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Amsterdam: Demo against weapon transports

News from Amsterdam, 15.08.2006 20:46

MP’s Krista van Velzen (Socialist Party) and Ineke van Gent (Green Left Party) will tomorrow at 2 pm join a protest at Schiphol Plaza against the use of the airport as a stopover for weapon flights to Israel.

61 Schoolgirls Killed, 129 Wounded in Airstrike BY SRILANKAN GOVERNMENT

ANTONY, 15.08.2006 20:33

The number of children killed in the Sri Lankan air force bombing on students participating in a first aid seminar has increased to 61, with many fearing that the number killed is higher. About 150 children were seriously wounded. The Sri Lankan air force attack took place in Puthukuddiyiruppu, Mullaitivu Monday 14 August around 7.20 am. The injured were being rushed to Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi hospitals

61 Schoolgirls Killed, 129 Wounded in Airstrike BY SRILANKAN GOVERNMENT

ANTONY, 15.08.2006 20:31

The number of children killed in the Sri Lankan air force bombing on students participating in a first aid seminar has increased to 61, with many fearing that the number killed is higher. About 150 children were seriously wounded. The Sri Lankan air force attack took place in Puthukuddiyiruppu, Mullaitivu Monday 14 August around 7.20 am. The injured were being rushed to Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi hospitals

PETA: Putting Compassion Into Action for 26 Years

Heather Moore, 15.08.2006 19:59

On August 21, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world’s largest animal rights organization, will celebrate its 26th birthday. Since its inception in 1980, PETA has propelled animal rights issues into the mainstream and reshaped the way the world views animals.

belgique violences policiéres contre les sans papiers

non aux rafles, 15.08.2006 19:28

belgique violences policiéres lors de déportations de réfugiés

dans la france du fasciste Sarkozy comme en belgique le fascisme et le racisme institutionel banalisés


Michael Warchwski, 15.08.2006 18:30

Por Albert Longchamp

Allah appointed his messenger. Lo-ammi Please read the story. FATIMA?

Frank Hernandez, 15.08.2006 17:58

A chain of Coincidence's that will lead the reader's to the way Allah/God/The Spirit show's the world signs. It is up to each individual to judge between what is true and what is false. Many come saying they are doing God's/Allah's/The Spirits work, but they only come to take and not give. They give mis-leading information that make's people feel good but it is not the truth. So he is my story that is nothing but facts. LO-AMMI.

Aide aux pays pauvres : les Pays-bas premier, la France loin derrière

Blablax, 15.08.2006 17:46

Les Pays-Bas reste le pays riche qui contribue le plus à améliorer la vie dans les pays en voie de développement selon un rapport du Center for Global Development.

Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani -- False Friends to 911 Truth

Captain Eric H. May, 15.08.2006 15:02

A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer who has spent the last three years tracking and interdicting Bush administration terror plans exposes the double-dealing side of the alternative media, focusing on the Wing TV team of Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani, who have deliberately sabotaged the ongoing efforts by the 911 Truth Movement to spread word to endangered areas of possible pending 911's.

THOMAS FRANK : A Distant Mirror, Frameshop: George Allen's White Power Word &amp; Lebanon Tale

THOMAS FRANK - The New York Times, 15.08.2006 14:44

Frank: A Distant Mirror
Thomas Frank is the author, most recently, of “What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America.’’ He is a guest columnist during August.

Again Americans thrill to the exploits of the great tycoons, and gradually we are becoming reacquainted with pervasive inequality.

- PLUS: Story of a dead woman and baby buried in the rubble of Beirut.

- PLUS: Republican Senator George Allen(VA.) called someone at a campaign stop a 'macaca,' a racist slang word.

Resolving to Fail

jacques bonhomme, 15.08.2006 14:29

UN Resolution 1701 abandons the neutral language of Resolution 1697, which extened UNIFIL's mandate on 31 July 2006, for an Israeli-American rhetorical framework that guarantees a long-term failure to solve the political problem underlying the recent war.

New Explanation for the Cause of Atherosclerosis: The Acidity Theory

Infarct Combat Project, 15.08.2006 12:45

Atherosclerosis A research at Infarct Combat Project resulted in a new theory that explains the development of atherosclerosis. According to the new hypothesis, acidic pH evoked by stress provokes mechanical forces in coronary flow, leading to atherosclerosis.

South Central Farmers’ Supporters Prepare To Go To Court.

T.Rios, 15.08.2006 12:23

Los Angeles South Central Farmers’ supporters and the arrestees will be going to court on August 17th 2006.

Patti Smith smells a Rat in the White House

Patti Smith, 15.08.2006 10:25

Poet and Singer Patti Smith reacts to the spin put out by President Bush on the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.


