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bryanwei, 03.04.2006 19:04

about a rock band


Mauro Vay Gonon, 03.04.2006 18:01

En una reciente marcha, dirigentes campesinos de la Coordinadora Nacional Indígena y Campesina -CONIC- dieron declaraciones a la prensa nacional guatemalteca de que respaldan a los campesinos de la finca Nueva Linda quienes demandan tierras y compensación económica del gobierno, sin embargo dichas afirmaciones son totalmente falsas pues la lucha en la finca Nueva Linda es por justicia en los casos de secuestro, tortura y asesinatos que han sufrido los campesinos. Este es el comunicado del grupo de campesinos en resistencia:

America's War on the Web

Neil Mackay, investigations editor for the Sunday Herald, 03.04.2006 17:12

The Pentagon is stepping up its program to control ALL web content by 2009.

Aspartame Causes Blood Disorders

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, 03.04.2006 16:03

Aspartame has been proven to cause leukemia by an impeccable study in Italy peer reviewed by 7 world experts. Dr. James Bowen elaborates on other blood disorders including lupus triggered by aspartame.

When Even Water is Not a Human Right

Repost from jamie, 03.04.2006 15:27

"Today, Tenochtitlan/Mexico City has dried up. What little remains in its aquifers is being pumped out at twice the rate that it can be replenished and the metropolitan area's 21.3 million residents receive just 184 liters per capita each year, one twenty fourth of the national average. Service is so poor in the ragged colonies at the edge of the city that cockroaches run out when the faucet is turned on."

The Raspail Appeal (Paris, EU)

Anarcho-Frog, 03.04.2006 15:22

This "Raspail Appeal" shows that some protesters in France are opposed to more than just the CPE...

World Bank / IMF Protests Scenario Outline

Farragut Squares Collective, 03.04.2006 15:13

We are not mobilizing for this year’s World Bank / IMF meetings? What?! You will not find a rally and a march from one part to another filled with speeches and empty platitudes. BUT, YOU WILL FIND LOTS OF ACTION! Don’t come to Washington, DC, April 21 – 23 if all you intend to do is march. However, if you want to take effective action, you can march and do a whole lot more!

Italy and Mafia/1: A brief history of Italy

Mario Alemi, 03.04.2006 13:36

A brief analysis of the fight against the Mafia in Italy. First part.

About Dracula

A91011026, 03.04.2006 10:52

Few facts about the fictional Dracula.

Torture Victim Tells How He Was Brutalized In Iraqi Ministry

Marcia Hassis, 03.04.2006 06:56

A first person account by a young Iraqi man of how he was tortured in the Ministry Of The Interior after being jailed for crimes he didn't commit.


y, 03.04.2006 06:09


Melbourne’s Commonwealth Games: glitter covering glaring inequality

Terry Cook, 03.04.2006 03:56

Sierra Leone remains the world’s poorest country No doubt, all the athletes competing had trained hard and long to produce many noteworthy and outstanding performances. However, the huge disparity between the number of medals won by athletes from advanced or developing countries, and those from underdeveloped countries was itself a startling reminder that the vast majority of the nations participating were among the poorest on the face of the earth.

March 25th Coalition is on the Move

Jesse Diaz, 03.04.2006 03:43

The March 25th Coalition has made a call for "Un Dia Sin Inmigrante," "A Day Without an Immigrant." Please join us in solidarity on the day of protest against the repressive anti-immigrant legislation currently on the Senate's Judicial Committe table.


RADIO HUMANITARIA, 03.04.2006 01:08


‘Independent Media’ Advisor Slot Created for USAID-Europe/Eurasia

Steve Peacock for, 02.04.2006 23:12

Investigative reporter Steve Peacock, founder of The promotion of “independent media” in Europe and Eurasia will be a top priority for a new senior advisor that the U.S. government will deploy this year. Although privately contracted media-advisors have been on the payroll of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) since 1995, the responsibilities of such advisors are about to take a new twist: in addition to purportedly advocating media independence, the new position will simultaneously tackle the promotion of human rights and peace among religious and ethnic groups.

Animal lovers:&quot;Bizarro's&quot; creator Dan Piraro's Bizarro Baloney Show opening in Los Angeles

Ali Phillips, 02.04.2006 17:27

Tickets go on sale APRIL 1ST for the April 13th "Bizarro Baloney Show:Comedy For A Cause" tour. Daryl Hannah Big Fan of "Bizarro"

Decenas de muertos al aplastar un camión a una furgoneta

Igualdad Animal, 02.04.2006 14:11

Decenas de cerdos y tres humanas/os, mueren esta mañana en Zaragoza, al arrollar un camión an una furgoneta


stephen Lendman, 02.04.2006 11:31

An account of likely US military or other action to oust Hugo Chavez

April 10 National Day of Action &amp; Rally for Immigrant Rights!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 02.04.2006 10:21

Recognizing that the USA is a nation of immigrants, join the April 10 in a massive rally!

