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Déficit de Atención e hiperactividad? Howard Glasser, autor de &quot;101 razones para evitar el Ritalin

CCHR México, 24.08.2006 16:52

Influenciado por el film Superengórdame, Glasser se sometió al metilfenidato como un caso del Trastorno por Défict de Atención e Hiperactividad. Publico el libro "101 razonas para evitar el Ritalin como la plaga"


Hanady Salman, traduite par Philippe Rossignol, 24.08.2006 16:48

Témoignage d'une journaliste libanaise

Haircut Shuts Down Indian Parliament

Karen Fish, 24.08.2006 16:30

Neo Beatle Like the shot heard round the world.

Países do Sul transferem para os do Norte o equivalente a 3 Planos Marshall por ano

Francisco Trindade, 24.08.2006 16:24

Países do Sul transferem para os do Norte o equivalente a 3 Planos Marshall por ano

Fidel, con los pobres de la tierra

Piero Gleijeses, 24.08.2006 15:09

Afirma profesor estadounidense que no conoce otro país más que Cuba para el cual el altruismo haya sido un componente tan clave de su política exterior, y que eso es lo que representa Fidel para él.

Vets Get Organized

Repost from jamie, 24.08.2006 13:42

OCALA, Fla. -- Chuck Hubert of Ocala fought in Iraq, and he said he believes he is suffering from the "new" Agent Orange.

The government said it used millions of gallons of herbicides -- which was called Agent Orange -- in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971 to remove unwanted plant life that provided cover to enemy forces.

Returning veterans reported various health problems after they returned home, which they attributed to Agent Orange, WESH 2 News reported.

Hubert said he and thousands of others who have returned from the Iraq war are battling the effects of inhaling depleted uranium yet no one's listening.

"I just want answers. I mean simple answers," Hubert said.

What happened in the deserts of Iraq caused Hubert to fear for his life on American soil

"I'm only 33 years old. I want to live to see 70," he said.

As a medic aboard Blackhawks in 2003, Hubert was living his dream.

"I was going to be a lifer. I was going to stay in my 20," he said.

Dreams of a continued Army career turned to dust. Hubert was medically discharged, strange symptoms emerged and he was nauseated and dizzy all the time.

"That's when they determined I had Grave's Disease," he said.

"He's an expert supposedly on depleted uranium," his wife, Monica, said.

"She has done plenty of research and found so many other families suffering from strange medical symptoms. They believe uranium that rubs off from bullets and even tanks triggers illnesses when it's inhaled."

"If a bullet is coated with depleted uranium it will pierce further. It will hit harder," Monica Hubert said.

The family said it wants to know if Chuck Hubert has the new Agent Orange and they want to know why the government won't test him.

"It could be as simple as trying to hide something," he said.

The Huberts said they hope someone will hear their cry for help.

Hubert works but can only perform certain duties because of his ongoing medical condition. The government pays some disability but he said it's not enough to support a family of five.


Tom Heneghan, 24.08.2006 13:19

MUST hear this EXPLOSIVE, excellent, excellent all-inclusive INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING revealing the truth and reality behind the massive illusions and deceptions of the Traitor Cabal.

Dolor y muerte por fuego

Mariano Cabrero Bárcena, 24.08.2006 12:02

Fuego en Galicia Tenemos todos los años en Galicia el problema de los incendios forestales. Es un asunto puntual que ocupa a los servicios de vigilancia ambiental, personal responsable de la extinción de incendios, a los políticos y a los medios de comunicación. Este agosto del 2006 -siempre lo recordaremos los españoles-, y concretamente los gallegos, porque los efectos del siniestro han sido demoleros en cuando a los daños causados en miles de hectáreas en campo gallego. Son ya cuatro los muertos contabilizados, amén de varios heridos. En efecto, se ha creado alarma social, pero han que considerar que el presente año los siniestros han sido mayores como consecuencia de las mayores temperaturas habidas. Quizás debemos comprender que el mal causado va a incidir ciertamente sobre el suelo quemado, régimen de las aguas, clima, fauna, flora...


