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Novedoso auricular con manos libres Bluetooth de Belkin

Walter Barnes, 30.07.2006 03:11

El auricular a manos libres Bluetooth de Belkin ofrece la tecnología inalámbrica de punta Bluetooth que le permite crear comunicaciones eficientes con su teléfono habilitado con tecnología Bluetooth. Siempre y cuando su teléfono incluya tecnología Bluetooth integrada, usted puede utilizar el auricular para hacer y recibir llamadas con sólo tocar un botón, aún cuando su teléfono está guardado en su bolsillo, portafolio o bolso. Diseñado para proporcionarle la comodidad de la comunicación a manos libres fácilmente, el auricular le permite activar llamadas con el botón de contestación/terminación en su auricular, y funciona a una distancia de hasta 30 pies (9.1 m) de su teléfono.
El auricular a manos libres Bluetooth de Belkin tiene un diseño ligero (menos de 20 gramos) sin brazo, diseñado para proporcionar claridad de audio mejorada.

end of fighting

Peter, 30.07.2006 02:39

quick note


small WORLD Podcast, 30.07.2006 02:15

Karmabanque Max and Stacy are Karmabanque/Karmabank Radio; where the tired and oppressed can hear some "jolly good rants" and extremely metaphorical financial entertainment about the neo-feudal corporate occupation and the suicide consumers they inspire.

NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Talks

Democracy Now!, 30.07.2006 01:57

Extra, Extra, Read All About IT! NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Talks With Former US Diplomats on Israel, Prisoners and Hezbollah’s. News you won't find on Australia's racist and bias TV.


Kate Gibbons, 30.07.2006 00:57

The Australian Department of Immigration is set to deport a sick 9-year-old boy strictly against doctors advice.

Lebanon to Israel: Return Shebaa Farms

Repost from jamie, 30.07.2006 00:15

“Do you think that Israel has been bombing Hezbollah fighters? No, this is a war against Lebanese civilians.”

'Nonviolent Books, not Nefarious Bombs,' urges Paschal Eze

International Read For Peace Week, 29.07.2006 22:28

Paschal Eze, a &quot;Books, not Bombs&quot; philosophy Paschal Eze, founder of the August 1-6 International Read For Peace Week, is urging writing, translation and donation of nonviolent books to the Mideast.

9/11 Truth Conference on CSPAN TONIGHT!

Truther, 29.07.2006 18:23

CSPAN 8PM EST tonight


Edward Abramowski Anarchist Group, 29.07.2006 16:37

WARSAW (CAPITAL OF POLAND) - At the high noon, on 25 July 2006, I stuck with friends political billboard against occupation of Iraq.

Email abierto para Andrés Oppenheimer

El Chaman, 29.07.2006 15:07

Por este medio y sin tener que utilizar mucha imaginación, podemos mantener una conversación, intercalando mis comentarios a la sarta de tonterías que se publicaran recientemente con tu firma en:
que pego a continuación y comienzo nuestra charla:

world stuff

3D1on, 29.07.2006 14:06

png last world stuff, with a surprise!

MAUREEN DOWD: Fetch, Heel, Stall &amp; More

MAUREEN DOWD, 29.07.2006 13:46

What George W. Bush and Tony Blair said — and what they were thinking.


ANONIMO, 29.07.2006 11:46

Il Ministro alla Giustizia, Clemente Mastella, nonostante le numerose proteste da parte dei rappresentanti della maggioranza, nonchè dell'opposizione, sta continuando a sputare sulla giustizia italiana inneggiando alle scarcerazioni e alle riduzioni di pena per oltre 10.000 malfattori compreso il figlio sul quale pesano gravi accuse per il coinvolgimento del figlio nello scandalo della Gea.

Freiburg: D.I.Y. Camp evicted!

teufel, 29.07.2006 11:13

main exit Convention visitors forcibly removed from camp site and expelled from the city
Travellers site remains

GMO Disease Epidemics: (4) GM-Insulin

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 29.07.2006 09:55

Genetic Engineering (GM,GM,GMOs) is a nightmare technology that has already caused many disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 4th in a series revealing the epidemics, concerning GM-INSULIN. [see the 2nd, "Hepatitis B Vaccine" for a rundown on GM medicine's extreme dangers]

GMO Disease Epidemics: (3) Aspartame artificial sweetener

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 29.07.2006 07:05

Genetic Engineering is a nightmare technology that has already caused many disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 3rd in a series revealing the epidemics, concerning a carcinogenic-neurotoxin artificial sweetener (by Monsanto) that infests 6,000 food products.


Islamic Community Net, 29.07.2006 05:15


The State of Miami Real Estate presented by Miami Real Estate Specialist Alex Shay

Miami Real Estate, 29.07.2006 04:16

Alex Shay, an experienced Miami real estate specialist, presents his view of the state of Miami real estate, where luxury home prices have continued to climb for the past 20 years.

The State of Miami Real Estate presented by Miami Real Estate Specialist Alex Shay

Miami Real Estate, 29.07.2006 04:15

Alex Shay, an experienced Miami real estate specialist, presents his view of the state of Miami real estate, where luxury home prices have continued to climb for the past 20 years.

