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La vigencia del legado político de Gladis Marín

norton Contreras Robledo, 24.03.2006 13:36

Gladis Marín, fue de las que nunca claudicaron de sus ideas y convicciones, es de las imprescindibles, de las que lucharon cada día, cada año, toda su vida.

Izquierda Punto Info / Nuevo Diario Online / New Daily Online

Benicio, 24.03.2006 11:10

New daily online.

GOOG options fraud?? (~$90 million+)

Aouie, 24.03.2006 10:57

It appears like someone has tried to benefit from advance knowledge that Google was going to be added to S&P 500. 36,080 options contracts traded suspiciously as though Google was worth $342. If the stock moves $25 today relative to yesterday's closing that is a theft of about $90 million.

Canadian Troops In Iraq

Eugene Plawiuk, 24.03.2006 10:37

Members of Canada's top secret commando unit, Joint Task Force 2, had been in Iraq working in tandem with British troops, said officials. It's not clear how many were in Iraq, but they have been in the country for some time.

Canadian Troops In Iraq

Eugene Plawiuk, 24.03.2006 10:31

So says the CBC. A tip o the blog to Vive Le Canada for pointing this out.

No Free Speech Here

Eugene Plawiuk, 24.03.2006 10:26

They want free speech, they want the right to protests,they want to meet the PM. And they lie. Tearful Bardot appeals for end to seal hunt

Paul Watson of Sea Shepard lies. He claims he is arrested every time he gets on an ice flow. He forgets to say thats because he is interfering in the seal hunt. He demands free speech and the right to protest on the ice.

He says that Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette who opposes him is a liar. The DFO are liars, and the Inuit are liars.

Concentration Camp for Falun Gong Disclosed; Illegally Detained Practitioners Killed for Organs

Michelle, 24.03.2006 08:54

Many high-level Chinese Communist government officials in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City know about and have collaborated in this operation. The establishment and operation of the death camp has been masterminded at top levels of the Chinese Communist Party.

Sick Twisted Story of Sexual Abuse comes out of JHS in Salt lake CIty, Utah

Donald Iarussi MFA, 24.03.2006 07:12

A sick and twisted story comes out of a city that has been nicknamed Salt Rape CIty and the Granite Schoold District. Young female JHS Students wereraped, beaten, kicked, burned , a mocked by male sexual predators. This storycame as a surpise to the Granite School District Police Department who did not even know about the incident. Apparently this reporter was the first to report the incident to the Granite School District Police Department. The Granite School District and its staff in a show of arrogance against the press refused to take phone calls and turned off thier answering machines. Nothing is mentioned on the Granite School District web page.I have listed the link

What will the U.S. do next?

Mike Whitney, 24.03.2006 06:50

"The Bush administration will never allow the Iranian government to open an oil exchange (bourse) that trades petroleum in euros. If that were to happen, hundreds of billions of dollars would come flooding back to the United States crushing the greenback and destroying the economy. This is why Bush and Co. are planning to lead the nation to war against Iran. It is straightforward defense of the current global system and the continuing dominance of the reserve currency, the dollar."

New Details of U.S. Moon-Base Project Reveal Nuclear Intentions

Steve Peacock, 24.03.2006 05:28

The first steps toward building a manned lunar base and eventually sending astronauts to Mars quietly unfolded in recent days, as NASA issued a call to industry and academia for proposals on how to best proceed with those projects. Although President Bush in January revealed his preliminary intentions to jump-start future U.S. space missions, The Peacock Report (TPR) this week obtained planning documents revealing the possibility of constructing nuclear power plants on the moon, where “both human and robotic agents” would operate technology production facilities.

Ecuador: Protests Against Free Trade Reach Critical Juncture

Cyril Mychalejko-ZNet, 24.03.2006 03:31

The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, March 21 after countrywide protests and roadblocks led by indigenous peasants intensified.

Protesters are demanding that President Alfredo Palacio end negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, which are scheduled to resume on Thursday in Washington. They also demanded the government expel U.S. oil company Occidental from the country. The protests are in their tenth day and growing stronger, despite headlines in the U.S. media over the weekend suggesting that they were "losing steam" and "fading."
Photos and more info

Toledo Military Recruiting Center Attacked

type A collective, 24.03.2006 01:28

A Toledo military recruiting center attacked by vandals.

FBI lists Indymedia, FNB on 'terrorist watch' list

By Elizabeth Wagoner, 24.03.2006 01:18

Mar. 11- n a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Mar. 8, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs and the Communist Party of Texas as "terrorist watch" cause groups in Austin.

Victims of 1000% interest rate

John, 24.03.2006 01:03

Cashtoday / Cash2day4u / Interim Cash Limited / Heathmill run a payday loan cash advance company from London. They loan out $200 to $400 to american consumers and then charge them $79 in fees every 2 weeks. Many consumers end up paying back $1000's to them. When this information came out on they are now threatening to sue.