Stephen Lendman, 15.08.2006 10:10


Esperanza to tackle pollution in world's centre of marine life

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 15.08.2006 08:39

The Esperanza arrives in the Philippines to confront the most pressing threats facing the country's marine ecosystems.

Art of War : Message for Christians

Larmee, 15.08.2006 08:32

Message for Christians A message for Christians, Please forward

Get organized and party for change!

Tasha Triplett, 15.08.2006 07:18

Fundraiser for the Socialism Conference 2006. Poker tournament, music, dancing, drinks, food and more! Saturday the 19th 7-midnight.

Fortis China - Open Brief

Wim Scharpe, 15.08.2006 07:14

Fortis China - Open Brief Arbeidsomstandigenheden uit de tijd van Daens, een exportproduct van Vlaanderen? Fortis China geeft graag advies.

Enough is Enough! Fundraiser for ISF,CEDP, the family of Asa Sullivan and the family of Big O

Tasha Triplett, 15.08.2006 07:07

Sunday Aug.20th at 3pm there will be a fundraiser for the families of recent victims of police brutality, the Idriss Stelley Foundation, and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty Bayview Chapter.

The politics of the latest terror scare

Barry Grey via sam, 15.08.2006 04:43

There undeniably is a conspiracy There undeniably is a conspiracy. It is a plot to use terrorist threats, real or imagined, to terrorize the American people, intimidate them, disorient them, and accustom them to accept the militarization of every aspect of their lives and the destruction of their democratic rights. The center of this conspiracy is the American government itself.

This Way Out - &quot;Now is the Hour&quot; &amp; Jerusalem WorldPride Wrap

Overnight Productions, Inc., 15.08.2006 00:57

August 14, 2006: Author "novelizes" his own story; queers brave Mid-East crisis for religion confab. Plus London lesbians denied Canadian wedding recognition, Chilean & US custody cases move forward, German court orders asylum for Iranian lesbian, more news.

West Papua commerorates 44 years of US sellout

freewestpapua, 15.08.2006 00:57

West Papuans will mark today, August 15, the 44th anniversary of the handing over of West Papua to Indonesia 44 years ago in 1962. “Everything happening currently in West Papua is because of this event, because of the failure of the international community to give the people of West Papua meaningful self determination,”

Also today sees massive protests in Jayapura, and the formal announcement of the formation of the West papua National Coalition for the Liberation of West Papua. 24th July 2006 became an historical moment for the West Papuan National Liberation Army Force (WPNLAF), they all agreed to become one (united) and committed to working together in-order to achieve the aims of revolution for the West Papuan people to be Independent and fully stand as a Nation separated from the Republic of Indonesia.

Counter-terrorism/liberty propaganda measures 'need strengthening'?

Anon, 15.08.2006 00:32

Anyways, just by coincidence? It makes you wonder whether they just have a list of propaganda material lined up that they don't tell the community about until the 'right time'. I mean don't tell me they couldn't have said it last week?

Intervención Federal/Punto y Aparte Oaxaca

Juan José Díaz Bermúdez, 15.08.2006 00:14

Jorge Valencia líder PAN. Acción Nacional, exige intervenga el gobierno Federal en Oaxaca, México ante el aumento de presencía de la ultra izquierda.


TYO Media Team - Svizzera, 15.08.2006 00:06

Bombordamento su di un orfanotrofio dell'organizzazione SENCHOLAI nel distretto di Jaffna nel nord dello Sri Lanka.

Who Really Started the War in Lebanon?

zx, 15.08.2006 00:04

Who really began the mess in Lebanon? Some evidence the MSM "forgot."

Exige Pan intervención federal en Oaxaca.

Juan José Díaz Bermúdez, 14.08.2006 23:37

Jorge Valencia. En Oaxaca, México, sigue la lucha.

UK/ Victims want more community &amp; restorative sentencing

Ranni, 14.08.2006 22:48

Focus on crime prevention It found overwhelming support for schemes that focus on crime prevention with more than half (54%) saying they were in favour of making offenders work in the community on projects in schools, old people's homes or parks to stop them re-offending.


Michael Steinberg, 14.08.2006 20:37

Small farmers and ranchers are organzing locally and nationwide to oppose the USDA's National Animal Identification System.

patti smith chante contre la guerre au proche orient

contre les guerres, 14.08.2006 20:31

ce qu'elle fait trés bien en chantant contre toutes les guerres depuis 1976


mshawer, 14.08.2006 19:54



Critical Resistance, 14.08.2006 16:57

Critical Resistance is fighting for amnesty for people arrested because of the storm, for example, individuals arrested for "looting" and people whose cases were impacted by the storm – such as those held beyond release dates or cases where evidence has been destroyed.

