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JD Daily PR, 10.08.2006 08:58, a well organized guitar instructional site released this week that it will not be opening a members section. Instead the site will feature free customized lessons...and all you have to do is e-mail your requests with not even a sign-up?

zionism versus scottish presbyterianism

greg hoey, 10.08.2006 07:29

account of mel gibsons arrest

Radio Rouge : lancement d'un podcast 100% à gauche

Radio Rouge, 10.08.2006 06:51

Ce podcast (sorte de radio internet) est réalisé par un militant de la LCR. Vous y trouverez des extraits d’émissions radio ou télé, des enregistrements de meetings publics, des interviews, des chansons, des lectures de textes, etc. En vous souhaitant bonne écoute !

The short-circuit that nearly caused a nuclear meltdown

Diet Simon, 10.08.2006 06:43

Work on high-tension power lines outside a Swedish power station caused a short-circuit that cut its electricity supply and nearly caused a nuclear meltdown. The plant’s emergency batteries and diesel generators failed to take over.

Migration bill passes, Howard government adds another dark victory to its tally

Project Safecom, 10.08.2006 05:25

Another dark victory "In passing the most deplorable Migration Amendment Bill through the House of Representatives at 11am this morning, The Howard government has added another dark victory to its deplorable tally of "achievements" since the Tampa legislation set Australia on course for serious human rights breaches and the undermining of International Conventions," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

Dissident MPs line-up against migration Bill?

Anon, 10.08.2006 05:22

SIEV X memorial Canberra 2006 I see so anyone attempting to come to Australia by boat and seeking asylum from despots who want to torture and kill them should just sink? Now that's been done before hasn't it?

More money for war crimes and less money for social services, nelson?

Anon, 10.08.2006 02:45

THESE ARE WAR CRIMES But what a load of rubbish again because Lib/Lab sold us out and there is no party opposed to these illegal and degrading wars and crimes and acts of aggression committed against the indigenous Iraqi and Afghani people!

Nothing Justifies Keeping the Cuban Five in Prison

Bernarda Romero, 09.08.2006 23:09

One year has passed since the 11th Court of Appeals of Atlanta issued its ruling on the
Cuban Five. A three-judge panel unanimously decided to annul the trial held in Miami
against the five anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned in US jails and revoke their
sentences. Despite this well-deserved and long-coming justice in the case of the Cuban
Five, they remain in prison to this day.

Gentrifying the Crescent City

Darwin BondGraham, 09.08.2006 22:54

Map of major real estate developments in downtown New Orleans The post-Katrina cityscape is rapidly being reshaped by developers and real estate speculators in ways that favor affluent homebuyers, the tourist industry, and downtown property owners. Will low-income residents be shut out of the new New Orleans?

Filmtipp, unbedingt ansehen:

Zadonki, 09.08.2006 20:57

"Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land"
Preisgekrönter Dokumentarfilm über die Hintergründe des Nahostkonflikts und die Rolle der US-amerikanischen Medien (in englischer Sprache)
Online-Link (kostenlos / DSL erforderlich)

Pornification is a Disease and We Have an Advanced Case:

Jason Miller, 09.08.2006 20:38

"I am calling upon pornography users to consider the harm it inflicts on them and others, the adverse impacts of its virus-like infiltration into nearly every vehicle of our media, and the intellectual and spiritual power they surrender to pornographers by mindlessly consuming their eye candy."

Petition: International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

rigoroz, 09.08.2006 20:31

We, the undersigned, demand that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22 to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.

Buffy Sainte-Marie's censored sounds

Brenda Norrell, 09.08.2006 20:00

Buffy Sainte-Marie's music, including "Universal Soldier," were censored and she was put out of business by the US government. Now a covert operative says the US created country music because of the political impacts of rock music, including influencing opinion on the Vietman War.

Five antiterrorist fighters are imprisoned in the United States

Alicia Jrapko, 09.08.2006 19:26

Free the Cuban Five!

Jesus Plan in the Bible Is That We All Burn Our Bibles Now

Karen Fish, 09.08.2006 18:49

The Bethpage Black Warning Sign Truth is stranger than fiction.

