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Nouveau crime humanitaire à Gaza

Dominique, 28.06.2006 23:35

Sous le prétexte de retrouver son capo enlevé, la très courageuse armée d' occupation israélienne s'en prend encore aux infrastructures palestiniennes et prive la bande de Gaza, déjà sinistrée par des décennies d' occupation sans scrupule, d'eau et d'électricité.

Australian government outlines pro-market agenda for its Pacific sphere of influence

Jake Skeers, 28.06.2006 21:46

Neo-colonial occupation The publication of “Pacific 2020” is part of the same process. Given the tiny economies of the Pacific islands and East Timor and their reliance on international aid and trade, these countries will be pushed into implementing its agenda—one way or another. Significantly the report was released a month after the publication of a “White Paper on the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program” which explicitly links aid to economic demands. If the threat of aid cutbacks fails, then the countries risk being branded as “failed states” and face the prospect of neo-colonial occupation, as in the Solomons and East Timor.


Por Néstor Núñez, 28.06.2006 19:13

Personalidades de la cultura, grupos de solidaridad, políticos, y organizaciones no gubernamentales, entre otros factores de la llamada sociedad civil europea, se pronunciaron recientemente y con entera claridad, en torno a que la Unión Europea (UE) modificara su línea de
hostilidad a Cuba y optara por un consenso de diálogo, entendimiento y respeto, ajeno a la actitud de confrontación de Washington.
Era un signo positivo en una región en la cual la inyección letal de socios del gran imperio ha hecho mucho daño a unos vínculos oficiales con Cuba que no tienen por qué tornarse oscuros y ríspidos.

Camp Trans To Confront Transphobia At Women’s Music Festival

Emilia Lombardi, 28.06.2006 18:55

Camp Trans brings together trans men, trans women, as well as non-trans allies into the struggle for trans-equality and the end the Michigan Women’s Music Festival's (MWMF) policy of excluding trans women.

Anti-nacionalisme escatològic

atole, 28.06.2006 17:43

Anti-nacionalisme escatològic

YMCA Charity Duck Race 2006

Victoria Stapleton, 28.06.2006 15:12

A buzz of excitement surrounds July 15th 2006 as the first YMCA Charity Duck Race is pencilled in to take place at St Georges Quay, Lancaster. Some might say you have to be ‘quackers’ to attend but behind this fun filled event a very serious message is relayed:
Each year hundreds of young people aged between sixteen and eighteen are out on to the streets with nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. The YMCA is determined to take action and with your support we CAN make a change.

Add Triaminic Vapor Patch To List Of Deadly Patches

Evelyn Pringle, 28.06.2006 13:53

More medication patch dangers

Lt. Watada support rally- San Francisco- June 27, 2006

Naomi Quiñones, 28.06.2006 10:26

Code Pink Photos of the rally at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. rep assaulted at local seattle drugstore BARTELL'S DRUG for needing to take a piss

concerned citizen, 28.06.2006 08:20

while heading to a meeting to expose genting berhad hiding behind norwegian cruise line said rep who works for the fishing industry feeding hungry people three degenerates just doing thir job tried to break his neck all for needing to take a piss

Drug Action Week in Coffs Harbour

Anon, 28.06.2006 00:24

Outreach actions in the City Drug action week saw residents in Coffs Harbour doing outreach actions in the City Center Mall to tell people some truths about drugs.


Combate News, 27.06.2006 22:52

En una cínica declaración, emitida por la Fundación el 23 de junio pasado, se declaró de manera hipócrita y falsaria: “La FNCA reafirma que las acciones de los hombres y mujeres de esta institución han sido siempre el de servir con todo el corazón al pueblo cubano y trabajar arduamente por su libertad. La FNCA está comprometida con una transición pacífica y no violenta hacia la democracia en Cuba.”

Remembering the Stonewall Rebellion

Homefront, 27.06.2006 22:33

jpg Hartford, Connecticut's gay, lesbian, and transgender activists celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebelllion and issue a challenge to all progressives.