Kevin Finn Named 2006 Republican of the Year

USnewswire, 14.08.2006 16:25

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council announced today that Kevin Finn of Santa Monica is a 2006 Republican of the Year from California.

Music Program for Youth

Renaissance E.M.S, 14.08.2006 16:21

Affordable music program for our youth located in the Bronx, we offer music class including: drum, guitar, bass guitar, vocal training, percussion, audio engineering/production and more.

KRUGMAN : Hoping for Fear, BOB HERBERT: Aiding Our Enemies, Iran: Ahmadinejad Interview

PAUL KRUGMAN, BOB HERBERT- The New York Times, CBS, 14.08.2006 15:45

Paul Krugman says "the latest terror plot makes the administration’s fecklessness and cynicism on terrorism clearer than ever," and that the public is beginning to see through the administration's use of fear to gain political advantage. - PLUS: Bob Herbert asks if Americans will continue to fall for the political exploitation of their fears of terrorism. - PLUS: 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace in a rare interview with the President of Iran & more.

Grandmother tasered in front of grandchildren in lovely new hampshire

x, 14.08.2006 15:30

get armed now...

Dictator Blair starts banning Political Parties in the UK

venceremos, 14.08.2006 15:02

The British Prime Minister declared that we are involved in a war of ideas, but has as good as admitted early defeat by announcing a ban upon a peaceful Islamic political party: Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Bush Crime Familys War On America

Bill Gallagher, 14.08.2006 14:44

3 generations.

Sólo Hay 2 candidatos Presidenciales en venezuela

Modaira Rubio, 14.08.2006 14:24

En las próximas elecciones presidencilaes del 3 de diciembre en venezuela sólo hay 2 candidatos: la revolución y la contrarrevolución


Stephen Lendman, 14.08.2006 13:58

UN Resolution 1701 guarantees no end to the conflict.


JUGVIR INDER SINGH, 14.08.2006 13:02

The down unders have continued the gentic streak of darwins selection process and stayed criminal in conduct, actions and thought. Can they help it? Stealing a child? Trading with the enemy? Nuclear Fuel? Stealing Gas from a torn and shattered PNG and East Timor. Child PRISONS!!! Yes Child Prisons!!! Whats an Aborigine? Death Sentence to a Minor Child!!!
Yeah MATE free system in the Pacific Ocean!!! Read this

Republicrats close ranks on Liebermans defeat

Elizabeth Parenti-Soba, 14.08.2006 12:51

After the Primary defeat of incumbent Joe Lieberman, former Democratic Leadership Council chair and supporter of the Iraq war, support for his bid as an independent comes from accross party lines. This article looks at how the republican-lite policies of the DLC undermine both the two party system.


ORWELL, 14.08.2006 07:39


Naval Security Document Lumps Journalists With Foreign Spies

Steve Peacock, 14.08.2006 04:54

A recently obtained Naval Operations Security Plan (OPSEC) expressly reveals the U.S. Navy’s contempt for journalists, whom it views in the same light as – and arguably a less favorable light than – foreign spies. The document was discovered while researching a federal contract to support psychological operations (PSYOPS) that the U.S. military conducts worldwide, a $100 million award secured by Virginia-based CACI International.

Tracing a Trail of Destruction: Report from Lebanon, August 13, 2006

Walden Bello*, 14.08.2006 04:48

BEIRUT, Lebanon - The wounds of war were evident shortly after we crossed the Syria-Lebanon border at 1130 in the morning on August 12. At Haissa, about three kilometers from the Dabboussiyeh border crossing, we come across the ruins of a bridge hit by Israeli war planes just the day before. Villagers tell us 12 people were killed and 10 wounded, all civilians.

Is Everyone On This Site A Stalinist Robot Programmed To Obey the Party Line

outside observer, 14.08.2006 04:36

It seems that Indymedia is determined to prove Fox pundits are correct that "the left supports the terrorists".

darwin imc censored on oceania again

fed up, 14.08.2006 04:04

as sydney, NZ. adelaide and even an unafilliated collective have decided not to interfere with the return of our domain - and perth also have no wish to interfere - why is discussion still censored on the oceania list as to why our domain has not been returned? - mick DIMC

Book/prisons Western Hemisphere

Justice Action/CURE, 14.08.2006 03:05

CURE Dear Friends, This is a special effort by CURE in the US. We have pasted the first part and the section about the US on the bottom for those who can't download the 1.8mb book. It gives a sense of what we could do.

Dead Prez, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Sizzla featured on K-Salaam’s “The World is Ours”

bkny, 14.08.2006 02:39

Hip-hop and reggae’s most talented and revolutionary
artists join forces in a powerful newly-released album
produced by K-Salaam and his partner Beatnick

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