Dutch Airport illegal weapons transport center for Israel

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars, 09.08.2006 15:43

The Netherlands officially confirms 23 uncontrolled flights with military cargos of great quantities of weapons and ammunition from the United States via Holland to Israel during the last two months. This according to the 'very underreported' gov't answers given to MP Farah Karimi.


Señor, 09.08.2006 14:34

"These judges could not ignore the truth"
• Says Ian Thompson of the U.S. National Lawyers Guild
Last year's decision by a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit
Court of Appeals in Atlanta overturning a Miami court ruling against the Cuban Five was "historic" and "necessary," commented California Lawyer Ian Thompson who represented the US National Lawyers Guild at the oral hearing of the case in March 2004.

Violent eviction of occupied forrest

EarthFirst! support, 09.08.2006 12:36

part of the camp 19 arrests at eviction of occupied forest!

At 8am, Wednesday 9th of August, the eviction of the action camp in Borsbeek (near Antwerp in Belgium) started. GroenFront! fears of a violent eviction were correct. The police have refused to accept a security coordinator from the activists, despite the offer of an experienced activist who had offered to be present to prevent the situation from escalating dangerously. Police have also tortured the people out of their lock-ons using pain holds on pressure points.

2do. Malón de la Paz. Continúa el corte de ruta en intersección Nac Nº 9 y Nº 52.

Jorge Luis Vilte - Radio Solidaridad F.M. 104.1 Mhz. - Jujuy - Argentina, 09.08.2006 12:14

La protesta cuando llega Sobre la protesta por la propiedad de las tierras, derecho legitimado por la Constitución y sin cumplir por el Gobierno Provincial. En Purmamarca mas de 1000 persona permancen en esta protesta.

Anti-war activists storm Raytheon in Derry, Northern Ireland

Josef L., 09.08.2006 12:12

A group of protestors today (09 August, GMT) occupied Raytheon's Derry offices in protest at the development of weapons used in the destruction of Lebanon.

gréve dans les mines de cuivres au chili

chili en lutte, 09.08.2006 11:35

alors que le cours du cuivre ne cessent de grimper les mineurs chiliens ne voient aucunes augentations venir

controle social jusque dans vos appareils numériques

contre le tout sécuritaire, 09.08.2006 10:06

le contrôle social jusque dans votre appareil de Photo numérique


Catherine Boskowitz et Stéphane Gombert, 09.08.2006 08:03

appel au rassemblement d'artistes engagés contre l'aggression israelienne du Liban. Mise à disposition de lieux de culture et de theatres en France pour initié des actions faciliter la circulation d'artistes libananais. Impulsion pour creer une internationnale des artistes.

Revolutionary movement and its members under attack in U.S.!

Paul E. Dangerous, 09.08.2006 05:56

An international revolutionary movement has come under attack in the United States. Several of its members have been arrested and harrassed, and its paper shut down. Urgent action is needed by all democratically minded people to fight back against these attacks!

Former medical student to stand trial in kangaroo court!

Anon, 09.08.2006 05:05

Not constitutionally valid! Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.


observer, 09.08.2006 05:02

Annie's Letters is an almost daily updated blog that includes significant photos and numerous articles exposing the zionist foe.

For today's (August 8, 2006) blog:
Annie's Letters

See also Annie's Letters archives (scroll to bottom of page at above URL).

U.N.O- Again Helpless

TANVEER JAFRI, 09.08.2006 03:56

Author:Tanveer Jafri Now it seems that United Nations Organisation is becoming helpless. Power is dominating everywhere. So it is meaningless to talk about human rights. Now the solution of such impasse comes in the form of unity of the Arab world or in the form of the other effective world authority- all is in rerum natura.

Israel’s invitation to Third War!

Tanveer Jafri, 09.08.2006 03:48

Author: Tanveer Jafri Now need of the hour is that the countries like America that are helping Israel with arms & ammunition must see that where Israel is using them & if it wasn’t an act of terrorism? The world will have to think if it wasn’t a birth of the ‘Jew terrorism’? If it is so it may be good news for the producers of arms & ammunition but it will prove a great danger for the world peace.

Burrell sentenced to life for Whelan murder?

