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U.S. rescue efforts again fail animals and their people

Dan Paden, 31.07.2006 18:05

The cruise ships and helicopters sent by the U.S. to rescue Americans from war torn Lebanon are poignant symbols of our government’s commitment to its citizens, wherever they may be. Yet for many of the people who are desperate to escape the strife, the government’s plan comes at a high cost. U.S. officials forced these men, women and children, who already lost their homes and belongings, to leave their dogs, cats and other companion animals behind. Beloved animals were ordered out of their owners’ arms, abandoned on the streets and left to starve amidst the rubble.

Israel's Dance of Death

James S. Berge, 31.07.2006 17:31

An opinion piece / independent analysis of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Oz indymedia run by autocrats and &quot;pseudo activists&quot;

unsurprised, 31.07.2006 15:49

The ugly harassment and bullying of darwin indymedia - has included hate/race campaigns on NZ and sydney indymedias.

Murray Bookchin, visionary social theorist, dies at 85

Brian Tokar, 31.07.2006 15:30

Murray Bookchin, the visionary and often iconoclastic social theorist and activist, died during the early morning of Sunday, July 30th in his home in Burlington, Vermont.

world stuff

3D1on, 31.07.2006 15:08

png last world stuff:

Middle East Primer

solcomhouse, 31.07.2006 14:53

The Middle East primer-all the players profiled

silence, on massacre !

association Imagine la Paix, 31.07.2006 14:48

Cet article est un cri de colère contre les massacres perpétrés par l'armée israélienne ...

appel à la mobilisation à Bar le Duc mardi 1 Aout

stopbure, 31.07.2006 14:29

appel à la mobilisation à Bar le Duc mardi 1 Aout

Robert Fisk: 'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?' &amp; Photos of Qana massacre

Robert Fisk, 31.07.2006 13:45

"And there was no doubt of the missile which killed all those children yesterday. It came from the United States, and upon a fragment of it was written: "For use on MK-84 Guided Bomb BSU-37-B". No doubt the manufacturers can call it "combat-proven" because it destroyed the entire three-storey house in which the Shalhoub and Hashim families lived. They had taken refuge in the basement from an enormous Israeli bombardment, and that is where most of them died." -- Fisk PLUS: Photographic Evidence of Crimes against Humanity

france bure des nouvelles des anti nucléaires arrétés

non a la répression, 31.07.2006 13:32

répression contre les anti nucléaire ca continue

Israel and US declare war on Islam

Al takfir wal hijra, 31.07.2006 13:16

Fight back against the Jews and Crusaders

Israel breaks cease fire + Chief Rabbi prays for success

Dahr Jamail + Henk Ruyssenaars, 31.07.2006 13:09

''The Israeli air force carried out strikes - today, Monday - in southern Lebanon despite an agreement to halt raids for 48 hours after nearly 60 Lebanese civilians were killed in an Israeli bombing, the army said.'' - HR: A cease fire apparently only is for human beings...

nouvelles d'un communiste libertaire au liban

cl liban, 31.07.2006 12:39

nouvelle d'un communiste libertaire au liban

Meeting with CAJ 'positive' - RPAG

Seán Ó Murchú, 31.07.2006 12:23

The Republican Prisoners’ Action Group (RPAG) met with the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) on Thursday, July 27th.

Palestina, Libano: Israele al servizio dell’imperialismo mondiale

PCInt., 31.07.2006 11:22

L’attacco israeliano in corso nel Libano ha avuto, secondo gli stessi media internazionali, il «semaforo verde» degli Stati Uniti e il tacito accordo degli altri grandi Stati imperialisti, a cominciare dalla Francia (nonostante le dichiarazioni di «amicizia» verso il Libano).

Palestina, Líbano: ¡Sionismo asesino, imperialismos y Estados árabes cómplices!

PCInt., 31.07.2006 11:20

Los ataques de Israel en el Líbano se inscriben en la continuidad de sus ataques contra los palestinos en Gaza y Cisjordania. El pretexto de estas sangrientas operaciones de policía imperialistaha sido la captura de tres de sus soldados –entretanto miles de prisioneros palestinos y también libaneses, se pudren desde hace años en las cárceles israelíes.

BANG! A Love Story

Julie Rasmussen, 31.07.2006 05:37

BANG - opens 8/4/06 "BANG! A Love Story," which was released in hardcover in 1998 is both a coming-of-age and a mid-life-crisis novel. It tells the story of the relationship between a bright, precocious, damaged, gun-toting, teenage girl and a middle aged man who is searching for a point of resolve and certainty in his life.