Stephen Lendman, 24.08.2006 11:00


Greenpeace reveals new evidence of highly toxic contaminants in Rapu Rapu

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 24.08.2006 07:29

Greenpeace and government officials from Rapu-Rapu today conducted an inspection of the island's Mirikpitik Creek, which is found to be contaminated by the Lafayette mine. Water samples taken from the creek, which leads out from the mine and into the sea, showed very high levels of toxic metals such as cadmium, copper and zinc.

Anoox search engine in-line with Indymedia

Claudio Fazio, 24.08.2006 03:52

I love Indymedia and what it is doing. I too despise the wall street owned media who are hell bent to promote War after War under scaring American people that there is a threat of Terrorism, etc, lies.
But for our goals of free media to come true, we can use as many supporting/similar sources. And one I highly recommend is Anoox search engine. Because search engine is after all THE Gateway to all information in todays world.

Reclamo a favor del Bosque del Plantío

Ciudadanos Pro Bosque del Plantío, 24.08.2006 02:40

El Gobernador de Puerto Rico vetó una ley que protegería 80 cuerdas de terreno en Toa Baja, acción contraria al compromiso programático que protegería 100 mil cuerdas de terreno en 10 años, según anunciado por el propio Gobernador en el mes de julio.

Again, Arabs to Fish in a ‘Dead Sea’

Nicola Nasser*, 24.08.2006 02:03

More of the successive failed “peace processes” as a management practice during intervals between wars is no more convincing to Arab populace as an alternative to real peace-making

The Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs

Democracy Now! via sam, 23.08.2006 23:23

Exploded Special Democracy Now! Report from Southern Lebanon: Ana Nogueira Investigates the Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs.

Al Jazira: sito arabo? No, il solito camuffamento della destra euroasiatista

Enrico Semprini, 23.08.2006 23:05

Il nome vero del famoso media arabo è Al Jazeera, ma puo capitare di imbattersi in un sito che, facendo il veso al modo in cui si pronuncia, si propone come “sito di volontari ed esperti del mondo arabo”; poi trovi riferimenti a siti revisionisti o che ospitano articoli del peggior fondamentalismo cristiano.

Comunicado de prensa: D.R.I.V.E esta alcanzando exitosamente a los prisioneros del corredor de la muerte exhortándolos a “no caminar a su propia muerte”, 23.08.2006 22:16

La protesta de la Vanguardia de Internos Comunitaristas Comprometidos del Corredor de la Muerte (The Death Row Inner-communalist Vanguard Engagement D.R.I.V.E) continúa. Aún prosigue y no parará. Los miembros de DRIVE han hecho enormes sacrificios por la causa de la organización tras los muros de la prisión. De hecho, su filosofía es que el sacrificio personal es necesario para conseguir los cambios tan urgentemente necesarios, no sólo en el Corredor de la muerte de Polunsky, sino también en todos los corredores de la muerte en los Estados Unidos.

cryptoforestfest september 2006

rudo, 23.08.2006 21:48

crypto forest fest
14 - 24/September/2006
czech republic
bit of Carls Bad

Esclavage et modernité

anonymouss, 23.08.2006 19:44

Dans le monde «libre», les peuples sont composés de citoyens dont chacun est son propre maître - et donc aussi son propre esclave qu'il lui appartient d'entretenir Et s'il n'a pas personnellement de quoi le faire, il doit le vendre un certain temps par jour. Et comme avec le fric ainsi gagné, il peut l'entretenir, ils passent ensemble le reste du temps.



Government accountability for general tax revinue. There is little incentive for government department staff to consider customers or the need for customer service, as the get paid no matter what they do or don't do.

Shell di nuovo all'attacco per rubare le risorse naturali inquinando e minacciando la sicurezza della gente!

Carlos, 23.08.2006 17:38

Resistenza contro Shell! Un consorzio di multinazionali costituito da Shell, Stateoil e Marathon e supportato dal governo irlandese si sta proponendo di costruire un pericolosissimo gasdotto e una raffineria nella parte nord occidentale nord occidentale della repubblica d’Irlanda.

