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Ma´ria Taurizano, 07.09.2006 17:02

El 13 de marzo el Delegado Cero y la Otra Campaña visitaron la ciudad de Guanajuato, si bien había prevista una visita a dos presos políticos, Adolfo y Miguel Andrade, las autoridades del CERESO, no permitieron la entrada del Sub. Se hizo un mitin en la puerta y más tarde fue posible que el Sub se comunicara con los presos a través de un teléfono celular.

URGENT Appeal From NBA Supporters

NBA Supporters, 07.09.2006 16:18

You all have been witness to the long, long battle on issues related to the Narmada dams and the Sardar Sarovar Project affected, in particular. Lakhs and lakhs of people in the Valley to be thrown out of their generations old habitations, environs - social, cultural, and economic, based on natural resources have always received your support, your solidarity - that has helped us carry on for over two full decades.

La Raza Blanca Aria

Jamie Bernabeu Acero, 07.09.2006 15:59

La Raza Blanca Aria se ha convertido en un Peligro para la humanidad. Estamos en Guerra ,la 3ra Guerra Mundial pero solo los Fascistas Nazis estan Matando.

Le PCMLM organe des renseignements généraux

A. B., 07.09.2006 15:40

Le pcmlm est une cellule policière organisée à la marge des mouvements de l'ultra-gauche

Stephen Lewis Calls WTO Agreement on AIDS Drugs &quot;Entirely Flawed&quot;

Ryan Masters, 07.09.2006 14:52

Stephen Lewis at AIDS conference UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis criticizes WTO agreement that is supposed to allow for countries to produce cheap generic version of HIV/AIDS drugs.

Marches for peace on five continents September 11th to 21st

Pierre Fosséprez, 07.09.2006 14:02

Peoples getting out from their houses, walking in Marches for Peace, on five continents, and getting parties each evening, for meet each others and make rise a big sun of peace.

HOW &quot;CHEAP&quot; IS &quot;CHEAP LABOR&quot;?



AMERICAN THULE SOCIETY, 07.09.2006 13:09


G8 EVIAN 2003 / Aubonne-Brücke

Solidarität mit den AktivistInnen, 07.09.2006 12:48

G8 Evian 2003: Kantonalgericht bestätigt Straffreiheit der Schweizer Polizei
Letzte Berufung im Fall “Aubonne-Brücke” abgelehnt

25th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia

Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia, 07.09.2006 09:23

The latest Basque Observatory for Human Rights - Behatokia Bulletin, is available on our web page,, or, to directly download it in compressed format:

Greenpeace locks down BLCP to prevent unloading of Australian coal into Thailand

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 07.09.2006 08:36

Greenpeace activists this morning shut down the port of the controversial BLCP coal plant to prevent the unloading of Australian coal into Thailand. Amidst heavy police and stick-wielding BLCP personnel presence, activists chained themselves at bumpers of the dock and hung banners that read "Coal = Climate Change, Clean Energy Now".

Live &amp; Let Live

TANVEER JAFRI, 07.09.2006 07:36

Author Tanveer Jafri Not only in India but the all world needs such light & direction that may be helpful in leading the world on the path of truth, peace, harmony, love, brotherhood & progress. The sermons should not preach polluted communal thoughts that ill attempt to divide the society & spread ill-will.

Comunicado de Igualdad Animal con motivo de la próxima “celebración” de la denominada fiesta de “El Toro de la Vega”

Igualdad Animal, 07.09.2006 07:27

el próximo Domingo 10 de Septiembre tendrá lugar un acontecimiento en Tordesillas, una pequeña localidad de Valladolid, que a todas/os nos llama especialmente la atención por lo evidente que se nos presenta la injusticia y el sufrimiento que se le inflige a un animal no-humano. Nos referimos a la -así denominada irónicamente- celebración de “El Toro de la Vega” donde un toro es lanceado hasta la muerte por algunos de los
habitantes de la localidad de Tordesillas.

Bush's revealing &quot;mixed metaphors&quot; on the USS Cole!

Fauxlosopher, 07.09.2006 07:21

So the big question is how did a group of local "terrorists" so quickly target the USS Cole,hours after discovering it had docked,with an elaborate plan to blast a huge hole in the Destroyers very heavily armor-plated side,that required special physics knowledge and specially rigged,high impact explosives,especially designed to breach that armor plating.....

Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe

James Cogan via sam, 07.09.2006 07:11

Communal catastrophe US imperialism, however, has no solution to the communal catastrophe it has created. Instead, the Bush administration and American media are using the Pentagon report to justify preparations for stepped-up operations by the US military and the Iraqi government forces against the Sadrist movement and its Mahdi Army militia.

