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Ejército Popular Revolucionario - Oaxaca de Juárez, 12 de agosto de 2006

Eiwar, 26.08.2006 21:05

Comunicado del Ejército Popular Revolucionario (EPR) México

Comunicado EPR - Chiapas, 18 de agosto de 2006

Eiwar, 26.08.2006 21:02

Comunicado del Ejército Popular Revolucionario (EPR) México

Social Bookmarking: A Paradigm Shift

Christiene Villanueva, 26.08.2006 18:29

The worldwide web has become a fathomless ocean of information available at the tip of your fingertips, where ignorance has no excuse. Access to seamless knowledge is easy, but retrieval of information relevant to a certain purpose can put your patience to a test. Where exactly do you start?

Google asks to give them ‘all books in all languages’ free of posting charge

Josiah Diega, 26.08.2006 18:24

Google is helping “bookworms everywhere find gems in the libraries around the world” with a new Library Catalog Search feature in Google Book Search. Google continues to set its sights on the content of others in furtherance of its mission to “organize” all the world’s information.

Requiem for a dream

Julia Kendlbacher, 26.08.2006 18:16

So, Murat Kurnaz has finally been returned to Germany, after almost five years of unlawful imprisonment and torture in Guantanamo. I don't want to write yet another comment on the sick American mind, let me instead talk about my own beloved government. Social Democratic Green.

Puerto Rico wildlife in danger of extinction......

Enamorad@s de la Vida, 26.08.2006 17:03

Talks about the frustration that many have about what do goverment and the corporations are doing to convert Puerto Rico in a big city.

La Iglesia y los poderes en Pana´{a se unen por el negocio de la ampliación del Canal

Héctor Endara Hill, 26.08.2006 16:30

Héctor Endara Hill durante la vigilia organizada por la Coordinadora Campesina C El 18 de agosto, despues de 24 años en Cáritas Panamá he sido despedido de manera injustificada por mi posición política de rechazo al proyecto de estafa y negociado de la ampliación del Canal de Panamá. En las cartas detallo la persecusión y el acoso del obispo auxiliar Pablo Varela Server, quien como católicos-católicos (un grupo de la extrema derecha) se ha mantenido en el anonimato y se niega a cumplir con el derecho.

JOHN TIERNEY : The Czars’ Reefer Madness

JOHN TIERNEY - The New York Times, 26.08.2006 16:25

Tierney: Drug Policy - If America’s drug warriors ever came to Arjan Roskam’s coffee shop in Amsterdam, they would learn something about sound drug policy.

TWO Battles of Baghdad

Captain Eric H. May, 26.08.2006 15:27

A former Army officer describes the realities of Bush League unreality on the topic of the Battle of Baghdad, just admitted yesterday by Ambassador Khalilzad -- but having happened three years ago. Welcome to Orwell 101.

Jackie Mason Undergoes Penis Augmentation Surgery

Karen Fish, 26.08.2006 14:18

The Lord is My Shepherd Truth is stranger than fiction.

MAUREEN DOWD : Junior Needs a Spanking &amp; More

MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 26.08.2006 13:31

Dowd: Spanking Junior - Somebody has got to grab the stubborn, shuttered scion wearing the ”43„ windbreaker and talk some sense into him.
- PLUS: Republican Report Hypes Iran Threat & More


Isabella, 26.08.2006 12:18

The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe. Now the country's hydroelectric potential has been targeted by multinational corporations, who intend to establish large-scale heavy industry in these hitherto pristine hinterlands. These multinational vandals - willingly helped by the Icelandic government - are about to produce an environmental catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

What's Wrong with the Dissent in US?

Yoker, 26.08.2006 12:15

Comments upon the activity of the dissent in US: its targets, ways to achieve them and the real results.

Belgium: Borsbeek Forest Camp Urgent Eviction Threat

EarthFirst! BE+NL support group, 26.08.2006 11:38

After three weeks of logging of oaks and piecemeal evictions of treehouses in Borsbeek Fortress III action camp, many trees are still standing. The forest is being destroyed because they are in the way of Antwerp Airport, a small business airport which wants to upgrade and allow for larger planes to land. GroenFront! has occupied the forest, a habitat of endangered bats, to prevent it's destruction. A larger scale eviction is expected for this coming Monday (Aug. 28th). Over the past three weeks activists have been delaying the 'forest maintenance' significantly by chaining themselves to barricades or the logger's machinery and by occupying trees using walkways, platforms and swings.

Pakistani suicide bomber kills co-allition forces in Kandahar Afghanistan

Omar Khan, 26.08.2006 10:32

Another Pakistani suicide bomber blews himself up in Afghanistan, Kandahar

Anniversary of Tampa &quot;Truth Overboard&quot; celebration, Melbourne, Australia

Refugee Action Collective, Victoria, 26.08.2006 09:47

(I forgot the words of this song!) Photos from today's event in Melbourne CBD: singing, dancing, speeches and artwork, to celebrate hope for the future return of hospitality to the Australian Way of Life.