Ontario Human Rights Code Changes Weaken Human Rights Protections

Faisal Kutty, 27.06.2006 21:09

The author argues that the proposed amendments to Ontario human rights legislation will in fact weaken the human rights system. Originally published in the Toronto Star, June 26, 2006.

Fountainhead; Black International Cinema Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 27.06.2006 20:28

An international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany.

Summit Meeting on Vaccination Controversies July 14-15

Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA, 27.06.2006 20:14

You are invited to attend national Summit on Controversies of Vaccinations, July 14-15 in Seattle. See press release below.


SARITA, 27.06.2006 19:07

Como el imputado está prófugo se suspende la etapa del juicio hasta cuando sea aprehendido o se presentare voluntariamente. En relación al procesado Jorge Urresta se dictó auto de sobreseimiento provisional del proceso y definitivo del imputado.



Yahel Chirinian (left) and Doris Zacheres (right) The ones who read Wallpaper are going to love it. It’s unique and very special, impossible to categorize, very cutting edge modernist. Monsoon Heritage is exploring the place where art and vision fuse. Somewhere magical between art and design, between decoration and sculpture, between pop and fine, between the profane and the sacred.

Escuela Contraproducente

Dzunum, 27.06.2006 18:00

Queremos dar a conocer al mundo que ap´lastaremos a la derecha en México.

Rainbow Gathering under threat

Don E, 27.06.2006 17:47

Recieved this news today


JUAN MORA ROMERO, 27.06.2006 17:47

Muestras de agradecimientos y Felicitaciones dieron los obreros del Carbon de la Empresa Drummond, en Colombia a la Dirigencia de la Organizacion Sindical SINTRAMIENERGETICA, por el aporte significativo que dieron para sacar avante el pliego de peticiones y firmar la nueva convencion Colectiva de Trabajo por un periodo de dos años.


RADIO HUMANITARIA, 27.06.2006 17:43



JUAN MORA ROMERO, 27.06.2006 17:15

Muestras de agradecimientos y Felicitaciones dieron los obreros del Carbon de la Empresa Drummond, en Colombia a la Dirigencia de la Organizacion Sindical SINTRAMIENERGETICA, por el aporte significativo que dieron para sacar avante el pliego de peticiones y firmar la nueva convencion Colectiva de Trabajo por un periodo de dos años.

A Brief History of Military Resistance

Zoltan Grossman, 27.06.2006 17:08

A brief history of resistance within the U.S. armed forces, and peace movement support for resisters, with a list of relevant links. Dr. Zoltan Grossman is a member of the faculty in Geography and Native Studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA: A version of this article originally appeared in the London journal Race Today.




Coordination en Avignon le 6 juillet

Tulipe, 27.06.2006 14:57

Une coordination nationale, européenne et internationale des étudiants et tous les précaires ou concernés par le mouvement anti-capitaliste et anti-libéral, se tiendra à Avignon (Faculté Ste Marthe) dès 9h le 6 JUILLET. Elle posera en particulier la question de l'art dans notre société et celle du statut des intermittents du spectacle dont le nouveau protocole risque d'être enteriné prochainement... Soyez nombreux afin que des actions puissent être entreprises!

Australian-led campaign pressures East Timorese prime minister to resign

Peter Symonds via sam, 27.06.2006 11:33

Neo-colonial occupation of East Timor Rather than ending the political chaos in East Timor, the ousting of Alkatiri can only lead to the sharpening of social and political tensions. What has been artificially portrayed in the media as a struggle between “easterners” and “westerners” is in fact a conflict between two factions of the country’s ruling elite, neither of which are capable of meeting the needs and aspirations of the impoverished masses. Whatever the shape of the next government in Dili, popular opposition will inevitably grow to Australia’s neo-colonial occupation.

Solidarité de classe avec les travailleurs immigrés et sans-papiers !

