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democracy and peace in RDC?

flagi82, 21.07.2006 15:22

Il 30 luglio si terranno le prime elezioni democratiche e multipartitiche, dopo più di 40 anni, in Repubblica Democratica del Congo... sarà l'inizio di un cammino di pace o no?

Reagan's &quot;Outrage,&quot; Bush's Silence

Pierre Tristam, 21.07.2006 15:19

What one American president did to stop the Israeli onslaught on lebanon in 1982, what another president refuses to do to stop the onslaught in 2006

world stuff + Cancer And Nukes (commentary)

3D1on, 21.07.2006 15:14

png Wish I could write something really smart and discovery related. But I have these continuing other thoughts over a lifetime of dealing with this disease.

more than 10.000 persons marched in madrid against israel attacks on Lebanon and Palestine

solidaridad con los pueblos arabes, 21.07.2006 12:52

fots madrid Más de 10.000 personas se manifestaron el juaves 20 de Julio en Madrid contra los ataques del Israel a los pueblos de Líbano y Gaza

A word in defense of the eco-prisoners

Brent Herbert, 21.07.2006 11:57

it just rubs me the wrong way

Nueva Web de Distribuciones Potemkin

Distribuciones Potemkin, 21.07.2006 11:38


os anunciamos la inauguracion de la Nueva Pagina Web
de Distribuciones Potemkin ( Es un colectivo dedicado a la distribución de materiales originales de carácter comunista.

Revolucion y contrarevolucion en Medio Oriente y otros articulos de Izquierda Punto Info

Izquierda Punto Info, 21.07.2006 11:26

Ultimas novedades publicadas en Izquierda Punto Info

Deceptive Statement

Baguio City Nursing Leaders and Concerned Members of the Nursing Profession, 21.07.2006 09:15

A Reaction to the RA Gapuz Review Center's Counterclaims

The Mediocrity of a Token Investigation

Baguio City Nursing Leaders and Concerned Members of the Nurisng Profession, 21.07.2006 09:02

This is a reaction to the findings of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in its investigation on the nursing board examination leakage.

Condemning the Nursing Board Examination Leakage

Baguio City Nursing Leaders, 21.07.2006 08:53

This is a statement of condemnation against the leakage in the nursing board examination held on 11-12 June 2006. It contains a narration of important events and details that pertain to the elakage. It likewise includes an expression of our relentlessness to carry on with the struggle to uphold the integrity of the nursing profession.

Context of Israeli Wars in Lebanon, Palestine: Back to Roots

Nicola Nasser*, 21.07.2006 08:28

The ongoing Israeli wars on Arabs in Palestine and Lebanon are just the latest rounds of the cycle of violence that has raged in and around Palestine since 1917, and are vivid and bloody evidence that imposition of political realities by military means won’t last and that “Whoever takes by the sword, by the sword will be taken."

“Confront climate change—or invest in life rafts”

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 21.07.2006 07:05

Synchronized Greenpeace actions in Thailand and the Philippines Synchronized Greenpeace actions in Thailand and the Philippines hallmarked the eve of the ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting slated in Laos next week, to highlight the need for urgent action in the region to combat the threat of climate change.
This is to call upon their respective energy ministers with 'life rafts' and 'life buoys' to demand urgent action to combat climate change through aggressive investments in renewable energy.

Rhod Gates on Richard Perle Comments

Rhoderick Gates, 21.07.2006 02:43

Rhoderick Gates, former President of the Melbourne Socialist Brigande and campaigner in the UK Stop the War Coalition has mentioned in a speech regarding comments he made about Neo-Con Richard Clarke

PR: A-IF Objects to Israel's Attacks

Rhoderick Gates, 21.07.2006 02:40

The Australian-Israel Federation sent a PR in objection to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon


brian, 21.07.2006 02:24

In the afternoon, the scene changed in the streets of southern Lebanon, which was the target of 32 Israeli raids that mainly targeted areas near the area where the two soldiers were captured in Aita al Chaab, close to the border with Israel.

Detengamos la ofensiva israelí... 2da. Declaracion FT-CI

FT-CI, 21.07.2006 01:51


A Second Report on the Anti-Racist Action Pro-Choice Defense Campaign in Jackson, Mississippi

Asheville Anti-Racist Action, 20.07.2006 20:41

We need more people, both active ARA members and others, to come down to Jackson to support us in our fight to protect the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. We need your help. Please contact Asheville ARA and come get in the streets with us!

world stuff w/ essay on tech strategy

3D1on, 20.07.2006 20:00

png One of the things about working on my own and in relative isolation from anyone else doing what I do (the people in my personal life, with scarce exception (an incredible feat of social control which is geared at the larger effort in our civilization at controlling software development), either pursue GUI-computing, as opposed to a more Unix-styled practice, or do not use computers at all) is that I come to conclusions of certain magnitude that are otherwise very consistently and utterly uninteresting.

