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Virtual Fast in Support of Troops Home Fast

bibliochef, 01.07.2006 18:00

Foodie bloggers' effort to support Troops Home Fast sponsored by Code Pink et al.

Admitted Pedophile lawyer accepts historical agreement that attracts attention worldwide

Redemptive press, 01.07.2006 17:20

An agreement with a father accused of sexually abusing his daughter and being criminally negligent in providing the neccessities of life recieves over 11,000 hits on website and confirms the allegations by consent. This simple method provides all abused women and children with a new tool to expose and get confessions from abusive mates, corrupted court officers, social services officials and associates.
It is highly recommended and is totally lawful as no one can interfere with your ability to privately contract and tell the truth.

collectifs internationaux contre les micro chips , rfids et autres joyeusetes technos

shantidas, 01.07.2006 15:43

devant ce qu'un nombre de plus en plus important d'etres humains sensibles et conscients ressentent , il va devenir de plus en plus urgents de creer des collectifs politiques et/ou a-politiques (!) contre les nouvelles technologies et nanothechnologies telles les nouvelles micropuces , rfids etc....

collectifs internationaux contre les micro chips , rfids et autres joyeusetes technos

shantidas, 01.07.2006 15:36

devant ce qu'un nombre de plus en plus important d'etres humains sensibles et conscients ressentent , il va devenir de plus en plus urgents de creer des collectifs politiques et/ou a-politiques (!) contre les nouvelles technologies et nanothechnologies telles les nouvelles micropuces , rfids etc....


Stephen Lendman, 01.07.2006 15:08

An account of how the US Federal Reserve has abused the public since inception.

Environmental victims of Gainesville, Ga.

Shawn Eckles, 01.07.2006 14:16

Families that have and are losing their children to pollution.

Children Contribute to their Education

Christopher Fon Achobang, 01.07.2006 09:45

Western Embassies in Cameroon led by the Americn embassy, have engaged in a campaign against trafficking in people and child labour. I have been sampling the opinions of most of these child labourers. The following is the opinion of children actively involved in labour, yet find pride in being able to contribute to their up-bringing.

SCNC Hails Nigerian custody over Bakassi;Orders LR du Cameroun to Withdraw

FON Christopher Achobang, 01.07.2006 09:39

The Secretary General of the legitimate SCNC, Reverend Dr. Andrew AMBEAZIEH, custodian of the SCNC since the betrayal by Henry FOSSUNG, has signed a press statement, hailing the Federal Republic of Nigeria for custody over the Bakassi Peninsular.

Homeless Vet Set Afire in Spokane Dies

swaneagle harijan, 01.07.2006 07:04

Homeless amputee Vietnam Vet, Doug Dawson, was set on fire by 2 young men on June 23, 2005 in Spokane while sleeping in his wheelchair. Flown to Harborview Hospital's burn unit in Seattle, he died shorly after.

US to Deploy PAC-3 Missiles to Japan

from, 01.07.2006 06:36

The U.S. military plans to deploy Patriot interceptor missiles at its bases in Japan for the first time to bolster its defences amid signs that North Korea is preparing to launch a long-range missile, officials said Monday.

U of Colorado Fires Professor for Comparing 9/11 Victims to Nazis

from, 01.07.2006 06:35

The top official at the University of Colorado's flagship campus on Monday recommended that the school fire the firebrand professor who compared some of the World Trade Center victims to a Nazi and later was accused of academic misconduct.


Tieran Zxava, 01.07.2006 06:30

With the arrival of the first train from Beijing to Lhasa Mao Zedong's dream of building a railway that connects mainland China with Tibet is now a reality, thereby driving another nail in the coffin of Tibetan culture.

Kidnapping and slaying of 2 US marines from platoon accused of involvement in rape and murder of Iraqi woman/women and members of family

RYAN LENZ - Associated Press, 01.07.2006 03:18

Five Fort Campbell soldiers investigated in Iraq murders.
Looks like several marines from the same platoon from which 2 other marines were recently kidnapped and killed, raped and burned an Iraqi woman and murder other members of her family.

