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U.S.Marines are &quot;Valiant &amp; Courageous&quot;! (except when they have to answer for their dirty deeds! )

k.hawley, 03.08.2006 20:01

TIKRIT, Iraq - Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering Iraqi detainees refused to testify Thursday at a military hearing, where witnesses described how one of the victims spat blood as he lay dying and another was covered in brain matter.

Venezuela: Boletín DDHH y Coyuntura Nª 173

Provea, 03.08.2006 19:06

Una perspectiva sobre Venezuela desde los Derechos Humanos


Michael Van De Veer, 03.08.2006 18:41

We will discuss the WAR IN LEBANON. Also Michael Rivero of will join the conversation and Father of 1st.Lt. Ehren Watada who refused to go to Iraq will call-in.... Call-in Toll-Free 1-866-275-1112 12 noon HST

Doomsday Global Warming: Fact-Sheet / What To Do?

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 03.08.2006 18:02

Drastic, tragic Climate Change is well underway, and will worsen unto Doomsday if we do not take drastic measures to stop its progress. The development of clean, renewable and CHEAP Green Energy is indispensable. This has never been a difficult technical problem. The Problem is POLITICAL, necessitating a crucial political change -- Polluters' Power overridden by People's Power.

9/11 List-serv

Arnie Korotkin, 03.08.2006 17:33

Thought this would be of interest -

Since September 2001 I have maintained a free and confidential "9/11 list-serv".

The "9/11 list-serv" distributes daily e-mails containing newspaper articles and other relevant information re: 9/11 issues of interest to 9/11 families, 9/11 organizations and interested individuals. A sample of today's mailing is below..

If you or any of your colleagues would like to 'subscribe' to this free service - please send an e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the subject box.


De-Arabization of Arab League

By Nicola Nasser*, 03.08.2006 16:42

The desperate outcries for Pan-Arab help by helpless Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese Arabs who are being crushed by the American and Israeli merciless war machines are falling on deaf ears with the Arab League’s states, failing to realistically accept the proven fact of life that no help will ever come from the moribund and defunct regional grouping, still floating only thanks to the mercy of the U.S. midwife of the “New Middle East.”

world stuff

3D1on, 03.08.2006 15:24

png last world stuff:

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Intifada Al Ard, 03.08.2006 14:54

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 2 Aug 2006, english, 2mins

Is this True?

alwaysshariff, 03.08.2006 14:47

“Actually, we talked about our plan to keep using fancy phrases like ‘lasting peace’ and ‘sustainable cease-fire,’ so we don’t actually have to cease the fire. Condi had a great one! Didya hear it, Tony? She said, ‘The fields of the Middle East are littered with broken cease-fires.’ Man, can she talk, and she plays piano, too!”

Support Lebenon stickers

huba, 03.08.2006 14:36

I love Lebenon/Beirut sticker. Ready for print.

Also downloadable at :

Hezbollah - Tsahal

Sun M1, 03.08.2006 14:32

Faut-il aller délivrer Israël des mains des barbares qui l'ont accaparé et en font un Etat Terroriste ?

Saving Iceland protest updates

various, 03.08.2006 13:24

The latest news from the Icelandic anti-dam protest camp.


A Group of PEOPLE, 03.08.2006 10:24

We don't know how and where to start.
I doubt that you didn't hear or see the games being played on Middle East folks for a few years.

Victims and Perpetrators of Oil Imperialism

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 03.08.2006 07:05

Victims can change. But the Perpetrators have remained the same for a century. Something MUST be done about the evil, immensely powerful U.S.-UK international Oil Cartel --- for the sake of peace, social&political justice, and to deal with doomsday Global Warming. We MUST have Grassroots Public Information Campaigning to overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis.

The Catastrophic Success of Bush’s Other War

Bennet Kelley, 03.08.2006 06:28

In this war, Bush could truly declare “mission accomplished,” but the toll to the nation in terms of dollars and lives lost could exceed that of the Vietnam, Korean and Iraq Wars combined.

Israel brutally implements its &quot;Final Solution&quot; on the Arabs?

Fauxlosopher, 03.08.2006 02:35

What Israel is clearly saying is that it is going to wipe out all opposition to its existance in that region - and so since there are no Arab countries who are not opposed to the existance of the State of Israel - then Israel will have to crush them all!