Israeli Immunity for Genocide

Andrea Howard, 20.07.2006 19:37

Israeli tank heads toward northern Gaza Strip July 3, 2006 AFP Israeli tank heads toward northern Gaza Strip July 3, 2006 AFP

America: Freedom to Fascism

Lindsey Salls, 20.07.2006 19:34

Determined to find the law that requires Americans to pay income tax, Aaron Russo (THE ROSE, TRADING PLACES) sets out on a journey. Neither left- nor right-wing, this startling examination exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America.

'Hostilities must stop,' UN chief Annan says

CBC News, 20.07.2006 19:22

UN peacekeepers in Lebanon are holed up at their headquarters in Naqoura because roads and bridges around them have been blasted out. One member and his wife are missing following an airstrike on their building, said Annan.

Israel using banned cluster and vacuum bombs and white phosphorous against civilians in Lebanon

Meris Lutz and Mohammed Zaatari, 20.07.2006 18:18

Single strike on Civil Defense post kills 20 civilians
Separate attack claims lives of 18 villagers heeding warning to flee

This Is Zionism's War

Zionism, Irrelevant Within A Generation, 20.07.2006 18:16

A repsponse to Neo-Fascist nonsense floating about today.

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper &quot;endorses&quot; Israel's right to murder innocent civilians!

k.hawley, 20.07.2006 17:49

For Harper (who is supposed to be the figure-head of a democracy and so Canada's leading proponent of democratic principles) to take money and/or bribes,to back and use his position to try to legitimize Israel's war-mongering faschism,should earn him the immdiate reward of making his tenue as Canadian P.M. declared "Null & Void"!

U.S. and Israel Smash Democracies in Palestine and Lebanon - Syria and Iran are Next

Karen Fish, 20.07.2006 16:32

Pinochio Buckle up for the Apocalypse.

Reports from Lebanon: Israelis using white phosphorous setting neighbourhoods alight

Sonia Knox, Christian Henderson, and Jim Quilty, 20.07.2006 15:41

An unequal conflict - Israel’s war on Lebanon

Robert Fisk in Beirut: The child lies like a rag doll - a symbol of the latest Lebanon war

Robert Fisk, 20.07.2006 15:37

How soon must we use the words "war crime"?

BOB HERBERT: Leading to Low Ground - Bush Administration Herbert: Low on Ethics

BOB HERBERT, 20.07.2006 14:52

The Bush administration deliberately abandoned the moral and ethical high ground to pursue policies that were not just morally questionable, but reprehensible.


Amnesty International, 20.07.2006 14:36


Where are those voices of reason now?

Shameonisrael, 20.07.2006 14:23

US is all about bringing democracy in the ME it seems, but when democracy itself is being destroyed by Israel it stands silent as hundreds perish and a nation lies burning.


Organizaciones del Ecuador, 20.07.2006 13:52


scoop from the war

john, 20.07.2006 13:00

see this!!!

Repaired!!! - New Website: From The Lebanese People To The So Called “Civilized” West

Marc Parent, 20.07.2006 13:00

"Thank You"

Israeli Military Censor

Devlish May, 20.07.2006 11:03

Hizbollah took two Israeli soldiers prisoner in Lebannon, a legitmate act of state protection as these were military personel from a hostile state on Lebanese territory.
This security precaution is not kidnapping the term used to describe the operation in the world's media, Israeli soldiers are legal combatants and can therefore be taken as prisoners of war as sanctioned under the third Geneva convention, See below :


GRECO REBEL, 20.07.2006 07:55


Jewish History

JackieGrant Veloice: Harper, 20.07.2006 03:30

What world famous men said about the Jews.......

Hamas, from islamic revival-movement to Palestinian government

Astrid Essed, 20.07.2006 03:16

In contary with the leading opinions of the American-European politicians and media, the aim of Hamas, calling by them the ''destruction'' of the State of Israel, is not to kill or expell the Israeli-Jewish population, but to dismantle the zionistic State Model and to make an end to 39 year Israeli occupation and settlementspolicy

vLog: Let's Read A Playboy Article

marco, 20.07.2006 02:41

I'm not joking. This is a Playboy you want to read.
If you ever hear someone say they only read Playboy
for the articles, read this one. Maybe we should
believe them.

Nace Radio Tezonco

red de colectivos Tezonco, 20.07.2006 02:29

En este ambiente de lucha surge este espacio como un medio de comunicacion más, donde la comunidad puede y tenga la confianza de producir sus programas, esta radio que a penas comienza es ua radio de pasillo y esperamos que con le tiempo cresca.

