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Australia: Thousands hear US military lawyer for David Hicks

Richard Phillips via sam, 05.09.2006 07:38

A definite shift has taken place No doubt the Howard government will respond to the growing demands for Hicks’s immediate release in the only way it knows—with more slander and innuendo. But as the popular response to Mori’s public meetings and lectures makes clear, a definite shift has taken place in public sentiment that will only deepen in the coming period.

Aspartame Awareness Weekend

Dr. Betty Martini, 05.09.2006 07:26

On Aspartame Awareness Weekend the Report to Schools, letters by the experts, will be emailed to all schools, Board of Educations, pediatricians and OB-GYN in an effort to save the children from this toxin. We ask all people to get involved and send it out to their lists and schools.

Australian government insists on independent military presence in East Timor

John Roberts and Peter Symonds, 05.09.2006 07:04

Pressuring East Timor’s parliament In the midst of this growing instability, Australian Foreign Minister Downer’s visit is aimed at safeguarding Canberra’s interests and pressuring East Timor’s parliament into giving an immediate go-ahead for the exploitation of Timor Sea oil and gas.

Pro-Clone Party Founding Statement

PCP, 05.09.2006 02:57

Cloning presents many opportunities to enhance human life. It should at least be under transparent, well funded and accountable control so some nutters don't do who knows what. Religion is not an excuse to delay progress!

A propos de Oaxaca...

greg, 05.09.2006 02:29

sur les antécédents du conflit, sa suite et le soulèvement populaire, la répression et mon experience.

Global Strike Command Becomes Operational

a war hater, 05.09.2006 02:25

The pre-emption doctrine and the Global Strike mission it has spawned add up to much more than a hypothetical ‘what if’: they reflect real changes in US planning and assumptions about use of conventional as well as nuclear weapons.


la chispa, 05.09.2006 00:11

foto enlace ince se debe combatir las acciones contrarevolcuionarias de los reformistas Boinas rojas corazones fascistas en pos a los 10 milones de voluntades dentro del Ince Venezuela...

Freedom From War Press Release

Dave Dionisi, 05.09.2006 00:05

Freedom From War Freedom From War and 1320 AM, two forces for positive change in the Davis-Sacramento area, are sponsoring a series of educational and entertaining events to raise awareness and funds for peace organizations.

Hero Clothing (Hero Clothes) announces launch of new online store

Hero Clothing (Hero Clothes), 04.09.2006 23:32

Hero Clothing (Hero Clothes), based out of Jacksonville and Miami, Florida, today announced the launch of The site is produced by primary owner Joshua Ellis, graphic designer Angel Aramboles, and site programmer Jamal Waring.

9/11 Truth events happening this 9/11/06

SpeakTruth, 04.09.2006 21:14

Still think the 9/11 truth movement is going away? Not likely, folks...not likely.

This Way Out - Lesbigays in the Military: Iraq Then and Now

Overnight Productions, Inc., 04.09.2006 20:57

September 4, 2006: Common threads for lesbigay military personnel in the Iraq Wars of 1991 and today. Plus Polish PM denies homophobia in his country, conflict continues over Jerusalem Pride, word of international gathering galls Ghana's government, more news.

american bombs

countryman, 04.09.2006 20:13

anti nuclear song and video in memory of marla
Campaign to end targeting of civilians in war.

american bombs

countryman, 04.09.2006 20:11

song and video in memory of marla ruzicka.
The campaign to end targeting of civilians in war

Mensaje a los del ELN ¿han valido en serio 42 años de Lucha?

ahhhh carachas no me acuerdo de mi nombre (bote la cedula y ando solo en casa), 04.09.2006 19:59

nuestra opinión sobre el proceso revolucionario que vive colombia

The Perma-Revolution

Spring To Action -NYC, 04.09.2006 18:20

Article from a new anarchist collective.
"The decline of the anti-globalization movement in the US and the amazing surge of support by anarchists after the devastation of hurricane Katrina suggests a new political and tactical alignment is possible in North America."

The Invisible Enemy

Michael R. Carmen, 04.09.2006 18:19

Like a drunken hobo, the victims are counts of fill lists. The government is so arrogant to notice the cries of the abused. As seen enemy of those lives massacred, exploit, or sometimes killed in front of their own parents... the equivalence is waiting for the bell toll.

Fitzgerald In A Box

Tom Heneghan, 04.09.2006 17:56

Ali Mohammed revealed as a CIA Asset who Infiltrated The MOSSAD-FBI Division#5-Ridden Pre-9/11 Cells.

Los Oficiales de Policia Ecuatorianos

Clarita, 04.09.2006 15:43

Guilermo Gomezjurado Violador
Entonces, nace la interrogante: ¿Cómo es que el Consejo de Generales de la Policía coloca en el traste una resolución fundamentada por el H. Consejo Superior, en la que niega al interesado la reconsideración de la resolución 2005-676-CS-PN y por su parte resuelve revocarla por “cuanto su accionar no encuadra en los presupuestos previstos en el Art. 54 de la Ley de Personal de la Policía Nacional y, devolver el expediente de Gomezjurado …; imputado penalmente en la justicia ordinaria en el delito de violación a la , ex –reina de la Policía Nacional en el cantón Santo Domingo de los Colorados, al H. Consejo Superior de la Policía Nacional con copia certificada de la presente resolución para los fines legales consiguientes?.

