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Pumping up the Price of Oil

Michael Levy, 24.04.2006 17:02

Any oil producing country, any oil company or any speculator can set up a commodity trading company with hard to find trails, to trade oil futures. When demand for oil gets tight or there is fear laden, negative, or bad weather news, they buy up many future months, sending prices rocketing more than normal trading.

Esterhol Shows Promise Against Oil Dependency

Anai Rhoads Ford, 24.04.2006 16:25

"The results of the trial run indicate that the engine ran well, the exhaust was cleaner and the fuel even eliminated the engine knock we normally get in a truck like this one," said Mayor McDermott. "It is our hope that we can expand this programme to include more vehicles in the future."


Islamic Community Net, 24.04.2006 15:37

Arrwa Mogalli, 28, of Dearborn, said she bought a $1,465 lifetime membership after being promised that a Lincoln Park facility would be open only to women on certain days. The gym in this Detroit suburb opened a new part of the center this month to both sexes every day. "I felt like all the money I just spent ... has gone to waste," Mogalli said.

Don't wait for your legislature to Impeach Bush

Jodin Morey, 24.04.2006 14:31

Don't wait for your legislature to Impeach Bush, do it yourself with this Impeach Bush Kit.

Military to crack down on human smuggling by US contractors

Various, 24.04.2006 13:43

April 23, 2006 WASHINGTON -- The top U.S. commander in Iraq has ordered sweeping changes for privatized military support operations after confirming violations of human-trafficking laws and other abuses by contractors involving possibly thousands of foreign workers on American bases, according to records obtained by the Tribune.

Film: &quot;Der gemeinsame Feind&quot; / &quot;El Enemigo Común&quot;

Sarah Hackfort, 24.04.2006 13:38

Ein Film vom (Austin, Texas Independent Media Center) tourt durch Europa:

Paramilitärische Übergriffe auf Indígenas in Mexiko und die neoliberale Globalisierung - Der gemeinsame Feind („El Enemigo Común“ )

Zu den Hintergründen eines Films von Simon Sedillo
Von Sarah Hackfort

Segunda Carta abierta al compañero Presidente Evo Morales Ayma

Justina Quispe, 24.04.2006 13:12


La globalización ciudadana ya

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 24.04.2006 13:05

Este artículo trata de mostrar a los dirigentes locales el interés que pueden tener en la promoción de proyectos ciudadanos de desarrollo local limpio y solidario de sus territorios, puesto que el partenariado que ofrece el mismo tiene ya efectos y tiene potenciales de lograr avances en una globalización ciudadana que promocione los respectivos proyectos locales.

Poster boy

Kahane3, 24.04.2006 11:05

To try counter your myopic, one-sided reports and see if this is truly independent media or just another leftwing anti-Israel neo-nazi site.

6 de Mayo: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana

planto, 24.04.2006 08:16

convocatoria de marcha por la despenalizacion del cannabis

2nd Renaissance -25

Lothar, 24.04.2006 07:46

Creative Rays This diagram is not reproduced here to suggest that the absolute amount of energy that can be obtained from matter is known, Cramp points out that it is theoretical. The purpose of the diagram is to drive home the realisation that energy is by no means scarce. All that is required to tap it is the right knowledge. Tesla and many others have already shown that such knowledge exists and that it is practical to draw energy from beyond matter - from the ether itself.

Actor Art Swenson Attempting to start a new Communist party in Ny USA

Jack Marshek, 24.04.2006 05:43

Actor Art Swenson From the film Cheney's Tomorrow Never Comes? The film can be found on He played a part in the film making fun of Communist. Has Now Stated he wants to revive the communist party.To lower Gas prices.

For the Mathematical Community. Solution to the P vs NP Problem, Millenium Problem.

Andres E Dostal, 24.04.2006 02:37

The Solution is based on the use of 3 independant Algorithms, rather than an Analysis of any possible String formation, deterministic or non deterministic.

It happened before, not so long ago.

KosmikK, 24.04.2006 02:03

It's said that during the height of the Cuban Missiles Crisis, when President Kennedy was faced with backing-off or starting World War III, he looked seriously rattled.

URGENT ALERT! Act Now to Save PEG Access and an Open Internet!

saveaccess, 24.04.2006 00:45

The future of your PEG community television stations
and your access to an open internet are being decided
this week in Congress!

Macho Men and State Capitalism - Is Another World Possible?

Hanna Dahlstrom, 23.04.2006 23:02

* Latin America is boiling with revolutionary potential these days that could redefine economics, politics and social relations. But sometimos things aren't always as they seem. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is widely seen to be at the center of Latin America's transformation by building a regional trade bloc through the creation of ALBA and Venezuela's membership in Mercosur to oppose U.S. dominance and its constant push for free trade agreements with Latin American governments.