PCInt., 27.06.2006 10:41

La loi «CESEDA» que la propagande gouvernementale présente comme étant celle de «l’immigration choisie» [pour le capitalisme!] est une nouvelle intolérable aggravation des attaques contre les prolétaires immigrés dont sont coutumiers les dirigeants français. Cette loi s’ajoute aux mesures déjà en acte, aux rafles, aux expulsions, comme celles des enfants scolarisés et leurs familles. Pas plus que ces prédécesseurs de gauche ou de droite, le gouvernement actuel ne veut supprimer l’immigration ni les sans-papiers: des secteurs entiers de l’économie, depuis l’agriculture jusqu’à la confection en passant par le bâtiment, ont besoin de la main d’oeuvre docile par force que sont les sans-papiers, tandis que les travailleurs immigrés en général constituent une fraction importante de la classe ouvrière industrielle. En aggravant les mesures contre eux, les gouvernants veulent en fait les condamner toujours plus à une véritable exploitation négrière.

Alexandre Del Valle n’a pas signé « l’appel des 25 pour une grâce présidentielle » du militant néo-nazi Michel Lajoye, 27.06.2006 10:22 Alexandre Del Valle n’a pas signé « l’appel des 25 pour une grâce présidentielle » du militant néo-nazi Michel Lajoye, condamné en 1990 à la réclusion criminelle à perpétuité pour avoir déposé une bombe dans un café fréquenté par des immigrés.

homenaje a los esclavos y esclavas del franquismo en Navarra

memoriaren bideak, 27.06.2006 07:27

fotografías y cartel del homenaje crónica del homenaje realizado el sábado 24 de junio en el Pirineo Navarro (valle del Roncal) a los prisioneros de guerra antifascistas que construyeron varias carreteras castigados por el régimen franquista y a sus familiares

“Restitution and reparations are our solution, not further oppression of Aboriginal Peoples”

Michael Anderson, 27.06.2006 06:11

Michael Anderson Media release: 27 June 2006, in Goodooga, NSW

Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, who is spokesman for the Euahlayi and Gumilaroi nations in northwest New South Wales, issued a statement today saying that he is contacting Aboriginal people around Australia, promising to challenge the changes to the Federal law in respect to Aboriginal Peoples using traditional customary law as a mitigating factor in their defence to some crimes.

Abstract Art Exhibition at jFerrari Gallery

Julie Ramsussen, 27.06.2006 04:48

Abstract Art Exhibition July 8-29 The jFerrari Gallery announces a major exhibition of fine abstract art that will take place from July 8 through July 29, 2006. The exhibition will feature work from a number of new and established talented artists from the Los Angeles region. An opening reception fort the exhibition will take place on Saturday, July 8 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm with a closing reception to follow on Saturday, July 29 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

Terms of Use in Detroit

Alaina Simone Thomas, 27.06.2006 01:29

Six New York artist exhibit at 555 Gallery in Detroit

Freedom Walk for Immigration/No One Is Illegal

Azul-Christian Caravaggio, 26.06.2006 23:38

Ms. Azul-Christian Caravaggio, a supporter of the March 25th Coalition and Hermandad, kicks off “Freedom Walk for Immigration/No One Is Illegal” this Saturday morning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bearing Witness in Colombia

Scott Kennedy, 26.06.2006 23:11

On Thursday, July 13, at 7p.m., a Reception and Presentation
to benefit the Fellowship of Reconciliation's Colombia Peace Presence
Human Rights team will be held at the home of Bert & Lois Muhly,
717 Walnut, Santa Cruz

Link: 9/11 Disease and Uranium

Cathy Garger, 26.06.2006 22:28

Exploding towers at World Trade Center What is the connection between 9/11 and radioactive Uranium?