Union Mistreatment

Sue Smith, 03.08.2006 01:00

The Problems with Self Insurance Health Care

Show your solidarity with Lebanon

anonymous, 03.08.2006 00:54

I love Lebanon Layouts for "I love Lebanon" and "I love Beirut" stickers

guerra sucia en el ecuador

malcom equis, 03.08.2006 00:12

proceso de represion politica

Hiroshima, Nagasaki and North Dakota: WMD Here!

Bill Quigley, 02.08.2006 20:04

On the anniversary of some of our nation's worst war crimes ever - Hiroshima, Nagasaki - three men sit in jail in North Dakota for trying to disarm one of the nearly 2000 nuclear weapons in that state. This is their story.


JACK FLASH, 02.08.2006 19:44

NWO FAMILY FEUD POSSIBLY UP TO NO GOOD 9-29-06 TO 10-03-06 TILL DECEMBER 2006 where their Satanic agenda continues.

paris fac de nanterre 9 expulsés un sans papier arrété

comité logement, 02.08.2006 18:46

a paris les rafles continuent aprés les écoliers sarkozy s'en prend aux étudiants

SDF Grooms Woman as Chairman

Fon Christopher Achobang, 02.08.2006 18:20

Since the last SDF Convention held in Bamenda from the 26 – 30 May 2006, resulting in the selection of Professor Elizabeth Tamanjong as SDF Secretary General, detractors had been fast in calling her incompetent. The CRTV Club gave them an opportunity to revise their notes. Nobody believed she will fit in the shoes of Professor Asongayi and Professor Siga Asanga before him. This was a man’s job and a woman would be an odd peg in such a position. They were all wrong.

Cardinal TUMI: Goldmine in Amateur Hands

Fon Christopher Achobang, 02.08.2006 18:17

A Book audaciously titled, > translated into English as “From College of Teachers to College of Cardinals” is now on bookshelves in Cameroon. Written in French as a celebration of the life and works of the first Cameroonian Cardinal, the author, Edouard OUM, exploits a series of interviews he granted the prelate and spreads them out in what he calls a biography.

world stuff

3D1on, 02.08.2006 16:36

xxx last world stuff:


The Offshore Informant, 02.08.2006 16:23

LVFTZ Governor - Mr. Beenunula Eyenunula Nunumisa Uganda's LAKE VICTORIA FREE TRADE ZONE Governor Beenunula Eyenunula Nunumisa received millions of grey-market stock shares in Canadian company EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. run by American executives controlled by Uganda's infamous American named Van A. Brink who was charged with 142 counts of fraud where 6,000 people lost over $105-million (USD) which U.S. authorities claimed could not be found, until this story surfaced.

Bolivia: Asamblea Constituyente

Mario Ronald Duran Chuquimia, 02.08.2006 16:10

Estare en Sucre (capital constitucional de Bolivia) para el 6 de Agosto, en ocasión de la inauguración de la Asamblea Constituyente, enviare crónicas cortas, fotos y si se puede grabaciones...
Los invito a seguirme en el blog Palabras Libres (
O escribirme -mrduranch(arroba) o llamarme en Bolivia: 077286222
desde cualquier parte del mundo al 59177286222.

The Day Hillary Clinton Failed to be a Real Leader

Cody Lyon, 02.08.2006 15:42

Commentary and account of New York State Senator Clinton's July appearance at Pro Israel rally in New York- Instead of calling for a cease fire, she took an easier path and engaged in political saber-rattling


Islamic Community Net, 02.08.2006 13:52

Crusader Rabbit Dajjal Bush proves once again that stupidity and evil walk together "in step" (so to speak).

france quand le monde envoie bhl faire du tourisme militaire

acrimed, 02.08.2006 13:44

bhl toujours a la pointe de la propagande néo cons

Castro illness may raise Cuba’s gay hopes

King Amdo, 02.08.2006 13:05

...oh but we didn't realise this....

