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Australia - Peacekeeper or Petroleum Predator in Timor

Kalinga Seneviratne, 23.06.2006 02:34

Rebellion by sacked army officials and police deserters In 2005, the Alkatiri government was reported to have entered into negotiations with Petro China to build oil refining facitilies in East Timor, which would undermine Australian plans to build a refinery in the northern Australian city of Darwin to process all Timor Sea oil from both sides of the border. East Timor president Xanana Gusmao was to visit China this month to cement the deal, but this has been blocked by the Australian military.

In Singapore, World Bank Seeks Street Protests

Marwaan Macan-Markar via sam, 23.06.2006 01:49

If demonstrations are banned For her, public participation on the streets outside the meeting's venue ''is the only available option for the victims of the Bank's programmes to protest. The meeting's credibility will suffer if demonstrations are banned.''

Call to defend Abortion Rights in Jackson MS. July 15th through August 6th.

asheville ARA, 23.06.2006 00:05

From one end of America to the other, all forms of reproductive freedom are under vicious unrelenting assault from the Right wing. At every turn, in the legislative and judicial arenas, and in the streets, legal rights and factual access to any and all care has been legally and extra-legally harassed.
Today, with the supreme court stacked by an illegal theocrat regime, and trigger laws in place to make abortion illegal at a moments notice, the fury of the right wing will now be felt again on the streets.
In Jackson Mississippi there is a single abortion clinic. It is the last in a state, which once had 7. All others have been shut down by the actions of the theocratic groups.
Operations Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) hopes to shut down this last clinic this summer. Beginning on July 15th, they are planning actions designed to close the clinic for good. They’re stated time frame is by July 24th. On the 30th of July, yet another Anti-choice group, Oh Saratoga, which has worked with OSA before, will attempt the same thing. Together, these two groups hope to end all abortion services in Mississippi. We intend to disappoint them.

Australian Couple follows World Cup around South America

Anthony Jucha, 22.06.2006 23:45

An Australian couple, Anthony Jucha and Sally Read, are travelling around South America to be in each South American country when it plays in the World Cup to watch the match on TV with the locals. They have watched matches in restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and local schools and then joined in the street parties!

Eyes Wide Shut

Phil Knight, 22.06.2006 23:29

A film soon to be released film about the powerful banking cartel that undermines democracy worldwide.

&quot;Chasing the Lying War Criminals&quot; should alert you about Mr. Howard!

Faruque Ahmed via sam, 22.06.2006 22:19

Millions of people around the world opposed! The big democracy (The UN General Assembly), little clique (the Security Council) and the ultimate democracy (millions of people around the world) opposed the invasion of Iraq with tragic failure!

Cursos de verano

SUMENDI, 22.06.2006 21:50

Sumendi, asociación para la autogestión de la salud, ha organizado unos cursos en la naturaleza psra el verano de 2006.

GOP Preperaing Itself For Further Vote Fraud? 1965 Voting Rights Act Cancelled

WAPO, 22.06.2006 18:25

This is, of course, the law ignored in 2004 which allowed the Repugnicans to bar Black Americans - who traditionally vote for the other side of the RepugniCrat coin - from casting a ballot.

Rotating, 24/7 protests are being planned surrounding the White House.
Make plans to attend, before they completely destroy your country.

Te invitamos a visitar Izquierda Punto Info

Izquierda Punto Info, 22.06.2006 17:56

* Por favor re-enviar y circular ampliamente
* Vincule nuestra página a la suya
* Bookmark este portal de información

Big Brother is Watching: SF Bay Indymedia logging IP addresses contrary to privacy policy

Che Guevara, 22.06.2006 16:28

Given privacy concerns over the Federal Government's compiling lists of phone numbers that people call and so on, Indymedia contributors should be aware that SF Bay Area Indymedia is logging IP addresses contrary to its stated privacy policy.

Video shows Rove spokesman at Libby fundraiser... at home of top Democratic strategist

Various, 22.06.2006 16:14

Democratic strategist James Carville's wife, Mary Matlin, hosted a $500/plate fund-raiser for Scooter Libby's Defense Fund, former chief of staff to Vice President Cheney before being indicted in the CIA leak investigation.

U.S.: Senate Abramoff Report Available Now

Various, 22.06.2006 14:54

Abramoff was convicted of bribing US lawmakers. The Senate reports on the the 'extent' of the corruption. The FBI continues to investigate the case.


Mustafa Tubevis, 22.06.2006 14:50

In the immediate aftermath of attempts to form a new factional network (SSP United Left) within the party, a progressive counter call for peace and unity within the party has been made in a grassroots letter.

The Scottish Socialist Party United Left

Mustafa Tubevis, 22.06.2006 14:49

The Scottish Socialist Party United Left (or SSP United Left for short) is a new grouping in the Scottish Socialist Party. An appeal to launch this grouping took place on 13 June 2006.