3/27-31: Nationwide Week of Massive Student Walkouts for Immigrant Rights!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 02.04.2006 09:50

Reports of students walk outs from across the country

A Free International Newswire for Independent Media

Common Language Project, 02.04.2006 09:49

Banner For too long, independent media sources in the U.S have depended on the mainstream press as our stringers for international reporting. Its time we had a say in what we report on, not just how we report it. Thats why the Common Language Project has founded the Common Language Newswire- an international newswire for independent media sources.

Open Letter to Politicians, Unions, Grassroots organizations, media, individuals etc. - updated version April 2 2006

Ivona Vujica, PAML, 02.04.2006 03:27

Open Letter to Politicians, Unions, Grassroots organizations, media, individuals etc. concerning an unprecedented and dangerous proposed partnership between "notorious" bio-chem-nuke-advanced weapons of mass destruction Pentago-CIA contractor Battelle Memorial Institute and University of Toronto, MaRS (Medical and Related Sciences - Toronto's biotech convergence hub) and the National Research Council (NRC). The partnership would create the National Biomedical Centre in downtown Toronto through which all biomedical research would flow (including research from teaching hospitals etc.). Battelle would be in the key position as manager and would place for all intents and purposes Pentagon-CIA interests (Battelle) at the heart of our Public Health and Public Higher Education systems. Collectively we can and must stop this partnership.

Washington fed propaganda against Chavez: call for action

Politica Urgente, 02.04.2006 03:25

On March 27, Channel 4 aired a propaganda report on Venezuela aimed at softening up the scene for a future US attack. Action is recommended, before all major corporate media follow the lead.

Thousands Rally for Immigration Rights in Oklahoma

By Melissa A. Wabnitz, 02.04.2006 02:44

An estimated 10,000 men, women and children rallied at the Oklahoma State Capitol Saturday, April 1 in opposition to a number of proposed immigration laws

The Mustafa Mosque Massacre was No Accident or Error

Repost from jamie, 01.04.2006 23:18

"The truth is that the U.S. is running Iraq from the giant U.S. Embassy compound in the Green Zone, and the Iraqi "government" remains a puppet regime. The truth is also that the U.S. has been spending billions of dollars not on Iraq reconstruction, which in any case is not being phased out if it ever was being attempted, but on building several large, permanent military bases inside Iraq, from which the U.S. has no intention of budging in the foreseeable future. (Want to guess where some of that "missing" $9 billion in U.S. reconstruction money has really gone?)."


Leo G., 01.04.2006 22:11

Come volunteer for the Chicago Social Forum 2006! Help us pull off this great event for social justice in the Windy City! Click inside for more info.

Contrat Pour l'Esclavage

itos, 01.04.2006 22:10

La France s’engage dans l’épreuve de force.

Local faith based group gets simple agreement from private woman acting as Registrar to not have to register Land or property in Saskatchewan!!

Redemptive Press, 01.04.2006 22:02

The private woman Catherine Benning acting as the Registrar of the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada has conceded privately that no one with stated beliefs has to register anything into de facto unlawful registries. This precedent has phenomenol applications to those of faith in only following creators law. No one can be lawfully intimidated to violate creators law

Shocking prisoner neglect

Paul Doyle, 01.04.2006 21:47

Aiden Hulme, pictured Right Irish prisioner Aiden Hulme has been subject to shocking medical neglect since his inprisonment in England and will loose his leg if immidiate action is not taken.

Sign the online petition:

German indymedia down?

SmellyPot, 01.04.2006 21:25

I could read this when i inserted the address in the browseraddress!

Land and property registration assumption ultimately defeated!!!

Redemptive press, 01.04.2006 21:10

The private Church mentioned has proven there is no law requiring them to registar land or property with de facto governments and the woman acting as registrar for the province agreed!!

Tohono O'odham works to save migrant lives on the border

Brenda Norrell, 01.04.2006 20:30

Tohono O'odham Mike Wilson on the border with water for migrants Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, working alone and without tribal support, puts out water for migrants crossing the Arizona border, where dozens die every summer on tribal land.

A 30 años del horror que padecieron 30 mil argentinos y sus sobrevivientes

Erasmo Magoulas, 01.04.2006 18:56

Clara tiene hoy treinta años y busca a su hermana Victoria, nacida en abril de 1977 en cautiverio.

