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PAUL KRUGMAN: Black and Blue &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN, The New York Times, 24.07.2006 13:42

Krugman: Bush & Blacks African-Americans distrust President Bush’s party — with good reason.

"Above all, there’s the continuing effort of the G.O.P. to suppress black voting."

The latest threat to our food supply - sulfuryl fluoride

MC, 24.07.2006 13:02

Environmental groups are calling on EPA to stop DOW Chemical from spraying a new toxic pesticide (sulfuryl fluoride) on our food.

Cuban Doctors song

Fred Stanton, 24.07.2006 11:45

This song celebrates the role of Cuban doctors around the world.

I believe David Kelly did not commit suicide - and I will prove it

Norman Baker, 24.07.2006 10:36

The weapons inspector’s death, three years ago this month, caused a firestorm of controversy. Now this MP – using parliamentary questions, privileged access and forensic analysis – has mounted his own investigation, and it casts a devastating new light on what really happened.

Scapegoats accused 'exploited' by guberment prostitutor

Kylie Minogue Constitutional Affairs Reporter, 24.07.2006 07:56

No contact with human people The rest of the prisoners had to stay in jail in AA maximum security segregted with no contact with human people in a box within a box with no fresh air or sunlight with the worst of the worst offenders.

מצעד הגאווה בירושלים לא בוטל

Gay Power 2006, 24.07.2006 07:16

בתאריך המקורי של מצעד הגאווה, תתקיים משמרת מחאה המונית של הקהילה הגאה ושל בני ובנות ברית, המאמינים שעל אף המלחמה, אין לדחות נושאים שהם חלק מהותי בכל חברה דמוקרטית, ובכללם המאבק למען זכויות מיעוטים.

Jerusalem Pride Parade is not cancelled

Gay Power 2006, 24.07.2006 07:13

On the original date of the pride parade, a protest of gays and allies who believe that despite the war, the essentials of a democratic society, such as the fight for minority rights, should not be abandoned.

America's Attack Dog

Gary Sudborough, 24.07.2006 05:18

An alternative view of Israel's attack on Lebanon

The Second American Revolution : High Places

Brent Herbert, 23.07.2006 23:23

Our ancestors had revolution after revolution because they did not knock down the High :Places

Enron demise linked to Energy Task Force meetings?

Thomas Deflo, 23.07.2006 18:50

An analysis of how Enron's demise, surrounded by conspicuous deaths, could have been caused by its disagreement with the National Energy Policy Development Group, the White House's secretive energy task force.

World Permier WebScope Email Dialogue

Vigdor Schreibman, 23.07.2006 17:23

A Global Boundary-Spanning Dialogue, all together in the world of Cyberspace, at different local times and places

Wilderness ,think tank, eco village, wilderness camp

dvid shebib, 23.07.2006 14:33

In the making 40 acres of pristine wilderness dedicated to helping by building community workshops

Robert Fisk: A gripping diary of one week in the life and death of Beirut

Robert Fisk, 23.07.2006 13:39

The local Beirut papers are filled with photographs that would never be seen in the pages of a British paper: of decapitated babies and women with no legs or arms or of old men in bits. Israel's air raids are promiscuous and - when you see the results as we now do with our own eyes - obscene."

Fotos del desalojo del cso la krispa de kornellà de llobregat (barcelona)

cso krispa, 23.07.2006 13:36

El juny de l’any 2000 es va ocupar l’immoble situat al carrer Marquès de Cornellà nº 153-155, que portava deshabitat 10 anys. Un nombrós grup de joves de diferents barris de Korneyà ens vam trobar amb la convicció i la necessitat de dur a terme un projecte de manera autònoma: La creació d’un centre social autogestionat i assembleari.

