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The ergonomic viability of true democracy

09.06.2006 21:13

An examination of the ergonomic viability of true, direct democracy.

The Way We Live, Part 2

09.06.2006 20:26

An editorial on some of the ridiculous things we do to ourselves.

Women call for peaceful resolution of Iran &quot;crisis&quot;

Kate Zaidan, 09.06.2006 20:19

Nuclear Option The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) calls for the end of US imperialism in the Middle East and the establishment of a peaceful resolution of the imminent Iran "crisis"

The Way We Live

09.06.2006 20:07

An editorial addressing the scam we call democracy.

Call to Action: Join Survivor's Village

Survivor's Village, 09.06.2006 19:38

Help build solidarity by joining the evicted residents of St. Bernards housing project in New Orleans. Join the tent city and say NO TO DEMOLITION and NO TO RACIAL AND CLASS CLEANSING!!

Life in Tel Rumeida

Chelli, 09.06.2006 18:56

Israeli settler graffiti in Tel Rumeida: &quot;Arabs to the Gas Chambers&quot; Tel Rumeida, is small Palestinian neighborhood located in Hebron in the West Bank. The Palestinian population of the neighborhood has dwindled from 500 families to just 50 over the last decade because of Israeli settler violence and Israeli government complicity.

Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!, 09.06.2006 18:39

Coulter bitches about the Hard Right being able to respond to several informed (she labels them all "left/liberal" eg: commie, in order to manipulate the debate, and scare the Useful Idiots) people, because they belong to "sacrosanct" groups, then instead of responding to their criticism, she simply slanders them all.

STOPPING WORLD WAR 3 - We're all we got, Baby!

Cathy Garger, 09.06.2006 17:33

WORLD WAR 3 Detailed action plan for individual activists to stop imminent US pre-emptive wars of aggression

The Last Street of Old Chengdu

Intro by Ray - article by Wang Jian, 09.06.2006 14:13

In one of the only remaining hutongs - an ancient city alley or lane, in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China I met a man by the name of Wang Jian.

This is the beginning of his story..

French traduction from Athens

enragé-e-s, 09.06.2006 12:42

Venezuelan Elections

Chris Robins, 09.06.2006 11:23

Preparations for presidential election of Hugo Chavez in December...


A Chinese Perspective of the Nepali Situation, 09.06.2006 10:23

The recent Nepali history appears to have repeated a good part of China’s recent history, but Nepal will not become red as China did more than 50 years ago, writes JUYAN ZHANG, a Chinese scholar of international affairs.

A Chinese Perspective of the Nepali Situation

Dr. JUYAN ZHANG, 09.06.2006 10:17

The recent Nepali history appears to have repeated a good part of China’s recent history, but Nepal will not become red as China did more than 50 years ago, writes JUYAN ZHANG, a Chinese scholar of international affairs.

School of the Amercias: School of Assassins?

By Willhemina Wahlin, 09.06.2006 07:28

Pic: Fr Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch (SOA Watch) The pressure is building for the closure of SOA, the military training school dubbed 'The School of Assassins'


AINA, 09.06.2006 05:05

justice is an elusive In Afghanistan justice is an elusive theory a best. Afghanistan’s history is one of war, violent uprising, chaos, and lawlessness. Now there may be hope in the selection of a new Attorney General.


anonymous, 09.06.2006 04:21

Call for global actions during September 14-20 in Singapore and World Wide against the IFIs

pointless picnics

snorburys, 09.06.2006 03:52

Automomous Sunday Afternoon Picnics
Lie Down Against Slavery
Share your food and ideas with your mates

RFID to track ACT prisoners

Steven Deare, ZDNet Australia via sam, 09.06.2006 03:43

(RFID) bracelets or anklets Inmates at Canberra's first prison will wear radio frequency identification (RFID) bracelets or anklets to track their location, under plans by government.

Call Congress; Critical Vote to Close School of the Americas Friday or Monday

SOA Watch Team, 09.06.2006 02:00

For the first time in six years, there will be a vote on legislation to close the SOA/WHINSEC, the U.S. Army school whose graduates are implicated in some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America. As countries throughout the region go through historic changes, people in the U.S. have an opportunity to make historic change this week by demanding justice, accountability, and suspension of the SOA/WHINSEC.

Indignacion por la muerte de Alexis

UACM, 09.06.2006 00:51

Los abajo firmantes manifestamos nuestro total apoyo así como también nos solidarizamos con los familiares de Alexis Benhumea.

