, 16.04.2004 00:11

Social Nerve is accepting submission, also for a book to be published

Indonesian Military terrorises civilians during elections in Acheh

John Anderson, 15.04.2004 23:33

‘The latest report from the Acheh Referendum Information Centre (SIRA) is disturbing reading and clearly shows that the recent parliamentary elections in Acheh were brutal and undemocratic' said John Anderson, a member of the Acheh Support Group.

Proof of WMD's Aquired or Soldier Ignored to continue a heartless war?

Ex0duS, 15.04.2004 23:07

This is a email from a army soldier on a AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account. apparently to the president of the united states... too bad it fell into my hands...

Guns Drugs and Revolutions: Supplying the Haiti Contras

David Roknich, 15.04.2004 20:00

the ATF has said that 25 percent of the gun-smuggling cases handled by its Miami office during the past three years have involved firearms destined for Haiti.
A recent article suggests that trans-shipment of guns and drugs through Jamaica has become a serious problem affecting New York, Haiti, and Portland, Oregon. The time frame of the incidents might indicate that guns were smuggled to Haiti for the purpose of overthrowing the legally elected government of Jean Bertrand Aristide. Others may have been shipped to drug dealers in Portland, Oregon.


(( vicaría de solidaridad - perú )), 15.04.2004 19:17

TENSION EN LA REGION DEL LAGO TITICACA Más de 40 mil personas se encuentran movilizadas contra la corrupción gubernamental – Los accesos del sur de Perú están bloqueados desde hace trece días – Las autoridades locales se encuentran atrincheradas – La megaprotesta está afectando todas las actividades turísticas y el tráfico comercial agropecuario


Bad Subjects, 15.04.2004 19:11

New issue of Bad Subjects.

Logic, Mythology and the Iraq War

Gary Sudborough, 15.04.2004 19:01

A logical explanation about why George W. Bush's rationalizations for the Iraq war are asinine and the discussions about Iraq among the pundits and so-called experts on US corporate television are based on false assumptions and are ridiculous as well.

Anarchy Down South

Alexander Trocchi, 15.04.2004 17:47

At long last, the SouthEastern Anarchist Network Conference happened in the post-industrial small city of Greensboro, and out of it comes the latest acronym in the worldwide fabric of anarchist struggle – SEANet, or SouthEastern Anarchist Network.

Insurrection Night Call to Action

Remembrance of Carlo Collective, 15.04.2004 17:33

On the night of June 5th we will show our resistance to the G8 and all forms of oppression.

Biggest Seal Hunt in 50 Years Draws Protest, 15.04.2004 14:50

Canadian seal hunt gets under way

Insurgents Display New Sophistication

Posted by joe, 15.04.2004 14:37

"Insurgents Display New Sophistication:" It is quite possible that the U.S military machice is on the verge of a crushing defeat. Fear of same may prompt war crimes far in excess of what the U.S. monster has felt comfortable displaying to the world in the recent past. But put nothing past them. Some ruling elites are likely quite desperate at this point. We must support the people of Iraq in ther're effort to throw out the occupation. They are leading the way to a new world. Venceremos! joe

April 17 Dick Cheney/NRA Convention Call to Action-Hunt the Rich-Orange Bloc!

Alex Berkman Hunting Club, 15.04.2004 13:12

Bite Back, Fight Back The Hunt the Rich Bloc is an attempt to create a space where radicals are free to voice their opposition to the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh, in a venue where the dialogue regarding violence will not be monopolized by simplistic liberal “guns-are-bad, unless you’re talking about the US
military using them to kill tens of thousands of people around the world, or the police using them against predominantly black men in lower-income neighborhoods” chants and slogans.

props: what Democracy looks like

£, 15.04.2004 13:09

demcracy not ballots!

Uprising being stirred up to distract from 9/11 inquiry??

thinking, 15.04.2004 12:53

I'm starting to think that Bush (or whoever is actually in charge in DC) is escalating the conflict in Iraq to distract from the 9/11 investigation and "new revelations" of their foreknowledge (we knew it all along).

It seems to be the usual Washington mode of operation: like when Clinton launched tomahawk attacks against Afghanistan and Sudan timed to distract from the Lewinsky scandal...

We must rise up!

Dublin Council of Trade Unions by 11-10 (The narrowest of margins) vote down ATGWU Motion calling on the DCTU to have their May Day March as normal on May 1ST this year (2004)

Paul Kinsella (Very disillusioned DCTU Delegate), 15.04.2004 12:43

Repost of my original article on IMC Ireland. Some brief notes re article below. The ATGWU is the Irish Regional Section of the TGWU in Britain. The DCTU are a very similar grouping to say the likes of say the London Trades Council. The IWU are a new Anti-partnership Trade Union in Ireland who had their 1ST Conference a couple of weeks ago.

conf on utopias in Upsala right now (till the 18th)

piet, 15.04.2004 11:50

the papers of all participants are online already (in pdf format), here's the titles from the source page

Día de Acción Global. Manifestación Ciclonudista Mundial

Radio Topo, 15.04.2004 10:25


Stop Corporate Onslaught - Break down their machinery

European Financial Initiative 2004, 15.04.2004 09:57

Five important dates not to be forgotten. Time is money(for them) - stop the corporate
onslaught. Electronic warfare against the criminal banking cartel - stop the
corporate onslaught. On Thursday 22nd of April, on Wednesday 28th of April, on
Tuesday 4th of May, on Wednesday 12th of May and on Tuesday 18th of May.

