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Boy Catches Hell From Secret Service For Drawing Of Bush As The Devil

Kenneth Patchen, 27.04.2004 06:46

Since Bush is inspiring works of art, this is likely the preferable image: Announces CAP and The Pig, 27.04.2004 05:50 has worked hard to announce today its next steps.

Chinese Vice President Meets With Kissinger

Thorstein Veblen, 27.04.2004 05:02

Amy Goodman, Left Gatekeeper

Scott Loughrey, 27.04.2004 03:57

Like David Corn of The Nation, Amy Goodman has sold us down the river. At this point, only a child could believe that the Bush Administration is innocent of any complicity on 9/11. Yet, the myth persists that Bush and company were merely negligent. Thanks again, Amy.

Michael Jackson Versus Corporate Rape

Steve Bennings Jr., 27.04.2004 03:48

Even if Michael Jackson is guilty does this mean that he ought be publicly persecuted by Corporate News Media? Does this mean that every rumor mongering media hound and paparazzi person ought indulge their predilection for dirt as they stalk around to find it? Is this not a major reason that many fans are cheering him on against the unfair exploitation of press? We now know the weasel motives of the press corps’ prostration to the Iraq war will no stories or photography.

Radio webcast from pro-Jewish, pro-Palestinian Jews for Global Justice

Good Gaia, 27.04.2004 00:17

jpg Resistance to Israeli occupations, the Wall, cater-pillage bulldozer murders home demolitions, and other crimes against humanity will be highlighted in this special web radio broadcast. The program produced in Portland, Oregon by Jews for Global Justice features STEVEN FEUERSTEIN of the Refuser Solidarity Network,Israeli journalist NEVE GORDON will discuss his work in Taayoush, and NED HANAUER of Search for Justice and Equality in the Palestine/Israel.

One year anniversary celebration

Tim Castleman, 27.04.2004 00:09

Monday, April 26th, 2004 marks the one year anniversary of my arrest and confinement by Sacramento County Sheriff officers to the Sacramento County Mental Health Crisis Center because I was standing on a corner at a busy intersection protesting the war on Iraq and my fellow citizens mindless consumption of petroleum.

Lo que implica reparar

Adriana Pedroza, 26.04.2004 23:25

El hecho de que los representante de la oposición continúen "negociando" unos reparos a los que por ley no debemos ir, porque las firmas son válidas, es un irrespeto absoluto de la voluntad de los tres millones y tantos firmantes que estamparon sus firmas en un proceso de recolección que finalizó hace casi cinco meses

drunk-at-the-wheel - again

sam libby, 26.04.2004 23:04

It may have been awhile since President Gee Dub was drunk on cocaine and alcohol. Laura’s done some good work. And he has a personal relationship with Jesus. But Gee Dub is again drunk-at-the-wheel - drunk-at-the-wheel of the vehicle of the United States of America.

Roasting the Pigs of War

Dan Benbow, 26.04.2004 22:11

This is an article from about a night of Iraq vids at ATA in San Francisco. There are numerous links to independent film artists and media organizations.

18 Jahre nach der Tschernobyl-Katastrophe

Jens Steiner, 26.04.2004 22:09

Der Katastrophen-Reaktor von Tschernobyl Nicht im Garten spielen! Runter vom Spielplatz Keine Pilze und kein Gemüse essen! An solche oder ähnliche Warnungen können sich noch viele der heute Zwanzig- bis Dreissigjährigen entsinnen. Heute vor 18 Jahren ereignete sich in der ehemaligen UdSSR im Atomreaktor Tschernobyl Block-4 eine katastrophale Kernschmelze und Explosion.
Auch 18 Jahre nach der Katastrophe ist die Unfallursache nicht vollends geklärt. Nicht nur in vielen Städten in Belarus, Russland, der Ukraine und Polen wurde in den letzten Tagen den über hunderdtausend Opfern des Reaktorunfalls gedacht. Den Auftakt bildete ein Gottesdienst in der ukrainischen Hauptstadt Kiew, der um ein Uhr 23 Ortszeit stattfand, dem Zeitpunkt der Explosion im vierten Kraftwerksblock. Auch am Tschernobyl-Mahnmal fanden Gedenkveranstaltungen statt. Auch in Deutschland kam es zu Protestaktionen gegen Atomkraft. Der Reaktorunfall von Tschernobyl gilt als die schlimmste Katastrophe in der Geschichte der Atomkraft.

