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Demand free speech at Sunday's demo in D.C.

Sherry, 22.04.2004 19:36

Organizers of Sunday's march for Women's Lives are banning lit tables---defy them!

Ending Babylon 101

David Arthur Johnston, 22.04.2004 16:20


Socio-environmental justice movements call for closure of World Bank climate change fund, 22.04.2004 16:17

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, APRIL 19TH, 2004. Today, over fifty environmental and social justice NGOs and other groups sent a letter of protest to the World Bank calling for the closure of its new emissions trading fund, The Prototype Carbon Fund.


£, 22.04.2004 16:06

greenscale SLAY THE LATTE

Important questions to Indymedia collective

Why?, 22.04.2004 15:40

Questions to Indymedia collective.

Sharon's disengagement-plan is a war-declaration to International Law

Astrid Essed, 22.04.2004 10:26

The plan of the Israeli prime-minister Sharon for a partial withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories, also called the Sharon disengagement-plan, which is fully supported by the American president Bush, is a flagrant violation of International Law.

Gerald Ford's motto: Attack is Best Defense.

Wim Dankbaar, 22.04.2004 08:16

Gerald Ford Ford = traitor

A Little Civil Disobedience

By Lisa Burgin –, 22.04.2004 06:06

An essay concerning electronic voting and the steps that voters might take to protest on election day if they feel that their vote may not count.

Operation Eternal Conflict

Paul K Jamieson, 22.04.2004 06:02

Prayersident Bush and his regime are bent on "changing the world." Any one feel a draft?

Bush &amp; Bin Laden : Kindred Spirits

Editor,, 22.04.2004 05:08

Printable flyer comparing the fanatisms of Bush and Bin Laden in their quest for spiritual warfare. When considered, the obvious becomes frighening.


selva, 22.04.2004 01:28

Amnistía Internacional (AI) acusa al gobierno colombiano de haber convertido el departamento de Arauca en un laboratorio de pruebas de sus nuevas políticas de seguridad, que han incrementado las violaciones de derechos humanos y la impunidad, con el apoyo de EEUU y de las compañías petrolíferas que operan en la zona, incluida REPSOL YPF. Igniting Style with a Twist!

Public Relations, 22.04.2004 01:27

That’s right, MBC is serving it up in no other than true bitch style. The public launch of the MBC website draws in phenomenal crowds from locations, worldwide. MBC presents a fantastic merger of columnists to meet visitor and member demand for more, more, more!


New Jersey Anti-Racist Action, 22.04.2004 00:58

New Jersey Anti-Racist Action is calling for a phone jam of the two hotels that we know the anti-choicers will be staying at. We are asking all people who believe in reproductive and sexual freedoms to take a few minutes out of their days (or nights) during the rest of the week, and let these hotels know that we do not appreciate their support of fascism, and that no one in the pro-choice movement will patronize their businesses when they obviously support a right-wing agenda.

Coca Cola masacra otra vez

selva, 22.04.2004 00:24

Familie eines Coca Cola Gewerkschfters/Kolumbien ermordert .....zwei weitere Kinder verletzt

a war forever

Levon Sekhleyan, 21.04.2004 23:11

just against the warsssssssssssssss

a war to stopppppppppp

Levon Sekhleyan, 21.04.2004 22:38

Can we live without the wars????

A war forever

levon sekhleyan, 21.04.2004 22:26

The war which is to be finished, but there are people which are against it...

Why Elections Don't Matter-Democracy Dead - War is the Answer

Where the Revolutionary Left meets the Militias, 21.04.2004 21:49

The main reason we don't have a long term movement for change in this country is that we are taught to look at our country, its structures and its role in the world from a narrow perspective - that of a white, middle class - centrist. Then we are taught to instinctively break apart - to disassemble everything - or we chose to look at only the parts of this narrow worldview


molleindustria, 21.04.2004 21:28


Simple flash videogames against the "dictatorship of the enterteinement". Now available in english:

Today's war notes from lunaville...

jamie, 21.04.2004 19:30

Following are today's "war notes" as compiled at This is a good "conservative" source for "coalition casuality figures." All these killed and wounded are well confirmed. Actual loses are likely much higher. As of this time, 705 U.S. troops have died since the U.S. invaded Iraq in March 03. jamie

1979 ABC Documentary, &quot;Mission Mind Control&quot;

..., 21.04.2004 19:27

Check out this 1979 documentary from ABC News, "Mission: Mind Control."

