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M1A1's are burning. More tanks, armored personnel carriers to Iraq: general

afp hack, 29.04.2004 01:30

Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) General says More tanks needed to keep the Iraqis liberated. Durned ingrates they don't stay liberated for long. At this rate we will Need M1A1 pointed at each Iraqi house so that they can enjoy freedom.


YM, 29.04.2004 01:13

Bush:"Condoleeza! Nice to see you. What's happening?"

googlebomb the RNC and update collective, 29.04.2004 00:58

put this banner on your site and link to us updates on our site and googlebomb!

Scorn For Corn: A Left Gatekeeper

Alex Constantine, 29.04.2004 00:35

Ironically, David Corn, Noam Chomsky, Marc Cooper and other writers for The
Nation frown on anyone who deals in "conspiracies," and often speak
condescendingly about these geeky, paranoid mollusks.

Police represion in Poland

Biber, 28.04.2004 23:29

Police came, without warning, to the house of the one member of Polish alterglobalisation movement and used a force. They forced all the persons to stand by the wall. Police was extremly agressive.

Nasty Resistance trap kills 12 Liberators

resistance hack, 28.04.2004 21:07

wanker patrol blows ass gass, loses head(s).

Celebrate May 1st, Saturday, 5pm, at Libros Revolucion bookstore!

Libros Revolucion, 28.04.2004 20:38

Invitation to our May Day event,Saturday,May 1,5pm,at 312 West 8th Street, Los Angeles,CA 90014, (213) 488-1303. Celebrating soon to be released video talk by Bob Avakian, Chairman of RCP with 20 minute clip; also, marking 25th anniversary of Revolutionary Worker/Obrero Revolucionario;and 20th anniversary of formation of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!

Venezuela: el secuestro de una piedra sagrada

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 28.04.2004 20:14

* Desde Venezuela el pueblo pemón lanza un pedido a la solidaridad internacional en su lucha por recuperar la piedra sagrada Kueka, elemento significativo de su cosmogonía e identidad cultural que les fue arrebatado con la complicidad del Estado alemán y del Estado venezolano

Prezel Liberation Front Presents: Indy Spider

Pretzel Liberation Front, 28.04.2004 20:06

After months of inaction by the Global-IMC collective, at last the Pretzel Liberation Front has secured a spider script to build the archive pages IndyGeeks refuse to do.

Saddam's Replacement

Ralou, 28.04.2004 19:17

America has replaced Saddam's brutal dictatorship with the seedlings of a new regime likely to be just as brutal or worse.

Pic's from the Phoenix benefit for Laro Nicol's and SHerman Austin @ AZ indy media.

me, 28.04.2004 18:51

Check out these pic's from a benefit show for Laro Nicol and Sherman Austin. THe AZ activists are doing a GREAT with PR.

Student Activist Murdered in Mexico City

la resistencia, 28.04.2004 17:21

Noel Pavel González González was tortured, raped and beaten, resulting in his murder that mirrors the tactics used in the worst era of the Dirty War in Mexico


Josh Miller, 28.04.2004 17:14

Why this website sucks.

Construyendo la Biblioteca del Foro Social Mundial

Jéferson Assumção, 28.04.2004 16:47

Estamos construyendo la biblioteca del Foro Social Mundial. Ya tenemos más de 4 mil libros en Porto Alegre (Brasil) y contamos con la colaboración de todos y todas para hacer una grande biblioteca de alternativas en muchas linguas. Por favor, envien sus libros también, con ideas que puedan interesar a toda la gente que está construyendo un mundo mejor. Hay más textos y noticias en portugués, inglés, alemán y francés en
nuestro sitioweb ( Mosaico de Livros és una campaña del Campamiento Intercontinental de La Juventud y Alcaldia de Porto Alegre que integra el Proyecto Memoria del Foro Social Mundial e Foro Mundial de Educación.

The wardogs

hans, 28.04.2004 15:45

Wardogs The Godfathers of International Terrorism

Wow, what Kooks !

Keeper of Odd Knowledge, 28.04.2004 15:33

Wow, what Kooks !

The Truth - Why Pat Tillman served

A Marine CO, 28.04.2004 15:06

What this left wing Rag won't tell you

Fool's paradise

Larry Lobash, 28.04.2004 14:31

I was compelled to write after reading the lines posted by many of your followers regarding Pat Tillman. I'm amazed that so many idiots have banded together. For a group of fools there seems to be quite a few of you. Generally, the less intelligent can be grouped around emotional issues but seldom do they form a coherent voice.

Solidarity with Chile and Latin America. 15 May - International CO Day

War Resisters' International, 28.04.2004 14:06

WRI-Logo 15 May is International Conscientious Objectors' Day!

Students stage protest against new Iraqi flag in Mosul

Sara, 28.04.2004 14:00

MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) - Students in this northern Iraqi city took to the streets to protest the new Iraqi flag, shouting slogans slamming the United States and the US-appointed Iraqi interim Governing Council.

GO0GL3y 3y3$ ©OLLAGE

£, 28.04.2004 13:42

©OLLAGE From the m1¢0$0f7 pc-reich to a gO0gl3 internet?
0. Even from a business perspective, did you know that super-pop company go0gle (or just "G") is actually works in near total secrecy? How's that for transparency, eh?
1. The other side of the story is that the level of secrecy is on par with the level of excitement amongst investors, and many others, its suspect IPO has generated.
2. Meanwhile, any tech bubble is surely, easily outdone from that long news-blackout region, China?
3. Finally, notice how the bad-boys-of-bidness aren't in the newz now?

