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Irish to Protest Howard Visit

Anon, 16.05.2006 23:38

Western cheerleader for the Bush Howard visits Ireland next week and is to address the Dail (parliament). Howard is the primary Western cheerleader for the Bush "war on terror". Ireland has had its neutrality compromised by the Government hosting 1100 U,S, troops a day at Shannon Airport, County Clare. Check links below for Irish reponses to Howard visit.......

¡Atenco, escucha! ¡No estás solo en la lucha! Höre, Atenco, Du bist nicht allein im Kampf!

Nick Williams, 16.05.2006 22:53

vor dem Bunsendenkmal, in Heidelberg 14.05.06 Atenco Soligruppe in Heidelberg, Deutschland
Aus Anlass der schweren Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Atenco (Mexiko) informieren wir über den laufenden Stand der Dinge und bilden Teil der "Vernetzung von unten".

Brough end of a pineapple

pr via sam, 16.05.2006 21:31

Vicious libels is online now! The transcript of Mal Broughs vicious libels is online now - I hope he gets his arse sued right off.


ANNONYMOUS, 16.05.2006 21:00

Helicopter approached WTC, pauses, then flies away seconds before the tower collapses. Is this evidence that helicopter imploded the WTC?

U.S.Media Journalists going &quot;Guerilla&quot; over being Wire-Tapped?

D.Gladstone, 16.05.2006 19:28

"FBI Acknowledges: Journalists' Phone Records are Fair Game"

Pentagon threatens Venezuela &amp; Cuba

May20 Coalition, 16.05.2006 18:52

"The presence of a U.S. carrier task force in the Caribbean will definitely be interpreted as some sort of signal by the governments of Cuba and Venezuela. If I was sitting in the Venezuela capital looking at this American task force, the message I would be getting is America still is not so distracted by Iraq that it is unable to enforce its interests in the Caribbean." - Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute, a pro-defense think tank in Washington.


Jorge Gonzalez S, 16.05.2006 18:50


Filipino Food Not Bombs Volunteers Jailed and Tortured

Keith McHenry, 16.05.2006 16:40

Eleven Filipino backpackers were arrested on February 14, 2006 while they were on their way to hike at Sagada in Benguet and they were accused of terrorism. Several of those arrested volunteer with Food Not Bombs in the Philippines and their friends and have asked the international Food Not Bombs movement to join them in working the release of the Sagada 11. Our volunteers are still in jail so Food Not Bombs is announcing an international campaign calling for their freedom. Volunteers have been asked to organize protests, write letters and call on local officials to request the Filipino government to release the Sagada 11.

Colombia Loosens Abortion Law: One Step Forward, But Many More Needed

La Socialista, 16.05.2006 16:06

Overview of the fight to legalize abortion in Latin America.

Towards A General Strike, 16.05.2006 12:07

The practicalities of an indefinite General Strike discussed in a preliminary and general way, with brief reference to history. Suggestions for immediate practical activity including call for a General Strike icon.


anon the mouse, 16.05.2006 08:20



Vrndavan Parker, 16.05.2006 07:54


SkyBARK - nightlife for dogs AND their owners!

Julie Rasmussen, 16.05.2006 05:43

SkyBark May 20, 2006 Los Angeles, CA - Watch out L.A., on May 20th the top dogs are going to bring down the woof…SKYBARk's roof that is. In a beautiful setting overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline, SkyBark is a new downtown club offering a place for both humans and canines to live it up late night. For the first time owners can bring their best four legged friends out in a social environment where cocktails and food are offered along with a lively atmosphere . The inaugural event was March 25 and was a howling success. Dogs and owners were able to mix it up socially with both old and new friends, all of which sharing the common love of animals.