Gerald Ford's motto: Attack is Best Defense.

Wim Dankbaar, 21.04.2004 17:00

Gerald Ford's motto: Attack is Best Defense.

Support this guy and all other brave resisters!

From joe, 21.04.2004 16:51

The young man across the table looks sad, but not as stressed as one might expect from a US Army deserter. Camilo Mejia served with a unit that crossed into Iraq just after the invasion and then, for five months, fought in the counterinsurgency war in the Sunni Triangle, where he says he was in firefights, killed people, almost got killed, helped torture prisoners and finally had his life saved by a small-scale mutiny. Now he is a declared conscientious objector who spent five months absent without leave, facing the wrath of US military justice.

GET STARTED: How You Can Help Defeat President Bush

Michael John Dobbins, 21.04.2004 16:08

Worcester, MA April 21,, the central action
center for defeating George W. Bush in the November Elections, today
announced the publication of “Get Started: How You Can Help Defeat
President Bush .” The 4,000 word essay is intended for all Americans who
are disillusioned by President Bush and would like to lend a hand towards
his removal. The essay includes information on what a citizen should do
and know before taking political action, the minimum actions every citizen
should take, and the five most important actions everyone can take.


ALLAN D TAYLOR, 21.04.2004 15:52



Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, 21.04.2004 15:06

CEP has launched an innovative electronic campaign to keep control of Petro-Canada at least partially in public hands. The Martin government announced in its budget that it wants to sell the 19% publicly owned stake in Canada's national petroleum company.

Get info and become involved in DC DNC-RNC protests: New listserves up

Jim Macdonald, 21.04.2004 14:21

Want to take a trip to Boston and New York this summer?
Here is your chance to take action protesting the DNC and RNC!

The DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) is mobilizing DC-area people for the July Democratic National Convention in Boston and the August/September Republican National Convention in New York.

electronic schematic diagram of resistance

£, 21.04.2004 14:07

diagram broadcast yourself

New Diebold Memos

anon, 21.04.2004 14:04

New Diebold Memos, detailing internal communication with lawyers have hit the wire today... good stuff, copy the Zip files and share them far and wide...

Andy Stephenson, Voting Activist and Candidate for Washington’s Secretary of State Releases 150 pages of leaked documents received anonymously from Diebold Whistle Blower

150 pages of leaked legal documents received anonymously from Diebold Whistle Blower

anon, 21.04.2004 13:54

New Diebold Memos, detailing internal communication with lawyers have hit the wire today... good stuff, copy the Zip files and share them far and wide...

Andy Stephenson, Voting Activist and Candidate for Washington’s Secretary of State Releases 150 pages of leaked documents received anonymously from Diebold Whistle Blower

Sharon's Banana Republics

Afif Safieh (Posted by David James Vickery), 21.04.2004 12:24

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon has been dealing with the US and Britain as though they were his own
banana republics. To his intransigence they constantly respond with abdication of responsibility and self inflicted impotence.

Imen et Nouredine rentrent en Tunisie

Caroline Bernard, 21.04.2004 10:34

Le retour de deux militants sur sol tunisien…

Chicago Indymedia's May Day Art Party, 21.04.2004 04:12

Chicago Indymedia's May Day Art Party

Iran Contra Conspiracy Continues in Iraq and Haiti

David Roknich, 21.04.2004 03:25

John Negroponte, currently US ambassador to the UN will soon direct the largest US embassy in the world as ambassador to Iraq. It's not surprising that he will be a major figure in the concluding chapters of our costly venture in Iraq: He was in it from the beginning.

Perverted Blood Cult behind the Islamic Holocaust

George Monbiot, 21.04.2004 02:41

Practitioners of Human Blood Sacrifice Cult are the driving force behind the Islamic Holocaust.

Missile pod on hijacked 911 flight

Randy Grant, 21.04.2004 01:05

Did the planes that crashed into the WTC fire missles moments before impact?