Online Book: The 1950's Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain:

..., 26.04.2004 20:50


Kofi Taharka, 26.04.2004 20:16

Houston Texas.. Local Action Committe & National Black United Front Officer interrupts presidentail candidate John Kerry's speech

We have Yahweh, They have Blah

Chris Hoops the Younger, 26.04.2004 18:49

What does the future have in store? Is this really a free Press?

VENEZUELA: Sobre el Referendum Revocatorio y los Reparos (reflexiones de un venezolano)

Alberto Casale, 26.04.2004 18:19

Gordita en Paro (caracas, diciembre 2002) (foto de homero) Venezuela esta viviendo momentos históricos. Por primera vez un venezolano tiene el derecho de evaluar a sus gobernantes electos, dejar sentada su inconformidad sobre como se están haciendo las cosas. Las decisiones que emprendamos ahora serán un reflejo para el mundo y para nuestra historia sobre es lo que esta realmente sucediendo en nuestros días.

Can anyone confirm this?

jamie, 26.04.2004 17:08

This is a really creepy report I'm posting from Has anyone heard anyting like this before? jamie

Let's get this dirty rotten system over with!

jamie, 26.04.2004 16:42

Dear friends,

Now I know not every revolutionary out there is a Marxist's. That's ok. Not everyone needs to be. But I hope all will note that Marx had some powerful ideas which can be used to understand someting about the times through which we are living.

comunicacion libre en uruguay

paku, 26.04.2004 16:26

Ecos (Coordinadora de Radios Comunitarias), Indymedia Uruguay y
el Colectivo Radial Testimonios transmitirán durante toda la jornada
en el día internacional de lxs trabajadorxs.

Arrested for being hungry in West Palm Beach

Curtis John Surpless, 26.04.2004 15:43

This is a story based on a personal experience while visiting West Palm Beach, Florida.

A Vote Against Diebold

eMarketer, 26.04.2004 15:42

An advisory panel to California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has recommended that a ban be put in place on the use of certain voting machines made by Diebold, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

What do you do when the feds roust your family?

Curtis John Surpless, 26.04.2004 15:37

This article is about a phone call. Read on, and you'll know what I'm trying to say.


recon collective, 26.04.2004 15:35


The Cook County Cover Up

Drunk Bastard, 26.04.2004 15:26

The City of Chicago is trying to cover up the deaths of six workers.

Anti-BNP demo in Brum: Could have Done Better

Sue Blackwell, 26.04.2004 14:58

Unite Against Fascism promised that there would be coaches on standby at
yesterday's Birmingham demo, to take the protestors to where the nazis
were having their fund-raising dinner with Le Pen. But the coaches failed
to materialise and only a few carloads made it over to Griffin's bunker.
We beat the police roadblocks but all we got was a photo-opportunity with
no chance of getting near the nazis. A wasted opportunity.

art: precision munition

£, 26.04.2004 14:22

precision munition precision [pri-'si-zh&n]adj.
~ adapted for extremely accurate measurement or operation
~ marked by precision of execution

As many as 12 U.S. GI's. victums of &quot;booby trap&quot; in Baghdad

jamie, 26.04.2004 14:21

A powerful bomb has exploded in Baghdad's northern neighbourhood of Waziriya, destroying four US military vehicles.
No occupation forces spokesman was prepared to comment on casualties after the Monday morning attack, but as many as 12 marines may be dead.

This day in history

radiactive, 26.04.2004 12:53

Check out this website.

South Korea, Migrant Workers Struggle is Continuing and Increasing

KCTU/ETU-MB, 26.04.2004 12:26

Migrant workers in the South Korean capital Seoul, threaten by the government's policy of forced mass deportation, are fighting back.

Corruption is a virtual art

leon, 26.04.2004 11:44

Online ‘chinese whispers’, best describes c6’s latest work. The software is free! When installed, it logs you in to a community deeply involved in the act of corruption……Data corruption that is! When online the program links to its nearest geographical neighbours to form a ring of users. As an audio file is passed, those connected look and listen for signs of change and who knows? Perhaps even serendipity!

Violence in Melfi's Fiat factory (Italy)

aquiladoro, 26.04.2004 11:36

The italian police attacked peaceful FIAT workers protesting
for a better salary and a better time shifts.

(Fwd) Nonviolent women's march in Biddu brutally dispersed

bruno, 26.04.2004 08:12

Gila Svirsky writes:

Little know information about US healthcare system

hyp3rcrav3, 26.04.2004 08:04

There is a new web site that will relay all you need to debate in favor of universal healthcare in the US.


