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Revolution Bookstore and 555 Gallery and Studio

Alaina Simone, 20.06.2006 22:19

555 Gallery and Studio in Detroit Fundraising Benefit for the Revolution!!!

Howardena Pindell

Alaina Simone, 20.06.2006 22:10

Howardena Pindell is an activist, writer, professor and artist who is currently on exhibit at the G.R. N'Namdi Gallery in Chelsea.

oecd meeting of education ministers (, in Athens, 27-28 of June

dionisis, 20.06.2006 19:47

personal email, the official call is not ready yet

The DLC: Bush's Trojan horse in the Democratic Party

Various, 20.06.2006 18:25

Greenberg is mentioned below. He co-wrote a paper recently with James Carville - Download the latest strategy memo from Greenberg and Carville: "From Underperforming to Overperforming" . Carville is hosting a fundraiser tonight for Scooter Libby - Why is a top Democrat strategist hosting a fundraiser for Cheney's top former aide? . Mentioned below is Jerome Armstrong who is featured in, "SHILL TO HACK, CELEBRATED LIB STRATEGIST HAS SHADY MARKET PAST", Jerome-Armstrong is a close friend and working partner of Markos(kos) of DailyKos,
Read the following, put two and two together and you understand the Trojan horse reference in the headline above. Elections '06 victor? We're screwed either way, aren't we?


RADIO HUMANITARIA, 20.06.2006 16:31


Lawmakers Demand Answers About Ketek From FDA

Evelyn Pringle, 20.06.2006 13:48

Lawmakers stay on FDA about Ketek

Noam Chomsky: a jester at their court.

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars, 20.06.2006 11:52

Noam Chomsky belongs to this group of so called 'liberals' which on behalf of their masters have betrayed humanity. And try to keep betraying most of us. Those 'Megaphones of the Mighty' for instance can write thousands of words about the 'Problems in the Middle East' without even mentioning the word 'Israel' once.

911 all roads lead to Israel

Ryan Dawson, 20.06.2006 06:34

The Israeli connections are not widely mentioned in any 911 videos alternative radio and of course not on TV. Zionism is THE most sacred subject in the US. One mention of it and you are automatically and Anti-Semite. Well it is time to grow some balls and start talking about the Elephant in the room. Neocons from Israel and America started these wars and carried out 911. You know why Zionists are hated? No, it is not just their “we are the chosen race of god” religion. That grandiose dogma is no more asinine than any other religion. They are hated by Palestinians because the Israeli Army kills their kids, destroys their property, and makes them live in a Hell hole. THAT is why they are hated. And part of why we are hated too. If America could only pry these parasite leeches off our back we could return to a respectable Jefferson worthy free republic. People need to know actual names. The amorphus "illuminati" didn't drag us into war with Iraq. Wars are started by indiviuals, acutal people, and actual papers.

SkyBark - le Paws has arrived!

Julie Rasmussen, 20.06.2006 05:50

see you and fido on the 25th! Skybark...a fun nighlife event for you AND your dog - coming up this June 25th!

The State of Miami Real Estate

Alex Shay, 20.06.2006 01:48

Miami real estate specialist, Alex Shay, was recently interviewed by journalist Glenn Roberts Jr. of Inman News. The following is an excerpt of his article.

Stop The Bloodshed in Iraq

concerned activist, 19.06.2006 23:36

This is regarding the ongoing war in Iraq and the senseless death of our Troops and the Iraqis.

Press freedoms slip back in West.

Reporters Without Borders, 19.06.2006 23:21

2005 annual press freedom index.

Social Entrepreneur Introduces First Open Source Social Enterprise.

Kim Breas, 19.06.2006 22:41

The founder of DoughNation Services LLC, the first service to provide homeowners with tax deduction documentation and delivery for donations of quality clothing and belongings, is introducing the Prosperity Project: the first Open Source Social Enterprise.

Fresno, California-Candlelight Vigil for Justice in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB), 19.06.2006 21:51

Candlelight vigil in support of teachers and human rights advocates and justice in Oaxaca, Mexico.

¡Por la tierra y un techo!