Worse than under Saddam Hussein

Stopwar, 23.04.2006 20:41

"There can be no clearer indictment of those who took us into this illegal war - not least our prime minister Tony Blair and the Labour MPs who supported him – nor can there be any clearer vindication of the anti-war movement, which predicted the horrors that continue to be inflicted on the Iraqi people. We always opposed Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, and wished for his overthrow as much as anyone, but it was obvious that getting rid of a tyranny was the last motive in the minds of George Bush and Tony Blair, as is shown from US/British support for tyrants around the world, not least in earlier years for Saddam Hussein himself."

SOLOMON ISLANDS: Howard props up corrupt regime

Doug Lorimer, 23.04.2006 20:21

Dispatched 110 troops and 80 police officers Two days after several thousand rioters looted and burned down shops, hotels and other buildings in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara on April 18, Australian PM John Howard dispatched 110 troops and 80 police officers to join the 250 police officers and 120 government “advisers” making up the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

downloadable documentaries about ISM non violent resistance in Palestine

Fred finley, 23.04.2006 18:19

two documentaries about the International Solidarity Movement nonviolent resistance activities are downloadable in the net.


earl, 23.04.2006 18:07


Jan16, 2002 08:49h pdf of the search warrant for Raise The

£, 23.04.2006 17:56

from my archives

April 29 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy in NYC

srcnyc, 23.04.2006 17:54

March steps off at 12 noon
Gather at 22nd and Broadway
Grassroots Action Festival in Foley Square, 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Alex Shay Presents First Quarter 2006 Miami Real Estate Analysis

Alex Shay, 23.04.2006 16:11

Alex Shay, an experienced real estate broker associate in Miami, analyzes market conditions and a changing real estate climate in Miami Beach, where luxury waterfront properties have been in high demand for years.

Carta de las Visitadoras a San Pantaleón

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 23.04.2006 12:39

Motivadas por la defensa del comisario Maigret del espacio ético de Charo la prostituta, las Visitadoras del Pantaleón de Vargas Llosa acuden a San Pantaleón para implorar a éste una alianza que por una parte legitime el espacio ético de las peticionarias y que por otra parte garantice al santo el éxito de la lucha del mismo en la reducción del impacto de la degradación de la ética en la actualidad

Carla de las Visitadoras a San Pantaleón

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 23.04.2006 12:35

Motivadas por la defensa del comisario Maigret del espacio ético de Charo la prostituta, las Visitadoras del Pantaleón de Vargas Llosa acuden a San Pantaleón para implorar a éste una alianza que por una parte legitime el espacio ético de las peticionarias y que por otra parte garantice al santo el éxito de la lucha del mismo en la reducción del impacto de la degradación de la ética en la actualidad


Siddiq Rahma, 23.04.2006 11:55

child Children

II Conferencia Internacional Salud Publica y Desarrollo Humano en Centroamerica.

Yolocamba Solidaridad / Fundación Hijos del Maíz., 23.04.2006 07:59

Los próximos días 29 al 31 de mayo tendrá lugar en San Salvador (El Salvador) la II Conferencia Internacional “Salud Pública y Desarrollo Humano en Centroamérica”, que reunirá a destacadas personalidades de la sociedad civil, comunidades locales, expertos/as, representantes de la ONU en la zona (PNUD, UNICEF, etc.), de la OPS/OMS, de entidades públicas españolas, ONGD, etc., para debatir sobre la actual situación de los sistemas públicos de salud en Centroamérica y su relación con el desarrollo humano, con especial atención al grado de cumplimiento o incumplimiento de los Objetivos Del Milenio (ODM) en materia de salud en la región. fight to preserve 'net neutrality

Boing Boing, 23.04.2006 07:56 Network neutrality is the Internet’s First Amendment. Without it, the Internet is at risk of losing the openness and accessibility that has revolutionized democratic participation, economic innovation and free speech.

Nepal or Nothing

Throne out!, 23.04.2006 02:17

general strike general strike

Himalayan Down The Law The major political parties, who have a history of squabbling, and a proven track record of shabby corruption and incompetence, have united against the king. But although the Seven Party Alliance announces the events and gives the speeches, the andolan has become a genuine popular movement. Newspaper articles complain of the lack of political leadership in the movement.

Bloody end to Nepal protest

indybay, 23.04.2006 01:32

Scores wounded as Nepal police fire on protesters Saturday morning in Kathmandu and Nepal's capital city bustles with activity before a daytime curfew is imposed from noon.


Islamic Community Net, 23.04.2006 01:24

By naming Hamas a "specially designated global terrorist" entity in 2001, President George W. Bush empowered the Treasury Department to impose financial sanctions against entities and individuals "that support" the Islamic militant group.


Collectif Anarkhia, 23.04.2006 00:21

Appel a manifester le 1 mai a Montreal.