The Selling of Suicide

Jeanyne Wanner, 29.07.2006 03:19

No one can say why one child will commit suicide and not another. Life is not a predictable activity and people’s viewpoints of life are as varied as the people that possess them. So is it the fate of our citizenry to be routinely checked for mental health “exams” which will adjudicate our need for medication and serve to fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry?

The sudden collapse of the Amazon Rain Forest

Brent Herbert, 29.07.2006 00:41

Amazon Rapid, sudden climate change has always been the historical norm

London Barrio Meetings For The Camp For Climate Action

Anon and on we fight, 29.07.2006 00:38

As the ice caps melt, hurricanes storm and communities are flooded an opportunity is being presented. All kinds of people, ideas and levels of experience can come together, and turn our fears for the future into positive action.

U.S.Govt's &quot;Instigation&quot; of wider Middle East War will be Bush Regime's Salvation!

k.hawley, 28.07.2006 20:06

Zionist "War Mongers" like CNN and the New York times etc.are desperately trying to use every opportunity to brainwash the American public on the dire need for the U.S. to immediately attack and obliterate Iran!

CSPAN to broadcast 9/11 Truth conference!!

TruthSeeker, 28.07.2006 18:50

Cspan's schedule now confirms that the L.A. panel discussion on 9/11 will be broadcast Saturday night at 8 p.m. EST. This is the main CSpan channel, not book tv or another, less-viewed, channel (even David Ray Griffin's talk wasn't broadcast on the main CSpan channel).

Iceland - protest camp against destruction of nature

savingicelander, 28.07.2006 18:25

News from the international protest camp which is happening at the moment in Iceland, fighting against the destruction of nature for heavy industrialisation.

In solidarity with the Indigenous Issues in Brazil

Yvytu katu, 28.07.2006 16:58

In solidarity with the indigenous people of Brazil and with the public service workers dedicated to them we expect a serious posture from the Brazilian government favorable to the immediate implementation of the Indigenist Career Development Plan

Action Tour against Dutch squatting ban

Action group Woonstrijd!, 28.07.2006 15:45

Climber hangs up large banner (more pictures will follow) Dutch squatting activists have taken over a block of flats opposite Leiden Central Station. The building belongs to the town council, which granted a long lease to a notorious property speculator called Ronnie van der Putte.

The action is the start of an Action Tour against not only property speculator's such as Van der Putte, but also a government proposal to outlaw squatting. The activists plan to spend next week renovating the vandalised building, and hope to establish various projects in it.

Israel: No UN Investigation, Thank-You

Various, 28.07.2006 15:36

As predicted, the criminal Olmert Regime is blocking attempt to have its precision-bombing of a UN Observer post - which killed several foreign UN members - investigated independently, claiming Israel can be trusted to investigate the matter itself.

However, several exposed LIES told recently by Israel suggest an impending cover-up.

Shin Bet vetoed Secret Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, 28.07.2006 15:27

Israeli and Palestinian Sources Concur: Israel Made War Inevitable

Another Letter To The CBC Re: lebanon

Jordan Thornton, 28.07.2006 15:24

Please, if you know of information your media is omitting from their coverage, especially when it is vital to the understanding of this crisis, then write to them, or call them, and send them the info directly.

construcciones en serio para un pais en serio

alejandro cabrera britos, 28.07.2006 14:06

Se refiere al pedido de una investigacion acerca de los gastos utilizados en la refaccion, construccion y reconstruccion de dependencias que
utiliza el SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroaliementaria) de la republica Argentina, que fiscaliza la sanidad animal y vegetal,de alimentos de origen vegetal y animal, biologicos etc, como asi tambien la certificacion de exportaciones.

Este pedido se solicita qa los Organismos de Control de gastos del estado argentino.

Atte Cabrera Britos Alejandro delegado ATE (Asociacion de Trabajadores del Estado)

PAUL KRUGMAN: Reign of Error &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 28.07.2006 14:00

Krugman: Reign of Error - PLUS: John Dean knocks ‘imperial presidency’, asks if U.S. ‘is on the road to fascism' - PLUS: 'It seems we and Uncle Sam think that shooting people is a good idea' PLUS: Tom Engelhardt: The Middle East and the Barbarism of War from the Air - PLUS: Ari Berman: Dems for Bush - PLUS: Bush administrators attempt to shield themselves from the rule of the law

Shin Bet Vetoed Secret Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, 28.07.2006 13:57

Israeli and Palestinian Sources Concur: Israel Made War Inevitable

Xéno- et homophobes au pouvoir en Pologne

tomek kitlinski, 28.07.2006 12:26

En Pologne l’extrême droite monte : ses idées sont adoptées par le mainstream.
Les Kaczynski – le président et le premier ministre - sont xéno- et homophobes. Ils se coalisent avec le parti antisémite, germanophobe et homophobe, la Ligue des familles polonaises. Ce parti d’extrême-droite a des racines dans l’antisémitisme polonais pendant l’entre-deux-guerres. De nos jours, la Ligue, dans sa campagne contre l’UE, utilise le fait de la libéralisation de l’homosexualité à l’Ouest afin de susciter la crainte des Polonais face à l’Europe occidentale et sa « dépravation ».