Filemón Blanco Mollo, 19.06.2006 21:18

Trata sobre la cruda realidad del campasino del altiplano que emigra a las ciudades sin posibilidades de trabajo y techo, viviendo proscrito al inquilinato.



ΚΑΛΕΣΜΑ Κοινή πάλη λαού και νεολαίας για δωρεάν σπουδές για όλους, χωρίς περιορισμούς και φραγμούς ΟΧΙ στην κατάργηση του ΑΣΥΛΟΥ

¡Por la tierra y un techo!

Filemón Blanco Mollo, 19.06.2006 21:15

Trata sobre la cruda realidad del campasino del altiplano que emigra a las ciudades sin posibilidades de trabajo y techo, viviendo proscrito al inquilinato.



ΚΑΛΕΣΜΑ Κοινή πάλη λαού και νεολαίας για δωρεάν σπουδές για όλους, χωρίς περιορισμούς και φραγμούς ΟΧΙ στην κατάργηση του ΑΣΥΛΟΥ

Bush Election Theft Saga Heats Up In Ohio

Evelyn Pringle, 19.06.2006 19:35

The upcoming elections in Ohio shines light on the theft of the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio

North Korea

STNC, 19.06.2006 19:07


Riesgos y alternativas del Movimiento popular en Oaxaca

Víctor Manuel Gómez Ramírez, 19.06.2006 18:35

Situación que enfrenta actualmente el moviineto popular en Oaxaca, después de la represión del día 14 de junio del 2006.

Intentan meter presos a 40 trabajadores del Hospital Francés.(Argentina)

Christian., 19.06.2006 15:56

Quieren judicializar nuestros reclamos.

Wanted: People who hear voices to tell their story and help challenge stigma

Paul Baker, 19.06.2006 15:10

International support organisation calls on voice hearers to "come out" and show voices why should be regarded like being left handed or being gay - not a problem, but a variation in human behaviour.

world stuff

3D1on, 19.06.2006 14:39

png world stuff

I Patti tra Uomo, Vita, Natura, Animali e Dio

2010: Eliminazione Povertà, 19.06.2006 14:31

Storia dell'essere umano in relazione ai patti con la vita, la natura, gli animali e Dio. Le prospettive future. Il tempo stringe al ritmo stesso dell'avanzamento della distruzione. Va sancito un nuovo patto.


Antonio Greco, 19.06.2006 13:53



Stephen Lendman, 19.06.2006 12:51


Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Details Increasing Danger and Hardship

Washington Post, 19.06.2006 12:40

NEW YORK The Washington Post has obtained a cable, marked "sensitive," that it says show that just before President Bush left on a surprise trip last Monday to the Green Zone in Baghdad for an upbeat assessment of the situation there, "the U.S. Embassy in Iraq painted a starkly different portrait of increasing danger and hardship faced by its Iraqi employees."

Οι γερμανικές αρχές άρχισαν έρευνα για τον ξυλοδαρμό οπαδού

Leon, 19.06.2006 11:28

Οι γερμανικές αρχές άρχισαν έρευνα εναντίον πέντε αστυνομικών

Deals between man, life, nature, animals and God.

2010: Poverty Elimination, 19.06.2006 10:29

The history of mankind linked to the deals with life, nature, animals and God. Future perspectives. Time is running out while destruction pushes on. A new deal ought to be clinched.


Vigdor Schreibman, 19.06.2006 08:52

Learn how everyone everywhere can Harness Their Collective Wisdom and Power. Free Trial for Five Groups of Ten Persons

Norwegian afghans on hunger strike

S.A, 19.06.2006 06:58

22 days without food, and the police steel his tent! Some hundred afghan refugees are now in their twenty fourt day of hunger strike. The norwegian gouvernment want to send them to Afghanistan.

9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations

A Concerned Citizen, 19.06.2006 06:13

The 9-11 Fraud Perpetrated On The American People
BY George W. Bush And The Project For A New American

Military Corporate Fascism (Military Corporatism) and the fall of the USA from world dominance.

Kenn, 19.06.2006 06:07

Corporate Capitalism is run by SATAN through the use of WAR.
Satan loves a bomb. Collateral damage is his term.
Military Corporate Capitalism is godless.

