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Time's up for the UK government's gunrunners

Stefan Luzi, 15.09.2006 14:49

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation), a British Ministry of Defence agency who lobby for military exports. UK arms have been used in countries in conflict or with poor human rights records. British NGOs campaign to close down DESO.


Martin Sagrra, 15.09.2006 14:34

Orígenes y evolución de la actual guerra llamada contra el terrorismo


L’Università degli Studi di Foggia e l’Università degli Studi di Lecce in colaborazione con il Settore
Patrimonio Culturale: Conoscenza e Valorizzazione della Scuola Superiore ISUFI hanno attivato, per
l’anno accademico 2006/2007, il Master Universitario di I livello in “Nuovi media e Formazione” con
l’intento di fornire le necessarie competenze a coloro che volessero specializzarsi come educatori mediali.
L’educatore mediale è una figura professionale in grado di educare sia con i media che ai media, utilizzando
risorse digitali innovative come internet, i videogiochi ed il podcasting per progettare e realizzare percorsi
formativi e per coordinare team di lavoro nel campo della formazione multimediale. Si tratta in pratica di un
educatore con competenze comunicative e un comunicatore con competenze educative.

Progress or Regress? : PAUL KRUGMAN - Middle Class; Torture Bill Update, Call for Action

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 15.09.2006 13:45

- Krugman: Middle Class - Why has technological and economic progress done so little for most Americans? - Torture Bill Update: The Good, the Bad, and A Call for Action and more

IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran 'Dishonest'

3,14159, 15.09.2006 13:05

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says US Report on Iran is "false, outrageous and dishonest"

(published in Washington Post today)


Kenn - World Can't Wait Olympia Washington, 15.09.2006 07:46

Millions of us are deeply distressed and angered. But, people are held back by the fear they are alone and powerless.
Many hope that somehow the Democrats will do something to change this when every day it becomes more clear they will not.
From out of this huge reservoir of people, we can unleash a great wave, moving together on the same day – our numbers making a statement
that can not be ignored and that lets it be known that we are determined to bring this whole disastrous direction to a halt.
On Thursday, October 5, join us in saying to the world: This regime does not represent us and we will not stop until we drive it out!
Walk out of school! Refuse to work! No shopping on Oct 5! Come to mass demonstrations across the country and march through the streets
calling on millions more to join us in repudiating this criminal regime with the mobilization of massive political opposition!

MAPA Poll Results: California Voters Want 3rd Party Candidates in Gubernatorial Debates

Nativo V. Lopez, 15.09.2006 07:37

A nonpartisan opinion poll has found that a majority of likely California voters with an opinion in the gubernatorial race favor the inclusion of third party candidates—especially that of Peter Camejo, the only Latino in the race—in the upcoming debate(s).

In Iraq, Iran’s Arab Credentials Are Made

Nicola Nasser*, 15.09.2006 06:38

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s latest visit to Tehran was just another occasion to highlight that Iran is compromising its Arab credentials in Iraq, and to raise more questions about whether Tehran and Washington are in collusion or in collision in Baghdad than giving answers to Arabs

&quot;Have you ever tasted fish with a flavor of Russian crude oil?&quot;

Yozas Tumaks, 15.09.2006 05:12

If not, come next summer to us in Lithuania, and you will get your fill of that delicacy.


Fool me once..., 15.09.2006 02:13

When questioned about his stance on the 9/11 issue, Chomsky timidly regurgitates the official line by saying that the version we are force-fed by the mainstream media is "pretty much what happened. He claims that he hasn't seen any "credible evidence" to suggest otherwise.

Women Present

Zoeann Murphy, 15.09.2006 00:48

A Feminist Art Show
Shinbone Alley, Presented by the Culture Project
Sept. 21, 6:30 p.m., 45 Bleecker Street, corner of Lafayette Street

The Prophecy of Flight 93

sam libby, 14.09.2006 22:17

The message of the open bible at the scene of the crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.