A chinese joke

wangjian corected E-mail, 23.07.2006 09:14

The current social moral of China

July 22 antiwar demo in Vancouver, Canada - pictures

Jean H, 23.07.2006 06:24

About 300 people turned out for the antiwar demonstration today in Vancouver, in protest of Israel's invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, joining in solidarity many thousands doing the same in cities around the world. A few middle fingers were given by passersby on tour buses, and by women shopping in the area. Two old men shouted at the protesters to stop Hezbollah from firing rockets, but their voices were quickly drowned out by protesters.

Joseph Thomas conviction immoral

Karen Jones Constitutional Affairs Reporter, 22.07.2006 23:57


Milady's Gifts and Notions L.L.C. Launches Official Website and Online Operations

Milady''s Gifts and Notions, L.L.C. Public Relations, 22.07.2006 23:03

Take old world values in customer service, a diverse product line, a lot of new age technology, and there you have it, online shoppers, Milady's Gifts and Notions and the official launch of the retail website,

world stuff

3D1on, 22.07.2006 22:26

png last post:
world stuff + Cancer And Nukes (commentary)

Uhuru Radio Sun 7/23: analysis on Mid-East crisis and live from Miami on Liberty City 7, 22.07.2006 22:06

Uhuru Radio Sun 7/23 highlights: analysis on Mid-East crisis, latest from Omali Yeshitela, and live from Miami on Liberty City 7

Is SF Bay Area Indymedia Pro-War?

If not, why the censorship in defense of Hizbullah?, 22.07.2006 20:47

There seems to be some confusion on the part of those who would be anti-war, except for their support of various belligerents in various conflicts. Questioning entities like the theocratic "Party of God" (aka Hizbullah), however, still draws censorship-based responses in parts of the left, including the SFBA's Indymedia collective,

Doesn't defending some warmongers, undercut a more comprehensive antiwar position? Is this part of what's wrong with the American "peace" movement?

“Es un proyecto estratégico para América”

Combate News, 22.07.2006 19:15

La inclusión de Venezuela como quinto miembro pleno sirvió para darle nuevos bríos al conjunto. No sólo porque el país ahora representa el tercer PBI del bloque y el sexto productor de petróleo del mundo, también la energética personalidad de Hugo Chávez sirve para empujar proyectos como el del Gasoducto del Sur o el del Bono del Sur que a primera vista se ven de difícil concreción. Muchas de esas iniciativas ayer fueron contempladas en el documento de 43 puntos que suscribieron los presidentes. “Otro Cordobazo”, había prometido Chávez que sería la cumbre. Ayer habló de un “renacimiento” del bloque, convertido ahora en un “Mercosur social”.

Robert Fisk: Once again, truth is the first casualty of war

Robert Fisk, 22.07.2006 19:00

The exchange rate for Lebanese vs Israeli deaths now stands at 10 to one

Bush and Arab American Governments: To Israel With Love: &quot;Leave No Muslim Child Behind'

Mohamed Khodr, 22.07.2006 18:54

The complicity and cooperation of much of the Arab world with Israel and America's condemnation of Hezbullah's arrest of two Israeli soldiers without concommitent criticism of Israel's war crimes against Lebanese civilians is unconscionable and treasonous.

Local Author Featured In &quot;Literary Divas&quot;

By Genoa Barrow | OBSERVER SENIOR STAFF WRITER, 22.07.2006 17:50

BEST SELLING AUTHOR, Terry a. O'Neal has been named among the most popular African American female writers of our time.

Scatterchat now available for download

th0rn, 22.07.2006 17:50

ScatterChat is ... designed to allow non-technical human rights activists and political dissidents to communicate securely and anonymously while operating in hostile territory. It is also useful in corporate settings, or in other situations where privacy is desired...

An Open Letter to the Peoples of Baghdad

Mr. Roger M. Christian, 22.07.2006 17:12

A child of hope for Baghdad A letter sent to the Peoples of Baghdad as an attempt to promote self-reflection for all who are involve with the ongoing crises. The method and approach is based upon information obtained by groups and other interest of the Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation. The main central focus of which is to find distinct sociocultural commonalities; the key of which is " Free Trade."

