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Bomb Plots, Elections, Smokescreens, and the Way Forward

Kenneth J. Theisen, 19.08.2006 21:58

Many hope that a Democratic election victory in November will somehow halt the Bush regime drive for global empire. But such hopes are merely illusion. As a party of empire, the Democratic party is incapable of doing so. Only by driving the Bush regime from power can we hope to halt the Bush regime agenda.

Liquid Bombers Prove: &quot;They Hate Our Fredoms!&quot;

By Edgar J. Steele, 19.08.2006 19:36

You clearly have demonstrated, Mr. Bush, with your appointment of Zionists and incompetent sycophants (all too often, one and the same) into every crack, crevice and cubby of your administration, with your stacking of the courts, with your abandonment of the rule of law, with your purging of the military officer corps, with your shocking misuse of our military enlisted personnel and with your treasonous disdain for the Constitution ... that it is you who hates our freedoms!

(¿Humor?) El nuevo orden mundial tiene problemas para imponerse

el_gato (uruguay), 19.08.2006 19:20

La ironía, arma de la inteligencia contra la brutalidad armada de los imperios Acerca de la derrota imperialista en el Líbano

Boicot a Johnson &amp; Johnson (boicot a Israel)

Salvador, 19.08.2006 18:23

las razones para boicotear a la compañia Johnson & Johnson

MAUREEN DOWD : Where Is Euphrates Etiquette, THOMAS FRANK : What Is K Street’s Project?+

MAUREEN DOWD &amp; THOMAS FRANK - The New York Times, 19.08.2006 18:07

Dowd: Rude Iraqis - President Bush wants to see some gratitude from his Iraqi charges — pronto.
- PLUS: Frank: K Street - Thomas Frank is the author, most recently, of “What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America.’’ What K Street wants from government is often the opposite of what the public wants.
- PLUS: More

Curing the Stress Anxiety Phobias Fear and Pain of Spiritual Syphilis

Karen Fish, 19.08.2006 16:36

Atilla the Hun It's easy.

New Orleans Mayor Nagin Blames Racism for Slow Katrina Recovery

Cory Turner, 19.08.2006 12:31

Sometimes it's easier to pass the buck than to work to receive the big bucks.

Scan Dot Org - 'Nimbin bites back' part 1

martin via sam, 19.08.2006 05:45

'Hoaxjoints' Live re-enactment of the 1976 'cattle truck bust' length: 29 mins. 128 kb/s stereo 27 MB

Who is behind World War 3

Lyndon H. LaRouche, 19.08.2006 04:22

LaRouche's analysis on the geopolitical situation.

President George Bush Jr's Resume

warrior1777, 19.08.2006 01:42

This is an indepth Resume and Job Performance of Jr.

Introducing Ghost Troop to the Army Inspector General

Captain Eric H. May, 19.08.2006 01:41

The strange near-death of an active Army Ghost Troop seems more than suspicious, as the unit leader, Captain May, explains in this most revealing report to the Army Inspector General. Are Ghost Troops, who serve on a mission of conscience to spread the word about the 911 set up -- and prevent future ones -- on the Bush League hit list?

The Only Solution to Terrorism

Gary L. Krupp KCSG, 19.08.2006 01:39

Religious extremism is the underlying cause of terrorism. The only solution for this problem is for the religions themselves to recognize their responsibility for the zealots of their own creation. They must speak out against violence and deaths perpetrated in the name of their religion and shun any persons who pervert the name of their religion to support violent and destructive goals.

Lodhi lawyer welcomes Thomas appeal win

Anon, 18.08.2006 22:49

SOLITARY CONFINEMENT? Perhaps the abc should get another Walkley award?????????????????????


axaxaxaxaxaxa, 18.08.2006 18:46


CIA warned Bush five times pre 9/11 + Compromised NSA + HOAX News

Tom Heneghan, 18.08.2006 16:51

CIA warned Bush five times pre 9/11
Karl Rove has THE secret Blackwater Associates slushfund to be directed to his preferred Democrats including

[MP3] Cesk Freixas amb Els Altres Bandais - Les veus dels pobles lliures

ulls, 18.08.2006 16:44

les veus dels pobles lliures LES VEUS DELS POBLES LLIURES

Liability Murder

Malcolm Everett, 18.08.2006 15:03

The story you are about to read is true.