New Orleans' Ninth Ward residents facing eminent deadline

Radical Housewife, 23.08.2006 17:16

While Hurricane Katrina is long gone, many of New Orleans' residents from the hardest hit areas of the city are about to suffer another blow.

Since the storm, a new City Council was elected with more than half of the residents not allowed to have a vote, since they were still away and no satellite polls were set up for them, even in areas with large populations of evacuees. In May 2006, this newly elected City Council passed a resolution that gives homeowners in areas such as the Lower Ninth Ward until August 29,2006- one year to the day of the flooding - to gut their home or be under contract for gutting, or it will be seized by the City and bulldozed, through eminent domain.

Sardar Sarovar Drowns the Adivasis but neither their Spirit nor their Struggle.

NBA, 23.08.2006 17:09

The situation in the Narmada valley today is nothing unexpected yet the most shocking. The Sardar Sarovar Dam, with the height raised, has silently killed the Adivasi communities in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh and many in Badwani and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh too. These generations-old Adivasis in the Satpura and Vindhya have lost their main sources of livelihood, land, to the "sea" that the roaring river water is converted to. The houses at higher levels in the hills and mountains and small patches of degraded sloppy land are what they are left behind with. Yet, even after they are pushed to a corner with backs to the mountains and left without any transport, a school, a functional ration shop, with hardly any grain left in the house and no potable water around, mostly, they continue to be "satyagrahis", asserting their right to land and life, both

9/11 journalist beaten by poice in Illinois

UN Observer and International Report, 23.08.2006 16:36

An investigative reporter uncovering the truth of 9/11 was arrested and beaten by police in Illinois, after being stalked by police and beaten in front of his family. Christopher Bollyn was told to "cooperate."

Caught On Tape, The Fix Is In

Lynn Landes, freelance journalist, 23.08.2006 16:34

This film warns viewers that election officials and voting machine companies can easily manipulate votes and not get caught. They accomplish this through the use of the secret ballot, voting machines, and absentee or early voting.


Lic. Susana Mafla / Prensa CAVECON, 23.08.2006 15:05

Expertos de empresas de ingeniería, construcción, fabricación, operadoras de procesos y consultoras gerenciales podrán participar en el S"IMPOSIO DE PROYECTOS: Nuevos Enfoques, Nuevas Experiencias, Nuevas Tecnologías", que organiza para el 28 de septiembre de 2006 la Cámara Venezolana de Empresas Consultoras (CAVECON)

Die Terroristen sitzen oben

Jonny, 23.08.2006 10:40

Anlässlich der Diskussion die jetzt breit getreten wird auch in der BRD immer noch mehr Überwachungsstaat und Aufrüstung zu forcieren sei einmal grundsätzlich über die Begriffe und Hintergründe nachgedacht.

Esperanza leads flotilla protest calling for closure of Lafayette mine

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 23.08.2006 10:13

Flotilla of local boats accompanies Greenpeace ship Esperanza After helping mitigate the devastation wrought by the Petron oil spill in Guimaras Island, Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza today led a flotilla in protest against the gold and silver mining operations of Lafayette in the Philippines. The Australian mine was reopened in July despite government investigations, which revealed ongoing leakages of highly toxic chemicals into the pristine waters of the Albay Gulf.

World’s Surplus Capacity Organizes in New Internet Bank for Free to All

William Shanley, 23.08.2006 07:09


First there was the Internet, connecting people everywhere. Then came eBay, creating millions of entrepreneurs. Next, Amazon, cut out the middle man. And more recently, the Google phenomenon, organizing the world's information. And now, there is GiveGet Nation (, whose founders say, “organizes the world's unlimited surplus product, labor, intelligence and spiritual capital and makes it available to everybody for free. Think of us as the National Human Values Trust.”

Lodhi gets 20 years for thought crime?