ChuckO Munson &quot;Snitchjackets&quot; Anarchist He Dislikes

P-CRAC, 23.03.2006 21:15

Chuck0 Munson Out of pure spite ChuckO Munson accuses well-known anarchist bastard, Duke Aaron, of being an FBI informant after exchanging insults on a public anarchist message board. Duke may be a jerk, but this is not how an anarchist deals with conflict. These type of malicious accusations destroy movements and historically, have gotten solid revolutionaries killed.

Los niños y jóvenes merecen una educación eficiente y completa.

Maggie Ibañez, 23.03.2006 19:51

La falta de información y la información errónea hacen que las drogas parezcan un juego y llaman la atención de chicos y grandes.


Rossana Fernandez, 23.03.2006 18:23

Un resumen de los hechos cientificos y datos estadisticos tras la mascara del Trastorno por Deficit de Atencion


Jenny Alcala, 23.03.2006 18:20

El uso de medicamentos psiquiatricos para resolver problemas escolares solo engendra la violencia extrema que hemos vivido ultimamente.

Niños torturados

Cristina, 23.03.2006 18:17


El TDAH no es una enfermedad

Dra. Margarita Gonzalez, 23.03.2006 18:14

Carta abierta a los padres de familia escrita por la Dra en Pediatría Margarita González. Esta carta alerta a los padres para que no se dejen engañar por falsos diagnosticos.


Cristina, 23.03.2006 17:49

Aunque no existen criterios científicos objetivos que confirmen la existencia del trastorno de déficit de atención e hiperactividad, los síntomas que según se dice presenta son “muy reveladores”.

Fountainhead; XXI Black International Cinema Berlin Germany, St. Louis Mo. 2006!

Fountainhead, 23.03.2006 15:51

Overview of an international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, publications, weekly television program, dance theatre.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 23.03.2006 15:20

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 22 March 2006, 2mins, english

Kouchner lance sa &quot;Fabrique&quot; à Toulouse

Nadine Crausaz, 23.03.2006 15:12

Bernard Kouchner a administré le Kosovo en tant que représentant spécial du secrétaire général des Nations Unies de juillet 1999 à janvier 2001. Il a l'expérience des grands chantiers. Celui de la France est vaste.

Red Baiting Chomsky

Eugen e Plawiuk, 23.03.2006 14:34

Yesterday the National Pest featured a right wing attack on Noam Chomsky. It is bylined by Peter Schweizer, National Post.

Les pigistes, la face cachée des précaires.

Gérard GASTAUD, 23.03.2006 14:33

nouveau site pour la défense des pigistes.

An arranged marriage

Susan Smith, 23.03.2006 13:30

It is about my life story and how arranged marriage came into my life

Muslim Text enlightens Muslims

Nazir Daud, 23.03.2006 09:47

Muslim Text launches the first worldwide SMS Text service for Muslims.

protests against dictatorship in Belarus, 23.03.2006 08:48

westerm media and bloggers about anti-lukashenko protests and elections in belarus 19.03.2006-...

BC Government Is Violating Canada Health Act: Mexican Migrant Farm Workers Suffer without Basic Medical Coverage

Justicia for Migrant Workers, 23.03.2006 08:00

(Vancouver)-Migrant farm worker advocates are accusing the BC Liberals of violating Canada's Health care act by denying migrant farm workers access to health care in BC. Justicia for Migrant Workers, an advocacy group fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers in BC is demanding that migrant farm workers from Mexico be immediately included under the province’s MSP health insurance scheme, so that they can be given basic health coverage. Mexican workers have already started to come back to BC for the third year in a row, and up to a couple thousand workers are expected this year throughout BC.

De l'Affaire d' Outreau aux poursuites contre les militants bretons: Madame Lebranchu doit s'expliquer jusqu'au bout

Youenn, 23.03.2006 07:44

Devant la commission d'enquête parlementaire sur l'Affaire d'Outreau, l'ancienne ministre a déclaré ne pas être intervenue dans ce dossier. Elle avait reconnu en décembre dernier intervenir dans les affaires dites de « terrorisme ». Elle doit donc s'expliquer sur ses « rapports directs avec les juges d’instruction » qui sont des magistrats indépendants censés « instruire à charge et à décharge ».

Pour la Coordination Anti-Répressive de Bretagne,
Le porte-parole,
Claude Le Duigou
Note : Madame Lebranchu avait d’ailleurs violé le principe internationalement reconnu de la présomption d’innocence en désignant des personnes mises en examen comme « coupables », entre autres pour continuer de justifier la détention « provisoire » de militants indépendantistes bretons. Elle l’a fait, par exemple, lors d’une assemblée générale de SOS-Attentats, le 27 janvier 2001, en parlant d’« interpellations des membres les plus radicaux de l’armée révolutionnaire bretonne, au cours du mois d’octobre 2000 » (les deux personnes mises en examen à l’occasion de cette nouvelle rafle ont été jugées : l’une d’elles a été condamnée à cinq ans de prison avec sursis, l’autre a été totalement blanchie par un acquittement…), alors qu’aucun procès n’avait eu lieu. Elle l’avait déjà fait au moins à deux reprises auparavant, dans le Journal Du Dimanche et sur France 3 Ouest le 24 décembre 2000, deux mois après son entrée en fonction.