PAUL KRUGMAN : Wages, Wealth and Politics - On Inequality &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 18.08.2006 14:57

Krugman: Government policies have played a big role in America’s growing economic polarization
- PLUS: Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land Opened in NYC Last Night ( W/ COMPLETE Video)
- PLUS: Ex-CIA official says winners, losers in Mideast are clear
- PLUS: Aaron Russo UNPLUGGED, Producer of "America: Freedom to Fascism" - Video & More

cachan france risques d'intervention contre le campement des expulsés

cachan, 18.08.2006 14:23

Cachan banlieue de paris nouveaux risques d'intervention policière cette après midi contre le camp des expulsés du squat du bâtiment f de la cité universitaire de l'ens

Manifestation des guinéens de Suisse contre le régime du dictateur Lansana Conté

Neoleadership-Guinée, 18.08.2006 13:09

NLS-Manif Genève Le Général Président Lansana Conté dirige la Guinée d'une main de fer depuis le 3 avril 1984 à l'issu d'un coup d'Etat militaire. La Guinée, un pays immensément riche en ressources naturelles de toutes sortes, se meurt lentement mais sûrement à cause des pratiques chroniques de mauvaise gestion des bien publics et la répression de toute opinion politique dérangeante...

Upcoming radio debate about the prospective legalization of hemp

T.Rios, 18.08.2006 13:09

This Saturday (08-18-2006) at 9AM Pacific, the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R) and Author John Roulac for a conversation about the prospective legalization of hemp.

Fidel se recupera, con Cuba en calma: Raúl Castro

Combate News, 18.08.2006 12:36

En una entrevista publicada el viernes en la portada de Granma, Raúl dijo además que en Cuba reina una "absoluta tranquilidad" y que "decenas de miles" de reservistas y militares fueron movilizados para responder una posible agresión militar de Estados Unidos.


Stephen Lendman, 18.08.2006 12:07

Analysis of Wall Street Journal article praising sham UN resolution.

En estado muy grave la presa política del PCE(r) Fina García Aranburu

Socorro Rojo internacional, 18.08.2006 11:09

Fina García Ha sufrido 3 infartos de miocardio consecutivos yestá muy grave

Entrevista a Nasrallah, dirigente de hezbollah sobre Israel, la guerra y el movimiento socialista

Izquierda Punto Info, 18.08.2006 09:28

Entrevista exclusiva con el maximo dirigente de Hezbollah

God Blesses the Peacemakers

Tanveer Jafri, 18.08.2006 09:21

Author : Tanveer Jafri Ordinary people like me, who are peace loving having firm belief that where there is peace, love, brotherhood & equality, God is only there. Those, who try to walk on the path of peace, brotherhood & Godliness, always win. The same measuring rod in the present conflict in Middle East will tell who won the war & who lost it.

Judge quashes Thomas conviction

Civilrights, 18.08.2006 07:41

Good news for a change! This is fantastic news. Congratulations to Jack and the Thomas family! It is a vindication of everyone prepared to fight for basic rights -- and makes the bus trip all the more important. We're in the process of putting a press release out. Good news for a change!

UPDATE-- Petition: We Demand an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

Anon, 18.08.2006 05:35

International Criminal Tribunal for Israel This Petition demands that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.

cachan honte a la france de sarkozy

anti sécuritaire, 18.08.2006 05:24

A quand un Atenco dans l’ex pays des droits de l’homme nous avons nommé la France

non au controle social policier et militaire

AIDS Brain Drain: Countries Hit Hardest by AIDS Lacking Millions of Medical Workers

Democracy Now! via sam, 18.08.2006 03:53

16th International World Aids Conference The World Health Organization warned earlier this week that the countries hit hardest by AIDS desperately need 4 million more health workers to cope with the crisis. Many of the locally-trained doctors and nurses in these countries have been lured away to the United States and Europe by higher salaries. We speak with Smita Baruah of Physicians for Human Rights.


coordinacion organizaciones antimperialistas, 18.08.2006 01:04

Una vez más el pueblo oriental gana la calle para reafirmar su decisión de lucha contra el imperialismo y para cimentar en esa lucha la imprescindible solidaridad internacionalista con los pueblos que hoy sufren la más brutal y descarnada expresión de la política imperialista: la guerra genocida del estado israelí en contra de los pueblos de Palestina y el Líbano.
En las últimas semanas, el gobierno progresista ha dado pasos sustanciales en la consolidación de una política que al tiempo que abandona los planteos históricos del movimiento obrero y popular y la izquierda, se alinea firmemente con las políticas impulsadas desde Washington.

UPDATE-- Petition: We Demand an Immediate International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

Creating A Sustainable Future (CASF), 18.08.2006 00:48

The Petition demands that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.

As of 17 August 2006 more than 3,300 signatories from about 97 countries have endorsed the Petition.

Increasing prospect of Islamic Caliphate in Central Asia

Natalia Antelava -- BBC News, 18.08.2006 00:30

A good sign much to the disappointment of Zionist supporters world-wide.

Warmongers Want Medals? Prime Sinister wants to give out Medals?

HoWARd's abc &amp; I was only 19, 18.08.2006 00:13

I was only 19 It appears that Labor is promoting it but sinister hoWARd is behind the illusion and this is so Lib/Lab can sustain the promotion of war, WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, tyranny and terrorism as a good thing.