Appealing to the United States is not very appealing

William Blum via Ytzhak, 16.05.2006 04:46

is not very appealing "...The people will scrutinize our presidencies. Did we (manage) to bring peace, security and prosperity for the people or insecurity and unemployment? Did we intend to establish justice or just supported (special) interest groups, and by forcing many people to live in poverty and hardship, made a few people rich and powerful -- thus trading the approval of the people and the almighty with theirs? Did we defend the rights of the underprivileged or ignore them? Did we defend the rights of all people around t he world or imposed wars on them, interfered illegally in their affairs, established hellish prisons and incarcerated some of them? Did we bring the world peace and security or raised the specter of intimidation and threats? " -- Mahmood Ahmadi-Nejad

Greece, Athens 4-7 May: An anarchist forum, a demo and a riot (Photos)

zxc, 16.05.2006 04:45

Athens Riot May 2006 Greece, Athens 4-7 May: An anarchist forum, a demo & a riot (photos) & the co-operation of the European Social Forum with the police in arresting dozens of innocent passers-by and bystanders and charging seventeen of them.

Iraqi children suffering alarming malnutrition - UNICEF

Corp Roters, 16.05.2006 04:26

Food Insecurity in Iraq Persists "Under-nutrition should not be accepted in a country like Iraq, with its wealth of resources..." Malnutrition among Iraqi children has reached alarming levels, according to a UNICEF survey showing people are struggling to cope three years after US-forces overthrew Saddam Hussein. The report on food security and vulnerability in Iraq said almost one child in every 10 aged between six months and five years, suffered acute malnourishment. "Children are major victims of food insecurity," it said, describing the situation as "alarming". 15 per cent of households are classified as "Extremely Poor." A total of four million Iraqis, roughly 15 per cent of the population, were in dire need of humanitarian aid including food, up from 11 per cent in a 2003 report, the survey of more than 20,000 Iraqi households found...

Australian Wheat Board deceives United Nations over oil-for-food program

Jason Phelan, 16.05.2006 03:58

Australian Federal Government Ministers and Staffers were clearly warned in 2001 that Iraq was demanding 'kickbacks' under the UN oil-for-food program. lauches Boycott Exxonmobil bumper sticker campaign

Erik Komurek, 16.05.2006 03:05 releases press release announcing start of Boycott Exxonmobil bumper sticker campaign.

Appealing to the United States is not very appealing

William Blum, 16.05.2006 01:49

Ahmadinejad's letter hilights the emptiness of Bush/PNAC's "crisis", which is truly only a way to feign an excuse for a war they've planned to fight since before the False Flag of 911.

Don't Forget to Destroy the Tag

Dwght Hines, 16.05.2006 01:47

A automobile license plate is the start of a multipointed column that covers corruption, poor government practices, and tasty healthy food, with a sincere salute to Gary Trudeau for his honest cartooning on the Iraq war veteran and his family.

Sao Paulo's War

Cristovao Rocha (Cristopher), 16.05.2006 01:42

Sao Paulo's War
Registered more of 94 dies estimate in 3 days on 21:42, informed 'Rede TV', more want Baghdad.
Media super show, Globo and all channels inform various version of history for all the people on the City.
It's "A" Class X "E" Class, and the population is in dangerous.

2nd Renaissance -32

Lothar, 16.05.2006 01:16

Then the penny drops Then the penny drops, literally. The earthlings are selling water, they are treating it as a commodity. For the sellers of water this means that the scarcer fresh water is the higher the price and the greater the profit. There is still CAPITALISM on Earth; a system that became redundant in most galaxies aeons ago. No wonder water is scarce here.


Islamic Community Net, 15.05.2006 21:45

800 high schools throughout the USA are currently considering teaching christian propaganda. Representing the Campaign to Defend the Constitution, Duke University law professor Erwin Chemerinsky charges that Georgia is "clearly violating" the First Amendment with "state-sponsored religious promotion" both through Bible classes and another law allowing Ten Commandments displays.


Islamic Community Net, 15.05.2006 21:35

AYAAN Hirsi Ali will leave parliament and move to the US after admitting she lied to win asylum in the Netherlands. A storm erupted about her asylum application last week after a Dutch television documentary interviewed members of her family about her background. Asked whether she had falsified her asylum application, Ms Hirsi Ali told the program she lied about her name, age and how she came to the Netherlands.

