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2nd Renaissance -19

Lothar, 27.03.2006 07:55

Scientific Theories Fall Into Three Domains A key principle in such situations will be to limit the time that any individual can serve in political office. One or two terms should be the limit, there should be no opportunity for people to make a career out of politics. Nor should it be possible for generation after generation of any family to be employed in politics or as politicians. One only has to look at the distortions and inequalities that some of these political dynasties have introduced to the course of legislation in Australia and the US to know that long-term careers and generation to generation successions are not a good idea.

Why the Film? Why The Wolrd Hates the USA

Peter Norbridge, 27.03.2006 04:47

This Movie Will Be As Good AS You Who Send Us Movie Clips and Ideas Make to Be If we can deliver the significance of the world’s anger to the American public then perhaps they will make the right choices about whether to support either of their political parties when they both support policies that are so hated and feared.

Blood On Our Hands

BOOH Admin, 27.03.2006 03:27

Blood On Our Hands Banner A Call to Action "We the People" must accept the responsibility for the killing of innocent civilians. Our tax dollars are used to fund the illegal war in Iraq and we must now act, collectively, to put an end to this.

Carta a los estudiantes franceses

COR argentina, 27.03.2006 01:26

Desde Argentina, queremos hacerles llegar esta carta saludando las acciones que están llevando acabo.

Lettre aux étudiants français

COR - argentina, 27.03.2006 01:07

D’Argentine, on veut vous faire arriver cette lettre qui salue les actions que vous menez à bien.

Lettre aux étudiants français

COR - Argentina, 27.03.2006 01:05

D’Argentine, on veut vous faire arriver cette lettre qui salue les actions que vous menez à bien.

SF Bay Area Indymedia discredits Independent Media Center

Bill Levinson, 27.03.2006 00:25 now has a proven record of censoring articles that condemn abuse of women, Christians, and gay people for no conceivable reason except to prevent condemnation of militant Islamic nations that are doing the oppressing. This goes against the Independent Media Center’s stated mission and bringing discredit upon Indymedia throughout the world. describes additional problems.

Never Ending Funding for the Never Ending Iraq War: A Discussion of the Pending Supplemental Spending Bill

Jeff Leys, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, 26.03.2006 22:19

Congress is poised to approve an additional $67.5 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The funding has already passed the House and will be taken up by the Senate, with a vote expected by the end of April--at the latest. The following analyzes the funding in the bill, the escalation is military spending in the U.S. since 2001 and the never ending source of funding for the Iraq war.

Carta de Pepe Carvalho a Bienvenida Pérez

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 26.03.2006 13:06

El Ave Phoenix que ha resucitado la señora Maigret en el grupo que encabeza la última y al que adhiere, asimismo, Pepe Carvalho, que se propone desactivar la estrategia de la conspiración de los medios de comunicación franceses activa un nuevo intento del último para atraerse la complicidad de los agentes de esta conspiración global.

Whistle Blower leaks UK (War) Plans for Iran

linger, 26.03.2006 10:53

John Sawers is the Political Director of the British Foreign Office, and one of their most senior civil servants. He served as Tony Blair’s envoy to Baghdad. A letter he wrote to Tony Blair days after the occupation of Iraq was leaked. In it, he appears intelligent, insightful, and well informed.

Türkisch Anwältin Keskin in Haft

fr@u, 26.03.2006 10:39

Die türkische Anwältin und Menschenrechtlerin, die sich v.a. im Kampf gegen sexuelle Folter engagierte und dafür vom türkischen Staat immer wieder bedroht und behindert wurde, hat nun eine Haftstrafe von 10 Monaten erhalten. Um die Sicherheit der Anwältin innerhalb der Gefängnismauern muss gefürchtet werden...

3/25: Los Angeles: Half to 1 Million People Protest against Anti-Immigrant Law!

Lee Siu hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 26.03.2006 09:50

Today in downtown Los Angeles, over 1 million people demonstrated in support of immigrant rights. This was the largest demonstration in the history of California.

Foro social mundial ¡Levántate y anda!

Fernando Bellido, 26.03.2006 03:12

¡Levántate y anda!


Peter Newman, 26.03.2006 02:52

Dr Immanuel Velikovsky was Jewish and proud of it. He courageously bequeathed to our tragic civilisation the only valid explanation of this amazing and otherwise inexplicable phenomenon of the obscene violation of children's bodies.