Have a drink, play some golf, rape and kill an Iraqi girl and then grill some chicken – normal behaviour?

KCom Journal, 17.08.2006 23:54

Yes these individuals are humans and so are their masters: Bush, Blair, Rice, Rumsfeld etc.
But without a doubt they are infidels _indeed_!
They have not place among humans, and either they will submit to and embrace Islam
or they will meet with Allah on the Day of Judgement and experience the torment
of the Hell Fire!

¿APPO?/Punto y Aparte Oaxaca

Juan José Díaz Bermúdez, 17.08.2006 23:21

Vandalos Organización o rebeldia.

Court hears fishing expedition letter 'referred to sacrifices to a cause'

Anon, 17.08.2006 22:30

[kiss, kiss, kiss, hug] The letter reads: "My love, How I miss you already? What would I ever do if we were separated for more than a day? Inshallah I will never find out. May the only cause for our separation be the cause of Allah. And may he grant me paradise alongside you as queen of your Hoor." [kiss, kiss, kiss, hug]

A World Beyond Capitalism Conference! No charges for anything! Solidarity!

Solidarity, 17.08.2006 21:24

solidarity The Second Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference, known as the 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference is set to begin! It will continue from August 26th-28th, 2006. There is no charge for anything!

Stalking, A Form of Citizen Harassment and Torture

Cheryl Hugle, 17.08.2006 20:39

Stalking is a well orchestrated attack on an individual's ability to function, economically, politically and socially. It works by isolating individuals through slander and then employs nummerous forms of harassment. The object is to make the target appear insane and completely discredit thier effort at self-protection. Some sources state that one in twelve women will be victims of stalking campaigns at some time in their lives. But stalkers alos target children and many of their stories can be read at Below is a flier I typed to encourage local action. Get informed. It affects many and most of them are activists or potential activists.

Everything the Greedy,Right-Wing Republicans &quot;TOUCH&quot; turns to CRAP!!!!

k.hawley, 17.08.2006 19:59

President Bush's Right-Wing Republicians have the "Midas Touch" - but in "Reverse" - everything they and their Greedy Wall St. Cronies touch, rapidly turns to C-R-A-P!

Unilateral action by Israel spawns violence in Gaza

George Bisharat, 17.08.2006 19:54

With the spotlight on Lebanon, another Middle East milestone is passing largely unnoticed. However, its lessons are just as important. A year ago this week, Israel began implementing its unilateral Gaza disengagement plan -- yet the region is beset by violence. Why did withdrawal of 8,500 Jewish settlers from Gaza lead to more conflict? Can Israel withdraw from Arab territories without inviting attack?

Original Niggah

sam libby, 17.08.2006 19:34

The destiny of the Biblical Hebrews.


Claire, 17.08.2006 18:09


A somewhat unknown History…

Dear ladies and Gentlemen,

It is as the French correspondent of Neshat Tozaj, Albanian writer, journalist and film script writer, that I take the freedom of letting you know of the recent publication of his last book in France "Ils n’étaient pas frères et pourtant" Albanie 1943-1944″, the original title published in Albania is “Shalom”.

This book intentionally written as a novel because of the friendship described tells us that the Jewish Albanian community and all the refugees who came from other countries found protection and salvation among the Albanian population under the nazi occupation. The Jews in fact were immediately protected and hidden.




Bush Announces Concentration Camps for Muslims

Karen Fish, 17.08.2006 17:53

Button Boy It was only a matter of time.




A Voting Block for Peace?

David Havelka, 17.08.2006 17:20

Lawn signs and Bumpers Stickers available at is organizing a Voting block for peace, and againsts wars of agression.

Ending Israel's Occupation of Palestine Ends Terrorism

Mohamed Khodr, 17.08.2006 17:04

America's blind support of Israel's militarism, invasions, occupations, genocide, and devastation of an entire nation, Lebanon, for two prisoners of war,will only foster more "blowback terror" against innocent Americans unaware that their government, especially Congress, is the real prisoner of war, Israel's war on Palestinians and Lebanese. America's freedom begins with Palestinian freedom.

pagina web del frente de estudiantes libertarios de Chile, 17.08.2006 17:00

nueva pagina web del frente de estudiantes libertarios (fel) de chile, quienes mantienen un trabajo constante y responsable, revolucionario es este pais latinoamericano.

Skating with the Hezbollah

Worldwide Travel, 17.08.2006 16:28

Beirut can't win. It was barely recovered from the tragic effects of a 15-year-long civil war and now it is the target of daily bombardments from the Israeli Air Force. Just before the bombing started we met with the notorious Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade in the city's Palestianian refugee camps. We also sang and danced with the Fateh Boy Scouts, children who are being groomed to be the suicide bombers of tomorrow.

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