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again

Dan Bloom, 28.04.2004 13:41

The story is in English and Chinese.

Manifestación Ciclonudista Mundial

Radio Topo, 28.04.2004 11:15

Día de Acción Global. Manifestación Ciclonudista Mundial

Transforming rays into weapons

..., 28.04.2004 05:43

Stopping an adversary in his boots with a nonlethal ray gun is no longer just a sci-fi pipe dream, according to a local defense contract official.

The unexpected ending of the case against the Oakland 25

Daniel Borgström, 28.04.2004 04:06

The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.


mateo schwartz, 28.04.2004 00:25

We are looking for support in bringing solar energy to a new school in Rabinal, Guatemala with a focus in a human rights based education for children affected by the violence of the Civil War. There are copies available in Spanish as well. Gracias. -----------


LEE MURPHY, 28.04.2004 00:18


We still care in america

&quot;MAE&quot;, 27.04.2004 23:21

The story of a women's struggle

&quot;I Still Care&quot;

&quot;MAE&quot;, 27.04.2004 23:15

The Struggle to succeed.

David Rovics At IMF World Bank Building

marco, 27.04.2004 22:42

Rovics At Fort Benning Stages Here's audio of David Rovics singing in front of the World Bank
Building. This was 24 april. Mumia Abu Jamal's birthday, and the
anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
(I got this using a cellphone so it'll come off rather "tinny."
But the audio should bring you there, nonetheless! :) )

Battle for Fallujah heats up

Insurgant Hack, 27.04.2004 22:32

Urban warfare at its worst.

Anarchist singers web site

Notas de Libertad, 27.04.2004 22:25

foto el rancho, 1936, kati horna Web site about anarchist singers

new words for a new world order

aw, 27.04.2004 21:44

New Words for a New world order: Spokescretin, Myrmidion, Cur, Curspeak, Swine Patrol, Wanker

What have Bush and Sharon Wrought?

Henry Siegman, IHT (posted by David James Vickery), 27.04.2004 21:19

Thick as Thieves The suggestion is that developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being driven by the road map, whereas one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to be unaware that they are being driven by Sharon's efforts to bypass, undermine and bury the road map.

Por un 1º de mayo proletario, internacionalista y revolucionario

UHP, 27.04.2004 19:36

La situación es catastrófica. Todos lo sabemos. Las condiciones laborales nos retrotraen al siglo XIX.

The US And Legality

0bs1d1an, 27.04.2004 19:23

&quot;Operation Iraqi Freedom&quot; Apparently, the Neocon Washington is continuing to claim that the Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr is an "outlaw" and a "murderer."

No a la APEC - not to APEC - Non a l'APEC - urgente convocatoria

d.j.a.y, 27.04.2004 19:23

CONVOCATORIA: PUEBLO MAPUCHE Y ORGANIZACIONES SOCIALES CONTRA APEC (Encuentros, actividades, foros 2, 3, 4 y 5 de junio del año 2004)


CONTRA LA GLOBALIZACIÓN CAPITALISTA Y EL NEO COLONIALISMO, DECIMOS: ¡NO A LA APEC! (Pueblo Mapuche por la autodeterminación de los Pueblos y Naciones originarias)


(The Mapuche People Promote the Self Determination of Indigenous People and Nations


(Le peuple Mapuche pour l'autodétermination des Peuples autochtones
et des Premières nations)


well, they were in the way

Brian, 27.04.2004 18:34

GWB in Cartoon

hate crime in Czech republic

romea c/o fum, 27.04.2004 17:56

link is here (eng/cz)


john ashcroft, 27.04.2004 17:35

IMF/WB A24 Black Bloc 1 pics and videos

Two Voting Companies &amp; Two Brothers

Lynn Landes, 27.04.2004 16:58

The 2004 election rests in the private hands of the Urosevich brothers and their corporations.

Grâce refusée à Iouri Bandajevski

Vanessa SCHNEIDER, 27.04.2004 16:28

Le scientifique biélorusse, condamné à huit ans de prison pour avoir travaillé sur les conséquences humaines de la catastrophe de Tchernobyl, vient de se voir refuser la grâce présidentielle.

death squad man to run iraq

viva zapata, 27.04.2004 16:10

GEORGE BUSH has chosen a replacement for Paul Bremer as governor-in-chief in Iraq. It is John Negroponte, the mastermind behind the death squads of Central America. Negroponte could give lessons to the most brutal dictatorships in the world on how to organise death squads, assassinate opponents and terrorise popular movements into submission.

Under the blue sky

Levon Sechlean, 27.04.2004 14:36

What is democracy and hoew to use it

Long-Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

Sarah Munfourd, 27.04.2004 14:28

This is some news never reported, to my knowledge. This news was witnessed by me, I was with the individual when this happened. I've kept up via e-mail with this person since then, and have reported this also to his hometown IMC.

ED ASNER (urgent) letter to Peace &amp; Justice groups

Jan, 27.04.2004 13:25

Bill from Kansas Dedicated celebrity activist encourages immediate shift in focus


Francisco Trindade, 27.04.2004 13:01


politrics: State capitalism is not communism. (w$)

£, 27.04.2004 12:20

communism wink wink nudge nudge There once was a place called Ussr.
It's opponent was Usa.
It lost and became russia and...
something, something...
oh hell, forget it...

5 million peacemarch

Per Fosgrau, 27.04.2004 11:38

Let's contribute to peace in the Middle East

Eyewitnesses: Drugged US Troops Laughing In Battle

Dharma Bum, 27.04.2004 06:54

U.S. soldiers die laughing, and yet there's talk of a draft. What next?

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