Today in the MidEast 14th of april

MrParadise, 15.04.2004 07:52

briefing of the events
check out the link for daily news , i cant post everyday on all indymedias

The first anniversary of April 7th in the Port of Oakland

Daniel Borgström, 15.04.2004 04:49

Revisiting a scene of shock and awe to reaffirm our First Amendment rights. Our banner read, “Remember the shots! -- Return to the docks!”

Rothschild Pulls Out of Gold Market!

Charles Pretzlik, 15.04.2004 04:42

Is a crash coming, or did someone finally leverage them out?

City of Eau Claire votes to defend the Bill of Rights from threats of USA PATRIOT Act

Drew Niese, 15.04.2004 03:44

Eau Claire's City Council passes resolution defending Bill of Rights

Some People Push Back

Thomas Wheeler, 15.04.2004 02:09

In April 2003, the United States was celebrating a “cakewalk” and on May 1, 2003, George Bush declared “the end of major combat operations” in front of a banner proclaiming “Mission Accomplished”. In April 2004, “cakewalk” has been replaced with “quagmire” and “Mission Accomplished” has been taken over by a “Nightmare Scenario.”

Report from Occupied Falluja

Jo Wilding, 15.04.2004 02:06

The truth of what's happening in Falluja has to get out. Keep in mind just what your tax dollars pay for on April 15th. Help spread the word far and wide.

Submit your Poetry, Art, Music and Media - SLAM THE BODY POLITIK

Synaptic Graffiti Collective, 15.04.2004 01:28

The Synaptic graffiti Collective is calling for submissions of Poetry; Flash (multimedia); Art ;MP3 recordings; audio/sound/music and digital video / performance pieces for the web page and for the first CD Compilation: SYNAPTIC GRAFFITI: SLAM THE BODY POLITIK

One Summer

Clinton Fein /, 14.04.2004 21:56

Clinton Fein's audio-visual slide show, One Summer, captures a moment in time in San Francisco when the city said no to war. The apathy that followed the anti-war movement's inability to stop the war was preceeded by the passion evident of those appearing in this production.

Italy Must Apologize, Say Captors

Firas al-Atraqchi,, 14.04.2004 21:54

A previously unknown group of "mujahideen" called the Green Division of the Prophet Mohammed announced they had captured four Italian security personnel working with the U.S.-led Coalition. The group broadcast a videotape of the four Italians - all holding passports - and the weapons cache allegedly in their possession.

Is WMD soon to be found in Iraq?!?

Steen Kaster, 14.04.2004 21:52

The Mehr News Agency reports of secret cargo shipping into Iraq...

©OLLAGE The Blue &amp; White

£, 14.04.2004 21:51

©OLLAGE politics meets image

George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism

Rev. Rich Lang, 14.04.2004 20:07

This article takes into account our ruling administration and it's promotion of christian fascism. The article is, of course, from the point of view of a minister from the same faith as our king, which makes it very interesting. ~KOE staff

You know, I always said that before Bush became president, he would be part of the culprit that would bust the Separation Of Church and State concept, our founding fathers had in mind for this country. It appears, I may not have been too far off. -Amadeus Sorensen

Truth of What's Happening in Falluja

Iraqi, 14.04.2004 20:01

The truth of what's happening in Falluja has to get out...

Disturbing Yahoo Web Sites Show Unauthenticated Pictures of Soldiers

Jeremy Reynalds, 14.04.2004 01:53

Unauthenticated Pics on Yahoo site appear to Show Soldiers Abusing Iraqis


Nil, 14.04.2004 00:27


COUNTERCONVENTION.ORG LAUNCHES WEB-BASED PROTEST TOOLS JUST IN TIME FOR THE RNC Collective, 14.04.2004 00:21 Poster New York City is gearing up for massive protests around the Republican National Convention slated for August 29th through September 4th. Everyone from community based organizations to unions to faith-based-groups to global justice activists is preparing for this epic event. is a website designed to help facilitate communication and resources for all those opposed to the RNC.

Gorillas In Our Midst speak out to humanity.

£, 13.04.2004 23:06

R Remember Rwanda

US Troops to Desert- Supply Lines Cut - Surprises COmiung - Run!

A Former Deserter (Vietnam), 13.04.2004 22:37

Many Surprises Hide in Mesopotamia- US is Enemy of God CALLING all Polish, Spanish, Ukranian and Italian troops – COME HOME
– Leave the Brits and Yankees to their own funeral and their own war crimes
– Save Europe – Come Home!

Weapons of Mass Destruction are shipped into Iraq

Zinfandel, 13.04.2004 21:22

Various reports suggest that the missing weapons of mass destruction are likely to be 'found' in the near future as shipments arrive been unloaded in Iraq by US forces.

Building a Clean Energy Future

Joshua Lynch, 13.04.2004 20:44

On April 1st thousands of students and youth across the United States and Canada participated in "Fossil Fools Day," an international Day of Action for Clean Energy Solutions. The 130 actions in 27 states and provinces were powerful, creative, and often hilarious. Together 23 networks and organizations joined youth and student groups of all varieties to send a fierce message to our leaders that the age of fossil fuels and nuclear power is over and the time for real clean energy solutions is now.

Make tax day, this Thursday April 15, a &quot;teachable moment&quot; about the U.S. war in Iraq.

jamie, 13.04.2004 19:21

Make tax day, this Thursday April 15, a "teachable moment" about the U.S. war in Iraq. Highlight US war and its cost to our nation this coming Thursday, April 15th.

Today in the MidEast 12th of April

MrParadise, 13.04.2004 08:35


well excuse the hell out of us!

Santa Cruz IMC DESERVES BETTER!, 13.04.2004 07:50


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