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New Turbo Search Engine Kazzoom Launches Pay Per Click World Publisher Offering Benefits Worlwide

Mike Green, 01.09.2006 17:37

New Search Engine Introduces Innovative Technology which searches databases and the internet finding valuable information buried deep within the recesses of the web that is non-accessible to other engines.

Bolivia Asamblea Constituyente las peleas, 01.09.2006 17:30

Rendezvous With Oblivion - THOMAS FRANK &amp; More

THOMAS FRANK - The New York Times, 01.09.2006 17:20

Frank: Class Issues - Frank, the author of What’s the Matter with Kansas, is proving to be a very insightful and articulate observer of our ever-more wobbly world in the 21st century. "Everything I have written about in this space points to the same conclusion: Democratic leaders must learn to talk about class issues again." - PLUS: How ordinary families wind up bankrupt and why new legislation could be hurting those at risk - PLUS: Extensive Corruption The US Congress is comprised of 535 members. Eighty-four have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year & more

Fort Trumbull's End: No Whimper, Big Bang.

Carola Von Hoffmannstah-Solomonoff, 01.09.2006 16:57

After years of legal wrangling, government proceedings and pay-outs, political repercussions, community destruction, personal tragedy and a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that touched off a national firestorm, the eminent domain battle of Fort Trumbull in New London, Connecticut has ended. Not with a whimper but with a great big bang of public money.

Comienza 1 de septiembre inmunización a niños con vacuna pentavalente

Llynda Cano, 01.09.2006 16:19

Cuba es el segundo país del mundo, antecedido por Francia, que logra una vacuna para proteger a la niñez contra cinco enfermedades, la cual será aplicada en todo el país a partir del primero de septiembre.

Peace Bomb: the World Youth Peace Summit - request for collaboration

Sven AERTS, 01.09.2006 15:22

World Youth Peace Summits bring hundreds of youth leaders from all over the world to places where there is a chance for Peace... the event is very intense and result oriented and offers local youth a chance to get out of the zone for a while... and redynamise the area with such inspiring and complex Peace projects that youth cannot but focus on other things but make war.

Youth and the One Laptop Per Child project by the United Nations

Sven AERTS, 01.09.2006 15:13

Beginning 2007, some 5 million youngsters from developing countries will receive the first wave of these OLPComputers. Team up with the World's first Youth Initiative = a workshop that's going to link youth from the first world with those "OLPC youngsters" and is going to be held in Sweden. 100% of the participation fee is covered and 70% of your travel expenses.

a free Virtual Office for Youth Initiatives all over the World, hosted by Polish University - Request for collaboration and dissemination

Sven AERTS, 01.09.2006 15:04

As a result of an workshop of 25 youth leaders and youth workers in Ankara, studying Informatics Technology and Youth Initiatives, a Virtual Office has been created for and by Youth, hosted on the servers of a Polish University. The Virtual Office enhances international collaboration and knowledge management in Youth Initiatives, brings stability to youth initiatives and offers: a.o. a wiki, collaborative writing pages, password utility, onlin project working-gantt chart, communication tools, files storage place, pictures, webconferencing and collaborative drawing. The aim is to bring this to the United Nations as a preferred practice to support the largest social group on the planet: YOUTH.

Cuba and US Together on Baseball and Hurricanes

Ch|Rry, 01.09.2006 14:23

Havana, Aug. 31 (ACN) The governments of George W. Bush and Fidel Castro may have different views on many issues, but cooperation on hurricanes and baseball are an indication that despite the official animosity, the United States and Cuba could work together on a wide range of areas for a safer and fairer world.


Stephen Lendman, 01.09.2006 11:38


September 2006: National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly News Digest

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 01.09.2006 10:16

No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

Washington DC Firm Provides Online Surveys Jobs Home Based Business And Work at Home Jobs Hotline 888 384 9608

Mike Greene, 01.09.2006 09:29

Government Publications Publishes New Programs For Government Opportunities Online Work at Home Jobs and Home Based Business


small WORLD Podcast, 01.09.2006 07:39

Afro-Punk Interview with James Spooner, director of the Afro-Punk documentary.




Doubtful justice in Lodhi sentencing

Colin Mitchell via sam, 01.09.2006 06:36

Used to jail people who are not terrorists! In Lodhi’s case, this has meant that the threshold of what constitutes “beyond reasonable doubt” has been lowered to an alarming degree. Justice and civil rights are the victims of this “war on terror” in which the government and security agencies benefit politically from convicting supposed terrorists. It is likely that Lodhi’s conviction and sentencing demonstrates, as in the Thomas case, that terror laws are being used to jail people who are not terrorists.

'Ownership Society' Leaves Most Behind

Marie Cocco, 01.09.2006 00:50

For all the popular fascination with Wall Street greed and glory, investment wealth is still a distant dream on Main Street: In 2004, more than half of all U.S. households held no stock at all. That includes stocks held indirectly in mutual funds and in 401(k) retirement accounts. And almost two out of three households that did own stock held portfolios valued at less than $5,000.