Children of Abraham - Death in the Desert - A Must Watch Flash

Chris Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, 25.03.2006 23:48

Words have left me. Let the images speak to your heart.


ana etlis, 25.03.2006 22:36

La Comisión Organizadora del Movimiento contra la Impunidad se reunirá el 1 de abril a las 16 hs. en el hotel Bauen.

berlusconi a genova 21-03-2006

filippo argenti, 25.03.2006 20:42

nel corso della manifestazione di Forza Italia a Genova del 21-03-2006 nella quale ha preso parte Silvio Berlusconi, alcune persone si sono riunite per protesta. Il giorno dopo, dalla casa delle Libertà la vicenda è stata stigmatizzata con toni apocalittici: squadristi pagati dalla sinistra. Bhe dalle immagini che vi invierò potrete giundicare voi


FX, 25.03.2006 20:35

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

Women’s Rights Under Assault, Abortion Outlawed In South Dakota

STEVEN ARGUE, 25.03.2006 20:12

The right to abortion was won in the United States in 1973 through a mass struggle in the streets that culminated in the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. A radicalized movement for women’s rights, born out of the movement against the Vietnam War and other struggles for social justice at home, was sickened by the injustice of women being butchered in illegal back alley abortions and saw the right of women to control their own bodies as fundamental in the struggle for women’s equality.

How 200 soldiers saved 3 pacifists - from their CIA &quot;captors&quot; in Iraq!!!

Frank T, 25.03.2006 19:04

Actually the "Media Blitz Rescue" of 3 pacifists by the "Brave" US allies in Iraq was really just a hand-over by the CIA who kidnapped and imprisoned them in the first place!

National Students Video Film Festival 2006

G BIJU MOHAN, 25.03.2006 17:54

Jahangirabad Media Institute (JMI) announces a two day National Students Video Film Festival to be held at JMI campus on 15-16 April 2006. Entries are welcome from students studying in various media institutes.

What is good for the seals is good for Canada

Anti-Fur Society, 25.03.2006 17:15

Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, asking him to have the courage to stop the madness of baby seal hunt atrocities.

Una Celebración Internacional para honrar al escritor y Fundador de Cienciología L. Ronald Hubbard

Alma Rosa Lugo, 25.03.2006 16:52

Hubbard Cienciólogos de todo el mundo, amigos y admiradores celebrarán esta semana la extraordinaria vida del escritor y fundador de la religión de Cienciología, L. Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986).

Erosion of Civil Liberties - Police Agreession

Arlene R. Atherton, 25.03.2006 16:52

“ Refusing to Give Name a Crime” leads even the police to believe they have powers they do not. (Washington Post, June 22, 2004; Page A06). Post 9/11 Hysteria has lead law enforcement to believe they have powers to detain people, beyond those written on the books. Wearing a head scarf in a New England town drew attention. The right to be left alone in abence of an investigation of a crime is challenged when a police officer believes simply becausehe has authority to put you in jail - he can do so.If we do not insist on using and applying our rights – do we have them?


Stephen Lendman, 25.03.2006 15:42

How the US is moving from a republic to tyranny.

Micheal Keith-Smith British fascist headcase brings libel case against forum user...

Amok Attock, 25.03.2006 14:47

Network this PLEASE (laughter) because this nasty rich british right wing nonce deserves so much hassle now I think after trying to 'win' a argument by taking his opponent to the libel courtroom...please lets send the the (probably) masonic headcase completly mental.

Pressecommuniqué zum 7. Antifaschistischen Abendspaziergang Bern 06 Skinheads Walk

OK Skinheads Walk 06, 25.03.2006 12:30

Kurzes Pressecommuniqué zum 7. Antifaschistischen Abendspaziergang 2006 vom Skinhead Block.

Australian Web Site Forced To Shut Down

Richard Phillips, 25.03.2006 10:20

Powerfully exposed several key lies Flying home from India, I started to ask myself what a leader like Mahatma Gandhi would do, but I feared I would not be able to live up to the answer, unless I have some wise advice form my longtime friends. Please look into your hearts and let me know what you find.

Estado Espanol:Tercera valla de Melilla

tod@as somos tod@s, 25.03.2006 08:27

La tercera valla de Melilla El Gobierno presenta la tercera valla de Melilla, que impide que los inmigrantes se lesionen al saltar."Se lesionen al saltar". 22.03.06

Melilla: der dritte Zaun

tierr@, 25.03.2006 08:22

der dritte Zaun Nach dem "Sturm der MigrantInnen auf Ceuta", 2005, verstärkt Spanien das technologische Abschottungssystem der südlichen Festungsfront Europas... "zum Schutz der MigrantInnen"

Stop HR4437

Lurko, 25.03.2006 08:15

Image Stop HR4437


BERARDI BRUNO, 25.03.2006 07:32


Progress of Allied Forces in Iraq

Alaa, 25.03.2006 07:25

Alaa from Iraq talks about the current strategic situation in his country.

