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Colombian Secret Police Target Lefties

Adam Isacson (via, 17.06.2006 21:39

Colombia’s powerful secret police, DAS, is essentially at the service of paramilitaries and major narcotraffickers, according to testimony from former officials. DAS has drawn up hitlists of union members and leftist activists, plotted to destabilize Venezuela and kill President Hugo Chávez, and organised an electoral fraud to help Álvaro Uribe’s bid for Presidency and to carry to the Congress the candidates preferred by the paramilitary death squads.


Ambientalistas en la Red y Amigos del Agua, 17.06.2006 20:43

DASANI ALERTA AL CONSUMIDOR: EL AGUA DASANI FUÉ DENUNCIADA POR CONTENER SUSTANCIAS CANCERÍGENAS Alerta a todos los consumidores:¡La DASANI es agua de cañería (grifo) tratada con productos químicos que se vuelven cancerígenos después de embotellada: BROMATO! ¿QUE AGUA HAS DE BEBER?

Why 27% reservation for OBCs in higher education?

Suresh Babu T, 17.06.2006 19:34

Medicos and students are angrily protesting against the 27% reservation. What is the reason behind such a hue and cry? How in the name of merit and quality, social justice is ignored? This issue analyses some of the issues raised by the anti reservation group in India.


Antonio García Acuña., 17.06.2006 15:32

Labor de un grupo de alumnos de octavo grado de la Escuela Secundaria Básica José Ramón León Acosta de Santa Clara, en la provincia cubana de Villa Clara, que conforman un grupo interesado en el estudio del periodismo, desarrollar la locución radial y estar cada vez más actualizado del acontecer noticioso del mundo, a través de conocer y desarrollar habilidades basadas en el estilo sintético y preciso de la emisora cubana Radio Reloj, que trasmite 24 horas noticias y la hora exacta.

news-bit web satire:

alex, 17.06.2006 15:09

read it and spread the word!

world stuff

3D1on, 17.06.2006 14:55

png world stuff

Bush's Baghdad Stunt

Walter C. Uhler, 17.06.2006 12:26

While reading about the exploits of Emperor Bush, who bravely flew in to war-torn Baghdad, Iraq and spent a whole six hours there without even providing the usual notice to, let alone securing the necessary approvals from, its so-called "sovereign" government, I was reminded of the remarkable words spoken to author Ron Suskind by a senior Bush advisor in the summer of 2002.





Movimiento Independiente de Jubilados y Desocupados, 16.06.2006 22:41

Desde hace varios años las comunidades aborigenes de esta provincia en el norte Argewntino vienen sufriendo una agresiva discriminación, institucionalizada por un gobierno Racista.

VIDEO: Rights On the Line: Vigilantes at the Border

American Friends Service Committee, 16.06.2006 18:39

Learn about the attacks on Immigrants at the border and what you can do to help.

world stuff

3D1on, 16.06.2006 17:46

png world stuff

Cuando el pueblo alza la voz

Daniel Espinosa Aceves, 16.06.2006 17:39

¿Son los campesinos y los policías los únicos protagonistas de la violencia en Atenco? ¿No debería acaso el gobierno cuestionar su desempeño cuando el pueblo lo rechaza? ¿Que intereses hay en San Salvador Atenco?

¿Hasta la victoria?

Daniel Espinosa Aceves, 16.06.2006 17:33

Las bajas en Irak siguen en aumento, tanto civiles como militares, las disciplina y la moral se están perdiendo en las filas de norteamericanas, altos oficiales militares se han declarando en contra de la guerra, sin embargo, las fuerzas norteamericanas no se detendrán hasta la victoria, pero ¿en que consiste ésta?

American Bipartisanship Is Not the Answer

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 16.06.2006 15:05

As millions of Americans become disgusted with both the Democratic and Republican parties, bipartisanship is pushed as a solution. In reality, bipartisanship is mass deception, designed to keep out a viable third party.


umberto, 16.06.2006 14:19

A report on how Russia fought back against state-owned company Transneft and corruption to save Siberia's sacred Lake Baikal, which contains 80% of Russia's fresh water, and 20% of the world's.

Repudio por Atenco en Alemania

Rocío Osorio, 16.06.2006 09:37

Hamburgo, 14 de junio. El repudio a la barbarie en San Salvador Atenco y a la impunidad para sus responsables congregó a un grupo de mexicanos y alemanes, quienes pacíficamente se manifestaron ayer por la tarde en la plaza de la alcaldía de Hamburgo, Alemania.


El próximo 30 de junio es la fecha límite de presentación de proyectos a la Bolsa de Producción Fotográfica del “II FORO INTERNACIONAL DE FOTORREPORTAJE Y SOCIEDAD” REVELA06. que organiza el Concello de Oleiros, A Coruña y que está dotado con una bolsa de 12.000 €.

Indonesian State Sanctioned Terrorists Warn Australia

Anon, 16.06.2006 07:49

CIA or the American Military's involvement Here is a full report and one that was not carried out by Australia, Indonesia, or the US authorities over the possible CIA or the American Military's involvement in the second blast that required nuclear hardware way above the knowledge of any peasant class in Indonesia just prior the Iraq war, mind you.

