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Chile: Mapuche People 48th day of Hunger Strike

Sam, 01.05.2006 03:24

48th day of a hunger strike Three Mapuche men and one Mapuche woman are now on their 48th day of a hunger strike. Today they have decided to go without fluids. They will die in the next couple of days if their demand is not met. They demand justice.

Australia’s greenhouse gases predicted to put 6 million more people at risk of hunger

Richard B. Richardson, 01.05.2006 02:26

Climate Change A recent report warned that climate change puts 400 million more people worldwide at risk of hunger. Australia accounts for 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions - and therefore is responsible for this percentage of their detrimental effects. The potential consequences of global warming are so grave that blocking efforts to limit human-induced climate change is a crime against humanity.

global internet government by charles webster baer of downtown , portland

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, 01.05.2006 02:25


global internet government by charles webster baer of downtown , portland

god, 01.05.2006 02:17


Amnesty International documents European complicity in secret US rendition programme

Martin Kreickenbaum, 30.04.2006 23:41

Torture Freedom The following is the second of a two-part article. The first part was posted April 28. New details on the practice of illegal kidnapping and the secret internment of alleged terror suspects carried out by the US secret service agency, the CIA, emerged in a report issued by the human rights organisation Amnesty International earlier this month. (See “Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’”).


Michael, 30.04.2006 23:40

NYC Here are some photos from saturday's anti-war march in New York City; 300,000 people were there, 10 blocks long--yet the NY Times did not post its article about it on the front page---that's why we love Indymedia---corporate media sponsors the war.

John Bolton Lies Again about Iraq War

Trish Schuh, 30.04.2006 23:04

The United Nations Security Council, under heavy US-Israeli pressure- finds Iran noncompliant to the NPT. The next Security Council resolution will include a 'chapter 7' option which allows military attack on Iran. The fuse is lit.

&quot;Secret forged California UCC files, 12 year long Identity theft, $900,000,000,000.00 embezzlement &quot;

Alvin Joseoh Hansen UCC felony Judgment Lien Creditor, Kidnap Victim, 30.04.2006 22:44

I am a victim of government, banks, and Attorneys trust theft forgery and Idendity theft secretly using another man named Alvin James Hansen for 12 years.
Two Alvin J Hansens intending to murder both befor discovered.
See my blogs at http// and on Google/ Yahoo

2nd Renaissance -27

Lothar, 30.04.2006 22:33

Where Does Energy Come From? At first impression this might seem a good thing, but the real price of such a concealment has been more than seven decades of denying the means and capability to bring abundant energy to the whole world. Not only could the release of such knowledge have ended all militarism and the related suffering caused by wars, it could have enabled presently 'developing' countries to feed, house and clothe their populations to levels that would have freed them from poverty, disease, and the burden of debt they currently 'owe' to the capitalist West.

Call a Spade a Spade

Remi Kanazi, 30.04.2006 22:17

On the Hypocrisy of the West's bias in the Israel-Palestine debate.

Thank you for protecting the detainees, America

Todd Gitlin, 30.04.2006 19:39

Soooo compassionate...


Laelena, 30.04.2006 18:50

HAMAS: CHI SIAMO E PER COSA COMBATTIAMO Intervista a Moshir Al Masri, portavoce di Hamas a Gaza

Intervista a Moshir Al Masri, portavoce di Hamas a Gaza

laelena, 30.04.2006 18:36

Intervista a Moshir Al Masri, portavoce di Hamas a Gaza

pour un 1er mai de résistance et de lutte

Union des Jeunes progressistes arabes, 30.04.2006 18:03

En ce 1er mai 2006, jour symbole de la lutte de tou-te-s les travailleu-ses-rs du monde, l’Union des Jeunes progressistes arabes (UJPA) – Belgique souhaite adresser ses salutations militantes à toutes les forces progressistes libanaises qui oeuvrent pour un avenir meilleur dans cette partie opprimée du monde.
Par ailleurs, suite à la visite militante de la délégation franco belge du Collectif pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (dont l’UJPA est membre), nous adressons une salutation particulière aux militants actifs dans le cadre de la lutte pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, et de tous les prisonniers politiques détenus dans les geôles sionistes, des régimes arabes réactionnaires et impérialistes.

Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner-- President Not Amused?

Editor &amp; Reporter, 30.04.2006 17:41

Colbert's schtick finally paid off, in that the Bush/PNAC Regime was so duped by his phony Hard Right/Faux News-esque stage persona, they believed he was a "safe" choice to lampoon the, um, "decider".

You've got to read this all the way through.

Destroying to Save: The Not so Hidden Agenda in Administration Policies

Daniel Jordan and Neil Wollman, 30.04.2006 14:14

One infamous line from the Vietnam War was, “It became necessary to destroy the village to save it.” The Bush Administration has carried this thinking to stratospheric heights

US fines fail to deter flood of new Human Shields Volunteers

S. Stankowicz, 30.04.2006 13:09

The current battle in the US courts between the government and human shields who went to Iraq, has not stopped the number of human shields signed up to the mission to Iran from growing rapidly.