Que policia ecuatoriana

Ranza, 04.09.2006 15:39

Amigos de Anita en la Fiscalia Me atrevo a sugerir “no caer en los detonantes discursos machistas dominantes para acomodar los indicios, pericias y versiones a una visión que no sólo denigra a la víctima sino también a nuestro género”. Lo único que pido es justicia y por ella llegará hasta las instancias más lejanas o internacionales para hacer escuchar mi voz y clamar la bendita justicia, que está tan venida a menos en nuestros tiempos. “No descansaré hasta que se obligue a Gomezjurado a rendir esta vez cuentas a la justicia”.

Health Policy Malpractice - PAUL KRUGMAN &amp; More

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 04.09.2006 14:37

Krugman: Health Policy - Despite the success of the Veterans Health Administration, the Bush administration has restricted access to the V.A. system and more

The Great Coos County hoax

Lowell V. Keef Jr., 04.09.2006 07:45

Why , do City, State, County and even Federal Officials, continue to turn a blind eye, to the fact
that on November 13, 2000 ,the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team, paid for the
Commercial Drivers License for one of their agents who was unemployed ,diagnosed as Bi-Polar /
Manic Depressive, had a history of alcohol abuse, documented as recent as August 28, 1997,
and the Department of Motor Vehicles states they were not notified of her Mental Illness as
required , and yet this person, Somehow, acquired a job with the North Bend Bus Company and
became a School Bus Driver for nine months, and then it was revealed she was involved in a Sting
Operation that had nothing to do with the bus co.

4 Sept 2006

Vipin Sharma, 04.09.2006 06:31

One of the Renowned delegate for the Summit DR. Ajay Data (CEO) Data Infosys LIm INDIA, BRAZIL AND SOUTH AFRICA (IBSA) BUSINESS SUMMIT September 11- 13, 2006 - Brazil

East Timor Movie Night Fundraiser

The Oaktree Foundation, 04.09.2006 00:55

Advertisement East Timor is one of the world’s poorest nations. In the current climate, some children walk up to three hours to attend school…

Support those less fortunate than you and I, and make a change in the life of someone you needs your support.

HIV/AIDS, Drugs and Free Trade

Don Kossick -, 03.09.2006 22:50

This article comes out of the International AIDS Conference recently held in Toronto,Canada and details how free trade agreements will undercut the ability of countries to supply generic antiretrovial drugs to save people with HIV/AIDS.

55 nouvelles vidéo on line sur l'Infoblog des Luttes!

Eric Freidhe, 03.09.2006 20:38

Avis d'update!

Donald Rumsfeld’s Dance With the Nazis - FRANK RICH &amp; DAVID BROOKS - The Jagged World

FRANK RICH, DAVID BROOKS - The New York Times, 03.09.2006 18:04

- Rich: Rumsfeld’s Nazis - What made Mr. Rumsfeld’s invocation of Hitler’s appeasers so special was the preview it offered of the ambitious propaganda campaign planned between now and Election Day.

- PLUS: The New York Time's David Brooks Owns It: Iraq a Failure

- PLUS: Not running for President, friends of Hillary say and more

RED ALERT: 9/11/06 ( Chicago , Detroit &amp; Houston )

Captain Eric H. May, 03.09.2006 18:04

A former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer uses his smarts and experience to issue a warning for 9/11/06, pointing at the signs of a possible second 9/11 attack on the fifth 9/11 anniversary! This is a must-read for all who have questions about politics and the 9/11 attack, who is concerned that another attack is near.

September 2001

News from Amsterdam, 03.09.2006 12:29

September 2001 was a time of ‘imposed conformism’, when Muslims were expected to show their loyalty to Western society. Citizens called the security service because they distrusted their ethnic minority neighbours. To what extend was there still room for dissent? News from Amsterdam looks back.

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 03.09.2006 11:27

An international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, television programs, cinema distribution, publications, dance theatre, documentary films.

Body Piercing and Tattoos in India. One prefer from a Doctor or Quack ?

Naresh Sonee, 03.09.2006 10:21

Are you looking for Ear, Nose, Eye Brow, Lips, Tongue, Navel Piercing in Mumbai,India ?
Are You looking for a Tattoo Designer or Body Piercing in Goa , India?
Alert Your self.

Preprepared news release for the conspiracy theorists

Newswire, 03.09.2006 05:07

We don't know what we don't know? Then the concluding paragraph must use the words "injustice", "so-called war on terror", "racism", "anti-muslim prejudice" and other such buzz words as many times as possible.

Labor Day Weekend 2006: Lists of Nationwide Immigrant Rights Marches

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 03.09.2006 04:01

New Rounds of Marches For Immigrant Rights Movements!