Where exactly were those Israeli soldiers when Hezbollah captured them?

Marc Parent et al, 22.07.2006 16:23

Today's latest news on Lebanon

St. Augustine Public Records Lawsuit Continues: First Amendment Problem with subpoena

Dwght Hines, 22.07.2006 15:54

Unsuccessful public records requests to City of St. Augustine for city and contract vehicle records were followed by a lawsuit that has revealed illegal dumping, but the city is showing great resistance to producing documents, and is attempting to obtain all records possibly related to the case from the petitioner (me) in a two day deposition where all records must be produced as well. The First Amendment is involved because the petitioner is a citizen-journalist. The motion to strike the motion to compel me to produce documents has yet to be heard in court. The hearing for the injunction is August 8, 2006.

Terrorist attack on Argentine Israeli mutual AMIA: Muslims or Israeli lead? (FROM ARGENTINA), 22.07.2006 13:48

Summary: Argentina is competing with the USA on the investigation of terrorist attacks. Even a right wing liberal such as Vargas Llosa accepts the “holocaust of the Israeli myth” made up by Walt Disney.

Exergue: “I do not accept the blackmail of calling the person that reports abuses and crimes committed by the government of Israel an “anti-Semite” (Mario Vargas Llosa)

MAUREEN DOWD: Condi’s Flying Dutchman

MAUREEN DOWD, 22.07.2006 13:16

"The cowboy president bet the ranch on Iraq, and that war has made almost any other American action in the Arab world, and any Pax Americana that might have been created there, impossible. Its fitting that Condi is the Flying Dutchman, since Lebanon represents the shipwreck of our Middle East policy."

Operations “Summer Rains” and “Adequate Pay”: Another Act in the Mizrahi-Palestinian Tragedy

Reuven Abarjel and Smadar Lavie, 22.07.2006 13:16

Analysis of the compliance of Mizrahim (Jews who immigrated to Israel mainly from the Arab World, mainly in the 1950s) with the Ashkenazi-Zionist regime who presently inflicts a heinous carnage in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. Reuven Abarjel is co-founder of Israel's Black Panthers. Smadar Lavie is an anthropologist and Mizrahi feminist activist.

Sydney rally against Israeli aggression 22-7-06

Green Left Weekly, 22.07.2006 12:30

Sydney Rally Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association, told Green Left Weekly that more rallies, and bigger ones, would be needed if Israeldidn't pull back from its invasion of Lebanon.

you tube unterstüzt nazi videos!!

trudi, 22.07.2006 12:25

verbreitung von nazivideos in youtube, beschimpfungen von kritischen journalisten von Naziusern!!

More Than just A thought

Kellie, 22.07.2006 11:59

More than just a thought About the best poetry book published to date.

Sweden: Police brutally attacked striking trade unionists

Flora Magon, 22.07.2006 11:27

Police attacks trade unionists with pepper spray (copyleft: The police brutally dispersed a legal and peaceful blockade by the syndicalist trade union Malmö LS in Sweden on Friday.

A Statement on the Release of the Nursing Board Examination Results

Baguio City Nursing Leaders and Concerned Members of the Nursing Profession, 22.07.2006 07:28

21 July 2006

Fuk Isreal

Intifada-- n amerikkka-, 22.07.2006 07:02

figure it out

The Second American Revolution : The Jesus Revolutionary

Brent Herbert, 22.07.2006 06:56

A brief discussion of that greatest of all revolutionary theorists, who it turns out, surprise surprise, was Jesus. The sun will hide its face in shame, and the moon will no longer give its light at night, for the entire earth will be as full of the glory of this Jesus as there are waters covering the surfaces of the seas and oceans.

Is Online Mortgage The New Face of the Mortgage Industry?

Jessica Bennet, 22.07.2006 04:37

Our Community Suits the Mortgage to Your Needs Online mortgage transactions are gradually picking up as the Internet with its accessible information, user-friendly tools and free counseling services makes it easier for consumers to apply online. Added to these, are the technological advances in loan processing that speeds up the entire process.