India Protests Dutch Handling of Flight

Ashok Sharma + FPF- links, 26.08.2006 07:42

Dutch fake air terror: India on Friday lodged a strong protest with the Netherlands at the way it handled Indian passengers from a Bombay-bound flight that returned to Amsterdam shortly after takeoff, a foreign ministry spokesman said.

Britain: questions remain over alleged terror plot

Julie Hyland via sam, 26.08.2006 07:38

Washington and London’s justification for invading Iraq The ricin scare was used as part of Washington and London’s justification for invading Iraq. But when the case came to trial in April 2005, it turned out that there was never any ricin, just castor oil, cherry stones and apple seeds. The positive test was faulty and subsequent negative results did not come to light for more than one year due to “errors.” Eight people were cleared of all charges (a ninth was convicted on a separate charge).

Sign support statement for US activist and Green Scare target Daniel McGowan

Family &amp; Friends of Daniel McGowan, 26.08.2006 05:20

Daniel McGowan [2004] Please consider endorsing this statement and join us in our support for environmental & social justice activist Daniel McGowan who has been unjustly arrested and charged in federal court and is facing life in prison.

Ninguna confianza en Hezbollah y otros articulos sobre guerra en el Libano

Izquierda Punto Info, 26.08.2006 02:10

Entrevistas, articulos, opiniones e informes sobre la guerra en el Libano

Police Incompetence in Champaign, Part 1 of Infinity

D. T., 26.08.2006 00:44

Champaign Police Department has some problems.

Vote-Rigging: A Cost-benefit Analysis, 25.08.2006 23:59

The evidence clearly shows voting systems must be designed to counter very well-funded and sophisticated opponents, including those with massive financial resources...

Cheney's Money Managers Bet on Bad News

CommieNews.Com, 25.08.2006 23:55

Taking an inside look at the President and Vice President's financial disclosure forms.

CBC subliminal hate message

lee, 25.08.2006 23:31

CBC TV news uses subliminal message technique to inspire hatred of muslims.

Candidate ‘erased’ from Chicago Tribune story?

Brenda Balin, 25.08.2006 23:29

A new twist on the old philosophical question might be “If a candidate speaks at a debate, but the media does not report it, did it really happen?”

Readers of the Chicago Tribune who expected to see a fair representation of the IL-8th Congressional District’s first candidate debate will be left to ponder this question, while having to turn elsewhere for reliable information.


Kenneth J. Theisen, 25.08.2006 22:03

The author alleges that the Bush regime is out to silence the media in order to hide it crimes against the world. He details several incidents in this "war on the media."

&quot;What IS This World Coming To?&quot;

Renee Leonowicz, 25.08.2006 21:10

Seven lesbians retaliate against sexual harassment and are charged with a hate crime, while the original perpetrator is celebrated.

Over 50 activists arrested in Iceland

Gab, 25.08.2006 20:06

Lock-on at Karahnjukar Over 50 activists arrested during the Icelandic envirnmentalist protest camps against the Karahnjukar hydro-electric constructions.

blogger jailed by feds via piet, 25.08.2006 20:03

Blogging All the Way to Jail

Josh Wolf is the first blogger to be targeted by federal authorities
for not cooperating with a grand jury. Are the courts trying to send a
message to new media?



Jeniffer Linton, 25.08.2006 19:04

En el Nuevo Herald aparece un artículo donde se dice:
el pueblo de Cuba ha estado sufriendo el menosprecio de una tiranía totalitaria,

Rupert Murdoch linked to major British-Yiddish Chinese money laundry

Tom Heneghan, 25.08.2006 17:51

Rupert Murdoch foreign reprobate owner of FOX News (1-888-369-4762), has been linked to major British-Yiddish Chinese money laundry tied back to Iran Contra and the theft of the U.S. French Commissions due to both the U.S. and French Treasuries, aka the Russian Ruble Reagan Mitterrand Protocols. The name of the Chinese entity is a proprietary name Hondu with ties to Nicaragua and Guatemala. The bagman in this disguise is none other than noted Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate FIXER Marc Rich. Marc Rich was pardoned by Daddy Bush's Bitch Slick Willy Rockefeller Clinton. Note: Dunblaine Pedophile Tony Blair has received campaign contributions from this money laundering.

Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified Says The Gospel of Seth

Karen Fish, 25.08.2006 17:30

Your religious leaders are giving you the Kiss of Judas, said Jesus Here is the part of the Bible they don't teach you in Sunday School.

The Bankers Own the Earth

usury0, 25.08.2006 16:50

Capitalism is organized crime. It has nothing to do with "free markets" and everything to do with illegitimate debt-slavery and usury markets. It is by design that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not by accident. Capitalism is a fundamentally bankrupt and broken concept that must be replaced by an entirely new ethic based on the principles of fair trade and economic justice.

MALVINAS: ¿Kirchner y Garré juegan al distradido?