Border Summit of Americas at San Xavier, Arizona

Derechos Humanos, 14.09.2006 22:09

Border Summit of the Americas for Indians in the Americas is being hosted by the Tohono O'odham, American Indian Movement, International Indian Treaty Council and Derechos Humanos.

The Stranger in the Mirror - BOB HERBERT &amp; Dawson College Killer, Kimveer Gill

BOB HERBERT - The New York Times, 14.09.2006 21:02

- Herbert: Our Character - We Americans could benefit from looking in a mirror, and absorbing the shock of not recognizing what we’ve become. - Dawson College Shooter: The Killer Who Brought Blood And Despair, Suspected Montreal gunman called himself 'Angel of Death', First person accounts, Columbine' game was gunman's favorite game and more

Freiheit für die inhaftierten Sozialisten in Istanbul

Eylül, 14.09.2006 20:46

Seit einer Woche werden Sozialisten sowie Autoren von der sozialistischen Zeitung ATILIM verhaftet. Die neuen Terrorgesetzte die dort angewendet werden sind nicht rechtens.
Menschen die gegen die Sendung von Soldaten nach Libanon waren wuden letzte Woche aufgrund einer Demonstration festgenommen.

SEE THIS: Insane Treason Against the American People

Tom Heneghan, 14.09.2006 20:00

Item: Secretary of the U.S. Air Force exposes himself as Nazi. Michael Wynne relative of Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Bagman Phil Wynne, declared yesterday as reported by the Associated Press, that non-lethal weapons such as high powered microwave devices should be used on American Citizens in Crowd Control situations before being employed on the Battlefield, the Air Force Secretary, said Tuesday.

Party Down with Halliburton, Iraqi war dollars for chicken wings

Yahoo news, 14.09.2006 19:15

Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown and Root billed the US for chicken wings, tacos and cheese sticks for soldiers in Iraq, then used the money instead to party down themselves, according to a whistelblower's lawsuit. The military officer was kept under guard in Iraq after reporting Halliburton, which has long profited Vice President Dick Cheney.

EZLN Communique

El Kilombo Intergalactico, 14.09.2006 18:47

September 13 EZLN Communique: The Other Campaign Journey Continues. English Translation

Independent News Site Makes Final Plea for Support, May Close Up Shop

Megan Tady, 14.09.2006 15:00

One of the only reader-funded, collectively run, professional hard-news site on the Worldwide Web says it will close its doors on Saturday, September 30 if it does not secure the funding needed to continue daily publishing.

Conference on deepNORTH AMERICA integration happening in Banff right now

anonymous, 14.09.2006 14:55

how did we all miss this one??
there is a secret meeting between the US and Canada about DEEP NORTH AMERICAN INTERGRATION

la gira continua...

LaOtRaInFoRmAcIóN, 14.09.2006 14:51

la gira continua...


Leire Saitua Iribar, 14.09.2006 14:22

Estamos peleando con nuestra propia sombra, a nivel planetario. Tenemos el poder de desactivarla. No somos estatuas, somos campos de energía, somos hologramas. Somos fotones, partículas de luz, enrededas en la matrix de nuestros patrones mentales. Con este método aprendemos a transformar nuestro holograma, a liberarnos de nuestras creencias limitantes, tan fácil como el sol que disipa la niebla matinal.

9/11 Five Years Later

Alan Seagrave, 14.09.2006 13:44

About freedom and security

Invitación Muestra de Cortometrajes en Argentina!!!

Wayruro Comunicación Popular, 14.09.2006 12:00

Muestra Video Jujuy Cortos Convocatoria

5ta Muestra de Cortometrajes
Video/Jujuy/Cortos 2006

Christian Aid welcomes UK decision to withhold funds from World Bank

Christian Aid, 14.09.2006 11:55

Christian Aid welcomes today’s decision by the UK government to withhold £50 million of its contribution to the World Bank in protest against the organisation’s continued use of economic conditions on loans to poor countries.