Free Tibet Activists arrested in Beijing for protesting China's Tibet railway

Rangzen means Freedom, 01.07.2006 01:12

Three women were arrested in Beijing after hurling a banner denouncing China's railway to Tibet.

Leave Them Kids Alone

David from Cambridge, 30.06.2006 23:01

Recently thousands of schools across the UK have started using biometrics for checking school dinner entitlement, taking out library books, the daily register, etc. There are concerns that this may infringe pupils' right to privacy, and some believe the matter should be debated in Parliament.

EPR/Magisterio/Punto y Aparte Oaxaca

Juan José Díaz Bermúdez, 30.06.2006 21:33

EPR/Oaxaca Conunicados del EPR en Oaxaca, México.

Israel once again shows its &quot;Brutal Cowardice! to the world!

k.hawley, 30.06.2006 19:47

Its long past a time to issue an international rebuke and boycott of Israel and to lay "War Crimes" and "Crimes against Humanity" charges against its Military and its government!


Pablo de la Iglesia, 30.06.2006 19:42

A través de nuestras elecciones cotidianas podemos sumar un gran aporte para el desarrollo de un modelo social más justo, a la vez que fomentamos un sistema productivo medioambientalmente respetuoso y equilibrado.

Texas Hold'em Poker Robot Raises Game to Play Five Tables at Once

Casino Robots, 30.06.2006 18:43

Casino Robots today announced the latest edition of Poker Robot for Windows, an intelligent software agent that automatically plays Texas Hold'em Poker at leading online Poker Rooms. Poker Robot can now simultaneously play at five tables for either real money or play money using a strategy developed by a nine-time World Champion of Poker.

Palestinian, Iraqi Dialogues: Containment as Tactic

Nicola Nasser, 30.06.2006 17:42

In both Iraqi and Palestinian cases dialogue is being used as a containment tactic to maintain a crumbling unsustainable status quo under occupation, to disarm and “divide-and-rule” an armed resistance to the occupying power, despite the differences in the historical backgrounds, the initiation and context of dialogue and national credentials of the “peace camps” in both cases.

Haiti's President in Miami: The interim Ambassador scorned, Aristide praised

Haiti Information Project, 30.06.2006 15:37

President Preval waits for chanting to stop before addressing audience Preval is the Haitian leader to emerge through democratic elections since President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was forced out of office on February 29, 2004 in a coup backed by the United States, France and Canada.

Free Tibet Activists Detained in Beijing for Protesting Opening of China's Tibet Railway

Matt Browner-Hamlin, 30.06.2006 13:39

beijing_banner_still Tibet activists scaled the façade of Beijing’s Central Railway Station and unfurled a banner reading “China’s Tibet Railway: Designed to Destroy.” The protest was held on the eve of the launch of the new rail line that will link, for the first time, Beijing and Lhasa. Tibetans fear that the Chinese Government will use the railway to further its colonization of Tibet by moving in ever-larger numbers of Chinese settlers and military personnel while transporting out Tibet’s vast natural resources. Police detained three women from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; they were released after two hours of questioning and are currently in Hong Kong doing follow-up media work.

Ahmed le Subtil ou Scapin 84

Françoise Perez Defigeas, 30.06.2006 12:51

Affiche Jusqu'au 30 Juillet à Paris,au Vingtième Théâtre,venez partager les facéties d’Ahmed à Sarges les Corneilles... dans une transposition contemporaine des espiègleries de Scapin !

Help Stop Government Repression of Gathering!

D. Wirtenshafter, 30.06.2006 11:56

Gives details regarding Supression of those attending the Annual Rainbow Gathering of Living LIght in America.Since 1972 the Rainbow Family gather once a year in a different state to pray for peace and freedom.

The SCNC and Respect of Freedoms

Fon Christopher achobang, 30.06.2006 09:56

Over the last days, I have seen an abundance of correspondences from Southern Cameroonians, in the Southern Cameroons discussion group on the internet, in reaction to articles I published lately. Some of the articles were; “RDPC Celebrates 21 Years”, “Biya Falls Sick in Bata”, and “Limbe Butcher’s Take to the Streets”, which were widely read and circulated among Southern Cameroonians and the international community. I recently posted the article “Biya’s Blank Check to Embezzle,” to addresses all over the world. As well as being a topical issue, it was written and set in the perspective of informing the world of some of the violations and abuses of human rights going on in Cameroon. Some users of the Southern Cameroon discussion group questioned its possible contributions to the cause.