Parrot Press Inc, 23.08.2006 06:56

No real threat to anyone! But what effect of what bombing attack? Thought crime attacks cause no vicitims or I might add no real threat to anyone! More fear has been created by the authorities baseless charges of crimes that were never committed and by the parrot press screaming out terrorist. Publishes Extensive Report on American Apparel, LLC

Bernard Dolan, 23.08.2006 05:55

After nearly 6 months of work and hundreds of hours of interviews and research, is releasing its special report on American Apparel, LLC. This report represents the most complete entry to date, and the most comprehensive look at Charney's controversial company ever published.

Novedades en Migración para Europa

Luther Blisset, 23.08.2006 05:28

ahí van

An example of Communal Harmony- Indian Madarsas

Tanveer Jafri, 23.08.2006 04:42

Author Tanveer Jafri It should be hoped that the Madarsa education system of Indian state West Bengal & their this rare example of all religion equality in the direction of communal harmony would keep an ideal before the world.

the situation tonight in Oaxaca City, Mexico

Jesus Garcia, 23.08.2006 03:44

In Oaxaca now as many possibly already know, the climate is of total ungovernability, the city has been completely taken, there are pickets and occupations of many government offices where already nobody works, whole streets are barricades with the participation of busand taxis drivers who have put their units into the blockades.


SIN COCACOLA, 23.08.2006 03:08



Open Letter about Israeli terrorism

Wanda Fish, 23.08.2006 02:14

The fight against terrorism must be without prejudice or favor and based on the premise that all people are created equal and that invasion by an army against unarmed civilians and children is the supreme form of terrorism. Israel, supported by the United Nations, is practicising this kind of terrorism. Is one Israeli really worth more than 35 Lebanese children?

Oppose the bombing of Lebanon- boycott these products

hostages of militarism, 23.08.2006 01:39

If you want to stop Israel's ability to make war and kill innocents- vote NO with your disposable euros.

Estado Corporativo, la justicia según Rawls y la pobreza según Sen.

Pegasus el Sudaka, 23.08.2006 01:26

La necesidad de un nuevo Pacto Social, donde se trate sobretodo de construir un marco verdaderamente inclusivo y que cumpla con el principio del maxmin de Rawls y garantice los derechos y capacidades; políticos, sociales, económicos y ambientales, de todos los actores sociales. Sin embargo, es imperativo el replantear y discutir los proyectos políticos y civilizatorios, para poder lograr este nuevo pacto en los términos de la sociedad plural que somos y más aun plurinacional. Es decir, replantearse el rol del mercado, del Estado nación, y sobre todo de la posición de la sociedad frente a la inequidad y a la pobreza. Esto es dejar de ser complacientes y hasta tolerantes con las graves injusticias, inequidades y sobretodo la miseria que alimenta oligarquías casi parásitas que nos gobiernan. Finalmente, esto lleva a la conclusión de que la gran mayoría de ‘excluidos’ del pacto social debemos organizarnos y crear objetivos claros para iniciar una reformulación de los términos del contrato y mejorar la situación de toda la sociedad, cuyo ideal de bienestar está hipotecado por los ricos que no quieren dejar de ser ricos y que para ello desean que los pobres se queden pobres.

Paramilitaries asassinate protester in oaxaca

tataanka, 23.08.2006 00:47

Latest news from oaxaca

AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon!

JOHN WALSH, 23.08.2006 00:26

"only ONE nation in the world came out and flatly declared: Let Israel finish the job. . That nation is the United States of America--and the reason it had such a clear, unambiguous view of the situation is YOU and the rest of America Jewry."

How will the U.S.A./Israel &quot;instigate&quot; a war against Iran?

Fauxlosopher, 23.08.2006 00:11

That Israel,unlike Iran, has actual nuclear weapons and (U.S. supplied) missles to deliver them is of course verbotten in any Middle East argument.

WA parliament rejects anti-terrorism/liberty directive amendments

Parrot Press Inc, 22.08.2006 23:05

Project for the New American Century Amendments to proposed anti-terrorism/liberty directives have been dismissed in the Western Australian Parliament.

