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Strike Iran, Watch Pakistan and Turkey Fall

John Stanton, 22.04.2006 00:40

Attack on Iran would result in disaster.

Common myth of the liberal and progressive

Jesus Rivas, 22.04.2006 00:31

Summarizes a set of current believes that the corporate media has been feeding to the liberal audience that has succeeded in misleading the fights and struggles of progressive causes.

Finally, Power To The People


Mass uprising against his autocratic rule Nepal's King Gyanendra expresses his 'unflinching commitment towards constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy' hands over 'executive power of the Kingdom of Nepal' to the people and calls on the opposition to name a candidate for PM, in an effort to quell the mass uprising against his autocratic rule. Updates

World Gathering to Halt Toxins

Stephenie Hendricks, 21.04.2006 22:12

Activists fighting toxic pollutants from all over the world are gathering May 1-5 in Geneva for the seond annual meeting of the Stockholm Convention. This is an international treaty to ban the worst chemicals int he world, also known as Persistent Organic Pollutants (or POPs). Corporations are lobbying against these kinds of protections, and while the U.S. has signed the treaty, it has not ratified. Corporate interests are influencing Congressional decision that have to be made before the treaty can be signed into law int he U.S.


Islamic Community Net, 21.04.2006 20:31

The psychiatrist at George Washington University in Washington DC said: "Behind Bush's affable exterior operates a powerful but obscure delusional system that drives his behaviour." He blames his mental state on his untreated alcoholism as a youth, his fundamentalist religious beliefs and his love-hate relationship with his former president dad George Bush senior.

Carta del comisario Maigret a Charo la prostituta. La moral de César

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 21.04.2006 18:43

El comisario Maigret responde a la denuncia de Charo, la pareja prostituta del detective Carvalho, al objeto de mostrar que la intervención de la última en la lista de debate que denuncia la conspiración de los medios franceses de comunicación para trastocar los conceptos de Estado Nación y de ciudadanía abre una alternativa fundamental en la lucha de los efectos de aquella en la exclusión de los otros y de nosotros mismos, que nos impone, a juicio del comisario , la actualidad francesa de los últimos días. Black Women &amp; Rape: Myth vs. Reality, 21.04.2006 18:06

In lieu of the controversy surrounding a Black stripper, who was allegedly raped by three members of the Duke University lacrosse team, we once again find ourselves debating the myth of the Black woman's sexuality. And what exactly are those myths


MNN Mohawk Nation News, 21.04.2006 13:44

The canadian Police are violently attacking Indigeonous peoples in thier country and on their own land!

Earth Day `LAGPAK Award´ for DENR, NAPOCOR, MIRANT, MONSANTO and La Fayette

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 21.04.2006 11:14

To mark this year's Earth Day celebrations, Greenpeace, Sagip Pasig Movement (SPM) and the party-list group Akbayan today presented the first Lapastangan at Gahasa sa Kalikasan (LAGPAK) Awards to top government and corporate abusers of the environment. This year's batch of "awardees" include the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), power company Mirant, biotech corporation Monsanto and Rapu-rapu mining company La Fayette, all cited for the leading roles they continue to play in the destruction of the environment.

Tyendinega Mohawks Seize Rail Lines - support needed

-tehahonhtanekenhko:wa, 21.04.2006 10:43

Both rail lines that come through Tyendinega territory have been seized. Fires and perimeters have been set up. There is no allowing for rail traffic of any kind today, nor any day that Grand River may be subjected to police assault. Fifty community members have taken the innitiative and are holding the line. They have now been spotted by CN Police and several OPP, who have all wisely made quick retreats.


DJ Tanya - Ta Shunka Witko Brigade, 21.04.2006 07:43

The OPP descended on approximately 200 peaceful, unarmed Six Nations clan mothers, their families and supporters defending their land, their guns drawn, and armed with tear gas and Tasers. Women were roughed up, elders shoved and handcuffed. Still The People were not moved, they call for support and solidarity.

Lodge your complaints at DebtCC complaint center

Debt Consolidation Care, 21.04.2006 07:25

DebtCC Complain Center is the first step to work together and expose the companies and collectors who are victimizing people.