Romeurope ment!

La Voix des Rroms, 15.05.2006 20:34

Dans son rapport de 2005, Romeurope prétend avoir fait toutes les démarches nécessaires contre le racisme anti-rrom exprimé à l'émission "Délinquance: la route des Roms". Pourtant, il n'en est rien, et c'est bien la raison pour laquelle les associations rroms ont quitté ce collectif. Essayant de se refaire une image avec de la publicité mensongère, Romeurope dénigre l'image et surtout le travail des associations rroms, seules à être mobilisées pour porter en justice cette affaire grave.

After Neoconservatism

Ex-NeoCon - Francis Fukuyama, 15.05.2006 20:29

Francis Fukuyama Poster's analysis: Failure of the neocon agenda and toward calculated corruption of Islamic core values by the Rome of today (just like what Rome pf the past did to the core values of Christianity.)

&quot;The impact of the financial crisis on the Palestinian community&quot;

Qusay Hamed, 15.05.2006 20:17

This article talks clearly about the current financial crisis that Palestinian are living nowadays, it also shows the impact of this crisis on the Palestinian community, security and future.
it has also an massage to the international community in order to stop the financial sanctions.

TAMIL NADU :  Polls yield space for Eelam

TEHELKA, 15.05.2006 18:13

TEHELKA - Page image The just-concluded elections to the Tamil Nadu Assembly saw the resurgence of sympathies towards the cause of the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). And it is a far cry from the days of the Jayalalithaa government’s first crackdown on pro-Eelam elements.

Swiming up Stream

Joe Guice, 15.05.2006 18:11

The established scientific, medical and social establishments do not allow serious consideration of the paranormal. There, however, many of us who have proven its validity over many years of experience and serious application. The experience continues to be of extreme value to whose involved. Sharing this knowledge and experience has become a responsibility. This responsibility is not diminished by those who adhere to conventions which refuse to investigate its real potential.

Feds spy on Big Media to root out confidential sources!

ABC, 15.05.2006 15:59

Federal source: Government tracking major media phone numbers to root out confidential sources

HUD Foreclosures &amp; Empty Job Promises: New York's Culture of Impunity

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 15.05.2006 15:57

New York State's culture of impunity jacks networks of regional cronies. Promise taxpayers anything in return for economic development dollars, but give them HUD foreclosures and unemployment. Miscalls, mismanagement and/or malfeasance by pols & pals matter nought. When it comes to revitalization, it's the thought that counts...

Sen McCain presses for relocation of Navajos for Peabody coal

Indian Country Today, 15.05.2006 14:20

Navajo oppose bill that would close relocation benefits office
Sen. John McCain's bill another push to force Navajos off Black Mesa to make room for Peabody Coal mining and use Navajo and Hopi aquifer water.

Insomniac Press Book Launch 2006 Featuring John Stiles, Tim Conley, Lynne Evera

John, 17.05.2006 12:00

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Toronto, ON
You're invited to the Insomniac Press spring launch party for Whatever Happens, a collection of short stories by Tim Conley; E-mails from the Edge, a novel by Lynne Everatt; and Creamsicle Stick Shivs, a poetry collection by John Stiles.
The Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street (one block west of Bathurst, one block south of Bloor) 7:00 p.m.

Crazed Faux News biz commentator calls USA Today trator

couch potato, 15.05.2006 13:31

Faux News host Brenda Butler went over the top claiming the newspaper, USA Toaday made "the country less safe" by running its story on NSA’s data mining [checkout link for video]

le théâtre libre de Minsk à Paris

Maison d'Europe et d'Orient, 15.05.2006 13:20

Pour la première fois en france, le Théâtre libre de Minsk a été crée en opposition à la culture officielle du régime actuel et il est aujourd'hui le fer de lance de la scène indépendante biélorusse. Ils présenteront le spectacle Generation Jean samedi 20 mai 2006 à 20h30 à la Maison d'Europe et d'Orient.

why billy why

mark grayson, 15.05.2006 12:13

'why billy why' is a song i wrote last year when my son-in-law was deployed to Iraq. He thankfully came home safely....many others have not. 'why billy why' is an honest look at a mother's loss. I wanted to put a face on this tragedy of a war and make everyone feel for an instant...a fraction of the pain a mother feels when her son is killed in the war.