UBSU Betrays Slain Mates

FON Christopher ACHOBANG, 30.06.2006 09:51

The University of Buea Students’ Union (UBSU) is a year old today. The students union existed illegally till 14 December 2005, when the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Cornelius Lambi, officially declared the union legal, against strong opposition from the former Registrar, Herbert Endeley and other sycophants.
UBSU was born during the April 27 to May 28 University strike in Buea. As a trailblazer movement to channel the grievances of students, it was subjected to all the temptations of young inexperienced ‘liberation’ movements.

Bakassi: Home Diaspora

FON Christopher ACHOBANG, 30.06.2006 09:41

Presidents Paul Biya of Cameroon and Olusegun Obassanjo of Nigeria, under the supervision of Kofi Annan, UN scribe, reached the umpteenth landmark decision to cede the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon. This UN brokered agreement was witnessed by all former colonial stakeholders in Cameroon.

Grey Lodge: &quot;Think for yourself and quesiton authority.&quot; - Timothy Leary

small WORLD Podcast, 30.06.2006 08:09

Grey Lodge Interview with Grey Lodge's Joseph Matheny

Scan Dot Org - 'Quitline' mp3

martin via Dr Lucas, 30.06.2006 03:07

Scandalous issues Political Satire 4:35 mins. Featuring Graham, Marie, Martin

The problem with the idea of “an immigration problem.”

everardo carvajal, 30.06.2006 02:57

The idea of an immigration problem is a problem in itself. I hope to clear up some mud here.

The Formula for African American Business Success is P3: Power Passion Profit!

Adrienne S. Lamm, 30.06.2006 00:03

9th Annual African American Business Summit held at the Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs, Calfiornia labled a success by organzers with keynotes by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, PBS's Kelvin Boston and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the African American Soul Lisa Nichols leading the way.


ICG MUSE, 29.06.2006 23:54

SHORT AND SWEET...HI to those with "extra baggage" in Phoenix or San Diego...Hope the O-rang-u-tang boys are on the "ball" since giving you a "one ringy dingy" seems to be a constant "wasTEd" call...ZEUS's Messenger "flies as fleet as THOUGHT to do your bidding?"


Kenneth J. Theisen, 29.06.2006 23:28

On Monday, June 26, 2006 the President and Vice-President in a concerted effort launched political attacks on the New York Times and other media for their exposure of the international bank transfer spying program conducted by the Bush administration. These attacks serve two purposes for the Bush regime. First, they are an attempt to intimidate the media into silence about the regime’s crimes. Second, they are meant to shift the discussion about the illegality of these actions to a discussion of what should be done to media outlets that dare to report such actions.

Just do it

B, 29.06.2006 21:00

About trying

Computer Professionals for Responsibility Turns to Internet Voting

Marilyn Davis, 29.06.2006 20:09

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, after years of warning against paperless electronic voting, is experimenting with an Internet-based open-source voting system, eVote(R), for its annual board elections this year. eVote(R), being an Internet-based solution (in contrast to the voting-booth electronic systems currently in use) brings a new set of considerations to the discussion about electronic voting.

Winnipeg Indymedia now run by &quot;Hate-Mongering&quot; Zionists?

Fauxlosopher, 29.06.2006 19:40

The bottom line is tha Winnipeg Indymedia is now in no way an "Independant" media source but instead its become a "propaganda & brainwashing" tool for Pro Israel Zionists and their hate-filled agenda!

Bush Sr supplie Saddam's weapons of Mass Destruction

raven, 29.06.2006 19:09

Army counter-intelligence veterans that they uncovered materials and documents proving that some of Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological weapons were provided in 1988 by The Carlyle Group, through Spanish and French intermediaries.