Christian Aid joins call for boycott of finance meetings as Singapore crackdown intensifies

Christian Aid, 14.09.2006 11:53

Christian Aid is urging a boycott by civil society groups of this year’s annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) in Singapore as authorities there continue to ban their representatives from entering the country.

9/11and 9/12 remember Leonard Peltier

doodlebug, 14.09.2006 11:50

A plea for the release of political prisoner Leonard peltier and the restoration of justice to the soverign native nations of the Americas

New publication on the anti-globalization movement

Donald Weber, 14.09.2006 10:22

Cover of 'Inside Outside' 'Inside Outside' is the first publication to survey scientific research on the anti-globalization movement, its past and its future. Published by the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) and Amsab-Institute of Social History, Ghent (Belgium).

Sad News--ex-Texas governor dies

DLi, 14.09.2006 09:05

Ann Richards, perhaps the most progressive Texas governor in recent memory, died today at the age of 73. While over 60% of the USA Public may wish the 'other' Texas ex-guv would bite the dust, it didn't work out that way. Why do the 'good guys' always die first, when the war criminals--such as the Crawford Coward--tend to live on forever(see the old bastard Augusto Pinochet of Chile)?

Civil society groups denounce Singapore government, IMF-WB for barring activists

Freedom from Debt Coalition - Philippines, 14.09.2006 03:17

Protest against World Bank at Makati Shangri-la Jubilee South and the Freedom from Debt Coalition of the Philippines, two of the proponents and lead organizers of the International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and World Bank, denounce the latest move of the Singapore government to prevent the exercise of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

Laden’s Religion?

Tanveer Jafri, 14.09.2006 00:38

Author Tanveer Jafri Laden’s calling himself a Mohammedan & to take charge of Islamic flag in his hand is not a result of any secret design? At the same time, Osama Bin Laden a Mohammedan or not, keeping in view his inhuman activities & Islamic religious laws.


Tom Heneghan, 13.09.2006 21:09

FBI DIV 5 MKULTRA now linked to today’s Canadian Columbine in Montreal, Quebec. Three weeks before this incident six major compromised FBI Div #5 Informants fled the Denver, Colorado area for British Columbia, Canada and Montreal Quebec.
It can now be reported that they immediately located and met with British Intelligence Mi-6 contact cells in both Vancouver and Montreal.


Tom Heneghan, 13.09.2006 19:17

Alleged U.S. News Media is once again in embedded Bushfraud mode.

Subject Nov./06 Elections � Suddenly out of nowhere the oil-soaked spy riddled U.S. News Media is reporting that the Republican Generic Poll numbers are improving.

One must examine why this is happening.

Fact Not Fiction ..1 � A bogus Terror Internet scare was orchestrated for Bushfraud by Dunblaine pedophile Tony Blair and The Pretender to the English Throne Bushfraud's business partner Her Majesty the Queen of England. Click here for joint account between Bush and Her Majesty.

Women And Rape In 21st Century Pakistan

Brian McAfee, 13.09.2006 19:10

Women's human and civil rights in Pakistan and the U.S. no strings attached weapons trade since to the Mujahiddin which evolved into Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Link TV’s Ramadan Primetime Offers Insight into the Middle East’s Primetime Television

Link TV, 13.09.2006 18:46

Link TV to debut two documentaries on the eve of this year’s Ramadan.

The Courts and Congress Will Not Halt the Surveillance Programs of Hereditary Kings

Kenneth J. Theisen, 13.09.2006 17:09

The Bush regime is seeking legislation from Congress to authorize its vast spy operations. Can we depend on Congress to halt the increasing surveillance of our e-mails, phone calls, etc.? Don't count on it!

Solidaridad Lusa con la Revolución Bolivariana

Modaira Rubio, 13.09.2006 16:26

Aco de Solidaridad con Venezuela en Fiesta de Avante en portugal

National Latino Congress Reflects New Political Era.

Edward Mercado, 13.09.2006 16:16

Celebrated under the California Blue Skies from September 6th-10th, 2006. The National Latino Congress attracted over 500 organizations and around 2,000 delegates from the nation’s diverse gamma of Latino Leaders in all levels of community and government.