Credit Card Debt driving to Bankruptcy? What are you thinking, heavens, shake yourself and read this Lawful Alternative.

Richard Garcia, 01.09.2006 00:33

Consider the cost of Bankruptcy vs. Lawfully Eliminating your Credit Card Debt totally and establish your status to the National Debt as a Creditor not a Debtor. Folks will be amazed at not only the dollar cost but also the cost of time and the 6 months spent with credit counseling before they are allowed to file. The average American is kicked in the pants once again only worse with the New Bankruptcy Law.

Electing Judges, Florida, With Questions

Dwight Hines, 01.09.2006 00:20

Four attorneys are in competition to be the next elected Seventh Circuit Judge in Florida. The campaign, which is non-partisan, raises complex and important issues.

Credit Card Debt driving to Bankruptcy? What are you thinking, heavens, shake yourself and read this Lawful Alternative.

Richard Garcia, 31.08.2006 23:49

Consider the cost of Bankruptcy vs. Lawfully Eliminating your Credit Card Debt totally and establish your status to the National Debt as a Creditor not a Debtor. Folks will be amazed at not only the dollar cost but also the cost of time and the 6 months spent with credit counseling before they are allowed to file. The average American is kicked in the pants once again only worse with the New Bankruptcy Law.

Suspensión del Reencasillamiento en la UNCUYO

hugO chirinO - UNyCompromiso - Uncuyo - Mendoza, 31.08.2006 23:39

Ref: Suspensión del Reencasillamiento en la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, para los trabajadores No Docentes por el Convenio Colectivo impuesto por la burocracia de Fatun.

Fight to Defend Freedom of Speech and Truth

Cathy Garger, 31.08.2006 21:42

Don't swallow our right to free speech A 9/11 Truth Activist fights for freedom of speech for all

Illegal Use of Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Funds + Compromised Fitzgerald

Tom Heneghan, 31.08.2006 21:40

The illegal use of the Reagan Mitterrand Protocol Funds aka the Leo Wanta funds continues by the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate with the Bank of England as the laundering machine The self appointed Box Elite are now using India to launder US Treasury Funds into the Bank of England using medium term notes and US Treasury Bills.


Animal liberation, 31.08.2006 21:29

Udruga Oslobođenje životinja započinje veliku Kampanju za prava i zaštitu životinja, kojom javnost želimo pobliže upoznati sa teorijom o pravima i zaštiti životinja te ćemo u tu svrhu organizirati informativni štand, u petak, 1.rujna 2006., u Jurišićevoj 4 u Zagrebu, od 11 do 13,30 sati.


Captain Eric H. May, 31.08.2006 21:26

Are we due for the much-discussed "next 9/11" in Chicago, on or around 9/11, 2006? A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, the commander of the cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, writes a powerful letter of warning to the US Army Inspector General and other US VIP's, warning that the next set up event is ready to be staged in Chicago between 9/7 and 9/11, 2006 -- and the newspapers are telling all about it in advance.

Exciting News and Updates from the Student/Farmworker Alliance!

sfa, 31.08.2006 20:59

thousands of students are returning to campuses across the country and crafting their organizing plans for the year. This fall and beyond, the stakes are high in the struggle for fair food as McDonald's continues its attempts to undermine the CIW's movement for decent wages and dignified working conditions in Florida's fields.

PM Steven Harper &quot;endorses&quot; murder of innocent people!

k.hawley, 31.08.2006 19:40

How Mr.Harper and members of his Conservative Govt.can justify their CDN Govt.positions to officially endorse and legally exonerate of Israel's murder,genocide and war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza is unknown.

La FDA finalmente exige notas de peligro en las drogas para el TDAH

CCHR Mexico, 31.08.2006 19:25

Se reconoce que los fármacos con los que se trata a niños y adultos con el trastorno por deficit de atención e hiperactividad causan muerte repentina, derrames cerebrales, ataques al corazón, delirio, psicosis y agresión.

R U Ready 4 EARTH BALL, 31.08.2006 19:08


Fly The Flag On 911!

oopz, 31.08.2006 19:04

FLY IT PROUD !!! ~ !!! Its Only Right!

Vande Mataram- A political Game

Tanveer Jafri, 31.08.2006 19:01

Author Tanveer Jafri Not only the Muslims but people of all the religions & communities in India should clearly learn this Mantra that they are only human beings, Indians & then the Hindu, the Muslims, the Sikh, the Christian or associated with any other community.

Action against Second International Greenwash Soy gathering in Paraguay

A SEED, 31.08.2006 18:45

The demonstration towards Responsible soy Meeting Early in the morning of August 31st a broad and colorful demonstration heads towards the luxury hotel Golf And Yacht Club in Paraguay's capital Asuncion. Here, from August 31 - 2nd September, the second 'Round Table on Responsible Soy' is being held.