Australian government sets course for militarism and war via sam, 07.09.2006 05:45

The drive to war The drive to war and the militarisation of society that accompanies it are not passing phenomena, but the surest signs of a deep-going crisis of the entire social order. They signify that the private profit system has become completely incompatible with the interests and aspirations of the vast majority of the world’s population.

September 11th

Pierre Fosséprez, 07.09.2006 00:58

Intercontinental Caravan for Peace at Gaza: september 11th to 21st

11 septembre

Pierre Fosséprez, 07.09.2006 00:53

Caravane Intercontinentale pour la Paix à Gaza, du 11 septembre au 21 septembre.

πρόσκληση στην παράσταση &quot;Πηνελόπη: The Female Waiting Room&quot;

International Company Project (, 06.09.2006 23:18

Πηνελόπη: The Female Waiting Room

Μετά από παραστάσεις σε Ελλάδα και Πολωνία, τώρα στο Πάρκο Ελευθερίας για μία μόνο παράσταση.

Αυτή την Παρασκευή, 8 Σεπτέμβρη στις 7μμ - με το φως της μέρας.
Ραντεβού στην έξοδο του μετρό Μεγ. Μουσικής. Είσοδος ελεύθερη.

Μία site-responsive παράσταση με ζωντανή μουσική και τραγούδια.


John A. Murphy, 06.09.2006 22:38

Democrats who are trying to prevent the Green Party's antiwar candidate Carl Romanelli from appearing on the November ballot charged John Murphy, the independent candidate for House of Representatives in the 16th District, who went to Harrisburg to help the Greens, with disorderly conduct because he was angry that the Democrats were removing signatures simply because people printed their name in the column where they were supposed to sign their name and signed their name in the column where they were supposed to print their name. The Democrats challenged over 70,000 of the Green Party signatures. That way even if the Green Party survives the challenge by the time the process is all over they will have only a few weeks to campaign. There are two ways you can destroy democracy; one way is by preventing people from voting the other is by preventing worthy candidates from ever appearing on the ballot. In Pennsylvania Democratic Party has chosen the second method.

Les rafles se multiplient chez les Rroms, au mépris de la Convention européenne des droits de l’Homme et au détriment du contribuable

Vox_Rromorum, 06.09.2006 22:27

Le sous-préfet de Saint-Denis assurait aujourd'hui les représentants de "La voix des Rroms" lors d'une réunion que les Roumains n'ayant pas dépassé les 3 mois de séjour en France ne seraient pas expulsés et que si cela venait à se produire, il s'opposerait. Au même moment, à Stains, une quarantaine de Rroms étaient raflés, la plupart entrés en France depuis moins de 3 mois. Pour gonfler les chiffres, rien de mieux, car il reviennent et c'est rebelotte, 10.000 l'expulsion/tête

marivi de teresa ¿quien es esa?

un miembro de cleargreen anónimo, 06.09.2006 21:38

¿quien es esa? aprovechando la senda de Castaneda se erige en bruja y conocedora de la sabiduria tolteca . Recientemente en septimebre de 2006 se anunciaba por internet un viaje a Mexico alas montañas Bacatete para visitar a la hija de D.Juan Matus ¿alguien sabe algo de esta certeza? creo que se trata de otra farsante mas.


American Patriot Jeff Fisher, 06.09.2006 20:45

The truth shall prevail and the long nightmare of the Bush Administration is coming to a SCREAMING HALT

International Day of Action Against Alcoa and the Icelandic State

anon, 06.09.2006 20:03

A call for action worldwide against the wholesale destruction of unique wild nature at the hands of the aluminium industry. The landscape around Karahnjukar is due to be flooded from 15th September, marking the first of many giant hydrodams, powerstations and smelters planned all around this predominantly unspoilt country.

What would be a fitting &quot;punishment&quot; for George W.Bush &amp; his Criminal Associates???

Rodney Bleckstyne, 06.09.2006 20:01

Bush,Rumsfeld,Ashcroft,Rice,Rove and the rest of those monsters,would be kept on display 24/7 in glass (bullet proof of course) cells - where the public could come at any hour of the day or night and view them and their families?

Global Crossings

Tanzeel Merchant, 06.09.2006 17:41

So great is the change that history has been witness to, that the future is suddenly spiced with an exhilarating, intrepid optimism. A tomorrow that sees three nations that were once the USA is not inconceivable, as is one with six Chinas. Our own generation has witnessed Europe coagulate into a single blue while the former USSR has fragmented into shades of rusty red and orange. The clichéd phrase of a future of a single, beige race may someday be a reality as people move, economies restructure, paradigms shift and barriers crumble.