2nd Renaissance -24

Lothar, 21.04.2006 06:51

The defection of large numbers of people The defection of large numbers of people from federal citizenship, and the establishment of free cities that will run on free energy, can and will break the hold of old ideas and false scientific notions that held us back during the entire 20th century. That 2nd Dark Age is now behind us and the way to a better, Level 4 Civilization, is open. How soon the transformation is accomplished is now in the hands of ordinary folk, it has very little to do with our federal 'representatives', the industrial councils of big business, the parrot press, or the dogma specialists of orthodox science.

Pederastas y ludópatas

Dematrios, 21.04.2006 06:30

El caso Kamel Nacif Borge

Ethiopia: Political culture of deceit and manipulation

Odaa Xasee, 21.04.2006 06:12

Mesia manipulation and misinformation has become the trade mark of the Ethiopian regime.

TeenScreen - Stealing Our Children's Future

Jeanyne Wanner, 21.04.2006 02:34

Our next generation of children is in grave danger. TeenScreen is working insidiously in schools to find children who can become the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry's next cash cow. This may be good for the drug business but is very bad for our children and, factually, for the future of this entire society.

'Understanding the Crisis in Balochistan' --Round Table Discussion

Hindu Baloch, 21.04.2006 01:54

IISS South Asia Programme
Round Table Discussion
Senator Sanaullah Baloch
Member, Senate and Information Secretary, Balochistan National Party Pakistan on

Univision en contra de la marcha de los inmigrantes

Tony Alcazar, 21.04.2006 00:50

Univision, su ambicion y falta de apoyo a los latinos

White Man Who Speaks with Forked-Tongue

KosmikK, 20.04.2006 23:33

You would think from the apparently conflicting news reports that there is a deep division in the Blair cabinet as there appears to be in Washington about whether or not to conduct a military strike against Iran.

Support TWU Local 100: Jail Solidarity Week

TWU Supporters, 20.04.2006 22:53

On April 10, 2006, TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint was sentenced to ten days in jail for the December 2005 NYC Transit Strike. But defending the rights of workers to retire in dignity is not a crime. Defending decency and respect on the job is not a crime. And taking a stand for what is right is not a crime. As President Toussaint stated at his sentencing, “we were engaged in civil disobedience”. We had no other choice.

Depleted Uranium killed 28 Italian Soldiers

Orange On ANZAC Day, 20.04.2006 22:50

Pink on Illegal &amp; degrading War day They have called it the "Balkans syndrome", and it has always been suspected that the fatal illnesses may be connected to the notorious "depleted uranium" [preceding words in English], depleted uranium [in vernacular]. In reality, it has never been possible to attribute complete responsibility with scientific certainty to that metal, which was contained in the projectiles fired by the fighter planes during the Kosovo war. As the Pentagon has admitted, a good 11,000 of them were launched. They were fired at armoured vehicles to penetrate them, thanks to the enormous impact force of the depleted uranium.

Our Beautiful New World?

Repost from jamie, 20.04.2006 21:04

"This year, that number is likely to grow. Latin America is in the middle of an election cycle that has already seen Evo Morales win in Bolivia and Michelle Bachelet, a single mother and socialist, win a third term for Chile's center-left Concertación Coalition. On April 9 in Peru, Ollanta Humala, a nationalist former military officer backed by Chávez and Morales, came from behind to force a runoff. In the months ahead, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela will hold presidential elections. And with center-leftist Manuel López Obrador ahead in Mexico, the Sandinistas poised to make a comeback in Nicaragua and Chávez's re-election all but certain, the Bush Administration is nervous. It has responded by trying to drive a wedge between what Rice describes as the "false populism" that is spreading throughout the Andes and the pragmatic reformism of Chile, Uruguay and Brazil--in other words, between the "statesmen" and the "madmen," as Chávez recently put it."

Chicago Anti-war lawsuit granted class action status

Chicago M20 Legal Team, 20.04.2006 20:23

After more than 10,000 anti-war protestors marched on Lake Shore Drive, police detained and arrested hundreds of people. A lawsuit brought on behalf of over 800 demonstrators who were unlawfully held that night has recently been granted class action status.