No Body, 09.08.2006 03:20

In his defence, his lawyers argued that the prosecution case was based on speculative and intrinsically flawed circumstantial evidence. What's more, Bruce Burrell's lawyers pointed out there wasn't a shred of forensic evidence linking him to the crime. Not a single hair, not even a microscopic trace of Kerry Whelan's DNA was ever found, despite extensive searches of his cars and property. But the jury's guilty verdict demonstrates that a strong circumstantial case can be sufficient to ensure a conviction?

Genecide - first test WA then the rest - Your DNA, Your Private Rights, Your bloodline marked

juror no 1, 09.08.2006 03:06

Your Private Rights Fastracked NAZI Fascist Data your bloodline marked identified crossmatched for what purpose ?

voila ce que nous réserve la biometrie

non a la biometrie, 09.08.2006 00:34

voila ce que nous réserve la biometrie et les délires sécuritaires qui vont avec

Hezballah, not Hezbolla

L.S, 08.08.2006 23:14

It need to be pronounced properly


Ejército de Liberación de los Pueblos, 08.08.2006 22:02

Por la libertad de nuestros humildes y sinceros pueblos, por un Líbano libre del terrorismo yanqui, por un Líbano libre de invasión, genocidio y fratricidio.

Cosmetic Surgery, 'Just Beat It'

Just Beat It!, 08.08.2006 21:59

Cosmetic Surgery 'If it works don't fix it' In response to this email going around:

Well I don't know...should we laugh, cry or scream?????? Ive said it before and will say again-for anyone who has children and knows the cartoons Pokememon, Digimon or Dragonball Z, dont you see the similarities??????? lol


@tx(((i)))imc, 08.08.2006 19:12


Roots Revolution Live! Nadya Sbaiti Discuss Lebanon

Soul Rebel, 08.08.2006 18:46

Roots Revolution Live! Nadya Sbaiti Discuss Lebanon

“Public Officials Hear Community’s Perspective on Border Issues”

Mikey Velarde, 08.08.2006 16:41

Introduction EL PASO, TX—Officials from Southern New Mexico and Texas sat on a panel
Saturday, August 5, at the University of Texas El Paso to listen to
testimonies from area residents concerning issues of border security and
comprehensive immigration reform. Of primary concern were issues of local law enforcement "doing the job of the Border Patrol."

world stuff

3D1on, 08.08.2006 16:28

png last:


Dostje, 08.08.2006 15:55

En estos momentos, - por medio de la radio de las valientes mujeres oaxaqueñas que tomaron pacíficamente el Canal 9 el pasado martes – la APPO dio el llamado de alerta roja para reforzar todos los bloqueos de los edificios de los tres poderes del estado y de las instalaciones y antenas del Canal 9 ante la amenaza de intensas actividades policiacas en esta ciudad capital.

PLAY Earth Ball - NOT WAR

EarthBall - Staff, 08.08.2006 14:42

PLAY Earth Ball - NOT WAR

No bars today, mum &amp; I made bail

Nellie de jongh, 08.08.2006 14:40

Visit to Yarl's Wood - Some go free - One Mother can't take it no more and self harms


Stephen Lendman, 08.08.2006 11:16


Open up the pearly gates!

Global Pie Brigade, 08.08.2006 09:31

Open up the pearly gates! Watch how the illuminati puppet gets a pie in the face.

Scumbags getting a well deserved treat

Global Pie Brigade plc.(public lunatic company), 08.08.2006 08:12

Scumbags Here is the summary: A pie in the face of a scumbag

More from Hiroshima Day in Melbourne - part 1

pc, 08.08.2006 06:14

Hiroshima Day in Melbourne The annual commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in effect merged with the fourth week of protests over Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza ...


Islamic Community Net, 08.08.2006 05:12

Russian photos of the carnage inflicted on the Lebanese people by the zionist foe.

Esperás Pan y les venden Rosca

hugO chirinO - U.N. y Compromiso - UNCU - Mza - Arg., 08.08.2006 01:29

Ref: Reencasillamiento No Docente en la Uncu de Mendoza

¿Qué es la democracia?

Nuria Barbosa León, 08.08.2006 00:51

Respuesta a una hondureña

world stuff

3D1on, 08.08.2006 00:36

png !last world stuff:

ecosse des militants pacifistes s'introduisent dans un avion américain

non aux guerres, 07.08.2006 23:37

partout bloquons les convois militaires

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