2nd Renaissance -18

Lothar, 23.03.2006 06:54

Humanity's future will be built there It is worth learning geometry as the ancients taught it because music is geometric. It is worth studying music in a geometric sense because this uncovers truths about vibrations and patterns of vibrations, Vibrations are important because all matter is formed from them. The 2nd Renaissance involves an explosion of knowledge and discovery that is taking humanity beyond the old 'drop in on your foot' materialistic and mechanistic view of the world and the universe beyond. The 21st century talent collectives that will build new technologies to defeat scarcity and create abundance will do most of their work in the realms of invisible vibration patterns. All young people, both boys and girls, now need to learn within these fields of knowledge, because humanity's future will be built there.

Negative News Media

Vern Moore, 23.03.2006 05:01

Negative News virsis Positive News

Anti-War Resistance in North Carolina

anonymous, 23.03.2006 04:14

The night of Tuesday, March 21st, the worldwide resistance against the brutal U.S. occupation in Iraq erupted in North Carolina.


Anonymous, 23.03.2006 04:02

The mother of a soldier in the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation program at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, has been blogging about the horrific conditions that her son and his comrades are experiencing. One of those soldiers died on Sunday, and the ensuing chaos has the U.S. Army scrambling to spin and stop the leaks. This entry is a copy of the latest post from

Liedermacher setzt Regierungskampagne mit faschistischer Handlung gleich

untergrund-pr, 23.03.2006 01:58

Bei einem Auftritt des antikapitalistischen Liedermachers Michael Schade am 22.03.2006 auf dem Münsterplatz in Ulm bezeichnete Dieser die "Du bist Deutschland"-Kampagne als "faschistische Aktion" und präsentierte sein Gegenlied


JAIME, 23.03.2006 00:17





JULIA, 23.03.2006 00:03



Huge Worker and Student Revolt in France: Hundreds of Thousands Fight Attacks on Young Workers news, 22.03.2006 23:35

France Protest and Call for General Strike Huge Revolt in France, happening now! Read about it all at

United Nations tells US to halt abuse of Western Shoshone

Brenda Norrell, 22.03.2006 22:35

A United Nations committe told the United States to desist from abusing Western Shoshone human rights, as the US proceeds with nuclear testing and construction of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump on sacred ancestral lands

Western Shoshone, counting friends in Washington: None

Brenda Norrell, 22.03.2006 22:31

Praising a United Nations committee for demanding the United States desist from the abuse of Western Shoshone, National Council Chief Raymond Yowell said Congressmen and President Bush should stop claiming to be a friend of the Western Shoshone.

Oil gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP pipeline

Leonard Doyle, 22.03.2006 19:39

Across the frozen North Slope of Alaska, the region's largest oil accident on record has been sending hundreds of thousands of litres of crude pouring into the Arctic Ocean during the past week after a badly corroded BPO pipeline ruptured.

Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

Bob Nichols, 22.03.2006 18:47

Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment The average radioactive dose, according to official government index based calculations, was about 23 million radioactive particles for the average adult male in Britain and Europe.


Rob P, 22.03.2006 18:17

A Video of an unprovoked police assault in the March 18th riot in Barcelona

Rennie Davis issues conciliatory response to attacks from hate speech web site

Jeremiah Itzhaki, 22.03.2006 18:11

Rennie Davis A conciliatory response by Davis, excerpts of which are included below, was received with vitriolic rhetoric and accusations by the leaders of a fringe group accused of being a hate group that actively promotes an agenda of religious intolerance and anti-Indian bigotry

When vices become values

S ODonnell, 22.03.2006 16:53

Downard moral spiral of USA

Mock Israeli Elections

Mike, 22.03.2006 16:31

Mock voting in the upcoming Israeli election. COFI has launched a GOTV effort in a mock Israeli election, running March 20th-27th. Let your voice be heard! Whatever your politics, vote on their website today -!


yop, 22.03.2006 16:00



yop, 22.03.2006 15:58


PEACE HAS NO BORDERS - A FESTIVAL OF RESISTANCE - June 16 &amp; 17 - Call to Action!

Jenny Peshut, 22.03.2006 15:36

Call to Action! June 16-17 Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, Ontario CANADA

The Western New York War Resisters League [WNYWRL], Veterans for Peace Chapter 128 [VFP] and the War Resisters Support Campaign (CANADA) [WRSC], calls on you to turn your back on U.S. war and imperialism and unite in solidarity to stop the illegal war in Iraq. The International Peace Bridge located between Buffalo, N.Y. and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada will be where we, the people of the U.S., Canada and the world, take the courage to march and demand an end to the Iraq war. We will tell the U.S., “hands off Iraq, hands off U.S. soldiers,” and tell Canada to act by letting them stay, by granting these soldiers asylum in Canada because they refuse to fight in the illegal war in Iraq.

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