The Poisoning of Democracy

Archie Kennedy, 30.04.2006 12:53

Bush is guilty and many Iraqis are dead and many more are disabled. Still, many more will be severely psychologically damaged. The children in Iraq are
the most vulnurable. The damage that the Americans have done in Iraq
will take generations to undo.

Happy Anzac Day

Lisa Farrall via sam, 30.04.2006 05:05

Bread and circuses While the Corporate Media host a bread and circuses celebration of Anzac Day, some of us feel that sack cloth and ashes might be more appropriate.

Primero de Mayo: Boicot a Productos Estadounidenses

Tuntún Think Tank, 30.04.2006 04:43

Atención Mexicano; muchos productos, aunque tengan nombre en español, son gringos: aquí una breve lista para no comprarlos este 1 de mayo.

Portland Indymedia Censors Critique of 9/11 Video &quot;Loose Change&quot;

Uncnonvinced &amp; Disgusted, 30.04.2006 03:40

I've been posting on Indymedia sites for years but have never had much of a problem with censorship until now. I think the organization should be able to investigate and consider it's own actions and the actions of other groups using the indymedia name. Originally posted under "9/11 Investigation" and "Media Criticism" this has now turned into more of the latter.

Living With War

Sam, 30.04.2006 03:32

Living With War "We don't all have to believe in what our President believes to be patriotic." -Neil Young-.

New York Anti-War Protest, April 29, 2006

David Stock, 30.04.2006 02:59

Veteran Photographs of the April 29th anti-war demonstration in New York City.


Ciudadanos Pro Bosque del Plantío, 30.04.2006 02:10

Estudiantes de Boston llevan a cabo investigación en el bosque propuesto y el mismo es utiliazdo como un estudio de caso para evaluar la aplicabilidad de un programa federal de conservación de áreas de transicion urbano/rural a Puerto Rico.

La Otra Campaña en las orillas de la ciudad de México

suuAuuu, 30.04.2006 00:19

28 de abril de 2006. El subcomandante Insurgente Marcos del EZLN, llega a la zona oriente de la ciudad de México, dentro de las actividades del primer recorrido nacional para escuchar y organizar juntos la indignación, parte de las actividades de La Otra Campaña

The United States, Israel, and the Possible Attack on Iran

Foreign Policy In Focus, 29.04.2006 23:09

There is only one small group of Extremists pushing for further war with Iran, Syria, etc., the same criminal gang that planned and executed Afghanistan and Iraq (and most likely, 911). Many of them may be American, but their allegiance lies elsewhere, and within a violent, supremacist Ideology.

To A Long, Hot Summer? Protests &amp; More

Jordan Thornton, 29.04.2006 23:05

Time to stand up, once and for all, BEFORE the next war begins, and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!". Time to reclaim what's yours, America.

The world is watching.

Got a spare afternoon? Do something to become a thorn in the side of the criminals robbing you and your children of your future.

Pamphlet for MayDay (bilingual)

a. pirate, 29.04.2006 23:01

The pamphlet attached below was created by members of the no borders network and for outreach during Mayday actions and beyond. It is bilingual and includes a space to promote local events and resources.
download PDF (1.7 mebibytes)

Best Movie Reviews - Documentaries and Your Input

Film Club, 29.04.2006 18:15 We do not only pick on the US, many European countries are complicit in the policies that are destroying the planet and harming billions of people. And we have plenty of criticism for China, Russia and the many corrupt regimes around the world and their critics too – those who like the alternative media who do not examine things from reality.

Uncle Sam wants you DEAD! (by Latuff)

Latuff, 29.04.2006 16:53

Hitler Sam Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

Patient Dumping

meverett, 29.04.2006 15:18

Patient dumping happens when a medically unstable patient is transferred or discharged for financial reasons. Hospitals are dumping indigent patients all the time.

American Families of Deported and Detained Arab Nationals (AFDAN)

AFDAN, 29.04.2006 11:51

This is a request for a call to ACTION in support of the MAY 1st NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT!

Death Made in America

Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD, 29.04.2006 10:15

Deformed babies in Afghanistan resulting from the US use of uranium munitions

Trafficking in Children Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

Manolo Guillén, 29.04.2006 08:21

The trafficking of children through the U.S.-Mexico border runs rampant. The U.S. State Department estimates that each year up to 17,500 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked into the U.S. and sold or forced into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. The United Nations has listed Mexico as the number one exporter of exploited children into North America.


BIANCA, 29.04.2006 06:32


A Jewish Defector Warns America

Repost from Fred, 29.04.2006 04:09

"Now, when United States troops appear in the Middle East to fight with the Zionists as their allies to prevent the return of these people who were evicted from their homes in the 1948 armed insurrection by the Zionists who were transplanted there from Eastern Europe... when that happens, the United States will trigger World War III."

