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BAGATI: Sa Bawat Hakbang ng mga Pulang Mandirigma

ISNAYP: Rebolusyonaryong Media ng Bikol - Philippines, 25.04.2004 06:24

The life of the new people's army guerillas in the Philippines.


renee, 25.04.2004 06:21

Anti-Racist Action calls all antifascists to DC for the March for Womens Lives!!!...come to Stanton Park in DC at 9am TODAY!

Nonwestern Anarchisms: r e t h i n k i n g t h e g l o b a l c o n t e x t

b y j a s o n a d a m s, 25.04.2004 05:24

“The future of anarchism must be appraised within a global context;
any attempt to localize it is bound to yield a distorted outcome. The
obstacles to anarchism are, in the main, global; only their
specifics are determined by local circumstances.”
- Sam Mbah

UGSOA President Jim Vissar Lies to Its Members!

Officer Carter Washington D.C., 25.04.2004 04:08

Why does our UGSOA President have to lie?

How sick this god awful war

jamie, 25.04.2004 03:55

How sick this god awful war: How much “evidence” is needed for our nation to turn totally against this war? Please share this around. jamie

Army sergeant charged in wife's death
Father says Iraq 'did something to him'
Friday, April 23, 2004 Posted: 10:12 AM EDT (1412 GMT)

The UnAmerican LP - Anarchist Hip Hop for the revolution

wolf tone, 24.04.2004 23:40

For those that haven't heard, Anarchist Hip Hop musician Emcee Lynx is releasing his new full length album - The UnAmerican LP - on May 1st, 2004.

Ataques contra miembros del Movimiento Estudiantil Universitario denominado FRENTE UNIVERSITARIO ROQUE DALTON.El Salvador

Julio Delfos, 24.04.2004 22:34

Atentamente nos dirigimos a la comisión política del FMLN para solicitarle información referida a los acontecimientos de agresión y de quema de locales, amenazas de muerte con armas blancas y de fuego, contra miembros del Movimiento Estudiantil Universitario denominado FRENTE UNIVERSITARIO ROQUE DALTON. FURD.

CIA Renegade Surrenders in Haiti

David Roknich, 24.04.2004 21:10

Professional insurrectionist and convicted murdererJodel Chamblain surrendered to authorities in Port Au Prince. This was proclaimed as "a noble gesture" by Haiti's new Justice Minister Bernard Gousse. It was Gousse's legal team that defended Chamblain and his cohorts in the failed coup attempts of 2000 and 2001.

&quot;A Primer on the Employement of Non-Lethal Weapons&quot; (Navy Law Review XLV)

..., 24.04.2004 20:26

Cites mind control as a non Lethal weapon. He defines Mind control as "subliminal visual and audio messages".

Notes form the homepage of today's

NALT (North American Liberation Team), 24.04.2004 19:52

Notes form the homepage of today's

How crazy can U.S. be?

Sara, 24.04.2004 19:38

The article below is from a mainstream source. Yet it indicates just how the invaders have lost control of the situation in Iraq. They are desperate to halt the revolt against them. Huge loss of life is no longer of great "concern." Now they contemplate action which may have consequences far beyond the borders of Iraq. The whole world is the "resistance." How crazy can these "leaders" be?

Smoking Gun of Bush Administration Perjury FOUND.

Steve Greenfield, 24.04.2004 18:59

The information contained below is new, it's explosive, and if it's well-handled I believe it could result in criminal charges at levels high enough to crash the administration. It concerns the discovery of proof of a fraudulent White House "Fact Sheet" on pre-9/11 terrorism investigations and the content of the August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing. This information could also identify perjuries committed before the 9/11 Commission.

I am an independent activist and Green Party organizer in New Paltz, New York. I am hoping to get this article out as widely and rapidly as possible. The text is followed by the full NY Post article referenced therein.

Steve Greenfield, New Paltz, NY (845) 255-2516


snowshoefilms, 24.04.2004 18:47

Ellen Marian’s attorney, former Pennsylvania asst. atty. gen., Phil Berg, reads a petition of support for Mrs. Mariani’s RICO legal action brought by 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani against Defendant George W. Bush et al. The suit demands the truth regarding the 9-11 attacks. 3 min.

Venezuela to Prohibit Transgenic Crops, 24.04.2004 16:09

CARACAS, April 21, 2004 ( — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has announced that the cultivation of genetically modified crops will be prohibited on Venezuelan soil, possibly establishing the most sweeping restrictions on transgenic crops in the Western Hemisphere. Though full details of the administration’s policy on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are still forthcoming, the statement by President Chavez will lead most immediately to the cancellation of a contract that Venezuela had negotiated with the U.S.-based Monsanto Corporation.