HOT INTEL: CIA Asset Tied to Bin LadenInfiltrated FBI Before 9/11

Tom Flocco, 06.09.2006 15:32

CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11

Special prosecutor Fitzgerald met twice with asset, covered up links to al Qaeda and corruption implicating immigration officials and NY Mayor Giuliani--all connected to documents linking Vice President Cheney to 9/11 plot in Philippines

Contributo alla discussione sulla situazione in Medio Oriente

L'altra Lombardia - SU LA TESTA, 06.09.2006 14:27

dell'imperialismo Usa-Israele per ridisegnare un nuovo Medio Oriente

Palestinian Donors: What Mission?

Nicola Nasser*, 06.09.2006 12:51

The Palestinians have been too grateful and too helpless for too long to be critical of the political agenda of their donors who have practically nailed them down as political hostages to the donors’ money, which was promised initially to help build an independent Palestinian state, but ended as a political instrument effectively used by the Israeli occupying power

Travailler en 2006 rend-il fou?

W. Nepigo, 06.09.2006 10:05

Bruxelles, mercredi 6 septembre 2006

« {Le travail éloigne de nous l'ennui, le vice et le besoin.} » Voltaire
« {L'oisiveté est mère de toute psychologie. En quoi la psychologie serait-elle... un vice?} » Nietzsche

« Le travail c'est la santé! » Le travail est encore une vraie valeur au sein de nos sociétés. Etant au chômage, je peux vous assurer que le regard des autres n'est pas facile à supporter tous les jours. Et je n'ai pas toujours envie de sourire quand mon frigo est vide. Pourtant, quand j'observe le comportement de ceux qui passent l'essentiel de leur journée à travailler, je me dis parfois que, en ce moment, le chômage doit quand même avoir du bon. Quand je rejoins des amis salariés à plein temps le soir, ils sont souvent plus agités que moi : ils parlent fort, s'écoutent peu (il faut dire que la musique est souvent trop forte dans les bars du centre de Bruxelles) et, quand ils parlent de leur boulot, c'est le plus souvent sur le mode de la plainte. Ils parlent beaucoup de divertissements : produits culturels, sexe, drogues. Ils sont parfois prêts à supporter des musiques atroces pour pouvoir danser et se défouler. Leur stress projette comme un écran entre eux et moi; nous ne sommes pas dans les mêmes rythmes. Il leur faut de la musique qui aille de plus en plus fort, de plus en plus vite. Parfois j'ai peur de ne plus pouvoir leur parler, tout occupés qu'ils sont à compenser. Ne serais-je qu'un misanthrope arrogant (c'est loin d'être exclu) ou travailler aujourd'hui a-t-il une influence si délétère sur les comportements?

Illegal genetically engineered Chinese rice discovered in Europe

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 06.09.2006 08:16

Chinese rice products in Europe found to be contaminated with untested, unapproved strain of genetically engineered rice. We're demanding a worldwide recall due to health risks.

From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Videogames

small WORLD Podcast, 06.09.2006 08:15

From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Videogames From Sun Tzu to Xbox is a definitive history of the longstanding relationship between games and military culture, from wargaming’s roots in ancient civilizations, to the Cold War development of computing for battle, to a recent crop of Pentagon-funded shoot-’em-ups, big-budget commercial titles and homemade hacks.


Ecowaste Coalition/Global Alliance for Incinerator ALternatives, 06.09.2006 08:14

05 September, 2006. Manila, Philippines. Environmental groups belonging to the Ecowaste Coalition are deeply concerned about the total lack of public disclosure of the soon to-be-signed Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).

As groups working on environmental and health issues, we are concerned about how this mega-treaty with Japan might influence the flow of problematic waste materials into the Philippines for disposal, such as infectious, hazardous and toxic wastes.

an article called &quot;attention, shoplifters&quot; from

theodore roosevelt, 06.09.2006 02:14

from our friends at an informative article on the latest efforts to protect the capital of major chain stores that can afford the ridiculously complicated technology to combat shoplifting. kind of hilarious, kind of scary, definitely relevant. if you go to, (it is your patriotic duty to do so), there is a surprising number of comments against the use of this "big-brother" technology (to use a cliched term).

Alianza, Indigenous campaign for border rights

Brenda Norrell, 06.09.2006 01:19

Indigenous on the border are battling increased militarization and the violation of sacred sites while their civil and human rights are being violated in the territories where they have lived since time immemorial. Yaqui, O'odham, Mayan and scholars spoke during a recent press conference of the Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras/Indigenous Alliance Without Borders.

Removing Saddam Was the Second Greatest Backfire Ever

Karen Fish, 06.09.2006 00:56

Jenna with Legs Truth is stranger than fiction.


Patriarch and Local Heads of Churches In Jerusalem, 05.09.2006 23:43

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." (Matthew 5:9) Christian Zionism is a modern theological and political movement that embraces the most extreme ideological positions of Zionism, thereby becoming detrimental to a just peace within Palestine and Israel.