BREAKING INTEL: HezbollahGate &amp; the Extortionist Time Magazine

Tom Heneghan, 22.08.2006 21:15

Israeli Intelligence has been caught redhanded by French Special Forces in trying to set an espionage organization inside Lebanon to spy on the International force that is on its way to the Middle East to supervise the Lebanese Ceasefire.

Venezuela: Levantando los cimientos de la represión

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 22.08.2006 20:50

* Este texto, escrito por la redacción del periódico El Libertario para el # 48, agosto 2006, explica con detalles y hechos porqué es una verdad a medias la afirmación del actual gobierno venezolano referida a que, a diferencia de sus épocas anteriores, hoy se ejerce sin coerción alguna en el país el derecho a manifestar publicamente en favor de las reivindicaciones colectivas.

EL LIBERTARIO # 48: Destruyendo la arquitectura de la represión

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 22.08.2006 20:48

* El nuevo número del vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) de Venezuela comienza a distribuirse, con contenidos de imprescindible lectura para quienes se interesen en aproximarse a una voz ácrata de ideas y acción que ya es bien conocida en los medios radicales alternativos de Venezuela y de todo el ámbito de habla hispana.

Pueblos and Navajos protest Albuquerque Tricentennial

Brenda Norrell, 22.08.2006 20:38

Navajos and Pueblos protesting the Albuquerque Tricentennial Celebration said the conquest of lands and slaughter of Native people should not be a cause for celebration.


camilo chaves, 22.08.2006 19:32

magazin anarquista realizado en la universidad pedagogica nacional de colombia

11 Septembre, le Monde diplomatique remet en cause la version officielle

Kim Bredesen, Le Monde diplomatique, Oslo, juillet 2006., 22.08.2006 19:23

Le mensuel le Monde diplomatique A l’occasion du cinquième anniversaire des attentats du 11 septembre, l’édition norvégienne du Monde diplomatique a entrepris de publier une série d’enquêtes sur ce qui s’est passé ce jour-là. Recoupant les nombreuses recherches effectuées outre-atlantique, les journalistes du mensuel remettent sérieusement en cause la version officielle et en arrivent à poser la question de l’implication des membres du gouvernement des Etats-Unis. Suite à la parution dans le Monde diplomatique, les principaux média norvégiens ont publié des articles et diffusé des émissions concluant aux mêmes doutes. En cela, ils rejoignent une part croissante des citoyens américains puisque un sondage effectué par l’institut Zogby révèle que 42 % des américains doutent eux aussi de la ersion officielle des attentats du 11 septembre. Un grand mensuel comme Vanity Fair a même repris ces accusations à son compte dans son édition du mois d’août. Loose Change 2, un documentaire sur le 11 Septembre réalisé aux Etats-Unis, a joué un rôle important dans ce positionnement. Plus de 10 millions d’américains l’ont vu et il est devenu le premier blockbuster de l’histoire d’Internet. On peut le visionner en français sur internet à l’adresse :


Jason Olson, 22.08.2006 18:41

San Francisco, CA . ., a California organization which promotes the power of the state’s 3.6 million independent voters, launched the next stage of a campaign today to directly involve independent voters in the upcoming California gubernatorial election by introducing their agenda for political reform and challenging all candidates to endorse it.

Book Review: Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim's Journey to Guantánamo and Back, by Moazzam Begg

Deirdre Sinnott, 22.08.2006 17:08

Mozzam Begg, a British Mulsim, was imprisoned by the US for three years in Guantánamo, Bagram, and Kandahar. This is a review of his moving memoir about this unjust imprisonment.


Nayda Sanzo, 22.08.2006 16:19

El pasado 16 de agosto, La Vanguardia, de Barcelona, publicó una entrevista hecha por Andy Robinson, su corresponsal en Miami, a Orlando Bosch y lo definió como “veterano anticastrista”. ¿Así, como “veterano anticastrista”, es que debe calificarse a un asesino?

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