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US troop loses go to 703

jamie, 20.04.2004 06:52

703 US troops have now died in Iraq. Disadvantaged, poor, young people, are dying to protect the privilage of their "masters." jamie

American Activist arrested in Thailand

Jonathan Wishnev, Jim Pollard, 20.04.2004 06:41

American Activist for human rights in Thailand arrested. He has been denied legal representation and the US embassy is not getting involved.

US Air Force Subliminal Broadcasting with the EC-130E Aircraft

.., 20.04.2004 05:48

They could certainly try and use this in the Middle East..

Destacada especialista latinoamericana asistirá a evento en Cuba

Aixa Hevia Gonzàlez, 20.04.2004 04:54

Del 18 al 20 de mayo de 2004 se realizará en La Habana, Cuba, el VI Encuentro Iberoamericano "Mujer y Comunicación". En esta oportunidad el tema central será Género y nuevas tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones.

March for Women's Lives interview with pro-choice leader, 20.04.2004 04:23

An interview with Kate Michelman about the March for Women's Lives and the right to choice. See

LitFiber Inks LOI to Acquire Email 2 Phone; Forecast to Add $1.4 Million in Assets and Revenue

John D. Jarvis Jr., 20.04.2004 04:02

LitFiber Inc. (OTC: LTBI ) announces the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Email 2 Phone, a telecommunications application development and services provider with headquarters in Plymouth, MN (


Citizens for Fair Legislation, 20.04.2004 03:40


International Day of Action &amp; Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers-June 12, 2004

Friends of Jeff Luers, 20.04.2004 03:30

June 12 poster
June marks the fourth year that our friend and comrade, Jeff "Free" Luers has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, Jeff has continued to be active in prison and fight back with his words and inspiration. This June 12, we aim to strengthen his efforts by promoting a day of action and solidarity with Jeff throughout the world.

A Promise to Ontario's Solicitor General

Malcolm Everett, 20.04.2004 00:14

Address this issue or I promise you I will flood the Internet with it...

Tell Us When, Tell Us How: A Letter to President Bush

Clinton Fein /, 19.04.2004 23:44

“But they don't tell us when; they don't tell us where; they don't tell us who; and they don't tell us how,” Dr. Rice earnestly told the commission. While the terrorists should be appropriately chided for failing to provide such exquisite detail of their attacks, such an expectation from your National Security Advisor suggests we simply adopt a “Hope for the Best” motto as an equally effective and far less expensive counter-terrorism strategy.

Liberatees prefer to avoid being liberated

wt, 19.04.2004 22:54

how Herr Bushenstein united the Iraqis by selectively killing possible future terrorists

Experts Testify on &quot;The Situation in Haiti&quot;

DOGSPOT, 19.04.2004 20:57

Months before mercanaries marched across the island of Hispaniola to overthrow the government of Haiti, experts began in vain to present a glimpse of reality to the US government. This failure of US influence - perhaps we can say of US diplomacy - is doubly shocking since the personalities who comprise this opposition have been widely perceived as allies - even sycophants - of Washington. Among these personalities are individuals who have participated in an array of political strategy meetings organized by the International Republican Institute using US government funds, and who have repeatedly visited Washington over the past three years. And, at least one of the highest profile leaders of this faction, Mr. Andre Apaid, is a US citizen.Statement by Dr. Robert Maguire to the
House Committee on International Relations

Rock the Earth, Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time

Glenn Fee, 19.04.2004 20:19

Rock the Earth, a new, national environmental advocacy and education organization connecting the music industry and environmental community, announces its arrival. Rock the Earth is committed to protecting and defending America's natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the world-wide environmental community.

Poland: stopping on the border

biber, 19.04.2004 18:07

We get the first message about stopping on the border.

US closed Iraqi hospitals when they were most needed

jamie, 19.04.2004 17:07

Imagine the havoc caused by closing the biggest hospital in a major city for a week. The death toll due to this will never be figured into the total equation of the "liberation."