Tell Me No Lies

S.Elson via sam, 16.06.2006 03:58

Continue to root them out! Rather it will be discovered by those who put their own reputations and often lives on the line, in order to uncover the real actions and outcomes of those who tell us they rule over us. The challenges that emerge from reading "Tell me no Lies" are to find the strength to continue to root them out and even more importantly, to stand up and challenge them publicly.

Sudan invasion before Iran?

Sara Flounders, 16.06.2006 03:22

Bombing of the El Shifa pharmaceutical plant These leading architects of imperialist policy often refer to another model when they call for this intervention: the successful "humanitarian" war on Yugoslavia that established a U.S./NATO administration over Kosovo after a massive bombing campaign. U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Gen.Wesley Clark and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have all argued in favor of intervention in Sudan.

&quot;A Radical Revolution&quot;

Michael O'McCarthy, 16.06.2006 02:49

A response to my Dail Kos piece on Hillary Clinton, Take Back America, and the cooptation of the Democratic Party

2nd Renaissance -43

Lothar, 16.06.2006 01:38

Pickering You see, there can be no spiritually grounded society, no Level 4 Civilization, without a recognition of the pre-eminence of mercy in the game of life. We all have free will, and we sometimes do wrong instead of good. But that does not mean that humans can or should sit in judgement on their fellow beings. The place for the assessment of each life is within the forty-nine days that the soul spends in the bardo - after death. It is a divine process that we humans have no role in. The animals don't have the arrogance to judge or punish each other in defiance of the divine order. Neither should we.

Comment conduire un entrevue

Guido Vogt, 16.06.2006 00:01

Règles de base pour la conduite d’entrevues télévisées - pour débutants aussi bien que pour des journalistes de télévision et présentateurs expérimentés.

Options for Asylum Seekers?

Pamela Curr (repost) via sam, 15.06.2006 23:40

Currently there are 230 Iraqi's Minister Vanstone talks about 3rd country options for asylum seekers arriving by boat and dumped off shore. Currently there are 230 Iraqi's who have been rounded up from Lombok and Sitibondo camps where they were being "cared" for by IOM. They have been transferred to a building in Jakarta- not hotel where again IOM are "caring" for them. Australia is paying IOM to warehouse these human beings.

ECO - CENTRIC The Australian Nuclear Debate mp3

martin via sam, 15.06.2006 22:36

No Nukiller The nuclear debate we HAD to HAVE [ again!!!]

PostGlobal -

Amar C. Bakshi, 15.06.2006 21:21

I am editing and producing a site called PostGlobal for the Washington Post. It is an experiment in global, collaborative journalism, a running discussion of important issues among dozens of the world's best-known editors and writers. It aims to create a truly global dialogue, drawing on independent journalists in the countries where news is happening -- from China to Iran, from South Africa to Saudi Arabia, from Mexico to India.

Captured Insurgent Documents show Bush is lying

Abu Yassin al-Noobei, 15.06.2006 20:26

Captured Al Queda Documents confirm that war is not winnable.

LAS MENTIRAS DE CASTANEDA- gracias concha labarta

SERGIO, 15.06.2006 20:25

Proxima publiocacion del libro "Las mentiras de Castaneda"

International Refugee Day Event

Suheyla Nurlu, 15.06.2006 18:41

Commemorate World Refugee Day - Join Amnesty International USA for an Evening of Film and Discussion on the Refugee Crisis in Darfur, Sudan

Global Warming/Local Hope

Paul Rogat Loeb, 15.06.2006 17:59

As the evidence of global warming becomes inescapable, I fear Americans will switch instead to a fatalistic pessimism. Maybe it’s real and maybe it’s our fault, this sentiment goes, but at this point there’s nothing we can do, so we’re off the hook.


yo, 15.06.2006 15:46

Artículo sobre el Canon expuesto en clase, con información adquirida en diferentes páginas web; todoscontraelcanon, nosoypirata

Resolution to Impeach Bush Receives Strong Support at Texas Democratic Convention

Hooman Hedayati, 15.06.2006 14:50

The “Impeach Bush Resolution Campaign” delivered almost 1400 signatures signed by more than 30% of the delegates at the 2006 Texas Democratic Party state convention in Fort Worth to the party. The resolution called on the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors and for willfully violating his Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The resolution failed in a close vote on the floor of the convention.

Republican chickenhawks bullshit nation - thousands die

d.o., 15.06.2006 14:20

The chicken hawk Rebublicans do not give a damn about the lives of U.S. soldiers. In fact, they don’t value peoples' lives much at all, except for their own. Assistant Secretary of State, Colleen Graffy, recently described the suicides of three Guantanamo detainees as a "good PR move to draw attention" Where do they get these people??

PALESTINE: refugees fake being kamikazes to be jailed in Israel / réfugiés font semblant d'être kamikazes, reportage à voir!!!