Harvard Study: US Foreign Policy &amp; The Israel Lobby

Various, 25.03.2006 03:52

If there is one positive to be taken from the Madness of the past five years, it's that the people and groups responsible have exposed themselves like never before. We must all be taking detailed notes during this period, so that once they are stripped of the power they now tenuously hold, they never regain it.

Here is a link to the study in question:$File/rwp_06_011_walt.pdf

Ethnic Cleansing And The &quot;Moral Imperative&quot;

Edward S. Herman, 25.03.2006 03:49

A timely discussion, given the recent discussion about the Balkans, and the release of a Harvard Study on the Israel/Zionist Lobby, and its effects on US foreign policy, the media, and Western misconceptions about Zionism's genocidal War on Palestine.

The Return of Revolutionary Music

Mexica, 25.03.2006 03:14

The sonic onslaught of BOOMERANG POLITICK lays siege to Los Angeles, and beyond...

March 25-28 Nationwide Weekend of Actions to Support Immigrant Solidarity!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 24.03.2006 22:45

March 25-28 Nationwide Weekend of Actions to Support Immigrant Solidarity!

Argentina magmática, trágica, dolorosa

Isadora, 24.03.2006 22:22

Un texto que muestra el costado trágico de la Argentina

Georges W. Bush has been sentenced to death

Michael LePendejj, 24.03.2006 22:15

He has been declared guilty of many charges and sentencded.

Opportunity for Youth in DC this Summer

Pat Elder, 24.03.2006 22:15

Students will learn to organize demonstrations from veteran DC activists.

Carta de la señora Maigret a John Lennon

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 24.03.2006 21:51

Cuando John Lennon creó “Imagine”, éste, probablemente no imaginaba su propia muerte. La Señora Maigret ofrece, en esta carta, testimonios de la pervivencia de Imagine y de los excelentes resultados que puede tener este discurso, el que mantuvo el mismo cantaautor en su época de los Beattles y los de otros, como Saint Exupéry o Dylan en la puesta en práctica de otros mundos posibles

Carta de la señora Maigret a John Lennon

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 24.03.2006 21:47

Cuando John Lennon creó “Imagine”, éste, probablemente no imaginaba su propia muerte. La Señora Maigret ofrece, en esta carta, testimonios de la pervivencia de Imagine y de los excelentes resultados que puede tener este discurso, el que mantuvo el mismo cantaautor en su época de los Beattles y los de otros, como Saint Exupéry o Dylan en la puesta en práctica de otros mundos posibles

Izquierda Punto Info / Nuevo Diario Online (Sumario)

Benicio, 24.03.2006 21:31

Sumario del numero lanzamiento de Izquierda Punto Info

The next popular war

Xymphora, 24.03.2006 21:14

"Since September 11 there has been ongoing speculation that the Bush Administration would counter one crisis or another by triggering another terrorist attack on American soil. The Republicans are in a particular funk at the moment, and with elections coming up, the idea that another attack might occur is difficult to resist."



Προχωραμε σε σταση εργασιας και κατάληψη του γραφειου του διοικητή του νοσοκομείου σε συντονισμό με το σωματείο εργαζομένων ενάντια στην αυταρχική διοίκηση και την συστηματική προσπάθεια τρομοκράτησης και πειθάρχησης των εργαζομένων.

Armenian Activist Fears For Life - Help Him

Odessa Steps, 24.03.2006 19:32

An Armenian anarchist, activist and human rights campaigner has until 7th April to fight deportation where he faces a show trial or violence by neo-nazi groups. He needs your help.

Democracy and Education Conference

Uconn Free Press, 24.03.2006 18:57

Democracy and Education Conference The University of Connecticut is hosting a (completely free) two day conference on the topi of: Democracy and Education on April 1st and 2nd. The event will feature activists such as Micheal Parenti, Elaine Brown and Ben Manski. Additionally, in the evening there will be (also completely free) musical performances by David Rovics, The Ben Kritikos Band and Riot Folk. For more info, head over to

Movement To Oust Corrupt Prime Minister Gains Momentum in Thailand

rez, 24.03.2006 18:26

Thai People Gather at a Rally at the Royal Plaza, Bangkok Tens of Thousands of Thai people are meeting at huge street rallies to depose scandal - tainted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatara

The Temple of Love Sending Delegation to Free Convert

Karen Fish, 24.03.2006 17:33

A Lot is at Stake The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion is sending a delegation to Kabul Afghanistan on Sunday March 26, 2006, to free Abdul Rahman, who converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago.

Parralellons un peu ...

Sett, 24.03.2006 13:45

Pour l'unions des lutte et la prise de conscience collective, comparaison etat-mafia, appel à la lutte.

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