Protest Video Contest

Craig Gillette, 29.06.2006 16:05


On April 17, 2006, Justice Through Music,, a non-profit that works with famous bands to inspire people to support civil rights, launched a new campaign called 'Harmony Vids!' to motivate artists, bands, filmmakers, and others to create a whole series of new protest videos. JTM is looking for videos that make a cultural statement, have staying power, and will result in a change in consciousness.

Stop Israeli Attack in Gaza Immediately

The Alternative Information Center, 29.06.2006 14:34

Stop Israeli Attack in Gaza Immediately

A statement by the Alternative Information Center

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Intifada Al Ard, 29.06.2006 14:05

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 28 June 2006, 2mins, english

Back to the Scene of the Crime: The WTO after Hong Kong

Hidayat Greenfield, 29.06.2006 13:13

The most recent crime scene: the Sixth WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong. What crimes are we talking about? There's evidence of everything from criminal negligence, theft, fraud and breaking and entering, to treason and second-degree murder.

US EPA involved in secrecy in hazardous waste dump on O'odham ceremonial community

Brenda Norrell, 29.06.2006 12:07

O'odham protest hazardous dump near border in Mexico While O'odham in Mexico near the border were never told of the hazardous waste dump planned for their community of Quitovac, where annual sacred ceremonies are held, the US EPA knew of it a year earlier. The EPA said it would have no "significant impact." Mexico issued state and federal permits in 2005, but it wasn't until the following year, 2006, when whistelblowers exposed the plan. O'odham want the dump and gold mining halted.

Mahdi condemns Israeli Incursion into Ghaza

Ali Mursal, 29.06.2006 12:04

Muhammad Mahdi, General Secretary of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Democratic Islamic Congress has sharply condemned Israel's incursion into Ghaza and warned of an imminent Israeli aggression in the Middle East

gaza operazione summer rain

meri from Gaza, 29.06.2006 10:38

summera rain in GAZA Intanto aggiornamento di oggi: stanotte forti attacchi a a Khan younis, colpita l'universita' islamica a gaza city.


anonymous, 29.06.2006 10:32

Ελευθερη αποφάσιστικε να αφέθει η συλληθείσα από το πανεκπαιδευτικό συλλαλητήριο που έλαβε χώρα την Τρίτη 27/06/06 στο κέντρο της Αθήνας.

Subject: Celebrate Bush's July 6 birthday by telling the world about the 25 Americans born the same day and who died in the Vietnam War.

Greg Wilcox, 29.06.2006 07:17

President George Bush was born July 6, 1946. He will be 60 years old this year. He will celebrate and be celebrated. Twenty-five other Americans born the same day (July 6, 1946) died in the Vietnam war. I created a web page to assist activists who want to remind the media, Americans, and Bush, on his birthday that he is a chicken-hawk.

Isabela rejects proposed PNOC coal project

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 29.06.2006 06:17

Community leaders from Isabela and Greenpeace activists, some of whom wore protective coveralls and gas masks, blocked the gates of the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) compound, in Taguig City.

Israel wants soldier (Gilad) back dead or alive?!?

Anonymous, 29.06.2006 06:15

The regular media seems to be misrepresenting Israel's desire as though it was to save the soldier. Yet in the statements I have read, all that is said is "to bring Gilad home". I think the Israeli decision makers (also) think that all the incursions, violence and threats are unlikely to secure the safe release of Gilad.

URGENCE : le CESEDA est passé en force hier !!! Mobilisation pour son retrait total et sans condition !!!!!

Cilou, 29.06.2006 03:42

Le projet de loi Sarkozy relative à l'immigration et à l'intégration vient d'être adopté définitivement par les deux assemblées parlementaires. Cette réforme, adoptée dans une urgence que rien ne justifiait, entend opérer un tri entre les bons étrangers - ceux qui sont utiles à l'économie et au prétendument rayonnement international de la France - et les « mauvais » étrangers qui constitueraient un fardeau pour notre République. Ce faisant, elle organise un système de précarité perpétuelle pour les immigrés et les prive du respect de droits aussi fondamentaux que celui de vivre en famille ou le respect de la vie privée.

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