Carta abierta al Vicepresidente de la Republica José Vicente Rangel Vale.

colectivos 13 de abril,esquinas calientes de caracas y Venezuela, 31.08.2006 18:39

Apocalipsis 3:15-17

Yo conozco tus obras, que ni eres frío ni caliente. ¡Ojalá fueras frío o caliente!16 Pero por cuanto eres tibio y no frío ni caliente, te vomitaré de mi boca. 17 Tú dices: Yo soy rico, me he enriquecido y de nada tengo necesidad. Pero no sabes que eres desventurado, miserable, pobre, ciego y estás desnudo.

9 people enjailed in Moldova during a protest on 30th august

index, 31.08.2006 18:37

Yesterday around 17:30 nine people were detained in Chisinau, Republica Moldova, by police on the reason of having an illegaly meeting.


Sheryl Mandel, 31.08.2006 16:59

BANDS OF THE WORLD 2007MYSPACE.COM COMPETITON Let's make some magic happen!!!

Historia de España. Nuevos artículos

Asturias Republicana, 31.08.2006 15:40

Biografía de Emilio Castelar.
Organización y mandos de los batallones republicanos asturianos.
El destructor USS Kane en España.
La militarización de las milicias.


Islamic Community Net, 31.08.2006 15:04

Russian orthodox christian missionaries have obtained a decree ordering children of all religions to take the new compulsory subject "Orthodox religion fundamentals" as a required part of a high-school education.


Divin-e, 31.08.2006 14:41

en réponse à l'appel lancé par un "collectif" parisien de "Vélorutionnaires" pour soutenir la journée néo-fasciste de collabarotion avec les "pouvoirs publics" criminels. Pas de Jstice pas de Paix ! La Vélorution ou la mort !


victoria, 31.08.2006 13:00

Free reiki healing for life. Information, advice and suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free. Also Healing NOW and information on Holistic/Alternative Therapies. All I require is name and location by email

&quot;Ajustamento súbito desregulado&quot;, novo eufemismo para colapso

Francisco Trindade, 31.08.2006 08:27

"Ajustamento súbito desregulado", novo eufemismo para colapso

Nuclear Terrorism – A Self-imposed Legacy

Judi Friedman, 31.08.2006 06:38

We terrorize ourselves and our unborn by tolerating nuclear plants in our midst.

US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq

Peter Symonds via sam, 31.08.2006 06:20

Reckless and bloody operations It is these considerations that are propelling the US military into reckless and bloody operations against the Mahdi Army, regardless of the consequences.

Art of War : The New Anti-Semitism

Larmee, 31.08.2006 04:40

The new Anti-Semitism The new Anti-Semitism

Book With An Impeach Bush Message Becoming a Bestseller!

Robert B. Livingston, 31.08.2006 03:47

C-Span's Book TV Dave Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky's book "The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office" rose to the rank of #42 recently in's list of bestsellers-- shortly after C-Span aired a Book TV segment of the two appearing in Philadelphia recently to discuss their book.

The program is now archived and available for easy viewing on the internet (link below).

Could it be that Lindorff and Olshansky's impassioned reasons for impeaching Bush is cracking through the Mainstream Media's News Shell?


Jorge Gómez Barata, 31.08.2006 03:45

La pieza clave de los esfuerzos norteamericanos contra Cuba es la obsesión por asesinar a Fidel Castro, para lo cual han fraguado más de 600 conspiraciones en las que han intervenido una ralea que incluye desde Allen Dulles hasta matones de la calaña de Orlando Bosh y Luis Posada Carriles.

In Lebanon, France Converging to Pre-mandate Policy

Nicola Nasser*, 31.08.2006 03:29

In a pattern that reminds of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement (1), France seems converging to a role that belongs to its previous colonial era in Lebanon and Syria, in harmony with, but under the regional hegemony of the United States’ involvement in other countries of the Arab Levant, in a stark departure from Charles de Gaulle’s post-Algeria legacy

Lindorff and Olshansky on Impeachment on C-span Books TV online

Dave Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky, 31.08.2006 03:23

The kick-ass program on Books-TV on "The Case for Impeachment" (St. Martin's Press, May 2006), featuring authors Dave Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky, which pushed their book from 30,000 to 42nd on the Amazon best-sellers' list overnight last weekend, is now available online at Cspan's website.

New! Stop the War lawn signs now available!, 31.08.2006 02:00

Inform your friends and neighbors of the growing voting block for peace with this colorful lawn sign from

Just My Opinion: Why I Don't Like UC-IMC

no fan of UC-IMC, 31.08.2006 00:46

UC-IMC does not allow dissent I don't want to bring commentary drama here, but I do want my opinion heard on an IMC website.

My comments on the UC-IMC post were hidden in seconds.

C.A.F.E. A new center in Fresno for social/political change.

Jeremy Brownstein, 30.08.2006 22:48

An informative article on the new Collective for Arts, Freedom, and Ecology center in Fresno CA.

1 y 15 de septiembre, dias de lucha contra el estado islandes y Alcoa

alcoapurtu, 30.08.2006 18:09

Sinopsis de la problemática en Islandia y propuesta de acción

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