Stephen Lendman, 28.07.2006 12:05


Police Repression against the D.I.Y. Camp/KTS in Freiburg, Germany

bottle for pigs, 28.07.2006 09:47

Police surrounded the autonomous social center "KTS" in Freiburg, Germany last night from 0300 to 0800h, arrested at least one person, and took the names and photographs of all persons trying to leave the building or pass through the area. The international DIY (do it yourself) camp — successful and well visited until now — is asking for international solidarity against this repression by the German police, led by one Chief Winterer, who overreacted extremely to one grafitti artist without even knowing whether the individual was associated with the DIY Camp.

Joornadas de Cooperación Internacional, Cultura y Desarrollo

Cic-BAtá, 28.07.2006 09:28

Este Septiembre Córdoba de ofrece unas jonadas muy solidarias.

Panique au FMI : les clients remboursent!

Xavier Dupret - GRESEA, 28.07.2006 08:44

Les temps changent pour les grands argentiers de la finance internationale. De 1994 à 2002, le Fonds Monétaire International (FMI) passait son temps à “sauver” les pays en difficulté financière, intervenant sous toutes les latitudes en prêtant aux nations à court de liquidités. Il s'agissait de prêts conditionnés à l'acceptation par ces pays de mesures aussi joyeuses que libéralisation, privatisations et autres programmes d'austérité. Seulement voilà, la roue a tourné et les très capricieux flux de capitaux ont repris leur route vers les marchés émergents. Et ce regain d'intérêt augure de lendemains qui déchantent pour le FMI. Explications.


HORI BAI GAZTETXEA, 28.07.2006 08:38

Datorren uztailaren 29 eta 31an, Larrabetzuko Hori Bai gaztetxeak, GAZTE EGUNE 2006 ospatzen deu. Festa giro honetan, gaztetxearen 41.urteurrena betetzen da gogoz. Geure ideia denak bildu, ametsak eta egitasmoak ere bai, eta ozen-ozen Euskal Herri osoari gonbidapena egiten diogu.


NEW YORK TIMES, 28.07.2006 08:21

Las Vegas officials said the ordinance was not aimed at casual handouts from good Samaritans. Instead, they said it would be enforced against people like Ms. Sacco, whose regular offerings, they said, have lured the homeless to parks and have led to complaints by residents about crime, public drunkenness and litter.

“Families are scared to go to the park,” said Gary Reese, the mayor pro tem and a City Council member who represents the area around Huntridge Circle Park. The city, Mr. Reese added, had just spent $1.7 million in landscaping and other improvements there.

¿adecuada interpretación político-constitucional?: El problema de los desplazados en Colombia y la Sentencia T-205 de 2004

Iván Vargas-Cháves, 28.07.2006 06:41

colombia_desplazados_boyoya El fenómeno del desplazamiento forzado en Colombia ha adquirido dimensiones irracionales. Este contexto ha llevado a la Corte Constitucional, como suprema instancia en interpretación constitucional a proferirse sobre la obligación del Estado colombiano de ofrecer mejores condiciones de vida a estos colombianos ¿Pero… por que no ha mejorado esta situación?
Este texto analiza panorámicamente las directrices y condicionamientos de la interpretación dada desde el esquema de la interpretación política de esta situación.

Liability Murder

meverett, 28.07.2006 06:05

Dr. Edward Henry JORDAN (Dr.Death) "Miscreant doctors, nurses and hospitals are not above the law despite their pretensions."

NSW Corrective Services Legislation Amendment Bill

Justice Action, 28.07.2006 02:13

Access to the same health treatment General Purposes Standing Committee #3

In the shadow of the palms

monica, 28.07.2006 00:22

The premier of In the shadow of the palms in melbourne and South Australia.

US Air Force begins bombing raids in NT!

sam via Peter Garrett, 27.07.2006 23:18

Yankee Go Home! Out where the river broke, The bloodwood and the desert oak, cockatoos will be wrecked and kangaroo, Stealth in 300,000 degree centigrade bombing raids?

Cuba: A 53 años del Moncada, a 47 años de la toma del poder, a los 80 de Castro

Izquierda Punto Info, 27.07.2006 22:52

Un analisis Marxista de Cuba y Fidel

world stuff

3D1on, 27.07.2006 20:49

png previous:

Rahat for Animals in India

Heather Moore, 27.07.2006 19:39

Many people believe that cows are sacred in India—that they spend their days lying in the sun and grazing on grass, worshipped by everyone around them. But if you take a closer look at the lives of draught cattle in India, you’ll see a very different reality.

el imperialismo y sus pies de barro

choche, 27.07.2006 18:42

los actos disuasivos de los pueblos

Chairman Gerd Weithase and Flavine Represented at CPhI Worldwide 2006

PR, 27.07.2006 17:26

In October (3-5) of this year Paris plays host to the CPhI Worldwide 2006 – an event attended by the world’s most important API customers and suppliers. Gerd Weithase and Flavine will be represented at this year’s event.

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