Most recent war news

joe, 24.04.2004 15:45

Below find the most recent "war news" from lunaville. Please let the whole world know. Joe

Hafenstr. in Hamburg, Germany once again occupied on Saturday morning

Jens Steiner, 24.04.2004 15:42

The Hafenstrasse in Hamburg on saturday morning, foto: The history of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse in the north of Germany is closely connected to the german Squatting scene and the 80's.
The conflict has not only been a conflict between real estate brokers, Hamburg state government and local squatters.

Images of our losses

jamie, 24.04.2004 14:46

View images of our losses in this illegal war that the U.S. government wishes to censor by pasting and following the address below. Please share it far and wide. jamie


José Delgado Mendoza ( Ciudadano ecuatoriano), 24.04.2004 13:20

Imagen original del bombardeo a Baghdat en abril 23 tomada de un sitio americano BBC utiliza imagen del bombardeo a Irak en abril 2003 para mostrar los efecos del accidente de trenes en Korea. La imagen se mostró en el website de BBC en las versiones inglesa, protuguesa y española.

BTL:Iraqi Shiite Uprising Poses Serious Threat to U.S. Occupation

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 24.04.2004 10:49

Interview with Michael Schwartz, sociology professor at the State University of New York, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris


ACCION ANTIFASCISTA, 24.04.2004 05:30


Kucinich calls for suspension of electronic voting

Matt Harris, 24.04.2004 02:25

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich today called on federal, state and local election officials “to suspend immediately the implementation of any voting systems that do not provide a 100 percent reliable paper-trail back-up to corroborate results.”

humour: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

£, 23.04.2004 23:27


Haitian Rebels in Collusion with Dominican Republic

DOGSPOT, 23.04.2004 21:40

A Pentagon official conceded that a rebel military camp on the Haitian-Dominican border was identified a year before the revolt began.

SOA: The French Connection

DOGSPOT, 23.04.2004 21:38


Les leçons des Français ont porté leurs terribles fruits. La pratique de la torture s'est généralisée dans les casernes et les officines de la police dans les pays latino-américains, les escadrons de la mort ont traqué les opposants, et souvent les agents de la CIA ont mis la main dans cette sale guerre, à l'image de Daniel Mitrione, héros national, l'homme dont l'histoire a inspiré Costa Gavras dans État de siège. Le plan Condor va ainsi institutionnaliser la terreur dans les six pays du cône Sud.

History of Regime Change: Operation Condor

DOGSPOT, 23.04.2004 21:36

"...a conspiracy to murder leftist political opponents around the world by six Latin American governments was planning a Paris operation. The newly revealed sentence: "My friend also told me that the security services in the Condor countries now know that we know about the proposed Paris operation."

Fallujah Residents Report US Forces Engaged in Collective Punishment

Dahr Jamail, The NewStandard Iraq Correspondent, 23.04.2004 21:31

Despite what Marines call a "ceasefire" in Fallujah, refugees trapped outside and Fallujans still under seige continue to face measures of collective punishment in response to persisting defiance of U.S. demands

May Day Celebration

Freedom Socialist Party, 23.04.2004 20:31

Information about May Day Celebration sponsored by the Freedom Socialist Party on May 1st at New Valencia Hall in San francisco.

Nuevo Directorio Anarquista Latinoamericano

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 23.04.2004 20:25

Está circulando entre los grupos que colaboraron la nueva versión de este catálogo, recopilando
información básica para contactar con más de 200 colectivos anarquistas de Latinoamérica

The Seduction of Science To Perfect an Imperfect Race

..., 23.04.2004 19:46

The Seduction of Science To Perfect an Imperfect Race
By Philip Kennicott
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, April 22, 2004; Page C01


anonymous, 23.04.2004 19:26


Rencontre/Carrefour de la créativité

Vent dans les steppes, 23.04.2004 18:08

Désobéissance civile constructive sur les cendres du système…

Amuzing &quot;Pre-emptive Attack&quot; Spoof

0s1d1an, 23.04.2004 17:26

Just read this amuzing "pre-emptive attack" spoof found at Information Clearinghouse.


Clajadep, 23.04.2004 17:19

Grupo de civiles norteamericanos van a instalarse entre tropas yanquis y civiles iraquíes, entre ellos Mario Galván, de la red Clajadep

Yankee go home

tod forster, 23.04.2004 17:12

A military contractor has fired Tami Silicio, a Kuwait-based cargo worker whose photograph of flag-draped coffins of fallen U.S. soldiers was published in Sunday’s edition of The Seattle Times.