Bring The War Home on the Fourth of July

Red76, 26.06.2006 21:56

A simple means to Bring The War Home on the Fourth of July -

Animals of St.Petersburg victims of the G8 Summit

Marina Ermakova, Baltic Animal Care, vice-president, 26.06.2006 21:13

They do it every day The summit of the eight most industrialized nations of the world is coming to St. Petersburg in July. Perhaps it would interest you to know how St. Petersburg is preparing for the summit.
In the run-up to the July summit, St. Petersburg authorities are exterminating street animals � both strays and not � with utmost cruelty

25 Arrested Saying No to Torture, Shut Down Guantanamo

Frida Berrigan, 26.06.2006 21:01

Three Activists Arrested With the Names of the Men who Committed Suicide at Guantanamo on June 10, 2006.

Symptoms of an Ill Society: Inequality and the Hierarchy of Human Suffering

Kelly Alm, 26.06.2006 19:17

Through an examination of structural violence, this article challenges the notion that human suffering is natural to the human experience. The article traces the roots of human suffering to systematic inequality, forcing people to question our current social order.

Tumbar la página del M. de la Vivienda.(18 Julio 2006)

Guille, 26.06.2006 17:19

¡¡Protesta contra la Especulación Inmobiliaria!!.

Los precios de la vivienda en España son un robo. ¿Crees que nadie puede hacer nada para que el
precio de un bien INDISPENSABLE para vivir dignamente SEA ASEQUIBLE para muchos ciudadanos?. La especulación
y los intereses comerciales priman sobre el interés general de la población.

Además de las protestas en las calles podemos protestar con nuestros ordenadores. Sí, deja el 18 de Julio
el navegador conectado a

Y tratemos de colapsar al servidor del Ministerio de la Vivienda. ¡Protestemos por el pasotismo
de los políticos ante el grave problema de vivenda y de endeudamiento económico al que nos vemos

Lettre ouverte au général président Lansana Conté, Président de la République de Guinée

Amadou Sadio Diallo, 26.06.2006 13:24

Le général président Lansana Conté Les syndicalistes guinéens ont négocié avec les autorités guinéennes après le massacre d'une vingtaine de jeunes écoliers et étudiants et de plus de quatre vingt blessés grave par la Police et l'armée lors d'une manifestation le 12 juin 2006 en Guinée.

Succès de la conférence de Los Angeles contre le terrorisme néoconservateur

crypto fascisme, 26.06.2006 12:48

La conférence de Los Angeles a rassemblé 1200 personnes. Elle visait à dénoncer la manipulation du terrorisme par l'administration crypto-fasciste de Washington.

polemica con puagh banda anarquista de valladolid

skizokaaaos, 26.06.2006 08:39

texto y noticia a debate sobre la polemica con puagh.

&quot;The Ideology of the 5 Levers&quot;

Ignazio Albore', 26.06.2006 08:01

“ The new and definitive road of the economic and social competition “

You Are Worth More Than You Earn

Eugene Plawiuk, 26.06.2006 02:33

"Every Canadian is worth $141,000 "

You Are Worth More Than You Earn

Eugene Plawiuk, 26.06.2006 02:32

"Every Canadian is worth $141,000 "

Right To Work No Thanks

Eugene Plawiuk, 26.06.2006 02:28

Capitalists in Canada call for union busting to solve the current labour shortage crisis.

Lagrange 5

Eugene Plawiuk, 26.06.2006 02:10

Lagrange 5 is the point in space between the Earth and Moon that would allow a space station to exist forever without a deteroriating orbit. So why isn't being built there? Because capitalism can't stand anything that won't fail. Anarchist sci-fi author Mack Reynolds wrote a trilogy on L-5 that exposed the commonality of capitalist states both the American Monopoly Capitalist version and the Russian State Capitalist version.

Kenneth Patchen

Eugene Plawiuk, 26.06.2006 02:08

Kenneth Patchen was and is an underrated American poet, a surrealist, an anarchist, a founder of the Beat movement, a painter and illustrator. I came across his works when we ran Erewhon Books, the Anarchist Bookstore in Edmonton in the seventies and eighties.

continuing popular resistance in oaxaca

danil kharms, 26.06.2006 01:52

Teachers and other activists in Oaxaca, Mexico continue popular resistance and organizing in wake of violent government attacks.

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