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Bush manifesto called for seizing Iraq's oil and banks

Greg Palast, 12.06.2006 22:08

Bush document calls for US to loot Iraq: General Jay Garner in Iraq exposes President Bush's 101-page document to seize Iraq's oil, banks and fortunes. The U.S. in Iraq was to put no priorty to human rights or democracy.

Western Shoshone among 45 arresed at Nuclear Test Site

Brenda Norrell, 12.06.2006 21:28

Western Shoshone prayers and arrests at Nevada Test Site Western Shoshone, including Carrie Dann, were among 45 arrested at the Nevada Test Site as they opposed the planned 'Divine Strake' explosion and the U.S.'s failure to honor the land as sovereign Western Shoshone land, in compliance with the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863.

Mexico plans secret hazardous dump on O'odham sacred land at border

UN Observer and International Report, 12.06.2006 21:18

O'odham protest hazardous waste dump in Sonoyta, Mexico/photo Ofelia Rivas O'odham in Mexico, living near the U.S. border, were never told that Mexico had issued state and federal permits for a hazardous waste dump in their community of Quitovac, where annual sacred ceremonies are held. O'odham are protesting and the Pima County Association of Governments said Mexico violated an international treaty by failing to inform the Arizona county government. It turns out the US EPA knew all along.

US banned pesticides kill Yaqui in Mexico

Brenda Norrell, 12.06.2006 21:09

Yaqui in Mexico at workshop by International Indian Treaty Council The US is manufacturing and exporting pesticides banned in the United States which are resulting in birth defects and death for Yaqui in Mexico. The United Nations pressed Mexico to respond, but the government of Mexico failed to appear at a workshop in Yaquis' Potam Pueblo.

NSA Blocking Whistleblower From Telling Committee About Shocking, Illegal Activities

Progress, 12.06.2006 20:44

Contact your representatives NOW.


India Resource Center, 12.06.2006 20:21

Durch Coca-Colas Abfüllanlagen in Indien ist eine AUSBEUTUNGSSTRUKTUR entstanden. Die Verbrechen von Coca-Cola: Verursachung ernsthafter Wasserknappheit an verschiedenen Orten in ganz Indien Verschmutzung von Grundwasser und Boden im Umkreis der Abfüllanlagen Abgabe von Giftmüll als Dünger an Bauern Verkauf von Getränken in Indien, deren Pestizidgehalt in einigen Fällen 30 mal so hoch ist wie der EU-Standard

Guantanamo suicides 'acts of war'

S.B.Anthony, 12.06.2006 19:47

"The suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amount to acts of war, the US military says."

GUE/NGL (United European Left) on the situation in the Gaza Strip

David Lundy, 12.06.2006 18:34

We express our unreserved support and solidarity towards the heroic Palestinian people, who are continuing their resistance and struggling for their Independence.

world stuff

3D1on, 12.06.2006 15:41

png world stuff

Lu 15 in Tübingen

s.h. Artikel, 12.06.2006 14:18

Abseilaktion von Kirchturm als Protest gegen drohende Räumung von Tübinger Hausprojekt

Paard door verkeer

Monte Visser, 12.06.2006 13:27

Paard door verkeer gevaarlijk of niet?

Anarchism and Christianity in our Context

Nekeisha A-B, 12.06.2006 01:05

Fourth annual anarchism and Christianity conference taking place August 4-5, 2006 in Champaign IL. Anarchists, Christians and Anarchist-Christians are all welcome to join the conversation.

La delegación para la reforma legal de China se reúne con los socios del despacho de abogados Martín Sotelo

Información Jurídica, 12.06.2006 00:07

Una destacada delegación del Gobierno chino, de visita en España, mantuvo una reunión en Madrid con miembros del despacho de abogados Martín Sotelo, en la que se abordaron diversas cuestiones sobre Responsabilidad civil contractual y extracontractual.

2000 Election Evidence Proving Conspiracy

Jeff Fisher, 11.06.2006 22:45

Please let the greatest attorney in Philadelphia,
Robert F. Simone know that Jeff (aka Wolfie)(aka whizkid)
Fisher is going to stop running and present the
evidence that he was going to have Congresswoman
Maxine Waters give to the House Judiciary Committee.

I also want Attorney Willie Brown in San Francisco
and Attorney Roger J Rosen in Century City to know
that I am thankful for their advice also.

2000 Election Evidence Proving Conspiracy

Jeff Fisher, 11.06.2006 19:48

Please let the greatest attorney in Philadelphia, Robert F. Simone know that Jeff (aka Wolfie)(aka whizkid) Fisher is going to stop running and present the evidence that he was going to have Congresswoman Maxine Waters give to the House Judiciary Committee.