The truth will set you free.

A no nonsense set of articles from an anti-feminist

Anonymous Indian, 19.06.2006 03:58

In essence the blog that i will mention, is almost a reflection of mental rape that man faces daily in his life in India

ferias artwsanales y de manualidades

charrua, 19.06.2006 02:09

hacer que los decretos actuales de las ferias de manulidades de la ciudad autonama de buenos aires.pasen a la liguislatura para darle curso a un proyecto de ley que ampare esta situacion de miles de familias.

El Papá de Rosinés

Abrebrecha UCV, 19.06.2006 01:34

Afiche del Día del Padre Homenaje de celebración del día del Padre desde la República Bolivariana de Venezuela

A Red Line Connects Us

Abby Sher, 19.06.2006 00:33

A performance in response to the war and violence of our times.

Daechuri, South Korea. June 18, 2006

Wester, 18.06.2006 23:27

This is an account of what happened around Pyongtaek and Daechuri in South Korea on Sunday June 18th on Sunday June 18th, 2006. Background information on why this rally took place can be found here:

On the student movement in Greece

Aristeri Anasynthesi / Left Re-composition, 18.06.2006 22:26

Some thoughts on the on-going student revolt in Greek Universities

2nd Renaissance - Beyond Industrial Capitalism and Nation States

Lothar, 18.06.2006 22:18

Our Choice Go forward in peace. And always remember the line from Gravity's Rainbow: "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."


ARMANDO VILORIA PEREZ, 18.06.2006 21:47


Intentan meter presos a 40 trabajadores del Hospital Francés

Eskorbuto, 18.06.2006 19:12

Comunicado de la Comision Interna del Hospital Francés (Argentina) por la apertura de causas penales a mas de 40 compañeros del hospital.

world stuff

3D1on, 18.06.2006 15:23

privicist slogan: I Will Do What I Want. world stuff

Killing season in the Philippines

Herbert Docena, 18.06.2006 14:15

Killing season in the Philippines The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized.

7/28-30 Washington DC: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 18.06.2006 07:10

Together, We Build A New National, Broad-Based, Immigrant Rights / Civil Rights Movement!

Toronto activists expose Peña Nieto’s role in the violations of human rights in Atenco

chicho, 18.06.2006 01:15

Toronto, June 16^th . A group of activists denounced today Enrique Peña Nieto, governor of the state of Mexico, for having ordered a police raid on the villagers of Atenco, on May 3^rd and 4^th , resulting in the dead of two youths, the rape of 30 women, the beating of more than 200 detainees. Peña Nieto was in Toronto for the Metropolis conference of the World Association of Major Metropolises, which is made up of delegations from across the world.

Toronto: escrachean a Peña Nieto por su responsabilidad en Atenco

funa, 18.06.2006 01:11

* Peña Nieto suspende reunion en Toronto, Canada... NO A LA IMPUNIDAD!!!!
* El gobernador del Estado de Mexico Peña Nieto no anda tranquilo por el mundo... un grupo de activistas en Toronto lo interrogaron acerca de los ocurrido en Atenco mientras daba una conferencia a hombres de negocios... la conferencia se tuvo que suspender!!!!
*Activistas de Toronto denuncian Peña Nieto por su responsabilidad en la violación de derechos humanos en Atenco*

Urgent Electronic Action in Solidarity with Iranian Detainees, June 16-19

OpinionWare, 18.06.2006 00:20

Please join us in an urgent action in solidarity with Iranian women's movement and in support of the tens of people who were detained on June 12, 2006 in Tehran. Government authorities stated the number of detainees to be 70, eye witnesses and families report much higher numbers. Some detainees are apparently scheduled to attend court on Saturday, June 17th. This action is an electronic sit-in on the website of the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Help send a strong message to Iran's President to demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees.

China's Energy Smash-n-Grab, 17.06.2006 21:41

China energy geopolitics in high gear Beijing is also moving to ‘secure energy at the sources.’ China's booming economy, with 9% growth, requires massive natural resources to sustain its growth. China became a net importer of oil in 1993. By 2045, China will depend on imported oil for 45% of its energy needs.

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