NEW SONG: On The Hard Drive Now

Jack Olmsted, 09.06.2006 00:06

Robert Force for thirty years he has traveled, taught and performed with the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer throughout most of the United States and parts of Europe. He counts himself fortunate for being able share both the music and the instrument with many others. A couple of weeks ago he recorded a protest song a entitled "On The Hard Drive Now"

Palestinian Activist To Keynote International Read For Peace Week in Iowa

Shanita Michelle, 08.06.2006 23:17

Sir Rateb Rabie to speak on "Building Bridges of Peace Through Books" at the week-long event which also features book fair, author readings at nursing homes, readings by families and groups, awards, free seminars and panel discusssions.

Al-Zarqawi, Tiny Children Killed by US in Iraq

david via sam, 08.06.2006 22:53

In a PR coup In a PR coup for the Coalition forces in Iraq, an air strike on a building on the outskirts of Baqouba, the provincial capital of Diyala, has reportedly killed al Qa'eda lieutenant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Several of al-Zarqawi's aides were killed in the sortie, including Sheik Abdul Rahman, the al Qa'eda leader's spiritual advisor. The discovery of women and children's clothing in the wreckage of the multi-storey building in the aftermath of the attack suggests carnage resulting from the Americans' 500-pound bombs was not limited to al Qa'eda militants.

CORRECTION: Harper's: I want to kill the president - And I'll do it with my bare hands

Marc, 08.06.2006 22:40

I concur with Harper's writer, "Let me be clear that I have no wish to perform such a deed in fact, nor do I want anyone else to destroy bodily what is, at least in the technical sense, a fellow human being."

Lagebericht der Teilnehmer der Feldbefreiuung von Giessen am 2.06.06 mit Bitte um Unterstützung

genfood nein danke, 08.06.2006 21:44

Bei einer Protestaktion mit Feldbefreiung gegen ein Versuchsfeld mit genmanipulierter Gerste auf dem Gelände der Universität Giessen ging die Polizei mit aller Härte gegen die Teilnehmer vor.
Bei dem Polizeieinsatz wurden die Demonstranten, die auf das Gerstenfeld gelangt waren festgenommen und dem Richter vorgeführt,später aber wieder auf freien Fuß gesetzt.
Den Teilnehmern der Protestaktion droht nun ein Verfahren, da der Uni Giessen massiver Sachschaden
entstanden ist. Hier nun der Bericht einer der an der Aktion Beteilligten.

June 8, 2006

Saleem Shahzad, 08.06.2006 21:12

"Initially they released gases which [put] many of us in an unconscious-like condition, and then they bombed the area. It looked like aircraft were static in the air for hours, and they showered bombs," Merajuddin said.


festes alternatives kny, 08.06.2006 20:55

cartel A3


MARIO, 08.06.2006 20:26

Santiago Juxtlahuaca, Oax.- Tras las balaceras que arrojaron saldo rojo, prevalece un clima de tensión en las comunidades triquis de San Juan Copala, donde se han paralizado las actividades de los pobladores con el temor de que se agudice la violencia, manifestó en entrevista el líder de la Unidad de Bienestar Social y Lucha Triqui (UBISORT), Rufino Juárez Hernández.

Unprecedented Police Corruption Scandal in England

Equaliszer777, 08.06.2006 20:11

When police and media corruption and deception become so blatant and so extreme as in this case, there is a tendency to ignore it in the hope that it will go away. To acknowledge what has happened in this case must change the way we view the English police and media.

ABSENCE DE RÉVOLUTION, AMPLEUR DES MUTATIONS : La tiédeur des tièdes : Le Couac et Normand Baillargeon

titusdenfer, 08.06.2006 19:48

Survivance d’idées mortes, désirs malheureux, militantisme corporatif, dogmatisme, critique « pédagogique » narcissique, les indices se multiplient dès lors que nous découvrons la charge potentielle de cette confusion qui ne rompt pas les digues mais les reconstituent ailleurs grace aux articles du Couac et au ernier livre de Normand baillargeon «Petit cours d’autodéfense intellectuelle.»

Blix warns against regime change

Various, 08.06.2006 19:29

While careful to watch their words, both the UN and EU have sent clear warnings to the criminal Extremists in DC, that their plans for military aggression are well-known, and foolhearty. The UN itself has since told the illegitimate, rogue US Regime to go to hell.

How about a Security Council Resolution forbidding US/Israeli military aggression towards Iran ... ?

Coulter's Comments Shameless, But the Real Shame Is If We Don't Act

John Kerry/Huffington Post, 08.06.2006 19:25

I'd have more faith in Kerry if he'd acted when the election was stolen ...