Katrina Anniversary--What I learned as one child fundraiser among many

Talia, 31.07.2006 05:21


What the Nation's Youngest Fundraisers Accomplished

(Hint: KIDS gave MORE than MOST USA corporations to hurricane relief!!)

Talk Tank 29 July - Scan Dot Org 30 July mp3

martin via sam, 31.07.2006 05:17

Talk Tank - length: 59 mins. mono 14 B Scan Dot Org - length: 30 mins. stereo 27.6 MBTalk Tank - Weekly News Commentary - 29 July 06


Islamic Community Net, 31.07.2006 05:00

Rejecting calls banning support for the Shiite Hizbullah resistance group, Lebanese Sunnis are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Hizbullah fighters in defending Lebanon against the relentless Israeli onslaught, the deputy head of Lebanon's Al-Jama Al-Islamiya (Islamic Group) said on Saturday, July 29.

The IMF: Shrink it or Sink it

Anoop, 31.07.2006 04:58

A Consensus Declaration and Strategy Paper

July 30, 2006

[With the collapse of the trade negotiations known as the Doha Round, the future of the World Trade Organization is uncertain. But the WTO is not the only piece of the corporate-driven multilateral system that is in severe crisis. The International Monetary Fund is also suffering a crisis of legitimacy unparalleled in its history. We may be at a conjuncture where the opportunities are coming together, in an historically unparalleled fashion, to gravely weaken, if not end, a multilateral system that has brought so much grief to people everywhere and open the way to the creation of a truly just system of global economic cooperation.

The following document was collectively drafted over a period of two months by representatives of organizations that attended the “Strategy Session on the International Monetary Fund” at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, on the occasion of the IMF-World Bank Spring meeting during the third week of April 2006. It is being circulated globally for endorsement in advance of the critical Fall meeting of the Bretton Woods institutions that will be held in Singapore on Sept. 13-20, 2006. The document, with its list of endorsers, will be presented to governments attending the meeting. It is meant as the opening salvo of a global campaign, the other elements of which are a conference on the future of the Fund in Singapore on Sept. 17 and alternative events in nearby Batam, Indonesia, on Sept. 15-19.

Marital Rape

Garda Ghista, 31.07.2006 04:48

Marital rape is a taboo subject never covered in the mainstream media. Yet it affects millions of women in the U.S. Marital rape occurs irrespective of age, social standing, education, race or ethnic origin. Research shows it is as terrifying and degrading as rape by strangers. We need to get this issue out of the closet so that perpetrators can be tried and punished.

Wife Abuse

Garda Ghista, 31.07.2006 04:38

Four women are battered to death every day in America. Thousands more lie in hospital emergency rooms with broken bones and shattered souls. Wife abuse is rarely covered by the mainstream media. We need to get this out of the closet and into the open. Only by exposing the crime is there any chance of changing the mindset of chauvinist, violent spouses.

Melbourne 30 July - Rally for Peace - Stop Israeli aggression

by pc, 31.07.2006 04:11

Melbourne Palestine Solidarity 2006 For the third week, Melbourne's Lebanese and Palestinian organisations, along with supporters from across the community, rallied to demand an end to Israeli aggression and demand an immediate ceasefire.

Singapore Girds for September World Bank Meeting

Bloomberg, 31.07.2006 03:59

Singapore rehearsed a with 30 "violent demonstrators" to showcase brute force of police strength.

The truth about America and Israel, 31.07.2006 02:22

Honored to lead the nonviolent human rights struggle

New Guernica

Marcos Loures, 31.07.2006 00:01

The terrorist state of Israel, creates a new Guernica.

El nuevo orden mundial.

Sebastian Bestard., 30.07.2006 23:16

El nuevo orden mundial (imperial) de USA para el siglo XXI

france saint etienne expulsion du squatt izmir

squatt, 30.07.2006 23:10

pendant que certains prennent des vacances les expulseurs ne choment pas

Not in My Name

Nour Odeh, 30.07.2006 21:59

The recent developments in Palestine and Lebanon vis-à-vis the Israeli military assault and the appalling cost to human life is backed by unshakable support for the US Administration, who seems more enthusiastic about war in Lebanon than some Israelis. More importantly, the "new" Middle East US Secretary of State announcing was being born out of the crisis and bloodshed in Lebanon is one rejected by Middle Easterners as it does not reflect their dreams of a better future, where their rights and lives are respected

No Skateboarding in the Olympics!