9/11 HIjacked Plane Fires Missile Moments Before Impact

Randy Grant, 21.04.2004 01:02

New revealations of the dastartly attacks of 9/11.

Germany's Battle for Domain Names

Isaac Goldstein, 21.04.2004 00:04

Internet, Free Speech and Neo-Nazis The German government fights U.S. Neo-Nazi over Domain Names

2005, Drafting all Young Americans

Lord Rago Pulse, 20.04.2004 23:09

2005, Drafting all Young Americans
By Lord Rago Pulse

There is a military draft coming in 2005. All young Americans should be alarmed, that their life is at risk like this. The Universal Military Training and Service Act of 2001 lays the groundwork for this new draft, which could be implemented as early as March 31st, 2005, and it calls for the draft to be ready for service within a period of 75 days. Listen closely. June 15th, 2005 could be the first activation of the military draft in over 30 years. Our government has already signed a treaty with both Mexico and Canada agreeing that they will not harbor draft dodgers, and will ship them back to America to be drafted, like sheep being led to slaughter.

Kerry Absolves Himself of Vietnam Atrocities; Swears Fealty To Terrorist State of Israel

Jodi Wilgoren, NYT, 20.04.2004 22:34

John Kerry excuses the atrocities of Vietnam, and backtracks on his more youthful comments on the war. He follows-up by excusing Israel's state terrorism and assasination practices.

The Israelization of U.S. Armed Forces: Acceptable Numbers of Dead Babies

Mike Davis, 20.04.2004 22:21

The direction of U.S. military operations slides to new lows, as armed forces training targets the world's urban poor.

Bush Plans To Turn Africa Into Continent of Mercenaries for U.S.

The Washington Post, 20.04.2004 21:40

Facing a chronic shortage of foreign troops for its illegal occupations, US President George Bush has decided to launch an international drive to boost the supply of available forces. The plans mainly target African nations to train and provide troops. Just the next step in the New World Order.

Presidential Reporter: Christian Fanatics Parade of Hatred Through White House, 20.04.2004 21:38

The following material is from a reporter with access to the White House and Presidential press briefings. Some of this material has surfaced before but only in small segments. If any of this is true and not the product of an unhappy person, we are all in serious trouble.

Italian Activist Threatened With Extradition

Mauvais Genres, 20.04.2004 19:06

Since 1981, 150 former Italian Activists have been legally residing in France. Some of them are now being unfairly threatened with extradition to Italy where they would immediately be sent to prison. Sign a petition to let them reside in France!

Voices in your head may be real

..., 20.04.2004 17:02

George Bush's lobotomy has been a tremendous success and more!

jamie, 20.04.2004 15:49

"Everyone agrees that President George Bush's lobotomy has been a tremendous success.
Dick Cheney, the vice-president, declared that he was fully satisfied with it from his point of view." Also find other war notes!

&quot;Support our Troops,&quot; or Support the Resistance?

Marta Rodriguez, 20.04.2004 14:40

This article was written by Puerto Rican activist and member of the New England Committee to Defend Palestine Marta Rodriguez. In this article, she questions the efficacy of the antiwar movement's troop friendly slogans in affecting the conduct of American troops in the places they occupy, and the movement's ability to meet its obligations toward the peoples this country invades.

Help Nader get on your state ballot!

Nader for President, 20.04.2004 14:06

Ballot Access—A Battle for Basic Democracy Rights

what ¢apitalism looks like

£, 20.04.2004 12:15

w$ sacred cow
golden calf

Community action from ECO Maya

Jorge Luis Rodriguez, 20.04.2004 11:22

Todays measures could include eliminating the Environmental Affairs Department ...other cost-saving measures could include eliminating the 14-year-old
Environmental Affairs Department, with many of its services absorbed
by the city Bureau of Sanitation.
That plan has drawn fire from environmental advocates, who vow to
pressure the council to reinstate the department.
"You risk losing environmental priorities," said Martin Schlageter,
Coalition for Clean Air energy program director.

These are not good news for the artists and families involved in presenting every year the ECO Maya Festival, a cultural call to protect the environment.

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