I also want Attorney Willie Brown in San Francisco and Attorney Roger J Rosen in Century City to know that I am thankful for their advice also.


11.06.2006 19:28

A brief introduction to the nature of our gilded cage.

What the left doesn't get about gay marriage

Brad Altfest, 11.06.2006 18:39

This past week, the Republican party reaffirmed it’s commitment to a legacy of hatred, intolerance and fear mongering by going along with President Bush’s campaign against gay people in the form of a marriage debate. However, the Democrats and American left have also failed to adequately use the opportunity to support the GLBT community. If not to defend fundamental equality, the Democrats and American left needs to understand why GLBT rights IS in everyone’s interests and what the non-gay left misses that makes us loose the debate each time we get backed into talking about this issue.

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3D1on, 11.06.2006 15:10

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Os melhores anúncios dos placards paroquiais

Francisco Trindade, 11.06.2006 14:31

Os melhores anúncios dos placards paroquiais

The Reason Men Cheat

Karen Fish, 11.06.2006 14:29

Lipstick There is one big one.

The New Sanhedrin and Their Noahide Council

Brad L. Burge, 11.06.2006 13:55

A concise free Ebook explains the truth behind the New Sanhedrin and their Noahide Council. A spiritual tsunami is quickly appoaching all mankind.

Ongoing Body Worlds 3 Protest

Carol Dickinson via sam, 11.06.2006 10:48

Protesting corpses being exhibited In Houston Texas Carol has been to the Town Hall she has stood outside the Museum and she has protested for what she believes is right. And now other people have joined her.

terrible roots for Womens Rights

words from Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and, 11.06.2006 04:47

terrible roots for certain Womens Rights

Europe and the WMDs

several news sites, 11.06.2006 04:43

somehow people ignored how Europe found Iraqi WMDs and how Syria tested them

International Conference In Moscow On The Future Of European Mankind

Rep. David Duke PhD, 11.06.2006 04:30

An international conference was held in Moscow this week concerning the future of Western Civilization. Read or listen to Dr. David Duke’s dynamic, heartfelt speech delivered at the conference! --

Summer of Not-So-Non-Violent Resistance?

Red Gray, 11.06.2006 00:54

Fight the Rich, Not Their Wars Any updates? Anything to look forward to? Anything?

Death of a dream: The psychology of Manifest Destiny, 10.06.2006 21:10

Manifest Destiny controls how we think as Americans. This article is an exploration of how we are taught to think about the expansion of new territory in our daily lives.


CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 10.06.2006 20:03

El Plan privilegia a sectores productivos y sociales como son: la juventud, las MYPES, las madres, los ancianos y los niños respectivamente.


LARRY EVEREST, 10.06.2006 18:50

For the first time in over 25 years the U.S. government has agreed to negotiate directly with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The talks would also include Britain, France, and Germany and would focus on Iran’s purported nuclear weapons program; the U.S. will participate only if Iran first halts its uranium enrichment program.

Al-Zarqawi may have committed suicide!?!?

-, 10.06.2006 18:47

Wish there was less secrecy about handling Al-Zarqawi's body, so we can feel more certain of the cause of death. It could very well be that Al-Zarqawi committed suicide.

world stuff

3D1on, 10.06.2006 18:01

png world stuff

Violent Student Protests In Merida, Venezuela

Josué Wilson, 10.06.2006 17:11

Armed protesters in front of a ULA bus. Important update on right wing PRO-COUP TERRORISM now taking place in Venezuela. I am a United States citizen living and working in Merida Venezuela reporting on what appears to be the face of US backed efforts to de-stabilise the democratically elected Venezuelan government.

To ignore truth is to invite insanity.

DAJ, 10.06.2006 16:46

manifestation of justice

Comunicado del S.R.I.

Aitor, 10.06.2006 16:14

Comunicado del S.R.I. con motivo de las detenciones realizadas en Reus.


Working Group against Terrorism, 10.06.2006 14:54

On September 12th, 1998, the FBI arrested Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González. They were accused of being unregistered agents of the Cuban government, whose mission was to infiltrate - with the aim of revealing their criminal plans - the terrorist groups that operate with impunity out of Miami.

Asnières, le laboratoire de la &quot;France d'Après&quot;

Ariel Weinberg, 10.06.2006 14:20

Asnières-sur-Seine, 85000 habitants dans la banlieues parisienne... Une ville présentée par son député-maire, Manuel Aeschlimann (UMP), comme modèle de la "France d'Après" promise par Nicolas Sarkozy. Cet article se propose d'analyser les pratiques politiques locales, qui confinent à un déni de démocratie inquiétant - et éclairant sur les promesses de la "France d'Après" de Nicolas Sarkozy.