2nda Carta al Compañero Presidente Evo Morales Ayma

Justina, 29.04.2006 01:55


Victimized by the System

Riverside California Mom, 29.04.2006 01:14

Little Boy Lost My first born and only child for 10 years was taken by the local police and turned over to Child Protective Services (CPS). He was removed from an apartment that we DID NOT live in, after being slapped in the face by one of the two male occupants of the apartment. Due to the tactics and fabricated stories created by the police and their co-conspirators at CPS, he is still in foster care 16 months later.

Got Realplayer? Here's 2 New Neil Young Tunes

marco, 28.04.2006 23:26

Here's Neil Young's "America The Beautiful" and his
"Let's Impeach The Pres..." as realaudios.
No, I'm not going to put up mp3s until his album's
had a full run. In fact, I think I'll only put up
oggs and let someone else do mp3s, eh?

Arguments Against Impeachment...

Jodin Morey, 28.04.2006 21:43

Discredits the arguments against impeachment.

Let's Bomb Iran

Marc Parent et al, 28.04.2006 21:25


Sindicalismo y trabajadores en Venezuela

CRA - El Libertario, 28.04.2006 19:34

* Estos tres textos han sido tomados de El Libertario # 47, mayo-junio 2006, vocero bimensual de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas. En ellos se pone al día y condensa una perspectiva anarquista sobre la situación del movimiento laboral en este país.

Gay Pride Parade attacked but kept firm (Krakow, Poland)

FCA, 28.04.2006 19:22

Parade begins The second ever Gay Pride Parade took place today in Krakow, Poland. Once again, it was attacked by the right-wing ultra-catholic "Great Poland Youth" but kept firm and, protected by police, completed its March. Article by a Parliamentary Adviser in Poland, who unfortunately must remain anonymous.

No Way to Treat a Relative

Pamela Anderson, 28.04.2006 18:29

King Kong is my hero. He’s big, muscular, sensitive, a terrific actor—and he’s not real. The use of computer-generated imagery has really taken off in Hollywood. So why has Madison Avenue suddenly gone bananas for real apes? Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, with at least 95% of the same DNA. We’re closer to them than they are to gorillas, so when I see chimpanzees being used as on-screen comedians, dressed up in silly costumes to sell credit cards, I think, “Is this any way to treat a relative?”

Progressive Video Podcast Offers New Portal for Environmental / Nature Documentary Film

H. Berry H., 28.04.2006 18:14

TERRA ICON The goal of the "TERRA: The Nature of Our World" Video Podcast is to increase environmental awareness through the use of documentary film, and to become a community portal through which citizens of the world can engage, discuss, contribute, and participate in efforts to create a more sustainable future for our planet. The development of the show was conceived out of a common desire among eco-conscious professional filmmakers, producers and aspiring students to create a dedicated venue for airing uncompromised environmental material which otherwise would not have found an audience due to contentious environmental content and/or experimental and artistic style.

Hundreds of foreigners stranded in Angola

Erin McGann, 28.04.2006 17:55

Foreigners in Angola left high and dry as passports are detained. The situation is the result of restructuring the passport office in Luanda. This all comes at a time of inceasing unease in Angola's political climate. There have been reports of passports having been detained for up to two months now and still no sign of them being returned. Hundreds of foreigners, wishing to return to Europe and other destinations have had to cancel flights as a result of the confusion.


CARLITOS BADANI, 28.04.2006 17:51

SEÑORES INDYMEDIA, no puede ser posible que exista un abuso del poder de informar, que su red sea un instrumento político de demagogos y de perros sabuesos de los extorsionadores. A continuación un extracto de las publicaciones que fueron borradas por los administradores de indymedia bolivia, que promulgan el desafuero social y la delincuencia.

Hate groups on the rise

Brenda Norrell, 28.04.2006 17:22

Border Guardians in center of pro-immigrant marchers in Tucson The Border Guardians in Tucson have called on neo-Nazis and skinheads for violence against migrants at the border

TÜRKEI: 122. Todesopfer infolge der Isolationspolitik

Anatolien Radio, Orange 94.0, 28.04.2006 16:00

FreundInnen und Angehörige beim Abschied im Widerstandshaus Fatma Koyupinar hat gestern Donnerstag, im Zuge des Todesfastens im Widerstand gegen Isolationsgefängnisse ihr Leben verloren

Ratopia On The Hudson

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 28.04.2006 15:38

In Godzilla movies, the money shot is when the big guy crushes Tokyo. With city dwellers rushing around trying to dodge death by dinosaur. But if mega developer Forest City Ratner and New York State's quasi-public Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) have their way, no one will be left to flee the footprint of the Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn. The threat of eminent domain will have emptied the neighborhood long before Godzilla gets there.

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