Alien Nation, 15.06.2006 14:17

Young Palestinian refugees fake being kamikazes in order to be jailed in Israel, where they are freely feeded & receive "accomodation". Furthermore, as all Palestinian prisoners, they receive the equivalent of 150 euros from the Palestinian "Authority". These incredible news were presented on Wednesday, June 15, 2006 on FRANCE 2 TV Channel during the 8 o'clock news.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 15.06.2006 14:06

This is a weekly report of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 14 June 2006, 2mins, english

world stuff

3D1on, 15.06.2006 13:47

png yesterday

Six Nations Crisis

proudclod, 15.06.2006 11:37

The people of the 6 Nations tribe in Caledonia have been under attack by the colonial governments in Canada with litlle or no independant media coverage.


Vigdor Scheibman, 15.06.2006 11:23

This Summer Become On of the Best LOVERS OF DEMOCRACY

Nazi Zionist Criminals

Faruque Ahmed, 15.06.2006 09:36

Nazi Zionist Criminals, I have been writing average 20 articles a day about various issues. I am not a saint and it is not impossible to have a spelling mistake or typo. You lot have been trying to crucify me for a typo or two. However, you are not honest enough to look at your own lot. They have been standing in the wrong place, arguing with insanity, insulting others like rabid dogs, falsifying evidences, creating false stories to attack innocent people etc. etc. You lot are an insult to human species.

Victim of Crime (Brit Police state crime bratman)

Innocent Bystander, 15.06.2006 09:31

I was woken by screams A decent young citizen treated like dirt by the specials -- almost certainly the same thug crew who held a Brazilian visitor to the floor and executed him - exceeding even what they had learned from the Israeli police who told them it was rigorous procedure to actually see and identify an explosive vest before shooting a suspect. Treated like dirt not only by the specials but also by Bliar, a war criminal and a traitor who lied his own country into war. Accounts are piling up waiting to be settled.

Crónica de una Bolivia Resurgente

Carmen Villarroel, 15.06.2006 05:58

Crónica de una comunicadora social viajera y alternativa

German activists petition parliament over uranium enrichment

Diet Simon, 15.06.2006 05:01

German environment activists and civic action groups have taken a petition to parliament demanding the closure of the country’s only uranium enrichment factory.


DJtanya Tashunka Witko Brigade, 15.06.2006 04:19

Please spread the word! Here's a quick summary in English of the incident in Oaxaca today where teachers were brutalized by police. It is followed by e-mail addresses of government officials that need to be contacted in protest and by the statement of the Peoples Indigenous Council of Oaxaca.


Mediastorm Entertainment Corp., 15.06.2006 04:18

Mediastorm Displays Circle K Stores, Inc will start to sell Popular Music CDs in their stores beginning this summer 2006

Bunker Time: Federal gov. to conduct large scale anti-terror drill

anonymous, 15.06.2006 02:33

William Arkin reports in the Washington Post on the largest anti-terror drill yet to be conducted in the context of the "Continuity in Government" procedures. The drill is intended to prepare the country for "a Second 9/11".

June 11, 2006 - Food Not Bombs Activist Arrested in Venice, CA

Dick Ranko, 15.06.2006 01:03

Food Not Bombs arrest - photo by Bill Greenslade The Venice Beach Boardwalk, once famous for its Free Speech Zone and first amendment activity now criminalizing political activists using vending laws. The LAPD singled out and arrested Food Not Bombs member Peggy Lee Kennedy, a third-generation Venice resident who was video taping from across the Boardwalk from FNB froup serving free food and giving away free political literature.

France : We will protect them !

RESF, 14.06.2006 22:19

D-16 The pause given to immigrant parents and students will end on June 30. Thousands of children, adolescents and their families risk mass deportation. Their lives and their future will end. We will not allow these infamies to be done in our name. Every one of us is ready to help, guide and protect in whatever way is possible. When they seek refuge, we will not close our doors but will give shelter and food ; we will not denounce them to the police.

original in French : Pétition nationale : NOUS LES PRENONS SOUS NOTRE PROTECTION !

Nightmarish &quot;Dunkirk&quot; Scenario In Iraq?

Guardian, 14.06.2006 21:55

Are outnumbered US/UK troops going to get trapped in Iraq? Personally, I think the UN should send planes into the country to pick up any soldier who wants to leave, since the war was illegal, and their orders, therefore, illegitimate.

Young People of America......... Rise Up and Rebel!

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D., 14.06.2006 20:11

War is devastating the mind, body, and souls of our youth. We tell them lies, then send them off to war to fight for the rich whose sons and daughters stay at home to glory in "the fog of patriotism." It is time that we tell them the truth, that they understand how they have are being abused, that they pull their heads out of the sand, that they pay attention to what is going on, that it is time for them to rise up and rebel!

Bloody conflict between Police and Striking teachers

Geoffrey Harman, 14.06.2006 20:01

An early morning police raid on the tent-city where 70 000 teachers had been striking for the past 23 days leaves 3 dead, 20 wounded. The teachers have now set up road blocks around an area of 30 city blocks and are holding their ground while 4 plane loads of federal preventative police have arrived. More bloodshed seems invitable

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