MANUEL NAVARRO SANINT, 10.06.2006 14:05



Lic. Jesus Jimenez Laban, Presidente de agencia digital CENTRUM LABAN, 10.06.2006 07:14

El Presidente electo de Peru Alan García está decidido a reimplantarla en casos de violación de menores. No hay que olvidar que la pena capital, por ahora, se impone por traición a la patria y por homicidio calificado, y por todos aquellos que señale la ley.

LaRouche warnt vor Cheneys Plänen, im Juni einen Angriff auf den Iran zu führen

LaRouche, 10.06.2006 07:09

never ending wars - by TARA LaRouches Aktionskomitee (LPAC) veröffentlichte am 24. Mai die folgende Presseerklärung:
Lyndon LaRouche trat am 24. Mai 2006 mit der Warnung an die Öffentlichkeit, eine verzweifelte Regierung Bush unter Vizepräsident Cheneys Leitung plane allen Ernstes einen präventiven militärischen Angriff gegen den Iran, irgendwann zwischen jetzt und Anfang Juli. Die Warnung beruht auf Berichten gutinformierter Militär- und Sicherheitsexperten aus den Vereinigten Staaten und Europa, welche auf das Zusammentreffen bestimmter Entwicklungen in diesem Zeitraum verweisen.

Attack on womenmovement in Guatemala Behind

Brujas – Ojalá, 10.06.2006 04:56

On June 5, the offices of the Sector the Mujeres, large platform for womenorganisations in Guatemala have been broken into for the second time in one week. In this attack on the organisation and it's work agains murders on women threatening signs were left by the intruders and the organization’s files had been disturbed. ¡YA BASTA!


FEDERATIONWARRIOR, 10.06.2006 03:22

On the principle that a torture based command emanating from anyone is criminal and propogated upwards or downwards being criminal, whereby even the commmand, control or communication of such a command being criminal the Commonwealth of Australia ia before the Human Rights and Equal Oppornuity Commission in Australia.

GRIP: A CRIMINAL'S STORY Makes New York State run

jchollins, 10.06.2006 03:12

The independent Action/suspense/drama Grip: A Criminal's Story is playing in New York theaters from June 9th thru June 15th.

Philippines: Anti-Arroyo Groups Brace for Bigger Fights Ahead

Laban ng Masa, 10.06.2006 01:52

Philippines: Anti-Arroyo Groups Brace for Bigger Fights Ahead In a gathering of around 100 leaders from labor, peasant, urban poor, women and youth groups, the umbrella coalition Laban ng Masa is bracing for bigger fights in its bid to oust the Arroyo regime and initiate reforms under a transitional revolutionary government.

Save the Net!

Paintball Johnny Federici, 10.06.2006 01:52

US Congress is selling out the internet to the telcoms!

2nd Renaissance -41

Lothar, 10.06.2006 00:50

Feverishly collecting - and patenting Today, Western pharmaceutical corporations are feverishly collecting - and patenting - the store of pharmacological knowledge possessed by such 'primitive' people. Will the West soon be forced to also adopt the explanations of how shamans have obtained their extensive knowledge and repertoire of cures for hundreds of diseases and ailments? That they simply tuned their consciousness to a different channel of reality?

National African American Business Summit Announces Closing Day Events

Adrienne S. Lamm, 09.06.2006 23:52

African American Business Summit 2006 - Palm Springs, California African American Business Summit 2006, themed P³: Power Passion Profit on Saturday, June 24, 2006 will feature “Women of Empowerment”. The event has scheduled workshops with men ... and with the women in businesses that are also ‘women in charge’ in the areas finance, capital, procurement, and entertainment and will crescendo in P³ style with the closing keynote: “Turning Your Passion into Profit” by dynamic, national motivational speaker Lisa Nichols.

The Suspension of Belief and the Implosion of Meaning

budgie via sam, 09.06.2006 23:34

Societies that enter this final phase Societies that enter this final phase of inversion must necessarily implode and self-destruct. Perhaps the best living social laboratory for the professional analyst at present is the USA. Only the USA can claim almost a complete reversal of all the principles for which it once stood. The inversion of values is almost complete. The extremely rapid social decline is the result of not only an inept administration but also the displacing of American values with those which it once despised – a contradiction the nation cannot survive!

Librarians Who Challenged Patriot Act Win Right To Speak Out

reprint [portland imc], 09.06.2006 23:20

Interview with George Christian, executive director of the Library Connection in Windsor, Conn. conducted by Scott Harris

UK/ Polly Toynbee on prison policy

Polly Toynbee, 09.06.2006 22:55

Promising to lock more people up Amid this panic over stabbings, we are ignoring what really cuts crime The government should be explaining that knife murders are not rising, instead of promising to lock more people up

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3d1on, 09.06.2006 22:53

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