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Intifada Al Ard, 22.06.2006 14:06

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 21 June 2006, 2mins, english

Montreal technical activist wins 2006 international Peace Wheel

Peter Ravenscroft, 22.06.2006 11:48

The Peace Wheel Technical activist Jeff (Dekzty) Fisher, perhaps this planet’s most radical solar vehicle designer and builder, gets the international Peace Wheel for 2006, as the world in return gets the plans for his vehicles for free.

Australian government retains detention powers

Mike Head via sam, 22.06.2006 11:31

Riding roughshod over deep disquiet Attorney-General Philip Ruddock issued a media release last week welcoming the passage of the ASIO Legislation Amendment Bill 2006. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s (ASIO) “questioning and detention powers will continue for the next decade,” he declared.

Videos of the visit of the US- President Bush in Vienna, Austria

er, 22.06.2006 07:26 A lot of activities against the visit of the US- President Bush has taken yesterday in Vienna, Austria.

Encloses there are some videos about the activities from Vienna

Violan Derechos Humanos en Chiapas

El Orbe, 22.06.2006 06:16

El gobierno de Chiapas se empecina en violar los derechos ciudadanos de las personas detenidas.

an entire weekend of DOG FRIENDLY NIGHTLIFE - SkyBarl 6/24 &amp; 6/25!

Julie Ramsussen, 22.06.2006 05:00

back to back SkyBark events with each event raising money for some super local animal chairities!

FRONTLINE'S: THE DARK SIDE - The Unasked Question: Why Did You Not Tell The American People?

Michael O'McCarthy, 22.06.2006 04:24

Critique of Frontline's The Dark Side and the failure of those involved in the fabrication of intelligence in the drive to war to accept responsibility and a call for a public mea culpa and impeachment of the President and VP.

30 000 against Bush in Vienna

egal, 22.06.2006 03:15

Today in Vienna, the capitol of Austria, more than 30000 people demonstrated against the EU Summit and the meeting with G.W.Bush.

National Day of Action: Stand up with Lt. Ehren Watada

melbobs, 22.06.2006 02:18

Tuesday, June 27th is a National Day of Action In support of U.S. Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada. Lt. Watada is courageously refusing to deploy to Iraq with the Ft. Lewis Stryker Brigade.

How the US Hid the Suicide Secrets at Guantanamo

David Rose,the Observer UK, 22.06.2006 00:58

This is an article by David Rose of the Observer in the UK, obtained from 'truthout' emagazine. I send it because of the questions it raises about the death of abused Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo.
Guantanamo is a concentration camp, one of many the US has established around the world since 2001. I believe the mainland USA is also full of concentration camps, and that the US should be investigated as a
fascist state engaged in full-scale genocide both within and outside mainland USA.
T M Tyler

Sñas del Reencasillamiento en UNCUYO

hugO chirinO-UNyCompromiso-UNCUYO_Mendoza, 21.06.2006 22:21

Ref: al reencasillamiento de los trabajadores no docentes de las universidades nacionales - particularmente de la uncuyo, a partir de la homologacioçón del convenio colectivo de trabajo

Zanon calls for writings about their struggle

Graciela, 21.06.2006 21:33

The Zanon recovered factory has created a database to document and share the many theses that have been written on their work.

Rebuilding New Orleans

Diane Greene Lent, 21.06.2006 21:33

Clean up New Orleans photos; Public Housing, Common Ground and Culture

Para convertir el Consejo en tribunal exclusivo contra los países subdesarrollados y asegurar impunidad a los del Norte, no se podrá contar con Cuba

Granma, 21.06.2006 21:07


CDH debe investigar torturas de EE. UU. en Guantánamo

Granma, 21.06.2006 21:05

Actividad de Cuba hoy en el nuevo consejo de Derechos Humanos de Naciones Unidas

Independent of Independents

Mac Crary, 21.06.2006 19:46

Just to protect the most elementary common decency one must become independent of independents.

¡Alerta roja, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz prepara un nuevo baño de sangre en Oaxaca!

codep oaxaca, 21.06.2006 19:42

Pese a todo lo sucedido en estos últimos días en el estado de Oaxaca, el ahora desconocido gobernador de Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, continúa con su política fascista en contra del movimiento magisterial popular, pretende nuevamente reprimir a todas las personas establecidas en plantón en el centro histórico, con la intención de acallar la inconformidad de los miembros sección 22 del SNTE, organizaciones sociales y del pueblo conciente de la justicia de las demandas de estos sectores

Finally Bi-Partisan Cooperation: Against Investigating Government Corruption : (

El Fantasma en una Cascara, 21.06.2006 19:20

As if you needed more proof of how worthless the two main political parties in the United States are the recent events sorrounding Congressman Jefferson give you additional incentive to start finding for a new party to vote for.

¡Alerta roja, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz prepara un nuevo baño de sangre en Oaxaca!

Lucha de Oaxaca, 21.06.2006 19:19

Solicitamos el envío de cartas al gobierno federal para que intervenga, evitando que Oaxaca se manche de sangre otra vez

Skewed U.S.Morality: Pedophilia is a &quot;heinous crime&quot; but bombing Iraqi children is &quot;patriotic&quot;?