Faux &quot;terror&quot; latest -Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq

washpo, 02.09.2006 23:34

&quot;Show Arrest,&quot; What Batiste did not know was that the bin Laden representative was really an FBI informant. The warehouse in which they were meeting had been rented and wired for sound and video by bureau agents, who were monitoring his every word.

Etre transsexuel (le)

caphi, 02.09.2006 23:32

Nous acceptons encore mal certaines différences. Non parce qu'elle sont considérées par certaines personnes ou groupes religieux comme amorales mais parce qu'elles sont simplement incomprises...

Bolivia Asamblea Constituyente Autonomias: denuncian injerencia gubernamental., 02.09.2006 19:52

Guísela López denuncia injerencia del Vicepresidente en la REPAC La Representante Presidencial para la Asamblea Constituyente y el Referéndum Autonómico acusó al hermano de Alvaro García Linera de gestionar dinero ante la cooperación internacional a nombre de ella. El hermano del Vicepresidente no es siquiera funcionario gubernamental


RAUL ENRIQUE BIBIANO, 02.09.2006 19:30


Fox News 24h

Bullshit Scan, 02.09.2006 18:09

Fox News 24h As a token of the corporate mediamachinery Fox News
reduces its content to a level that resembles of
the propaganda in fascist europe of 1930s and 1940s.

Delusional American Democracy Breeds Delusional Prosperity

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 02.09.2006 17:23

Americans have a hard time understanding that their democracy has been steadily degraded and that their economy promotes inequality. American prosperity is mostly for the Upper Class.

Congressman Kucinich Returns From Southern Lebanon With Message of Peace

bellaciao, 02.09.2006 17:09

"We do not hate America. We love the American people. We do not like what your government does. Please tell the American people that we are not terrorists. We do not hate Israel. We want to be safe in our village. We want to be left alone. We want peace."

Call for Mass Blockades of 2007 G8

anonymous, 02.09.2006 14:52

Call for Mass Blockades of 2007 G8 in Germany

Can This Party Be Saved? - JOHN TIERNEY - The G.O.P. +

JOHN TIERNEY - The New York Times, 02.09.2006 14:06

- Tierney: The G.O.P. - The Republican Party’s principles are up for grabs.

- PLUS: Bush Crony Caught With Child Sex Videos at Customs

- PLUS: Much Ado About Reading - MAUREEN DOWD - W. and Will and More

WORLDWIDE PROTEST October 5th, 2006

Kenn, 02.09.2006 08:44


October 5th, 2006
October 5th through 8th at US capitols and Embassies
*Protest the present United States culture of corporate governance. It is guilty of waging an ILLEGAL WAR. It is YOUR patriotic duty and human responsibility to stop it.*

Scan Dot Org - Control !

martin via sam, 02.09.2006 08:12

From Kangaroo- to Wallaby-Court-Justice Australia's Laws have been downgraded from Kangaroo- to Wallaby-Court-Justice mp3 28:30 mins. stereo

stop the sexploitation

aristocratic anarchist, 02.09.2006 07:11

morality over rule of law

Walker San Miguel: ministro de defensa… de las capitalizaciones

boliviaurgente, 01.09.2006 23:59

informe, sobre el actual ministro de defensa de Evo Morales, el gobierno boliviano, actualmente agobiado por conflictos, y sin soluciones.

Bolivia: Asamblea Constituyente y Autonomias: La constituyente en estado de coma.

EcoNoticias Bolivia, 01.09.2006 23:28

PRINCIPIO DEL FIN La decisión de imponer a rajatabla la mayoría simple, sin respetar los dos tercios, ha generado sin embargo resistencias y muchas dudas entre los propios asambleístas del MAS. Uno de los más influyentes, Raúl Prada, llegó incluso a advertir que la falta de acuerdos podría ser “el principio del fin de la Asamblea” y del propio gobierno de Evo Morales.

20 QUestions for Everyone - Please go to the streets with these.

Art Spinsz, 01.09.2006 21:07

20?> Questions we should get as many people as possible to answer. Also have a list of political views on a continuum and ask people to identify one or two of those that represent their politics. Send to

BREAKING: The Big Media Lie Exposed Again: Woodward Gate #3

Tom Heneghan, 01.09.2006 20:25

Sources close to the the US Justice Dept. confirm Richard Armitage only passed the name of covered CIA Agent Valerie Plame to a noted journalist.

The inquiry aka the outing of Valerie Plame continues at Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s office.

It’s the American Way or the Highway:

Jason Miller, 01.09.2006 19:07

"Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion"

The Big Disconnect - PAUL KRUGMAN &amp; Noam Chomsky +

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 01.09.2006 18:34

The Big Disconnect - PAUL KRUGMAN & Noam Chomsky +
by PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times
Friday Sep 1st, 2006 6:14 AM
Krugman: Big Disconnect -

Krugman on the disconnect between pundits lectures on the economy and the experience of typical families.

- PLUS: Their view of the world is through a bombsight - Noam Chomsky

- PlUS: Rendezvous With Oblivion, by THOMAS FRANK and more

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