MAUREEN DOWD: Vice Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work &amp; THOMAS FRIEDMAN's latest +

MAUREEN DOWD,THOMAS FRIEDMAN - The New York Times, 13.09.2006 15:34

- Dowd: Vice Needs a Scrub - The vice president may be so deep in denial he doesn’t even know he’s ruining America and needs a symbolic moral superwash.

- PLUS: Friedman: Land for NATO - Maybe something good can actually come out of this good-for-nothing Lebanon war and more

Heavy times…Farewell Tony from TUC…Killer ten year olds…The Christians are at it again…Food for thought…

Duke, 13.09.2006 14:57

Heavy times…Farewell Tony from TUC…Killer ten year olds…The Christians are at it again…Food for thought…


Tom Heneghan, 13.09.2006 14:34

Tony Snow, White House Press Secretary, gave away a secret of 9-11 today in his own words. And I quote:

“There was no operational link between Saddam Hussein and 9-11." (aka Al Qaeda Bin Laden.)

We should remember that both Bush and Rumsfeld wanted both Udday Hussein and Saddam Hussein targeted on September 11, 2001 right after the WTC was hit. It was because both Udday and Saddam knew in advance of the 9-11 Black Op and the plan to use Bin Laden as the patsy. The evidence to back this up exists so click to see Udday Hussein’s letter to Putin (CLICK) and the Stephen Cambone (CLICK) notes.

Syria correctly blames inhuman US policy

Al Jazeera + FPF comment., 13.09.2006 08:48

Casey, US State Dep't deputy spokesman, in state of denial: "I would certainly reject the notion that the United States, the international community or anyone working to help bring prosperity, to help bring peace and to help bring democracy to the Middle East, is the cause of violence. It's clearly the opposite way."

Ipsos Reid poll dated September 9th indicates only 3 out of 10 Canadians support combat operations in Afghanistan

Raymond St-Martin, 13.09.2006 01:21

Only 30% of Canadians support combat operations in Afghanistan.

Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2006

Matthew Bratschi, 12.09.2006 23:27

Highlight on Staff Issues in a Practice

Bush Covered Up Toxic Effects of 9/11 -Video &amp; Pressing Bush on Waterboarding and Torture - Video

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF - The New York Times / Various, 12.09.2006 23:14

Reposted with new material - Kristof: Another War - Let’s hope President Bush resists the siren calls of neocons who claim that a few air raids would make the Iranian nuclear menace disappear. - PLUS: The Real Link Between 9/11 and Iraq (Finally) Revealed - PLUS: Pressing Bush on Waterboarding and Torture - Video and more

9/11. The death of a dream and the prostitution of Tony Blair

Duke, 12.09.2006 22:18

Politics...9/11 five years on...Labour party in-fighting...Rise of the British right...Fear & wierd times...

9/11. The death of a dream and the prostitution of Tony Blair

Duke, 12.09.2006 22:07

The fifth anniversary of 9/11...Labour in-fighting...Conservatives rise...The world is getting wierd.

Venezuela: Indígenas y ambientalistas denuncian demarcación “chimba” de territorios Barí

Provea, 12.09.2006 21:32

rueda de prensa indígena Rueda de prensa realizada en Caracas por indígenas y ambientalistas

Mobilisation pour le Darfour

Anne Sainte-Marie, 12.09.2006 21:22

Le 17 septembre 2006, des milliers de membres d’Amnistie internationale, ainsi que d’autres groupes de militants du monde entier, participeront à la Journée mondiale de mobilisation pour le Darfour

'Wag the Osama': The War on Terror is Over Bin Laden is Dead

Tom Heneghan, 12.09.2006 18:33

Breaking News #1: Sources close to Colin Powell confirm once again that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Bin Laden died in Pakistan in 2002 from kidney failure. Receipts from Pakistan Hospitals now in possession of the European Press indicate Pakistani Secret Police purchased eight dialysis machines for Bin Laden.

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