Fauxlosopher, 21.06.2006 19:01

U.S.politicians have no ethics about the U.S.Military's continued killing of innocent Iraqi men,women and children!

Digital camera blocking technology created

Jonathan Jay Gibian, 21.06.2006 18:19

Looks like a cool tool for the facist US and European governments!

24th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights - Behatokia

Basque Observatory of Human Rights - Behatokia, 21.06.2006 17:44

We are writing to you from the Basque Observatory for Human Rights –Behatokia- to let you know that our latest bulletin is now available on our web page,

If you would like to access the bulletin directly, in a compressed pdf format please use this link:

world stuff

3D1on, 21.06.2006 16:17

png world stuff

Zarqawi: Myth vs. Reality

truthseeker, 21.06.2006 12:44

The Americans, always the best in propoganda, now have to come up with a new Zarqawi after the old one had outlived its usefullness.

Le mouvement étudiant en Grèce a atteint des niveaux explosifs

Aris OIKONOMOU, 21.06.2006 12:38

C’est du jamais vu !!!! 407 facultés sont désormais occupées. 241 facultés universitaires sur 258 et 166 facultés des Hautes Ecoles sur 198 dans toute la Grèce. Soit presque 90% des facultés sont occupées par des étudiants.

The Consumerist interview

small WORLD Podcast, 21.06.2006 08:33

The Consumerist Interview with Ben Popken, editor of The Consumerist, a website that lampoons corporations and consumers.


Vigdor Schreibman, 21.06.2006 08:20

Learn how everyone everywhere can Harness Their Collective Wisdom and Power: Free TRial for Five Groups of Ten Persons

Immigration Song (The Streets are Whispering)

Kevin McGoldrick, 21.06.2006 05:55

A sample taken from an immigration march in San Diego led to this song. Let me know what you think and if your looking for other political and non-political songs in this musical vein you can check out If you would like to reuse this song, just write and let me know. Thanks and hope you enjoy

A dangerous precedent: Australian man convicted of “preparing terrorism”

Mike Head via sam, 21.06.2006 05:12

Thought Crime and Fishing Expeditions Since 2001, the government has seized upon the “war” declared by US President George Bush for both domestic and international purposes. Under the guise of combating terrorism it has participated in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, diverted attention from mounting economic and social problems at home and legitimised previously unthinkable police state-style measures, including semi-secret trials, “preventative” detention and the ability to impose life sentences without any evidence of an actual terrorist act.

1,000 Voices Against 1

J R Mortland III (Bob), 21.06.2006 02:36

An e-mail turned bad. How Poetry saved the day!

Cirigliano becomes first member of Puerto Rico Audie Murphy Club

Don Iarussi MFA courtesy of US Army, 21.06.2006 01:30

Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cirigliano stands with his wife Antoinette Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cirigliano stands with his wife Antoinette after being inducted into the Puerto Rico Sergeant Audie Murphy Club. Vicente Velez

Puerto Rico and Fort Buchanan achieved a double first last month when Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cirigliano became the first inductee into the newly authorized Puerto Rico Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

Australian government presses ahead with plans to dominate East Timor

Peter Symonds via sam, 21.06.2006 01:08

Compel Alkatiri to make that decision Neither Horta nor his Australian backers want to test this “tremendous support” at elections due next year. “The problem is, obviously, can the country afford the next six months, the next nine months of this continued pressure on the prime minister to resign?” Horta asked. “Can we afford this increasing loss of credibility of the government and the poor image of the country? Or should the prime minister say, ‘Well, I step aside in the interests of my own party. It seems that I am a liability to my own party, if not the country’.” The threat of criminal charges is obviously designed to compel Alkatiri to make that decision.

Noam Chomsky: a jester at their court

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars via sam, 21.06.2006 00:18

Guardian Unlimited? Noam Chomsky belongs to this group of so called 'liberals' which on behalf of their masters have betrayed humanity. And try to keep betraying most of us. Those 'Megaphones of the Mighty' for instance can write thousands of words about the 'Problems in the Middle East' without even mentioning the word 'Israel' or 'genocide' once.


Combate News, 20.06.2006 23:26

Al proponer que la Cumbre de los No Alineados, que tendrá lugar en La Habana en septiembre, considere el proyecto de alfabetización para el Tercer Mundo, un plan para la formación emergente de médicos y un programa energético que privilegia el ahorro, provee seguridad energética y preserva valiosos recursos naturales, Fidel devuelve la política a la realidad y le confiere terrenalidad a la reunión.

world stuff

3D1on, 20.06.2006 23:03

png world stuff

Las tres Marias de la Mentira

Edward A. Mercado, 20.06.2006 22:35

Asi como las tres marias de Colon allanaron el nuevo continente, ellos que supuestamente traian libertad para los indigenas de estos pueblos. realmente traian acoso y esclavitud...

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