Exactly How and When Could the WTC Be Wired With Explosives? Answer...

Repost from Progressive Review, 23.04.2004 17:00

Many researchers have concluded the World Trade Center was wired with explosives, causing the unprecedented collapse following the impacts of two jumbo jets. In fact, NYC firefighters remarked that day that it seemed like bombs were going off in the buildings, just prior to the tower's collapse. One glaring question remains unanswered: exactly how and when could such a monumental undertaking be accomplished. Read on for the answer...

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Mark A. Goldman, 23.04.2004 16:32

Why George W. Bush should be impeached and supporting evidence

GET STARTED: How You Can Help Defeat President Bush

Michael John Dobbins, 23.04.2004 15:34

Worcester, MA, April 21, 2004)., the central action center for defeating George W. Bush in the November Elections, today announced the publication of “Get Started: How You Can Help Defeat President Bush .” The 4,000 word essay is intended for all Americans who are disillusioned by President Bush and would like to lend a hand towards his removal. The essay includes information on what a citizen should do and know before taking political action, the minimum actions every citizen should take, and the five most important actions everyone can take.

End &quot;Scientific&quot; Whaling

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 23.04.2004 13:02

One of the earliest environmental movements was the effort to save the whales of the world. We made progress with the creation of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).


£, 23.04.2004 12:47


BTL:Bush Endorses Israel's Plan to Make West Bank Settlements Permanent...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 23.04.2004 11:27

...Lights Middle East Fuse * Interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Chile and U.S. Military Officials Balked on March 25th, but Continue Pushing Three Alternate Coup Plans

Erick, 23.04.2004 10:25

“Intelligence personnel at the US Embassy (CIA) are working with other intelligence agencies (Chile-Israel) to destabilize the government of President Mesa. Objectives: Stop the Referendum, the Constituents’ Assembly, passage of a new Hydrocarbons Law and achieve the sale of gas through Chile,” the counterintelligence report says. To achieve these objectives, agents of the CIA are working on “various hypotheses and action plans.” In reality, there are three concrete plans, each of which not only attacks the government of Carlos Mesa and the sovereignty of Bolivia, but also shoots to kill against the will of the people.”

Militares de Chile y EEUU trabajan en afanes golpistas en Bolivia

Erick, 23.04.2004 10:17

Militares de Estados Unidos y de Chile habrían sido los gestores de un golpe de Estado que debería llevarse a cabo el 25 de marzo en Bolivia, pero que en la actualidad continuarían trabajando para desestabilizar al gobierno de Carlos Mesa.

Peoples’ Caravan Delegates Arrested

Pesticide Action Network Asia-Pacific (from email), 23.04.2004 07:44

Activists from the Peoples Caravan for Food Sovereignty rounded up in Post Caravan March with Nepali Democratic Movement

Killer Cop Gets No Indictment...Instead A Reward

from Portland IMC, 23.04.2004 07:10

Where are the good cops?

Campus Free Speech Silenced in Orwellian-Ashcroftian Nightmare

Narissa Webber and Mary Burford, 23.04.2004 06:01

ACT NOW: student free speech silenced by University administration at Truman State University in northeast Missouri.

Sharia Courts in Canada, Myth and Reality

Faisal Kutty, 23.04.2004 04:56

The article discusses the overreaction to the introduction of alternative dispute resolution within the Muslim community in Canada.

Smart Mobs and the Power of the Mobile Many

£, 23.04.2004 00:06

On January 20th, 2001, President Joseph Estrada of the Philippines became the first head of state in history to lose power to a smart mob.

It's happening again

E Miesner, 22.04.2004 22:09

The killing never ends for many Veterans. Five soldiers killed thier wives within a few days of returning from Afganistan. Now that soldiers are returning from real killing in Iraq, it is happening again. Statistically there is a surge in the murder rate whenever soldiers come home from war. These are among the non-reported casualities.

Proudhon - 100 000 visitas

Francisco Trindade, 22.04.2004 21:26

Proudhon - 100 000 visitas

Recent bombings

jamie, 22.04.2004 20:24

It is possible? Our hopeless leaders and their failed "coalition of the willing" may be trying to create the "civil war" they keep yapping about. For sure, recent signs of Sunni and Shite banding together to fight the hated invaders are sending shivers up the collective spins of Bush/Blair and the neocons. As the articles below indicate, our leaders have already lost this illegal, immoral, and stupid war. No telling what they will do to try and maintain control of this uncontrollable situation. Please spread these perspectives and ideas widely, jamie

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