The return of 'thought crimes' in Japan

Scott North, 15.05.2006 08:19

Permits detention without charge In combination with another statute that permits detention without charge, the new law could have a chilling effect on civil liberties, including freedoms of speech and assembly and the right to organize.

Republica Constitucional

Antonio Garcia Trevijano, 15.05.2006 07:55

Blog de Antonio Garcia Trevijano

Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush

TB, 15.05.2006 07:36

Unofficial FULL translation . 18 pages, pdf


POR NESTOR NUÑEZ, 15.05.2006 06:46


Protesto Nacional de Secundaristas

Indymedia Santiago. Chile;tradução: alexzapa, 15.05.2006 03:54


To My Fellow-Citizens of the United States of America

Patriots and Citizens of the United States of America, 15.05.2006 00:07

A call to protest on July 4th.

The Oil Wars

Archie Kennedy via sam, 14.05.2006 21:40

If America doesn't commit this atrocity Bush has been using the threat of what might happen if America doesn't commit this atrocity or that atrocity in its own defense. They have removed the fundamental freedoms of not only Americans but of Canadians, Brits, Australians and many other Western nations under the guise of security. They have used fear mongering to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and to arrest people for no reason whatsoever. They use private bounty hunters to gather up Arabian men and lock them away and throw away the key.

Hugo Chávez Addresses Mass Rally Organised by Hands Off Venezuela

Repost from jamie, 14.05.2006 21:26

"The President’s speech was received with wild applause and the cheering and chanting went on for a long time, as he took a red flag from one of the audience and waved it in the air. Then, quite spontaneously, the crowd started to sing the Internationale. It was an emotional end to an emotional occasion. It was past midnight and for hours later groups of people were still standing in the precinct, discussing the ideas of socialism and revolution in a way that has not been seen here for many years."

Boicotea los productos israelíes. No compres patatas LZR y pídele a Mercadona que cese su venta

Palestina Lliure, 14.05.2006 20:34

La cadena de supermercados MERCADONA comercializa productos israelíes. Las patatas LZR variedad VIVALDI y DESIREE han sido cultivadas en Israel y posteriormente importadas por Almacenes Lázaro S.L. situado en El Puig (Valencia).
Mientras Israel prosiga la ocupación de Cisjordania y de los Altos del Golán, mientras el estado sionista continúe asfixiando la Franja de Gaza, mientras millones de palestinos/as vivan en campos de refugiados o estén en el exilio, mientras la Unión Europea mantenga el Acuerdo de Asociación con el Estado de Israel, BOICOTEA LOS PRODUCTOS ISRAELÍES. NO COMPRES PATATAS LZR y PÍDELE A MERCADONA QUE CESE SU VENTA.

VENEZUELA: Asesinan a Tomás Montilla, cultor popular de Portuguesa

Gabriel Gil, 14.05.2006 19:45

El 12/05/06 asesinan a Tomas Montilla

War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of WW II at Stoneleaf Theatre Festival

Serena Ebhardt, 14.05.2006 19:10

War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of WWII by EbzB Productions at Stoneleaf Theatre Festival 2006. A musical cabaret featuring actual veterans letters home and popular songs of the era.

Still BushWhacked

TomSongs, 14.05.2006 18:35

Every day that ticks by brings more senseless death and injury


Jorge F Sasamo, 14.05.2006 17:01


2gb, the hate machine

vanasti, 14.05.2006 16:21

I am sure, John Singleton’s hate machine 2GB listeners believe 90% Muslims are terrorists!!!! Although above statistics are totally inconsistent with the reality. Yet, Muslim and Asian bashings are the most acceptable sports in Australia.

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