Six Nations attacked by Canadian police

Orakwa International Indigenous Ent., 20.04.2006 19:01

At 5:55 am this morning, Thursday, April 20th, over 150 heavily
armed Ontario Provincial Police with Native mercenaries as body shields,
invaded Six Nations land. Some carrying M-16's, in riot gear. 6th
line is still open.
We need witnesses and photographers.

Six Nations War!! Solidarity Needed Now

bobcat, 20.04.2006 17:29

The Six Nation Reserve in southwest Ontario has been engaged by the Ontario Provincial Police. The Mohawk community of Tyendinega has put out a call for immediate assistance.

Centro Che Guevara en Samaipata

Servicio de prensa del Centro Che Guevara, 20.04.2006 15:56

Contrariamente al prejuicio sobre el Altiplano o en Cochabamba que Samaipata es el pueblo más rico de Bolivia, hay también una necessisad de ayudar al desarrollo social en la región.

La elección del indígena Evo Moral, entusiasta admirador del Che, a la Presidencia de la Bolivia, en diciembre 2005, no es más que pura coincidencia con la apertura del Centro cultural Che Guevara de Samaipata

Navajo water protesters censored by tribe

By Jeff Abaata, 20.04.2006 15:50

Photo by Calvin Johnson, Dine' for C Aquifer Navajos protested the tribe's secret deals with Peabody Coal and said "No!" to the Desert Rock Power Plant that will bring more death and disease to Navajos

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 20.04.2006 14:35

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 19 April 2006, 2mins, english

Don't Stop At Malkin, Aim at Other Right Wing Sites

StopRightie, 20.04.2006 13:47

Malkin needs to be stopped.


MARKIN, 20.04.2006 12:42



Florida Anarchists, 20.04.2006 12:40

We call for an anarchist bloc at the statewide immigrant rights march and
rally, a "Day of Respect," to be held in Orlando on May Day--Mon., May 1,
from noon-4 p.m. in downtown Orlando. (This march and rally is being
sponsored by ACORN, the Farmworkers Association of Florida and Jobs with
Justice, with support from AFL-CIO unions.)

UK transplant patients go to China for organs from executed prisoners

Sarah Boseley, 20.04.2006 09:57

Beating....beating....beating....beating.... · Surgeons condemn breach of human rights
· Donor shortage at home drives Britons to travel

Stealing ANZAC for the Solomons

S.E. via sam, 20.04.2006 09:45

Either unnecessary or unjust It's that time of year again when Australia comes as close to getting religion as collectively possible. With Jesus dead, buried and resurrected, the collective Ozzie mind turns from chocolate eggs to ANZACs. Our current leadership sees itself as a military one. The problem for Howard and most of the current crop of leaders and 'wanna be' leaders, is that the wars they want to fight are either unnecessary or unjust. As we wait and see what is transpiring in the Solomon Islands, we find more men and women being sent to fight another battle in "our name".

Fascist Murder in Moscow

barrikadnaya, 20.04.2006 09:05

Fascist Violence against persons with a "foreign" appearance and political enemies has lately increased in Russia.
Recently, the antifascist aktivist Timur was stabbed to death in St.Petersburg, where just some weeks ago an senegalese
studend was shot by fascists. On Monday evening, the first activist was murdered in Moscow.

Film - Abu Gharib and Bush Laughs at The Torture of America's Image

Peter Norbridge, 20.04.2006 06:31

World War IV is almost over - Do You Care, Do YOU Know What This Means War Central Films has a new video out on Abu GHarib, Bush and the anger against the USA that grows in strength - like a hurricane in a global warming summer - across the planet and inside the minds of many... many...

Des journalistes condamnés par manque d‘éthique

J.C. Cartagena et Nadine Briatte, 20.04.2006 04:59

Des journalistes chiliens viennent d’être condamnés par manque d’éthique par le Collège de Journalistes du Chili, pour fausses informations et participation à la justification de disparitions de personnes sous le régime de Pinochet. Grâce à des commissions d’enquête et des déclassifications de documents, on sait aujourd’hui que les journaux chiliens étaient financés par la CIA. Le financement de journalistes étrangers par les USA est aujourd’hui assuré par la National Endowment for Democracy (NED) dont Reporters sans Frontières (RSF) est un des bénéficiaires. Des questions au sujet de ces événements et la nature de ces financements sont ici posées à Robert Ménard, Président de cette association