Clarkie, 30.07.2006 20:54

Keep Skateboarding Real; Please sign our petition to the IOC.

paris et maintenant des expulsions collectives

non aux rafles non aux expulsion, 30.07.2006 20:24

retour des expulsions collective a quand le retour des charters

world stuff

3D1on, 30.07.2006 20:21

png last post:

Paris manifestation de soutien au Liban Irak Palestine 29 juillet 2006

amir_karma, 30.07.2006 20:13

images de la manifestation a paris en solidarité avec le Liban l'Irak et la Palestine


Islamic Community Net, 30.07.2006 20:11

Graphic images depicting the reality and horror of Israel's Invasion and destruction of Lebanon.

au revoir pierre vidal naquet

anonymous, 30.07.2006 17:41

mort d'un homme qui s'est battu toute sa vie contre la torture et l'injustice faites aux peuples opprimés

Solidarité intertanionale avec le peuple libanais

Union Locale CNT de Besançon, 30.07.2006 17:31

les travailleursEs n'ont pas de patries ils n'ont que les exploiteurs qui les exploitent

do U play Earth Ball on Earth, 30.07.2006 15:29

Help this Global EarthBall Adventure - Pass above image On

how 2 Earth Ball... Get Together - Make It - Kick It - Watch It Roll - Scan It - Track It's Travels - Around OUR Earth


Islamic Community Net, 30.07.2006 15:21

Islamic Civil Rights Group Seeks Unconditional Cease-Fire, Humanitarian Aid

massacre Cana

xantal, 30.07.2006 14:45


Commentary: 'Antiwar' Democrat Candidate Lamont Backs Israeli Strikes

By Bracewell, 30.07.2006 14:07

Peace is a hard sell.

FRANK RICH: The Peculiar Disappearance of the War in Iraq &amp; More

FRANK RICH - The New York Times / Various, 30.07.2006 13:41

Americans want the war in Iraq canceled, and first- and last-place networks alike are more than happy to oblige. - PLUS: The tragedy in Lebanon

Mobbing in der Arbeitswelt - Gegenwärtig 5 Millionen Betroffene - Pressemitteilung - Mobbing-Gegner - Juli 2006, 30.07.2006 13:03

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, nachfolgend die unter Betreff genannte Mitteilung zur gegenwärtigen Situation der arbeitsschutz bzw. sozialgesetzlichen Mobbingprävention. Freundliche Grüsse Sich.-Ing. Jörg Hensel Mitglied im VDSI - Verband Deutscher Sicherheitsingenieure e.V.

Extradition Act 2003: “Where Do You Want to Go Today?”

Ridwan Sheikh, SPT (Stop Political Terror) co-editor, 30.07.2006 12:39

Recent arrest of U.K citizen under the Extradition Act 2003, in conclusion provides thought provoking questions to the reader.

france bure 4 militants anti nucléaire arrétés

non a la répression, 30.07.2006 11:34

4 militants qui manifestaient contre un site d'enfouissement de dechets nucleaires se sont fait arrétés et sont en détentions


Islamic Community Net, 30.07.2006 11:10

Lebanese protesters broke into the United Nations headquarters in Beirut on Sunday, smashing windows and ransacking offices, after an Israeli air strike killed at least 40 people in south Lebanon. Around 2,000 people gathered outside the building in downtown Beirut and witnesses said the crowd hurled stones and broke windows before some burst inside.


Islamic Community Net, 30.07.2006 10:59

Innaa lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'uun. Al Fatiha!

Repression policière à Bure au Festival anti-nucléaire.

Collectif de soutient aux interpelés, 30.07.2006 08:45

Un appel au rassemblement mardi 1 aout devant le palais de justice de Bar le Duc pour manifester et défendre les 4 interpelés qui sont à l'heure d'aujourd'hui en préventive pour avoir axprimé leur opinion contre le nucléaire.

Two arrested after protest in Perth - Police Violence

Independent Northern Media Cell, 30.07.2006 07:09

Hezbollah Rally 2006 WA Police arrested two men today, after police attacked protesters as Prime Minister John Howard left a Liberal Party conference. Mr Howard left the Hyatt hotel after delivering his keynote address to the WA Liberals' state conference.

Heeding the call to jihad

Al Takfir wal Hijra, 30.07.2006 06:44

A statement from al Takfir wal Hijra responding to Ayman al-Zawahiri's call to jihad.

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