Andrew Buncombe, 26.04.2004 05:19

Now is the time to take a stand! I cannot stress enough
how CRITICAL it is for the 9-11 Truth movement to stop
the DOJ in this attempt to silence Sibel Edmonds

Art and Activism

Version&gt;04, 26.04.2004 03:59

An online exhibition of digital arts and activism

*Solidarity message of MayDay from osaka!*

rebel_JILL, 26.04.2004 03:52

Comrades! we are a homeless liberation group of "Association of Poor people in Nagai park", osaka, jpn. we would love to say our solidarity message to you. and if you can,we would love to get your solidarity message for our May day event! “Words divide us, actions unite us.” thanks.(rebel_JILL)


Andy Freedman, 26.04.2004 03:10

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel along with Democratic congressman Charles Rangel has called for reinstitutiong the draft in order to get more troops for the Iraq war.I have called for federal legislation banning the draft.So under no conditions no matter what happens in Iraq can the draft be reinstituted.I contacted John Kerry's campaign about my idea

Solidarity message of May day from squats in osaka, jpn!

rebel_JILL, 26.04.2004 01:28

i am an anti-poverty activist in osaka, jap islands. we would love to say our solidarity message to you. and if you can, we would love to get your solidarity message for our May day event! thanx! in solidarity.thanks.

Philosophy, Art, &amp; Movements

£, part-time newswire tyrant, 26.04.2004 01:28

What moves us all is what we will, at some point, put to voice.

The United States will lose the war in Iraq.

Nm, 26.04.2004 00:47

To be able to say you’ve learnt is to be able to show you’ve changed. The Americans say they learnt a lesson in Vietnam, but that clearly hasn’t changed a thing.

Protesting Globalism no longer important

Red neck, 25.04.2004 22:40

I’ve just got back from the demonstration I feel tired, sore and angry, like I’ve be been beaten

Pat Tillman: Hero or Wasted Life?

Gary Sudborough, 25.04.2004 22:05

An argument that American soldiers fighting in illegal and immoral wars for fallacious reasons are not in reality heroes as continually depicted by the corporate media. This is even more so in wars that leave a radioactive legacy of cancers and deformed children like the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


J.C., 25.04.2004 21:52


EEUU, DC - Largest march ever.

marco, 25.04.2004 20:59

Fave Sign -
WTF? (all in pink)
Fave Chant -
Hey hey, ho ho; we did this 30 years ago

Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down

Victor Thorn, 25.04.2004 20:17

Did the World Trade Center towers undergo a deliberate “power-down” on the weekend prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks? According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc. – a high-net investment bank which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton – this is precisely what took place.

The Call for An Islamic Union - The Organization of The Islamic Conference

The Islamic Union, 25.04.2004 19:51

The OIC (Organization for the Islamic Conference) may develop into the new
"Islamic Union" or "Islamic Federation of Nation-States". It will have it's own currency and common markets. Already many countries are contributing to this common Iran (who is Germany's sister country in Middle Eastern Car Production ie. The Samand Automobile by Iran Khodro.)Also, Iran is producing Zam Zam Cola which is taking the place of Coke and Pepsi in many Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia who has purchased in excess of millions of tons.

Worldwide Activities Mark April 25th, Call for End to Half-decade of Persecution

FDI, 25.04.2004 19:14

Over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners stage a peaceful appeal in Beijing, 4.25.99 Practitioners of Falun Gong will mark April 25 this Sunday with activities around the world, renewing the call for Beijing to end a five-year campaign of suppression that legal experts have come to term genocide.

Bush enigneering a massive cover up

raven, 25.04.2004 15:29

Why is President Bush so eager to switch archivists? Bruce Craig of the National Coalition for History explains that the Administration is likely motivated both by "the sensitive nature of certain presidential and executive department records expected to be opened in the near future," and also by "genuine concern in the White House that the president may not be re-elected."

717 GI's have died in Iraq thus far. Those Irraqis keep fighting their liberation?

jamie, 25.04.2004 14:52

Here are the latest news on war losses in Iraq as reported by lunaville:

Abolish intellectual property wherever it kills !

Act Up-Paris, 25.04.2004 13:38

On Monday April 26 between 4 and 5 pm European Continental Time (10-11 am Eastern Seaboard Time), with Act Up-Paris take simple action against WIPO by taking part in a 1-hour "netstrike" (blocking WIPO's website).

BTL:Depleted Uranium Munitions: A Health Hazard to Soldiers &amp; Civilians.

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 25.04.2004 08:41

Interview with Tara Thornton, executive director of the Military Toxics Project, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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