The Second American Revolution : The Garden of Eden

Brent Herbert, 20.07.2006 01:28

Make haste my beloved, and be like a gazelle, or like a young stag upon the mountains of spices.

Organ Harvest

Robb Duncan, 19.07.2006 23:53

Organ Harvest A report published by two Canadian investigators on the 6th July this year, all but confirms allegations that the Chinese Communist Government has been harvesting the organs of imprisoned Falun Gong followers in "death camps" since as early as 2000.

the ivl0g show s0e014 self-defence PART3

3D1on, 19.07.2006 23:41

cel sample 4:56
please see prior two episodes:

The Decline of Representative Democracy in the United States

Horselover Fat, 19.07.2006 23:37

Private corporations, unaccountable concentrations of totalitarian power, were brought into existence at the end of the 19th century, after being granted the rights of human beings by the Supreme Court of the United States using laws intended to safeguard the rights under capitalist law of slaves who were no longer owned, but rented. Since that time they have engaged in a concerted and highly class-conscious campaign of class warfare to undermine and colonise by stealth the institutions of representative democracy by means of the plutocratic ideology of Americanism. Primary in their arsenal has been the weapons of amnesia, fear and moral absolutism -- amnesia being the colonisation of consciousness, fear the mindkiller and moral absolutism the absolute antithesis of the infinite progress inherent to the idea of free will. The symbols of representative democracy have become simulacra, 'copies without originals,' referentials to a political system that no longer exists except on paper. The language of democracy, having been coopted by empire which has rehabilitated itself once again by coopting the form of its opposite, has become a new, unanticipated form of Newspeak, but one that relies on our passivity and internalisation of authority rather than an overt police presence. Big Brother no longer watches us; we are watching Big Brother. Rousseau's lament that 'man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains has become reversible; 'man is born in chains, but everywhere he is free.' Thus we find ourselves in what Arthur Koestler called a 'blind alleyway of evolution,' in which empire, having colonised our memory and thus our identity, reproduces itself in our actions, and any attempt we make to free ourselves of our chains without overcoming what Plato called 'the streak of the irrational in the World Soul' tends only to produce new ones in their stead.

Gendreck -Weg - Jetzt erst recht!!

gmo-free worldwide, 19.07.2006 22:34

Die Freiwillige Feldbefreiuung von Gendreck - Weg in Zehdenick - Badingen rückt immer näher.
Hunderte engagierter Menschen erklären Bundesweit und International bei der Protestaktion
Ende Juli tatkräftig mitanzupacken und bekunden ihre Solidarität...
Der Landwirt der Genmaisfelder von Badingen, der auch der örtliche Bürgermeister ist, reagiert
zusehend nervös und setzt voll auf die Staatsmacht und die Juristische Keule um gegen die
Gentechnikgegener vorzugehen. Die Gentech-Gegener lassen sich nicht einschüchtern: Freiwillige Feldbefreiuung - Jetzt erst recht!! Das Gentechnikfreie Wochenende 2006 in Badingen 28-30 Juni
verspricht ein heisses Kopf an Kopfrennen von Gentechgegnern und der Staatsmacht!

A Wikipedia by and for Anarchists

Infoshop, 19.07.2006 22:18

Infoshop is pleased to announce a series of new initiatives under the OpenWiki project. OpenWiki is an open and collaborative endeavor which works off of the principles of the free software movement and employs the participatory wiki software. We're very hopeful of the way that this project can help us document our resistance, network and inform ourselves in ways which were recently much more difficult for many activists.


Michael O'McCarthy, 19.07.2006 21:36

A three part series questioning the Right of the STATE of Israel to exist as conceived and as is ... banned by

Independent Journalist Faces Jail Time for Resisting Grand Jury Subpoena

Grand Jury Resistance Project, 19.07.2006 19:26

Josh faces more than a year in Santa Rita Jail for simply exercising his constitutional right to remain silent, while standing up for freedom of the press. Please spread the word and attend Josh's hearing and press conference. Let's have a strong show of solidarity and support for Josh on Thursday!

And They Call it Progress

Marc Parent, 19.07.2006 18:51

Bush has given the Huns the time to double the destruction!

Facts about the War against Hexbollah from a soldier in the IDF

Zachary Rowen Taylor, 19.07.2006 18:50

I am an American serving in the IDF to protect Israel from terror. I am on the front lines, read this and try to disagree with my, and if you do, then get on a plane, and put your money where your mouth is.

Police tortured blacks in Chicago

AP/Don Babwin, 19.07.2006 16:58

Chicago police beat and smothered, used cattle prods and played Russian roulette, on blacks to extract confessions.

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