Children's authors dominate 2006 Family Friendly Book Awards

2006 Family Friendly Book Awards, 02.08.2006 11:44

Victoria Ryan, author of award-winning book &quot;When Your Pet Dies&quot; Five authors, four of them children's authors, have been declared winners of the 2006 Family Friendly Book Awards to be conferred in Dubuque Iowa at the August 4-6 Christian Book Fair International.

france le travail jusqua la tombe

cnt, 02.08.2006 10:40

nouvelle attaques patronales contre les salariés et les droit a une retraite

france paris 26 aout manifestation pour les sans papiers

cnsp, 02.08.2006 09:59

saint bernard dix ans aprés

france bure prison avec sursis pour les quatre anti nucléaire

non a la répression, 02.08.2006 09:22

la répression et l'injustice de classe continue au pays de sarkozy

Titnore campers make appeal

C Wright, 02.08.2006 08:58

Titnore camper Titnore campaigners need to raise £400 at least for legal costs to challenge the possession order granted in the High Court on Thursday July 27.

Agua y energía gratis para todo el mundo: la revolución global acaba de empezar

free people world, 02.08.2006 08:38

La notizia più importante dell'anno- The most important new of the year


free people world, 02.08.2006 08:36

La più imp'ortante notizia dell'anno

The global revolution has just begun: free water and energy for everyone

free people world, 02.08.2006 08:33

The most important new of the year

GMO Disease Epidemics: (6) Food-Induced Anaphylactic (Life-Threatening) Shock

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 02.08.2006 08:20

Genetic Engineering (GE,GM,GMOs) is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 6th in a series revealing the epidemics, dealing here with life-threatening shock induced by genetically-engineered (Frankenstein) food. Eating is becomng more and more like playing Russian roulette.

Independent Journalist Josh Wolf Jailed for Resisting a Federal Grand Jury!

Grand Jury Resistance Project, 02.08.2006 07:16

Today in San Francisco, Josh Wolf refused to testify or turn over
unpublished video out takes to a Federal Grand Jury investigating a
July, 2005, anti-G8 demonstration. He was charged with civil contempt
by U.S. District Judge William Alsup and has been jailed until further
notice. He could be held for up to a year (the remainder of the Grand

US Gov. Continues to Support Zionist Atrocities

Briton Williams, 02.08.2006 06:49

The US government continues to support Israeli Ethnic Cleansing. Something must be done now!

'No Hezbollah Rockets Fired from Qana'

Dahr Jamail, 02.08.2006 05:04

Red Cross workers and residents of Qana, where Israeli bombing killed at least 60 civilians, have told IPS that no Hezbollah rockets were launched from the city before the Israeli air strike.

Nobel Peace laureate Borlaug’s biography wins Print of Peace Award

International Read For Peace Week, August 1-6, 02.08.2006 05:02

Dr. Leon Hesser, author of award-winning &quot;The Man Who Fed The World&quot; Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W.Bush endorsed book "The Man Who Fed The World" by development expert Dr. Leon Hesser wins 2006 Print of Peace Award to be conferred August 4 as part of International Read For Peace Week

GMO Disease Epidemics: (5) Corn (StarLink)

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD, 02.08.2006 04:01

Genetic Engineering (GE,GM,GMOs) is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 5th in a series revealing the epidemics, dealing with corn (maize). The contamination by genetically modified organisms of a wonderful food originated by native Americans more than 2,000 years ago is vile beyond description.

En nuevo orden mundial

Sebastian Bestard., 02.08.2006 03:17

El nuevo orden mundial (imperial) de USA para el siglo XXI.

D for Democracy Day II -Patriots Stand up IN SYDNEY to Contempt THIS FRIDAY

Anon, 02.08.2006 03:00

LIBERTY Support 2 Patriots charged with Contempt for wearing a T-Shirt printed with "Trial by Jury is Demoracy" Sent to Jail

Gays Demand- George Bush &amp; Tony Blair

Naresh Sonee, 02.08.2006 02:42

1 Would the celebrities succeed to drive-n-dodge out rationalisms-n-religions away ? – Naresh Sonee finds out - Giving A Crush Crash Course –A roller costar ride through this article- President George Bush or Pop Star George Michael-the code of conduct differs from political to entertainments celebrities ? - Gays-Lesbians Celebrities On Noble Cause – Gays-Lesbian – Trans Gender Marriage Justified-Points those were never raised before.

Los guerrilleros del Partido de Dios

César Jerez / Agencia Prensa Rural, 02.08.2006 02:16

Después de la matanza de Qana cualquiera que sea el desenlace de la crisis representa ya una derrota para el estado Israelí.

Alcoholism worsens with increased drinking use: study

Anon, 02.08.2006 01:15

Wine Glut An old study shows the more alcohol a psychotic person uses, the worse their condition gets. What about that? Its been around for a while but no one is taking much notice lately?

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