Forenbetreiber klagt gegen Abmahnung

SevenSpirits, 01.04.2006 17:24

Betreiber von Foren, Blogs und Privaten Homepages sind in zunehmenden Maße von Abmahnungen und Einstweiligen Verfügungen betroffen. Ein Mißerfolg der Klage hätte katastrophale Auswirkungen für Deutsche Internet Communities.

Noam Chomsky on Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy - with Video/Audio

Noam Chomsky, 01.04.2006 16:06

Professor Noam Chomsky presents a series of solutions to help rescue the nation from turning into a failed state.

&quot;Valley&quot; Floor Anthology to Raise Funds for Telluride, Colo.'s Sheep Mountain Alliance, 01.04.2006 15:26

Douglas McDaniel's satire, "The Valley Floor War," has bee n included in an anthology that's part of a fund-raising effort for Sheep Mountain Alliance, which is fighting development efforts on the so-called Valley Floor near Telluride, Colorado.


limp bizkit, 01.04.2006 15:26

summer sanitarium

Izquierda Punto Info / Sumario del ultimo numero/Lealo online, 01.04.2006 12:29

Contenido del ultimo numero

The Afrobeat Mix

small WORLD Podcast, 01.04.2006 08:17

small WORLD weekend Mix - The Afrobeat Edition small WORLD weekend Mix - The Afrobeat Edition

2nd Renaissance -20

Lothar, 01.04.2006 01:47

It is surprising to most people Who are the most imaginative and lateral thinking people in our present society? Are they the scientists, or possibly the high IQ individuals employed to find new products and markets? Are they the entrepreneurs of the world, or are they advisors and consultants to industry and government? The answer to this question is known, and it is surprising to most people.

Making Manhattan in Portland

Michael Hudson, 01.04.2006 01:46

I just finished reading a five part article detailing the tremendous growth of Maine’s largest city, Portland, and how this growth is creating numerous social and economic problems. The article is part of a series developed by Maine’s leading newspaper, the Portland Press Herald, and the proposed goal of the piece is to facilitate a dialogue discussing the steadfast growth of the city.  

Argentina: Salió EL SOCIALISTA Nº 25. Leelo online


El Socialista Nro.25 del 29 de marzo de 2006. La carne y todos los productos siguen aumentando. ¿Cuándo suben los salarios? A 30 años del golpe. Masivo repudio popular. Panorama Político. ¿Qué pasó en la Plaza? El agua es un “derecho humano”. Docentes Neuquén: Casi un mes de paro. El Subte logró aumento. Aniversario: 2 de abril de 1982 Se recuperaban las Malvinas. Bielorrusia: Elecciones fraudulentas.

Making Manhattan in Portland

Michael Hudson, 01.04.2006 01:01

I just finished reading a five part article detailing the tremendous growth of Maine’s largest city, Portland, and how this growth is creating numerous social and economic problems. The article is part of a series developed by Maine’s leading newspaper, the Portland Press Herald, and the proposed goal of the piece is to facilitate a dialogue discussing the steadfast growth of the city.

Food for Hope

Katie G., 01.04.2006 00:52

Are Gm food hope for the future of developing nations? There are both sides of the story.


HELENA, 01.04.2006 00:28



JORGE, 01.04.2006 00:20

LOS MANDAMIENTOS MORALES DE UN ABOGADO Eduardo Couture, quién en un lenguaje claro, sencillo y profundo, analiza y sintetiza lo que debe ser un abogado, pero esto no significa que no deba estudiar los otros mandamientos morales.pero tenemos confianza en usted como futuro abogado para que dichos principios morales primen en el ejercicio de su profesional, en especial teniendo en cuenta los principios fundamentales de la moral los cuales son: La decencia, honestidad y lealtad.

Will America use nuclear weapons in a military showdown with Iran? (with video)

Jeorge Hirsch, 31.03.2006 22:54

Opposing sanctions, foreign state interference and military intervention in Iran.

Police Department Covers up Death Squad Activity

Janet C. Phelan, 31.03.2006 21:53

Attempted murder of a journalist by a Long Beach Police Officer

The War Drums Are Beating And Sending A Clear Message

Stephen Lendman, 31.03.2006 21:47

RINF.COM: Alternative News -- The way things are today, why on earth would the “big fool lunatics in charge” in Washington ever want another War or maybe two of them.


ΑΝΤΙ-ΦΑΣΙΣΤΕΣ/ΤΡΙΕΣ, 31.03.2006 21:32


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