What does this war between Israel and Hezbollah taking place in Lebanon mean in the scope of Bible Prophecy?

Gary Larrabee, 22.07.2006 04:17

In looking ahead and speculating how the prophecies are to be fulfilled, I see the probability of Israel becoming so powerful that the all the nations that have persecuted Jew’s and Christians through out the world will come into unity to fight against Israel. These are primarily northern hemisphere countries including Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and all the other nations making up the nations described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

The reason for all of this is for the completion of God's plan to reunite Israel with Judah and bring forth the kingdomof God on earth.

Why Traditional Schooling is Detrimental to Society

Laurie A. Couture, 22.07.2006 01:03

An essay discussing how public schools in the USA are the antithesis to democracy and are actually institutions that produce obedient, pacified masses.

Dr. Leon Hesser, Palestinian Sir Rateb Rabie explore Mideast peace in Dubuque

Shanita Michelle, 21.07.2006 20:14

Dr. Leon Hesser Dr. Leon Hesser, Palestinian-born Sir Rateb Rabie, others to analyze the underpinnings of Mideast crises at the August 4 "Building Bridges of Peace Through Books" symposium in Dubuque Iowa.

Eviction of AIDS patient in Santa Cruz

Donna Deiss, 21.07.2006 20:09

This is an update of an article written April 25 or 26, 2006. I am a 58 year old disabled marine pipefitter and am the partner and caregiver for Shane who is critically ill with AIDS and has many other disabilities. We were served a 30 day notice May 3 and are going to trial on August 3, 2006. We still need a trial lawyer and invite all activists and caring persons to come to the trial at 9 AM at 701 Ocean St. in Santa Cruz, Department 5

Robert Fisk - Lebanon: This is not Dunkirk. This is Munich

Robert Fisk:, 21.07.2006 17:59

" one takes anything at face value these days. And that applied to President Bush's promise to ask Israel to stop destroying any more of Lebanon's infrastructure. It was an eloquent gesture. And no doubt touching. But there isn't much of Lebanon's infrastructure left to destroy."

Just When You’re Getting Ready to Run for President, Mitt Happens

Jack McEnany, 21.07.2006 17:44

When the MA Supreme Judicial Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage took effect in May 2005, Republican Gov Mitt Romney’s first impulse was to run out to Utah, “my home away from home,” he calls it, and denounce the decision as, “a blow to the family.” Opponents claim that marriage is the exclusive domain of a man and a woman. Or in Utah’s case, a man and a woman and a woman and a woman…

An Animated Documentary &quot;DOOLITTLE RAIDERS&quot; - Trailer Now Online, Debuts 09-01-2006

Todd Mattson, 21.07.2006 16:57

Culled from footage shot over the last three years, "Doolittle Raiders", follows the oppostion to Bush from within "Bush" country (specifically Texas), both inside and outside the system. Assembled in more of a historical documentary style than editorial documentary style, "Doolittle Raiders" tries it's best to reconstruct the emotion of the recent history that we have been living through.

Toxic legacy: dirty energy targets Indian country

Brenda Norrell, 21.07.2006 16:55

American Indians are living on lands saturated with toxins and radiation, after decades of polluting industries and toxic dumping on Indian lands. Now they are organizing for survival, under the Indigenous Environmental Network.

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Price of Fantasy &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN, 21.07.2006 15:49

Krugman: Neocons -
Does President Bush have the maturity to stand up to being accused of being a wimp?

Minembwe etnogenesi, inclusione o esclusione per i banyamulge?

flagi82, 21.07.2006 15:29

I banyamulenge sono i tutzi congolesi arrivati dal rwanda fin dalla fine dell'800, esclusi da sempre, o autesclusi, isolati o autoisolati dalla società congolese... ci si chiede quale sia il loro futuro nel prossimo Congo democratico (democratico?).

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