Dear friends,

What follows are from the bolgger Rahul Mahajan in Iraq now. He shows a side of this story that the western press is choosing to avoid (namely the humanity of another third world people). You can visit his blog at Particularly important in these most recent reports is the news that coalition forcers ordered the closing of major hospitals during the height of fighting in Fallujah and other areas.. How many war crimes? Please share as widely as possible. I imagine this one might not make it into “polite” media either. jamie

graphics: disappearing forest

£, 19.04.2004 16:23

trees think green

Cartes per enviar als organitzadors del Fòrum Universal de les Cultures

Anonim@, 19.04.2004 15:57

El Forum de les Cultures Barcelona 2004 promou com a un dels seus "valors" l'elogi a la diversitat cultural. Al mateix temps, perquè es celebri l'esdeveniment, les diversitat culturals reals de la ciutat estan patint un any d'assetjaments i de violències. Envieu aquesta carta als organitzadors del Fòrum.

Rx for Injustice - Can't beat 'em? Smear 'em

Malcolm Everett, 19.04.2004 15:01

Make 'em PAY... WACKY MEDICAL DOCTORS- Think your doctor/MD is just about God on Earth?  Make 'em PAY...!

Voter Referendum Will Not Occur Without IMPEACHMENT in the US

Frank Snapp, 19.04.2004 13:56

Voter Referendum Will Not Occur Without IMPEACHMENT in the US

Wake up!

Board of Education, 19.04.2004 12:32

Wake up! Wake up!

Stop Ignorance!

Board of Education, 19.04.2004 12:30

You can use money as message boards.

Vigília: Grupo 19 assinala libertação de Mordechai Vanunu

AI - Grupo Local 19, 19.04.2004 12:25

Liberdade para Mordechai Vanunu! No âmbito do trabalho desenvolvido pelo Grupo 19 (Sintra) ao longo dos últimos 8 anos em prol da libertação de Mordechai Vanunu, este grupo da Secção Portuguesa da Amnistia Internacional realizará no próximo dia 21 de Abril, quarta-feira, pelas 18h30, uma pequena vigília nas imediações da Embaixada de Israel, na Rua António Enes, em Lisboa, para comemorar a libertação de Mordechai Vanunu, cidadão israelita que passou 18 anos na prisão (12 dos quais em solitária) por haver denunciado a produção de armas nucleares por Israel.

STOP New World Order - Fight Global Enslavement !

Board of Education, 19.04.2004 12:20

Stop New World Order - Fight Global Enslavement ! STOP New World Order!


U. S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, 19.04.2004 12:20

Free Vanunu! News Release - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lawyers representing Mordechai Vanunu on Sunday appealed Israel's plan to
bar the long-imprisoned nuclear whistleblower from travel within or outside
of Israel, and from all contact with foreigners, when he is released from
prison on Wednesday.

[euromayday] Callout for euromayday parade 2004 - milan barcelona

otted imc italia, 19.04.2004 11:19


I will kill you

charles webster baer, 19.04.2004 11:15


A Bleak Middle East

Hadj Maaradji, 19.04.2004 10:16

This article is about why the Middle East is in such a mess, and how long will it have to endure hardship and grief before the dawning of a new and fair day.


Giuseppe M. cieri, 19.04.2004 10:12

Oggi pomeriggio su Radio 24 ore 16:30

Final Statement of the BRussells Tribunal

Brussels Tribunal Jury, 19.04.2004 08:14

The BRussells Tribunal - People vs Total War Incorporated - Saturday 17 April 2004
Consistent with the tradition of the 1967 Russell Tribunal on the Vietnam War and the work of the People’s permanent tribunal and other similar tribunals such as the one held in Brussels in 1991, the BRussells Tribunal met on 14-17 April 2004. This Tribunal is the opening session of the World Tribunal on Iraq, a series of hearings scheduled to conclude in Istanbul in 2005.

Sears Tower Terror Threat

silent_bob21, 19.04.2004 06:48

There is a possibility the Illuminati will attack the Sears Tower this year, most likely 4/19/04 in order to start a war with Syria.

Israeli Terror by American Zionism

Biploby, 19.04.2004 03:23

Israli terrorism has taken over USA ....

Frontline News website and nightly news program

Ethan Edwards, 19.04.2004 02:47

Frontline news= Unfiltered news

Brother to Brother

Leroy Moore Jr. /PoorNewsNetwork-DAMO, 19.04.2004 02:15

Disabled Haitian Heroes Recognized

People vs Total War Incorporated

ZYX, 19.04.2004 00:05

Press Release The BRussells Tribunal Saturday 17 April 2004

Medical marijuana? Now about some of those real pain killers!? (image and essay)

£, 18.04.2004 23:22

dope March30, 2004

MacBethian Times

Sam Libby, 18.04.2004 19:35

We are in a blood-haunted time like the time of the great tragedy of MacBeth. What does President Geedub and National Security Directoress Condalissa have to hide? Is it the same sort of thing that MacBeth and his Lady had to hide?