Anyhow, great comments about the recent work of CIA operative Ann Coulter.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 08.06.2006 17:50

En una de las tantas listas negras que el Departamento de Estado
norteamericano, cual Juez Supremo, confecciona periódicamente sobre
los más diversos temas de este mundo, ha vuelto a incluir a Cuba como
uno de los países que no contribuye a la lucha contra el tráfico ilegal
de personas.

The Validity Of Iran's Nuclear Quest

Adnan Saied, 08.06.2006 17:43

Iran's right to civilian nuclear technology as denied by the united states is a clear example of double standards on part of the U.S. and the International community. The objective of this article is to shed light upon the dimensions of this crisis.

Campesinos' struggle continues

David Broder, 08.06.2006 16:11

Bolivian landless peasants pledge to keep up their fight to reclaim the country's land - they have no trust in Morales' government to do this for them

I want to kill the president - And I'll do it with my bare hands

Ben Metcalf, 08.06.2006 16:02

On simple human decency

The Real Cost of Oil

Tanzeel Merchant, 08.06.2006 16:02

For decades now, the global trade in oil has been denominated in US$. This necessitates trading countries to keep the US$ in their central banks as their reserve fund, thus indirectly strengthening the American economy. The price of oil costs more not just because of the shortage of supply, but also because of the weakness of the currency in which it is traded. The weakness of the US$ has indirectly infected other economies because of their dependence on it for trade.

&quot;DAS HAUS&quot; BLEIBT!

stephan zimmermann, 08.06.2006 15:53

Wir setzen uns gegen einen Abriss und für eine Revitalisierung des alten Bundessaales in Attnang ein!

world stuff

£, 30.05.2006 14:21

world stuff world stuff

Con la reelección del Presidente Uribe en Colombia, la derecha re-fundará el País invocando a Dios y pregonando el pensamiento único.

Johnson Bastidas, 30.05.2006 12:09

El hecho de que el partido conservador se mimetice y haga parte de lo que se conoce como el Uribismo, es decir el conjunto de partidos que apoyan al presidente, y la baja votación del partido liberal, no significan la muerte del bipartidismo. Con esta idea la derecha colombiana se presenta como innovadora, como fenómeno político nuevo, para dejar atrás su pasado y su lastre político y su responsabilidad histórica.

A Lament For Humanity

Jenny L Campbell, 30.05.2006 08:00

When we talk about the "Big Picture", most have an instinctive, if not intellectual understanding of what it means. This was written with the Big Picture firmly in mind.

Honoring Lori Piestewa

Cassandra &quot;Sandy&quot; Frost, 29.05.2006 21:53

Let's Remember the first American Indian Woman killed in U.S. Combat, Lori Piestewa

May Day 2006: World-wide Surge in Marches &amp; Protests

Jonathan Nack, 28.05.2006 20:39

Contemporary May Day events are about rank and file mobilizations which
revolve around key working class struggles particular to each country,
though a strong sense of international solidarity also pervades them.
Most are organized by labor unions, mass movements, and a variety of
left-wing political parties.

Gold Star Mother Urges Americans to Sign the Voters Pledge

Tia Steele, 28.05.2006 19:33

No More Pro-War Candidates, No More Wars of Choice.

Statement of the plenary meeting of Greek students asseblies

radical left wing, 28.05.2006 18:49

a translation about the greek student's movement (151 squatted Universities)


Islamic Community Net, 28.05.2006 17:27

Following is the current updated list to donate for Indonesian earthquake relief. Kindhearts would have been listed here but is not listed because dajjal Bush unconstitutionally seized all its assets in February after framing KindHearts by deploying a secret agent who encouraged them to commit "terrorist" acts. At present, there is no mechanism to donate to KindHearts. The US Constitution forbids such asset seizures under the bill of attainder clause. This is one more manifestation of the hatred for Muslims of dajjal Bush.


MANUEL R VILLACORTA O, 28.05.2006 15:58

Los últimos meses han sido especialmente importantes en Estados Unidos: se debate una reforma migratoria que definitivamente, habrá de marcar el perfil de las relaciones de este país con América Latina.


HBO, 28.05.2006 14:20

You can learn about war by walking through this facility...the horrors of what man can do to man are visualized right here. But we do our best, our level best, to make sure our people survive and make it back to their homes."
-- Col. Casper P. Jones III, Commander, 86th Combat Support Hospital

Revealed: how US marines massacred 24

Sarah Baxter, Hala Jaber and Ali Rifat, 28.05.2006 12:57

PHOTOGRAPHS taken by American military intelligence have provided crucial evidence that up to 24 Iraqis were massacred by marines in Haditha, an insurgent stronghold on the banks of the Euphrates.

Mel Herdon, 28.05.2006 12:20

Amnesty International and The Observer newspaper launch the campaign to stop internet repression.

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