Al-Qaeda and Pentagon

Sohbet Karbuz, 22.04.2006 22:26

Why would al-Qaeda declare attack "oil of Islam"? It it a Pentagon fabrication? or is Pentagon a missing link? Why would the US National Defense University have Bin Laden's speech and al-Zawahiri's letter under the category "Great Speeches" ?

Baldonnel, Dublin: Easter Sunday Video

Revolt Video, 22.04.2006 20:35

Revolt Video presents an updated film concerning the events at Baldonnel Aerodrome on Easter Sunday.

Video 8 1/2 mins, mpeg2 88.7mb

A full round-up of Easter Weekend and more will be screened at the Indymedia Film Night Thursday 27th

¿Todos contra Hamas? No, todos contra los palestinos

Agustin Velloso, 22.04.2006 17:03

Contrariamente a los que dicen los medios de comunicación occidentales no es Hamas el causante del conflicto de Oriente Medio, sino Israel, el ocupante de Palestina.

Mountain Justice Summer 2006

RAF, 22.04.2006 15:53

redneck anarchist front and MJS demo during G8 action in Va. HEY YALL, IT'S TIME YET AGAIN

Poem &quot;Palestine&quot; - (Dedicated to the modern State of Palestine and all martyrs, written April 20, 2006) (Deepak Sarkar,

Deepak Sarkar, 22.04.2006 15:13

This Poem depicts true Palestine and the sufferings of their people since Biblical Events

Let Us Congratulate the Democratic Government of Palestine – “Recognizing Palestine Is Recognizing Israel”! (Deepak Sarkar, April 18, 2006,

Deepak Sarkar, 22.04.2006 15:09

This article is an effort to educate the world audience against illegal US-Israeli effort to discredit democratically elected Palestinian Government

Poem &quot;Palestine&quot; - (Dedicated to the modern State of Palestine and all martyrs, written April 20, 2006)

Deepak Sarkar, 22.04.2006 15:05

This poem depicts the truth about Palestine sufferings since Biblical events on Earth

Gallo ya nadie te cree, que pena sacas la plata de los pobres..

Walter, 22.04.2006 12:53

Gallo ex candidato a concejal por el Partido Roldosista Ecuatoriano y al que ahora, aclara, no le une ninguna relación.

Gallo ya nadie te cree, por mentiroso, tramposo, siempre vives de los pobres, el negocio es sacar plata a los pobres.... que pena de donde sacas la plata de los pobres..'''''Gallo ya nadie te cree

Solidarity Hunger Strike

Kate Traub and Lani Blechman, 22.04.2006 12:36

Students in Western Massachusetts join in solidarity with workers in Miami. These students are just the most recent addition to the nation-wide solidarity effort.

Guantanamo (by Latuff)

Latuff, 22.04.2006 10:53

Don't forget Guantanamo! Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

El fin del imperio americano y mas articulos, 22.04.2006 10:53

Petroni: El fin del imperio americano
Petras: Los gobiernos Latinoamericanos de centro-izquierda

Peak Oil and the Political Economy of Terrorism

Mathew Maavak, 22.04.2006 07:51

Crude oil has breached the $70 psychological barrier again. This time, however, it will not be a one-day seduction by the stormy Katrina. Peak Oil is forming a strategic fit with Peak Terrorism. Peak Oil is forming a strategic fit with Peak Terrorism.

Hu Jinato protesters from Minnesota

Jigme Ugen, 22.04.2006 06:57

Hu supporters stare at Tibetan protestors. The situation in Tibet continues to deteriorate with the reintroduction of Patriotic-Re-education campaign. Thousands continue to languish in the Chinese dungeons in Tibet. To this day, reports claim the Chinese government in Tibet continues illegal detention, torture, rape, and execution of Tibetans who protest from freedom and basic human rights.


redneck anarchist front, 22.04.2006 06:39

demo Hey yall it's time

Seditious Intent: Online Short Film Collection

SI, 22.04.2006 03:53

Seditious Intent Seventeen short films - some satirical, some gentle, some funny, some illuminating – from the slick to the raw and edgy, ranging from fiction, faction, animation, claymation, subverts to adverts - they make up the exciting web-based SEDITIOUS INTENT short film collection site.

Photos from Honiara

photos, 22.04.2006 01:48

Honiara, Solomon Islands Here are some photos from Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Australian troops dispatched to Solomon Islands to suppress local population

Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 22.04.2006 01:44

Island boy playing among dead corals Nearly three years after its virtual takeover of the Solomon Islands, the Howard government has sent fresh contingents of troops and police to put down serious political and social unrest in the small South Pacific country. The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally opposes this neo-colonial operation. Its aim is to suppress the Solomons people and reinforce Australian military and economic hegemony over the region.

Conservationists Under Attack in the Philippines

marika, 22.04.2006 01:00

Environmental activist de la Victoria, who had worked to conserve the Visayan Sea has been murdered by an off-duty cop. His colleague, Oposa, has a bounty on his head and is in danger. This article is very short, read on.

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