Jorge Omar Vazquez, 25.08.2006 14:37

Aparentemente el Gobierno Argentino pretende avanzar sobre el juicio sobre la verdad en Malvinas pero no hace lo que debe y puede hacer en esa dirección

PAUL KRUGMAN : Housing Gets Ugly, THOMAS FRANK Thus Spake Zinsmeister &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN, THOMAS FRANK - The New York Times, 25.08.2006 13:12

Krugman: Housing Bust - A rapidly growing glut of unsold houses is a recipe for a major bust, not a soft landing.
- PLUS: Frank: Karl Zinsmeister. Thomas Frank is the author, most recently, of “What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America.’’ - A look at the career of Karl Zinsmeister, the president’s chief domestic policy adviser, reveals the looming exhaustion of the conservative intellectual system & more.

Join with the people of Rapu Rapu and tell the banks backing this toxic mine to stop funding destruction.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 25.08.2006 05:43

The Lafayette Project is financed through a syndicate of banks including ANZ Investment Bank and ABN AMRO Bank NV (Australian Branch) in clear breach of their environmental policies.


Isabella, 25.08.2006 01:28

The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe. Now the country's hydroelectric potential has been targeted by multinational corporations, who intend to establish large-scale heavy industry in these hitherto pristine hinterlands. These multinational vandals - willingly helped by the Icelandic government - are about to produce an environmental catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit

Gregory Elich, 25.08.2006 00:09

U.S. foreign policy as seen by those on the receiving end.


Dan Roberts, 24.08.2006 23:29

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

manifestacion 20-n antifascista 2006

eskorbutin, 24.08.2006 22:31

este año se vuelve a convocar manifestacion para el 20-n cosa que no sa hacia desde 1999

manifestacion 20-n antifascista 2006

eskorbutin, 24.08.2006 22:30

este año se vuelve a convocar manifestacion para el 20-n cosa que no sa hacia desde 1999

September 23: March and Forum to Free the Cuban 5

Combate News, 24.08.2006 21:21

The first appeal decision, issued on Aug. 9, granted the Five a new trial and overturned their convictions, due to the atmosphere of anti-Cuba intimidation and prejudice in Miami, combined with the prosecution's misconduct during trial. It was decided unanimously by three judges.


MARKIN, 24.08.2006 20:25


Albany Skill Share

Zoeann Murphy, 24.08.2006 20:06

Albany – On September 23, 2006 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM the Albany Skill Share will host the second annual Albany Skill Share. The theme of the skill share this year is the human body. The Albany Skill Share is a day long series of do-it-yourself workshops. The goal is to provide a time and space for people to share knowledge, skills, ideas and techniques in a hands-on, non-intimidating fashion. People of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

¿Qué es lo que pasa en Cuba?

Juan Diego Nusa Peñalver, 24.08.2006 20:03

¿Qué es lo que pasa en Cuba? Esa es la interrogante que abarrota la mayoría de las páginas web en Internet, que con el sello de la Casa Blanca de Bush se pretende crear una atmósfera de incertidumbre y tensión en el país, en especial en La Habana, que facilite sus planes de recolonizar la mayor isla de las Antillas del Caribe. Pero nada más alejado de la realidad. El país se encuentra tranquilo y realiza sus actividades políticas, sociales y económicas con normalidad.

A Little Poverty Never Hurt Anybody

Jason Miller, 24.08.2006 19:15

"It is like paradise and hell. They throw our petitions in the dustbin. They have everything. We have nothing… If we protest, they send soldiers. They sign agreements with us and then ignore us. We have graduates going hungry, without jobs. And they bring people from Lagos to work here.”

--Eghare W.O. Ojhogar, chief of the Ugborodo community in Delta State (of Nigeria)


wwr, 24.08.2006 19:02


Bush agenda: corp millions for migrant prisons

anonymous, 24.08.2006 18:56

The Bush administration is asking for $327 million to imprison migrants. Halliburton Kellogg, Brown and Root already got a contract for $385 million, just in case there is a sudden influx of migrants. Americans just buy the lame news about the border. It is all about money and power -- just like Iraq. The Bush administration works the press, then the people just buy it all.

La estrella norteamericana Marisol Nichols habla sobre los Trastornos del Aprendizaje

CCHR México, 24.08.2006 17:56

La actriz Marisol Nichols expone las consecuencias de etiquetar con trastornos Mentales (Dislexia, Impulsividad, TDAH, Depresión ) y los efectos secundarios y adversos por el uso de fármacos en niños en edad escolar

New York Times publica: fuí victima de fraude del défict de Atención

CCHR mexico, 24.08.2006 17:41

Como madre, fui víctima de esta falsa ideológica que me inculcó el neurólogo de mi hijo sobre los beneficios que la medicación para el TDAH haría a mi hijo. Se suponía que la medicación incrementaría su aprendizaje, mejoraría su concentración; que no era adictiva y que tenía muy pocas secuelas secundarias además de la pérdida del apetito. ¡Qué farsa!

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