Los Humala

La Resistencia, 20.04.2006 04:29

El fascismo en Peru El fascismo en Perú

Los Humala

La Resistencia, 20.04.2006 04:22

Los Humala y Montesinos El fascismo en Perú

kNOw Genocide, Armenians and the Mass Murder of the Jews

Joachim Martillo, 20.04.2006 02:38

Racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans use anti-Genocide activies to deflect criticism of Israel. The definining genocide of the 20th century is not the Jewish Holocaust but the Palestinian Nakba. Neither the Holocaust of Zionist mythography nor the revisionist depiction of the mass murders of Jews during WW2 corresponds to the facts.


Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann, 19.04.2006 15:15


McClellan Quits, Rove Loses Policy Post

Various, 19.04.2006 14:16

White House shake-up.

Qui veut détruire la classe moyenne ?

ÉRIC GRANDVUINET, 19.04.2006 12:29

La classe moyenne, enfant de la croissance économique et mère de la consommation de masse, se sent lentement mourir. Avec elle vacillent les fondements de notre société. La classe moyenne se sent attaquée de toutes parts. Les politiques en font le cœur de leurs discours. Mais, bien souvent, la réalité est tout autre. L’écart qui existe entre discours et réalité est immense.

4/30/2006 Author Malachy McCourt announces for Governor

Kimberly Wilder, 19.04.2006 12:26

Malachy McCourt On Sunday, April 30th at 5PM, Malachy McCourt will throw his hat into the race for Governor of the State of New York. McCourt will make his announcement outside the Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY in the south garden. McCourt is appearing later that evening as part of “A Night of Humor and Song” event to support the independent, commercial-free radio station WBAI 99.5 FM and its broadcast of the Hudson River Clearwater Folk Festival.


Stephen Lendman, 19.04.2006 11:33


An Open Letter to Our Colleagues in the Media

By John Nania Epoch Times Editor-in-Chief, 19.04.2006 08:57

(The Epoch Times) An Open Letter to Our Colleagues in the Media It's not too late to fully report the harvesting of organs from living humans in China

DJ Bijou, Pirate Radio

small WORLD Podcast, 19.04.2006 08:28

DJ Bijou Interview with Free Radio San Diego's DJ Bijou.

Riots in the Solomon Islands

smush via sam, 19.04.2006 03:07

An angry crowd threw stones Riots broke out in the Solomon Islands after Snyder Rini was declared prime minister. However, there are claims that votes were bought by Mr Rini's financial backers. "Not only promises but gifts of money. So how can you fight that?" said Francis Billy Hilly, a spokesperson for the opposition. It has been reported that an angry crowd threw stones at the Parliament building, resulting in tear gas being fired by the police. Cars and buildings were set alight in Honiara and several Australian and New Zealand police officers were injured.

New Zealand government extends Afghanistan military operations

John Braddock, 18.04.2006 22:21

Accompanied by a smokescreen As with Australia, one of the chief purposes of New Zealand’s support for the “war on terror” was to get the support of the US in particular for the predatory activities of NZ imperialism in the Pacific. Clark and Peters now appear to have won explicit approval from both the US and Britain for the country’s expanding role as a regional policeman. At the end of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s trip to Auckland last month, he and Clark issued a joint statement declaring that New Zealand would increasingly become “the ears and eyes for Britain” in the Pacific as Britain’s presence waned and China’s increased.

Fountainhead; XXI Black International Cinema Berlin Germany, St. Louis Mo. 2006!

Fountainhead, 18.04.2006 22:03

A summary of an international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany since 1980 producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, television programs, publishing, dance theatre.

Juicio político contra sindicalista costarricense - Acción urgente

Comité de apoyo a Orlando Barrantes, 18.04.2006 22:01

Nuevamente se abre el proceso judicial contra Orlando Barrantes y será llevado a juicio a partir del próximo jueves 20 de abril en Guàpiles. Este proceso judicial está viciado de nulidad, el Ministerio Público nunca aplicó el debido proceso, existe nulidad absoluta de todo lo actuado por violación al principio de intimación, hay un manejo evidente de prueba espuria, dos elementos de la Fuerza Pública han cometido perjurio.

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