The Psychology Behind Uniforms

Joanne Pauline Roberts, 05.09.2006 22:08

An assessment of possible reasons for having uniforms in British Society.

El silencio de los corderos

Mariano Cabrero Bárcena, 05.09.2006 22:07

Fotografía del autor Es evidente que muchos líderes políticos, incluidos George W.Bush(EE.UU.), Tony Blair( Reino Unido),Mahmud Ahmadineyad ( Irán) , Ehud Ólmert ( Israel)...desean la guerra-intervenciones armadas-, cuando en realidad existen soluciones pacíficas que siempre han sido y son viables para resolver el conflicto en Oriente Próximo. Desde el año de 1947 que comenzaron las confrontaciones armadas, y hasta el día de la fecha, no han cesado.

Why Wal-Mart Needs to Change

wakeupwalmart, 05.09.2006 21:59

Wal-Mart is the largest employer in the world with over $10 billion in profits. Yet, Wal-Mart lowers our wages, causes more of our jobs to be shipped overseas, and shifts its health care costs onto us, the American taxpayers. We believe it’s time for Wal- Mart to Wake Up.

dichiarazione di guerra e di rottura relazioni con l'area Cia-Bea in war gender

ya basta toscana, 05.09.2006 21:50

the doc speach to war gender in Cia-bae and declaration il No to Gay

Palestinian schools suffer heaviest days of strike

Abo, 05.09.2006 21:03

Palestinian children Palestine faced the fourth day of the strike today. Teachers and many other government employees are striking since Saturday 2nd September. They haven't received salaries in six months.

HOT, HOT BREAKING INTEL: New York State is Now a Federal Crime Scene

Tom Heneghan, 05.09.2006 20:04

Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani now under investigation by Dept. of Justice officials as well as the New York Port Authority in allowing thousands of illegal Islamic immigrants to enter the United States through New York City without paperwork or proper security clearance.

Lobbying for these special waivers was none other than Senator Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton.

O que é lixo pra Europa é materia-prima para o Brasil

voluntari@, 05.09.2006 19:47

Ongs ambientalistas e movimentos sociais se mobilizaram contra a importação de pneus no dia 4 de setembro em frente ao congresso nacional.

What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA - DAVID CORN - A Must Read

DAVID CORN, 05.09.2006 19:22

She was working on Iraq.

Inalienable Human Rights are not Privileges:

Jason Miller, 05.09.2006 18:47

Spread the Word: The ACLU Protects Our Rights ACLU Sets the Standard in Struggle for “Liberty and Justice for All”

Rally of Resistance

Parking meter, 05.09.2006 17:55

The Labour Party Conference is in Manchester.

A group of socialists have been meeting in Manchester in recent weeks, to discuss the need for a peaceful protest in St Peters Square during the week of conference. Wednesday has been agreed as a suitable day , with an intention to gather from around 1.00pm. We are inviting all those who feel inclined to protest against the Blair government to join us on that day. The slogan of the protest,as articulated so far is "For Peace and Social Justice" a basic sentiment with which most people would agree but which we believe this government has done little to promote and much to undermine. Beyond this basic sentiment we are encouraging protesters to bring their own demands- eg against environmental destruction, in defence of the health service, against the disastrous and disgusting war in Iraq etc.There is no need for anyone to sign up to a specific list of slogans and demands. If you are simply disappointed /angry/fed up (or all of these !) with Blair's Labour Government please consider joining the protest.

Staining the Land Forever - NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF &amp; Half of America even angrier at govt +

NICHOLAS KRISTOF - The New York Times, 05.09.2006 16:34

- Kristof: Stained Land - The Bush administration has made a systematic effort to increase the private exploitation of federal lands - Plus: Half of America angrier at government than ever before and more

Add P-O-W-E-R to Your PR, 05.09.2006 09:46

India’s well-known Information-Broadcasting company ‘IndiaTotal Infoline’ has announced the launch of a unique new service for journalists, newspapers, newswire-agencies and other online news sources through its website ‘’. The website will be launched formally on September 15. ‘’ allows journalists to receive news releases on a real time basis from India’s leading corporations, ensuring that they get the news at the earliest.

Rain Man y Principito

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis, 05.09.2006 07:39

El autismo de Gregori Perelman y la abstracción de los peligros de la desertización y la inmensidad del Sahara que amenazan al piloto de Saint-Exupéry son alternativas a la visión dominante del mundo. En ambos casos se afirman otros planteamientos posibles, aunque éstos representen, respectivamente, una aceptación de los efectos del orden establecido y de una desconstrución del último. El autor de esta carta trata de identificar los rasgos del proceso que implica este proceso en la experiencia de las acciones concretas para promover el desarrollo local limpio solidario e identitario que propone a los representantes de los poderes territoriales.

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