Israeli TERRORISM is legal - Zionised American President

Biploby, 18.04.2004 18:52

Who is Terrorist?

Who is Terrorist? Nazi Zionist state Israel ? Successive Zionised US
Administration? Or a wheel chair bound clergy? Which one is the most
dangerous country? Iran! Iraq! Israel! USA! Who is adding accelerant
in the fire? Zionised media or Zionist slaves around the world!?

You are the judge. Please examine links below and opine away.
Nazi Israeli Holocaust in Palestine

Racist and Fascist State:

Camp David hoax! Zionised media failed to inform you before and even

Ehud Barak's offer make Hitler the Grand Rabi of Jerusalem

Israeli TERRORISM is legal – Zionised American President

Road map of Peace is not going anywhere! Who is guilty?
and look for "road map for peace

Israeli TERRORISM is legal – Zionised American President

2000 US Presidential Election Fraud Video Now Online

E. Combatant, 18.04.2004 18:27

Information Clearing House has provided a link to "Unprecedented", a very good video describing the election fraud effort in the 2000 Florida US Presidential fraud effort. Please pass this on, especially to those who still think that Ralph Nader cost Gore the election.

Belgium is resourceful in oppressing the Turkish Minority

Ulkü Mavzer, 18.04.2004 16:52

Belgium is oppressing the Turkish Minority in such a way that is even beyond comprehension of any logically thinking human being. Sourly earned property of the Turks are confiscated.

Belgium is resourceful in oppressing the Turkish Minority

Ulkü Mavzer, 18.04.2004 16:51

Belgium is oppressing the Turkish Minority in such a way that is even beyond comprehension of any logically thinking human being. Sourly earned property of the Turks are confiscated.

Today in the MidEast 17th of april

MrParadise, 18.04.2004 16:48


Citizens Against Human Experimentation site has had minor updates and changes

CAHE, 18.04.2004 16:45

Citizens Against Human Experimentation site has had minor updates and changes

Another day in April

jamie, 18.04.2004 15:07

Today, 4/18/04, 10:50am U.S. time:

Most recent Iraq war casualties:

04/18/04 Reuters: Explosions heard near US headquarters in Baghdad
At least two blasts echoed over central Baghdad on Sunday and smoke rose from the "Green Zone" housing Iraq's U.S.-led administration, witnesses said.........

Web censors

me, 18.04.2004 14:17

AOL filter party sites?

Megan_AU beaten to death by enraged Lilliputians.

Tom Swift, 18.04.2004 12:59

Megan_AU, who has long pursued an anti Lilliputian agenda, finally enraged them so they beat her to death.

Fired and Tired

Clinton Fein /, 18.04.2004 10:58

If this is how the U.S. communicates the taste of freedom, perhaps those involved in the Fallujah atrocity were adapting to the behavior of their occupiers. A message to those who spearheaded the occupation: "You're Fired!"


By John Kamanski 4-17-04, 18.04.2004 07:57

Know how to tell the difference between the truth and lies of 9/11? If they're talking about hijackers having done the dastardly deed, you know they're part of the sinister coverup extravaganza, wittingly or not.

A blog from Iraq

Joe, 18.04.2004 06:22

Blogging from Baghdad (until April 25)
Report from Fallujah -- Destroying a Town in Order to Save it
April 17, 12:05 pm EST. Baghdad, Iraq -- My ankle is still healing slowly from the time in Fallujah when we were running away from predator drones and what we thought were cluster bombs. I know the best treatment -- lying around for a couple of days. Unfortunately, that's just not possible here -- too much to do.

“No one is shocked. No one is awed.”

jamie, 18.04.2004 05:36

Dear friends and all paying attention in these very potent days,

What follows are some sad military highlights that demonstrate just how out of touch with reality our “leaders” are. After the “highlights” please read the illuminating commentary by Stan Goff. It is an education far better than most. jamie

Al-Qaida: you won I lost

M.A.Hussain, 18.04.2004 03:03

Al Qaida: You won, I lost

(An open letter to Al Qaida leader Dr Al Zahwari)

Respected Al Zahwari,

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